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17 Fascinating Eagle Tattoo For Men in 2023

Eagle tattoos are undoubtedly a popular tattoo design, especially for men, and it is not hard to understand why that is the case. Eagles have been linked with freedom, courage, and determination for a long time.

It is a ferocious bird that has long been used as a tattoo symbol around the world for thousands of years. It is also an extremely versatile tattoo symbol and can be used in various ways.

One can add a roman numeral to honor a loved one, which would do an excellent job. An eagle tattoo represents someone with strength and courage and someone who stands with honesty and principles.

So, if you are already sold on the idea of getting an eagle tattoo, here are some of the best tattoo designs for men that you can take inspiration from.

Most Fascinating Eagle Tattoos for Men

Like the sharp and ferocious nature of the bird, getting an eagle tattoo on your body will reflect the determined and courageous spirit of your personality to the outside world. We have listed in this article the most fascinating among the multitude of eagle tattoos that would go along with your personality.

1. Geometric Tattoo

Geometric tattoo
Image Source: https://www.tattoolopedia.com

As mentioned earlier, the eagle is an extremely versatile tattoo design and can be modeled in various ways. Using the same principle, the tattoo artist has created a tattoo with the eagle as an abstract. The result is a more modern design with quite a bit of detailing to make the eagle stand out on the arm. The slight shading at the appropriate places gives it kind of a realistic portrayal, even when the eagle has been split in half for the geometric design.

The tattoo artist has chosen the arm for a simple enough reason to showcase this tattoo – the extra space. This tattoo deserves adequate space to stand out truly.

2. Behind the Ear Tattoo

behind the ear tattoo
Image Source: https://www.bodytattooart.com

One tattoo design that would truly stand out is an eagle behind your ear. Be honest. It was not the first place you thought of when getting this tattoo. But that is precisely what makes this truly unique. A behind-the-ear eagle would be a discreet tattoo easily hidden behind the long hair.

The miniature tattoo of eagle can be designed in all its glory, soaring above the skies, representing the freedom and courage it is renowned for. The eagle’s shading and outlines only add to its visibility on the skin. It is simply an excellent tattoo idea that you can opt for.

3. Double Eagle Tattoo

Double Eagle Tattoo
Image Source: https://d1kq2dqeox7x40.cloudfront.net

We have already alluded to the historical and cultural significance of the eagle in various cultures around the world. Not only can one find the root of eagle-inspired tattoo designs in Egypt and the Middle East, but the eagle is also renowned in Slavic countries.

Russia and Poland also have eagles as part of their coat of arms. Taking inspiration from them, the artist has crafted this tattoo design, which would look marvelously on your chest.

The double eagle shows the balance between the spiritual and physical world. But it can also be used to express the two most important persons in your life. The beautifully colored eagles would invite the gaze of everyone who even glimpses at it once.

The eagle’s fierce nature would make them aware of your determination to face any challenge head-on.

4. Eagle And the Snake

 Eagle and the Snake
Image Source: https://t2.uc.ltmcdn.com

While the eagle is often considered the force of good in many cultures, snakes are often used to describe everything evil. These polar opposite representations can be used to create a masterpiece that can emphasize one’s struggle to find the balance between good and evil. Is this not precisely what life is all about – a continuous battle between good and evil. The eagle and the snake tattoo will make for an excellent tattoo option if you go for it.

In this tattoo design, the artist has done an excellent job of giving equal value to both the eagle and the snake. Their battle is fierce and continuous, symbolizing their never-ending struggle. But you can make some changes showcasing the triumph of good over evil or something along the same lines. There are many ways you can take inspiration from this tattoo design.

5. Eagle Ankle Tattoo

Eagle Ankle Tattoo
Image Source: https://tattoostylist.com

Your ankle would not be the first area that would have come to your mind thinking about getting a tattoo, but that is precisely what makes it so unique. It is a discreet location, just like the back of your ear, and would make for an excellent place to get such a versatile tattoo inked on your body.

