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5 Best RCA Tattoo Cord to Buy

It’s a well-known fact that power supply cords often falter. Busy tattoo studios have busy artists that have to make their equipment go through a lot of use and abuse. The power cord is one such important piece of equipment. So, it makes a lot of sense to stock up on replacement RCA cables in your tattoo shop so that if one fails, you always have an extra one ready.

In this guide, we’ve reviewed 5 of the best RCA tattoo cords in the marketplace. And, they aren’t going to burn a hole in your pocket. In the end, look forward to a section on the things to consider when making a wise purchase decision as well as a faq’s section.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks For Best Inexpensive RCA Tattoo Cords

BIG WASP [Premium Quality] Silicone Tattoo RCA Connector Clip Cords • Cable Length: 2 Meters
• Lightweight
EZTAT2 Master Pro Tattoo Clip Cord RCA Connector, Black’• Cable Length: 1.8 Meters
• Lightweight
STIGMA Premium Quality Silicone RCA Cord• Cable Length: 2 Meters
• Lightweight
ITATOO Tattoo RCA Cord for Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit • Cable Length: 2.5 Meters
• Nylon Exterior
TAONE Silicone Tattoo Machine RCA Plug Clip Cord • Cable Length: 2.4 Meters
• Fireproof

5 Best RCA Cord for Tattoo Machines

Looking for replacement RCA tattoo cords that are durable yet inexpensive? You’ve landed on the right page! Check out our reviews of the best five RCA tattoo cords from this year.

1. BIG WASP [Premium Quality] Silicone Tattoo RCA Connector Clip Cords

BIGWASP [Premium Quality] Silicone Soft Tattoo RCA Connector Clip Cords for Tattoo Machines (79 Inches)

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The BIGWASP RCA cable is 2 meters (79 inches) in length and weighs 70 grams. It’s of premium quality, yet for the money you pay for it, this cable exceeds all expectations. If you have any rotary tattoo machine having an RCA interface, this cable is going to be compatible with it. This cord is our top pick for many more reasons that follow. But first, it’s noteworthy to mention that BIGWASP has an incredible reputation for being a tattoo equipment technology company that operates on a global scale. The company offers a line of efficient tattoo products that includes tattoo needle cartridges, high-quality tattoo devices, grips, and other products.

If you’re trying to stock up on extra RCA tattoo cords so that you’re prepared in case one of them fails, you can rest assured this cord is quite durable to begin with. The BIGWASP RCA tattoo cord has an anti-erosion lead wire made of pure copper. On top of that, it has a cable sheath featuring high-intensity, anti-corrosion attributes.  

For ensuring further resistance to breaking and wearing, the manufacturing process entails mold injection for the plastic insulation in the cord. You end up getting a better connection due to the copper-made connections and the mold injection process. Yet, no cable lasts forever, and this one is no exception to that rule.

According to users, the lifetime of this cable is at par with rival brands. Yet, if it’s some consolation, you do end up with an incredible value for the price. There is also BIGWASP’s attractive satisfaction guarantee to be content with. The brand has faith in its excellent product quality, which is why you receive the guarantee permitting you to either exchange or return the product for a full refund if unsatisfied.


  • Highly reputable brand.
  • Bang for one’s buck.
  • Pure copper, anti-erosion lead wire.
  • Anti-corrosion cable sheath.
  • Better connections through the mold-injection process.
  • The brand offers a satisfaction guarantee.


  • Some users reported that the cord is quite stiff.

Our Final Verdict: Editors Choice

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2. EZTAT2 Master Pro Tattoo Clip Cord RCA Connector, Black

EZTAT2 6FT Master Pro Tattoo Clip Cord RCA Connector Black for Tattoo Rotary Machine Power Supply

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Next on our list of the best inexpensive RCA tattoo cords is the EZTAT2 MASTER Pro Clip Cord. This one is a 1.8 meters (71 inches) long premium quality cord by EZ Tattoo Supply. Its reasonable price by no means reflects its true value. It’s a tangle-free, silicone jacket cable. So if lack of flexibility, obstruction, and interruptions have been a cause for concern with your tattoo machine in the past, going forward, this tattoo RCA cord will ensure a seamless operation like no other.

