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23 Top Attractive Praying Hands Tattoo Design & Ideas [2023]

There are a myriad of religions, faiths, and cultures across the globe. While each has different beliefs associated with it, there are certain symbols that might resonate with more than just one religion. 

One such universal symbol that might have relevance in many religions and cultures is the one of praying hands. From Jews to Hindus and from Sikhs to Muslims, everyone associates the symbol with faith in their God. 

The design first came into being in the year 1508 from a German artist named Albrecht Durer, who got inspired by his brother. Given the religious references, it is still relevant today and a popular tattoo design. 

Are you planning to get a praying hands tattoo inked on you but can’t find a good design? Keep reading to find out unique and creative praying hands tattoos for you.

23 Praying Hand Tattoos You Must Check Out

The praying hands tattoo can hold a lot of significance for the person getting it. Therefore, one must give a lot of consideration to the design they pick. 

Here are some intriguing yet aesthetic praying hand tattoos that you can consider:

1. Praying Hands in Thorns Tattoo

Praying Hands in Thorns Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Tattoo Me Now

This tattoo is heavily reminiscent of Jesus Christ. Just as he had a crown of thorns on his head, this tattoo has a string of thorns around the praying hands. Drops of blood ooze from the wounds, yet there is a halo around the tattoo, signifying the purity of the prayers.

This tattoo looks wonderful in black and white, but you may add some colored highlights as well. Suppose you have a spiritual bend of mind or want something related to Christianity without your tattoo seeming overly religious. In that case, this tattoo is perfect for you.

2. Praying Hands With Cross Tattoo

Praying Hands With Cross Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Cool Tattoo Ideas

This tattoo is quite extensive and is wonderful as a full-back tattoo. The tattoo depicts folded hands with a crucifix entwined around it. This tattoo depicts praying for forgiveness, and you can make that more explicit by putting texts that ask God for forgiveness.

The tattoo has a 3D effect because of the shading, which could take quite a bit of time, so clearly understand your pain threshold if you opt for it. There is also a halo around the tattoo that is done in bold strokes. You can have other kinds of detailing if you want.

3. Praying Hands in Handcuff Tattoo

Praying Hands in Handcuff Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Tattoo Me Now

It’s a unique take on the praying hand’s tattoo. This tattoo shows the hands in handcuffs, which could mean several things. It could signify that a sinner bound by his sins is asking for forgiveness that could set him free.

It could also mean that one wants to break free of the bondage of worldly passions and surrender oneself to God. This tattoo is great for the upper arms behind the shoulders. The extra detailing makes it very lifelike. The tattoo also has a halo and looks apt in black and white.

4. Praying Hands With Rosary Tattoo

Praying Hands With Rosary Tattoo 
Image Source: Pinterest @Savannah Taylor

This tattoo looks like the hands of a priest praying. The hands have a delicate rosary entwined around them, and it is the perfect picture for praying.

If you consider yourself pious, this tattoo is apt for you too.

This tattoo is soft, and you can get it in black and white or do it in navy blue or deep green. You can get the tattoo on the upper arm or the back. The details of the hands are what make the tattoo so beautiful.

5. Praying Hands With Dove Tattoo

Praying Hands With Dove Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Tattoo Me Now

The white dove is the universal symbol of peace, and when combined with the praying hands, it makes for a beautiful body artwork. It’s quite an extensive tattoo when you consider all the detail and works best as a full-sleeve tattoo.

You can also add quotes to the tattoo to make it more meaningful. The dove and praying hands depict that one is praying for good to prevail over all. The tattoo has great spiritual and humanistic significance, so it will evoke respect in those who see it.

6. Praying Hands With Clock Tattoo

Praying Hands With Clock Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Outsons

This tattoo has a vintage clock that adds to the beauty of the tattoo. The clock is a symbol of the invincible power of time. With time, one can build something lasting, which could eventually fall to ruins. The tattoo depicts one praying that everyone goes through good times and can overcome hard times.

May time be merciful to all, and may we remember to be humble in the face of challenges we may face over time. The tattoo looks beautiful and holds much significance with its manifold interpretation.

7. Praying Hands With Crucifix Tattoo

Praying Hands With Crucifix Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Cuded Art and Design

It’s another take on the praying hand’s tattoo with religious significance. There’s a rosary around the hands and some added elements like leaves and flowers.

The crucifix is also prominent in the tattoo, with the hands poised in front of it.

It’s a stunning design to express your love for Jesus. The tattoo works for the upper arm or the shoulders. You can also add other details around it to make it more extensive.

8. Praying For Parents’ Tattoo

Praying For Parents' Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Tattoo Me Now

You may be living with your parents or have moved out; your parents might still be alive or could have departed for their heavenly abode. And yet, your love for them will never diminish. If you want to show your love for your parents, this is one of the most meaningful tattoos you can opt for.