A small eagle would work marvelously on your ankle with the creature’s wings wrapping around the ankle. It simply makes for a breathtaking view that one would be hard-pressed to take their eyes away from. This tattoo design represents freedom for one to stand out, be different and chart their own course. Yes, you would feel excruciating pain due to the thin skin around the ankle, but the result is well worth the pain.

6. Eagle on the Arm

Eagle on the Arm
Image Source: https://www.fashionbeans.com

Since the eagle is a highly versatile tattoo symbol, something we have reiterated a couple of times already, it would not be too surprising that you can get it inked on your upper arm. Such a tattoo would be visible to the world and make a distinct impression.

However, this tattoo could also be covered quickly if one wears full-sleeved top wear. The pain quotient of getting this tattoo is also on the lower end due to the presence of fat, muscle, and thick skin on the arm.

Another advantage of getting an eagle inked on your upper arm is that your design would not stretch and fade with time, unlike other tattoo areas. It is one of the reasons why tattoo designs on the upper arm are so popular.

7. Eagle Arrow Tattoo

Eagle Arrow Tattoo
Image Source: https://assets.fineadviser.com

Eagle works well with other tattoo symbols without dominating the design, but only if the artist has crafted a workable piece. Take the case of the eagle arrow tattoo; both the eagle and the arrows serve a different purpose while complementing each other. Can both of these elements be separated? Sure, which shows their independent value to the tattoo design.

As mentioned earlier, the eagle symbolizes fierceness, bravery, independence, and much more. At the same time, the arrows represent an individual’s purpose, direction, and determination.

It is not hard to see why they work so well together. One can also add other elements to this design and add even more meaning without damaging the aesthetical value of the tattoo.

8. Eagle Back Tattoo

Eagle back tattoo
Image Source: https://www.askideas.com

Your back is an excellent place to get an eagle inked on your body. It is especially true if you’re looking to get a large-sized eagle with extra detailing. However, you can also get a small and straightforward eagle back tattoo. Regardless of your choice, the result would be fantastic. Since the tattoo is inked on your back, it can also be easily covered without difficulty. It is also one of the reasons why back tattoos are so popular, especially among folks that want to keep their art private.

With the eagle back tattoo, the artist can easily spread the wings across your back and add extra detailing to the creature. There’s also a possibility to add other elements like roses or anything else versatile. But only if they should not take the focus away from the eagle too much in this tattoo design.

9. Eagle Chest Tattoo

Eagle Chest Tattoo
Image Source: https://nextluxury.com

An eagle chest tattoo is indeed a perfect option that you can choose. But keep in mind that this is only a viable option for you if you have an extremely high pain tolerance. If that is not the case, then it would be better to look for other tattoo designs; in this tattoo design, your entire front chest would be covered in the eagle motif with extreme detailing, almost giving it a cartoon-like appearance.

The tattoo is inked close to one’s heart, giving it an added sense of importance. The creature’s wings are also heavily detailed along the same lines as the rest of the body. The wings touch both shoulder blades, showing this tattoo design’s all-encompassing nature.

10. Eagle on a Cross Tattoo

Eagle on a Cross Tattoo
Image Source: https://www.askideas.com

A cross is another element you can add to your eagle tattoo without giving much thought. The Cross and the eagle are a perfect tattoo combo for folks that are more religious in nature. Both of these elements have huge religious meanings and can be used to showcase the importance of religion in the tattoo wearer’s life.

This tattoo design is also used to honor someone who has lost his life while serving their country.

Other elements like doves, praying hands, religious verses, etc., can be added to the design. But if you went for a simple eagle on a cross tattoo, then it would suffice as well.

11. Eagle With a Date

Eagle With a Date
Image Source: https://preview.redd.it

The beauty of versatile tattoo designs like eagles is that you can even add a number, roman or otherwise, and it would only add to the charm of the design. It also personalizes the tattoo and makes it more unique to the wearer. The date could be anything, the birth of your firstborn, your wedding anniversary, or even the date when you lost someone close to you. The options are simply endless here.

You can also add the date on an already eagle tattoo design without hassle, especially if you know a competent artist who can create something beautiful.