Moving on, the MASTER Pro Clip Cord is highly durable and features a strain relief design that gives it an enhanced lifespan. The textured over-molding design prevents separation of the parts upon bending or pulling action. Moreover, the cable is thin, lightweight, stable, and easy to clean. Want to keep the cord completely out of the rotary pen’s way? If that’s your intention, there is the option to opt for the 90-degree RCA with a 5.5 mm DC connector cable by the same company.

This cable isn’t compatible with the Cheyenne Hawk pen machine, but it is with most other rotary tattoo machines in the market. It comes in grey, blue, or red colors.


  • Premium silicone jacket cable for a tangle-free experience.
  • Variety connectors include RCA, DC, and Hawk.
  • Durable, strain relief design.
  • Lightweight, comfortable space, and easy to clean.


  • Snugs on real tight into the jack, so you have to be careful while unplugging it.

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3. STIGMA Premium Quality Silicone RCA Cord

STIGMA Premium Quality Slicone RCA Cord for Tattoo Machine 2M Pure Copper Cable Black P351

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This premium quality silicone RCA cord by STIGMA might have you mistake it for a headphone cord. That’s because it benefits from being an incredibly thin and lightweight cable. To make it durable, the copper-made connectors are overlapped with a rubber injection-molded covering. You may use this cord for Stigma branded rotary tattoo machines or any other rotary tattoo machine.

The construction of the cord is nothing short of amazing. It’s got a high-intensity cable sheath with an anti-corrosion design. The length of the cord is 2 meters (79 inches), making it suitable for various situations. The cable is quite flexible; you won’t have to worry about it breaking easily even after extended use. 

As a spare part, the STIGMA RCA tattoo power cord makes for a reliable, certified replacement cord that is compatible with most brands of rotary tattoo machines and power supplies. Overall, this is a solid cable that is relatively superior too. If you’re looking for a replacement RCA cord that is sure to last a while, go for this item.


  • Incredibly thin, lightweight, and flexible.
  • The copper-made connectors and mold injection process offer better connections. 
  • Anti-corrosion, high-intensity cable sheath.
  • Bang for one’s buck.
  • Serves to be a perfect replacement part.


  • No color options.

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4. ITATOO Tattoo RCA Cord for Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit

ITATOO Tattoo RCA Cord for Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit Heavy Duty Fireproof Tattoo Power Supply 2.5M 8.2 Feet Soft RCA Tattoo Clip Cord Tattoo Wire Green

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Up next on our list is this colorful RCA tattoo cord by ITATOO. You have seven interesting color options to choose from, including green, black, navy blue, purple, sky blue, orange, and red. This cord is compatible with any tattoo machine that features an RCA connector, and it’s one of the longest RCA cords. It measures a lengthy 2.5 meters (98 inches).  

The cord has a nylon exterior instead of the usual silicone. Although the fabric exterior makes it wear-resistant, cleaning it isn’t easy at all. What would help is purchasing separate matching clip cord plastic sleeves for its protection. Another drawback is the weighty nature of the cable. It’s heavier than the others on our list. However, you do get a six-month manufacturer’s limited warranty, which means you’re getting a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The minor drawbacks aside, this item grants you incredible stability through reduced voltage loss and amazing electrical conductivity. You won’t have to worry about the cable heating over as there will be stable working voltage. Moreover, this cord has a high-intensity anti-corrosion cable sheath and stainless steel connectors. This means better overall connections are assured.


  • The cord is very long. It’s 2.5 meters (98 inches) in length.
  • Highly durable due to nylon exterior.
  • Incredible electrical conductivity.
  • Anti-corrosion cable sheath.
  • The cord is made of premium quality silicone soft wire.


  • Difficult to clean due to fabric exterior.
  • Relatively bulky.

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5. TAONE Silicone Tattoo Machine RCA Plug Clip Cord 

Tattoo Cords Silicone 2.4 Meter 8' Feet Silica Gel Tattoo Machine RCA Plug Clip Cord Tatoo Kit for Professional Tattooist Artists

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This cable is almost as long as the longest one on our list (the ITATOO RCA cord). The TAONE RCA plug clip cord is a lengthy 2.4 meters (94.5 inches), available in black, purple, blue, or red. It makes a good replacement choice as it’s compatible with any brand of tattoo machine that has compatible connectors.

The cable is relatively thicker, which means there is a bit of added bulk you’d have to get used to. However, that’s more than compensated for due to the rest of the construction. For instance, the gold plating on the tips results in a better connection, while the copper lead alloy is concealed comfortably inside by the silicone insulation.   