This tattoo shows how much you love them as it shows praying hands and the words Mom and Dad wrote on it. You can also have their names etched on the tattoo. The rising sun in the background symbolizes that they are always the guiding force that drives you.

9. Weeping Woman Praying Tattoo

Weeping Woman Praying Tattoo 
Image Source: Pinterest @Rocio Coronel

This tattoo depicts a woman weeping with folded hands and the cross entwined around her palm. The tears are for seeking redemption and her love for humanity. The woman is praying for forgiveness not just for herself but for the entire humankind.

There is almost something like Mother Mary about her aura. If you speak to your tattoo artist, they can modify it accordingly. The tattoo involves some detailing because it takes expertise to bring out the expression that you want in this tattoo.

10. Skeletal Praying Hands Tattoo

Skeletal Praying Hands Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com

The skull and skeleton are popular tattoo motifs and can also be used for the praying hand’s design. The tattoo has skeletal hands folded in prayer, depicting that one could wait for eternity, if they have to, to gain God’s grace.

The tattoo is spiritual and yet looks very edgy. The folded hands are encased in handcuffs that show that the sinner is still not liberated. But the faith is so strong that they continue to pray to God for all eternity. You can also add some text related to God in the tattoo.

11. Praying Tattooed Hands

Praying Tattooed Hands
Image Source: Pinterest @TattooDo

This tattoo is quite interesting because it shows praying hands tattooed in turn. The tattoo on the hands is that of a roaring panther or a jaguar. It’s a powerful tattoo because it shows one can pray to God or a higher power and still believe in one’s inner strength.

The tattoo has glorious colors, and the red and black combination looks stunning. There are added highlights in red on the fingers, which add to the artistic look. This tattoo looks great on the arms and in the middle of the back.

12. Praying Hands With Quotes Tattoo

Praying Hands With Quotes Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Alyssa Kennedy

Suppose you want to impart any spiritual message with your tattoo and want to highlight some beautiful quotations. In that case, this tattoo is apt for you. The tattoo has hands folded in prayer in the center, and your message can go around it.

This tattoo will look beautiful both in color and in black and white. You can speak to your tattoo artist about the placement of the text, the font, and the size of the text. Some light shading in the background makes the text stand out.

13. Praying Hands With Rose Tattoo

Praying Hands With Rose Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Tattoo Me Now

It’s another tattoo that uses a unique tattoo within the tattoo idea. The praying hands hold a dagger, and a beautiful rose tattoo is on the back of the palms. The dagger looks beautiful with an Aztec print handle. It should be one’s faith in oneself and trust in eternal power.

The red tattoo on the hand makes all the difference as it adds beauty and artistic depth to the tattoo. Other little details in the tattoo make it visually appealing. Even if you are not spiritually inclined, this is a wonderful design that you must consider.

14. Praying Hands With Angel Wings

Praying Hands With Angel Wings
Image Source: Pinterest @Cuded Art and Design

This tattoo is wonderful to look at because of the angelic wings that accompany the praying hands. The tattoo signifies the spirituality of prayer and the benevolence of the angels. A rosary hangs from the palms, and the tattoo has a deep sense of peace.

The wings add an extra dimension to the tattoo, and you can make it more realistic by opting for a 3D design. This tattoo is great for the upper back or the upper chest. The detailing of the hands and the wings make this tattoo extremely popular among those who want something unique yet meaningful.

15. Praying Hands With Leaves And Flowers

Praying Hands with Leaves and Flowers
Image Source: Pinterest @Outsons

It is said that the closest manifestation of God is to be found in nature, and this tattoo combines both of them beautifully. The tattoo has hands folded in prayers, but there are tattoos of flowers and leaves etched on the hands and all around it.

The tattoo has quite a bit of color that makes it stand out. With the folded hands in the center, you can add as many flowers and other natural elements as you like. This very real and spiritual tattoo will deeply resonate with anyone who sees it.

16. Line Tattoo of Praying Hands

Line Tattoo Of Praying Hands
Image Source: i.pinimg.com

A line tattoo is the most simple, minimalistic, and sleek one. If you’re looking for an elegant and feminine praying hands tattoo, you can consider this line tattoo.

While this design reflects the ideas of devotion and faith, it is equally trendy and stylish, best suited for the young who want to get something that stands out.

17. Realistic Praying Hands Tattoo

Realistic Praying Hands Tattoo
Image Source: i.pinimg.com

The idea of the praying hand tattoo emerged from an 18-year-old craftsman from Germany called Albrecht Dauer. According to this theory, Albrecht composed the image of praying hands to show his affection to Frankfort’s mayor in the 15th century.

With great enthusiasm, the mayor acknowledged it as a creative art piece and accepted this present. In 1508, he also approved this artwork to be an altarpiece.