12. Eagle Eyes Tattoo

Eagle eyes tattoo
Image Source: http://mdtattoos.com

The eyes of the eagle are not only renowned, but they can also be fierce to look at as well. It has a hunter’s gaze, which is not really a surprise, always keen and focused, waiting for an opportunity to pounce. The eagle’s eyes’ determination, power, and focus are breathtaking. So, it does make sense if one wants to have the same set of eyes inked on their body.

Your arm would be an excellent place to get those eagle eyes inked. The simple reason is that the tattoo placement would be great and without any threat of fading and stretching. Also, having an arm tattoo can easily showcase your style to the broader world with almost no effort.

The eagle encourages one to stay true to oneself regardless of the situation and be determined enough to pass through it.

13. Eagle With Feathers

 Eagle with Feathers
Image Source: https://i.pinimg.com

As one might have guessed, this tattoo is designed by taking inspiration from the native Americans. Like other cultures around the world, the eagles also significantly influence the native American culture. Not only is the creature majestic, but their feathers are also sought after and used in many spiritual ceremonies.

The artist of this tattoo design has considered all of this and created a minimalist masterpiece that does justice to the symbolism.

One look at the tattoo design, and anyone would find that the eagle’s head and the feathers on its neck are fighting for dominance to be the main focal point. But it complements each other at the same time. This fight brings out the true value of both of these elements.

14. Eagle Hand Tattoo

Eagle Hand Tattoo
Image Source: https://www.fashionbeans.com

It is also possible for one to get an eagle inked on their hand as well. Yes, it would hurt like hell, but this edgy and rebellious tattoo design is worth all the effort one must endure. This tattoo is an indication that the tattoo wearer is someone unyielding and a serious person. Getting a tattoo inked on the head is not a decision one cannot take without giving much thought.

Not only is the pain something one has to experience, but a hand tattoo is not discreet. On the other hand, this shows how the individual is a risk-taker and dares to tackle any adversary face to face.

15. Eagle Head Tattoo

Eagle Head Tattoo
Image Source: https://nextluxury.com

As you might have already gathered, there are many ways you can design your eagle-inspired tattoo. Options are available there where you can opt for something large and detailed that would stand out in the crowd.

On the other hand, there is also a possibility for one opting for a discreet tattoo design. But there is also a middle option that you can go for – a heavily detailed eagle head tattoo, just the head.

This small and detailed tattoo work would do an excellent job representing the characteristics of an eagle that means something to you. The strength, spirituality, determination, everything is represented by such a simple tattoo design. And since the tattoo design is small, you can prefer getting it inked anywhere on your body.

16. Eagle Rib Cage Tattoo

Eagle Rib Cage Tattoo
Image Source: https://www.tattoosbag.com

Another uncomfortable but well worth the pain one has to undergo tattoo design on this list. In this tattoo design, the eagle is inked close to the heart, adding significance to its value. It is inked magnificently with extra detailing that makes it stand out from the skin and adds a life-like feel to the tattoo.

Since the rib cage tattoo, as evident by the name, is inked on the rib cage, it is a very discreet option that one can go for.

It is also possible for one to add a rose or a branch for the eagle to grasp within its claws. The latter would add a more fierce look to the tattoo design.

17. Eagle Sleeve Tattoo

Eagle Sleeve Tattoo
Image Source: https://tattmag.com

It is a detailed tattoo design that tells a story about the wearer’s character, highlighting their strong points for the world to take notice of. The eagle, while present, is heavily blended with the theme to give an exceptional piece. For folks looking to go for something unique, an eagle sleeve tattoo would do an excellent job fulfilling their requirement.


The blending of the eagle would come as a bit odd to many. Still, on inspection, one would find that eagle only highlights just a portion of an individual. The complete picture is something one would have to find out for themselves.

The tattoo is inked on the sleeve, so one can easily hide it whenever they want by wearing full-sleeved top wear. It is as simple as that. So, yes, while getting this tattoo inked can be highly time-consuming, you cannot deny the value it brings.

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