TAONE is an established, reliable brand that makes durable products. They’ve been in the business of tattoo supplies for over 10 years now. Hence, you’re in for a pure copper lead wire that has anti-erosion properties. Moreover, the cord is fireproof and sturdy. Furthermore, you’ll be contended to getting all the other perks that are commonplace among the best quality RCA tattoo cords. These include reduced voltage loss, incredible electrical conductivity, stable working voltage (no heat-ups), high-intensity (and corrosion-free) cable sheath, and stainless steel connectors. If that’s not enough, you’re also in for a 90-days no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee.   


  • A lengthy 2.4 meters (94.5 inches) cable.
  • Gold-plated, stainless steel tips for a better connection.
  • Pure copper lead wire with anti-corrosion properties.
  • Fireproof cord.
  • 90-days, no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee.


  • The cable is relatively thick. Along with the connectors, you’re in for a hefty 110 g of weight to bear.

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Things To Consider When Buying RCA Tattoo Cords

When purchasing replacement RCA tattoo cords, it would be disastrous to simply opt for the cheapest ones available. Quality is important too. You would want the cord to last at least a reasonable lifetime so that you can do your tattooing uninterrupted, free of frequent cord replacements, and devoid of discomfort and power connection issues.

The best decision is to go for the cords that meet all the sufficient quality and performance expectations while not costing a bomb at the same time.

Here are a few factors to consider in making the right choice:

Cord Length & Weight

The cord lengths of the RCA cords reviewed above ranged from 1.8 meters to 2.5 meters. This is the desirable range. Any shorter or longer lengths could pose inefficiency while tattooing. Shorter lengths would not grant reasonable freedom of range to do most tasks. Similarly, when a cord is too long, it can tangle up or get damaged by getting stuck or stepped on. Furthermore, an untypically long or thick cord adds to the overall bulk and can be tiresome for the tattooist to work with. Hence, the weight of the cord is also an important consideration. RCA cords that weigh in the 70-90 gram range are considered lightweight and comfortable to handle.

Material & Design

The material of the cord is ultimately the most important factor to consider. You should prefer cords that are lightweight, thin, and flexible. Good material also ensures it’s easy for you to clean the cord exterior. An RCA cord having copper-made connectors and a mold-injection process grant you a better connection. The material of the cable sheath should be anti-corrosion, high-intensity, and durable. In terms of the material, it should be preferred that the cord is made of premium quality silicone soft wire.


Although most RCA cords don’t cost a lot, the one you choose should be durable enough for the sake of safety and convenience. A cheap, low-quality power cord, for instance, can heat up and end up causing undue damage to the user as well as the tattoo machine. Such substandard cords also require frequent replacing. A well-crafted, durable cable on the other hand, offers reduced voltage loss, incredible electrical conductivity, stable working voltage (no heat-ups), high-intensity (and corrosion-free) cable sheath, and stainless steel connectors. 


Why Do Tattoo Machine Cords Frequently Fail?

Tattoo cords often break and fail because of the rough treatment we subject them to. We don’t roll them back into a bundle; we leave them tangled, we step on them, we put furniture over them, and some of us even yank them out of the jack and around. All that use and abuse affects the delicate nature of the cord and damages it.

Which RCA Tattoo Cords are Good?

A good or working cord snugs into the RCA jack firmly. This way, you’re bound to have a tattoo machine that is properly connected to the power supply. Imagine how frustrating it could be if the loosely connected cable came out of the jack during a work session!

Further, the insulation on the cable should also be of superior quality so that the cable doesn’t get damaged easily. In most cases, you should prefer a silicone material over the fabric kind since it’s easier to clean. If instead, you do opt for a nylon fabric sheath, you should purchase a plastic cover to protect it from becoming unhygienic.

You should also check the over-molding for strain relief protection. If there is strain relief protection, then yanking the cord won’t damage it easily. This should be inspected at the end of the cable and the coverage of the jacks. The aspect of inspecting is whether the molding and the insulation are separate or not. If it’s the former, you’re not in for any strain-relief benefits.


Those were our picks of the best RCA tattoo cords. Our top pick was the BIGWASP RCA cord for meeting all the essential requirements of a high-quality cord. The rest were close contenders, also offering great value for one’s buck. If you enjoyed this review, you might also like to check out our other reviews, including Best Tattoo Power Supply Reviews of 2023.

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