After this commission, the image developed into an attractive design, but in 1729, a fire destroyed the original. There were still some prints and illustrations present that were initiated by Albrecht.

People took inspiration from the copies of this design and replicated it in various different mediums, including realistic tattoos.

18. No Fear Folded Hand Tattoo

No Fear Folded Hand Tattoo
Image Source: bodyartguru.com

Tattoo enthusiasts believe that the best designs are the ones that have some deeper meaning associated with them. Besides a folded hands praying tattoo, not many designs have a richer meaning to them.

This specific tattoo design represents a religious meaning. It consists of the text “Do Not Fear” on a banner, which is a remembrance of courage and strength and is also a dedication to the person’s faith in their God.

19. Praying Hands With Script Tattoo

Praying Hands With Script Tattoo
Image Source: i.pinimg.com

If you like image tattoos and text ones equally and can’t decide which to get, you can combine both with this design. You can include a script to the folded hands tattoo to make it more meaningful.

While many like to add lines from the Holy Bible, others may want to personalize it by including the name of someone they hold in high regard. You can add these words either above or right below the image of folded hands.

This tattoo can be symbolic of your religious devotion or a way to show that you are thankful to the Lord for everything. You can add text to thank God for your health, family, friends, or just life in general.

20. Mary And Praying Hand Tattoo

Mary And Praying Hand Tattoo
Image Source: i.pinimg.com

Those who aspire to stand out with a unique tattoo design can consider one that includes praying hands and Mother Mary. It is a distinct design since the focus here is not entirely on the praying hands but also Mary.

It represents the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, as a praying angel. It is an intricate design that will require a lot of detailing and also a bigger area on your body, so you must decide the placement very carefully.

21. Praying Hands Tattoo on a Watercolor Background

Praying Hands Tattoo On A Watercolor Background
Image Source: i.pinimg.com

Although the praying hand’s tattoo has a deeper meaning attached to it and may come across as a serious one, you can make the image more vibrant. And using bright colors can indeed do that very easily.

Adding a mix of colors to create a watercolor background for the folded hands can make it more uplifting and visually appealing.

22. Angel Praying Hands Tattoo

Angel Praying Hands Tattoo
Image Source: i.pinimg.com

A tattoo design popular among both men and women today is of an angel and praying hands. It includes a blend of archangel wings with praying hands and a halo that gives a creative design.

If you want to make the design more creative, you can add a mix of colors and make it more artistic. Moreover, the tattoo of the angel will denote assurance and hope in the omniscient God.

23. Folded Praying Hands Inside a Lotus Tattoo

Folded Praying Hands Inside A Lotus Tattoo
Image Source: bodyartguru.com

The ones who don’t necessarily want a Catholic or Christian faith can opt for this unique design. Rather than having religious significance, it has more aesthetic relevance, although it can still serve as a reminder of the almighty’s strength.


You may have some queries about praying hands tattoos. Some of them are answered for you here.

Q1. Are praying hands tattoos expensive?

Ans: Yes, praying hands tattoos can be more expensive than other forms because of the detailing required to bring out the shape of the hands. 
No matter how minimalist the tattoo is, a certain degree of effort and expertise is required to etch the hands, making it more expensive than other tattoos. Depending on the other details, a praying hand tattoo can cost about $100 or more.

Q2. Do praying hands tattoos take longer to etch?

Ans: Yes, depending on the intricacy of the pattern, these tattoos take longer to etch. You must have some time on your hands for the session, and your tattoo artist will give you an estimate.

Q3. How to take care of praying hands tattoos?

Ans: You take care of these tattoos in much the same way as others. Do not go out into the sun or engage in strenuous exercises that might cause you to sweat profusely or stretch your skin. It would help if you kept the area covered. Once the scabs appear, wash them lightly with a mild soap to keep away bacteria and prevent infections.

Q4. How long will it take for the tattoo to heal?

Ans: It can take eight to twelve weeks for a tattoo to heal. During that time, it is essential to follow an after-care routine so that the tattoo heals properly. Keep yourself hydrated and have nutritious meals so the skin heals faster. Do not apply any over-counter-ointment or cosmetic products on the tattoo.

Q5. What Is The Meaning Of A Praying Hand Tattoo?

Ans: A tattoo of folded praying hands depicts spirituality, prayers, and devotion to God.

Q6. Where Will A Praying Hand Tattoo Look The Best?

Ans: Since it will be a big design, you can place it on your biceps, stomach, or even back to ensure the tattoo comes out clear and well-detailed.


Getting a tattoo is an important personal decision; you should choose carefully. However, there are few things as soothing and calming as praying hands. You can get these tattoos anywhere on the body, although getting them on the torso seems more apt.

Speak to your tattoo artist if you want to personalize it by adding symbols that might signify something important to you. This wonderful tattoo will make you feel good and beautiful and will surely attract attention.

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