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16 Charismatic Ribs Tattoo Design and Ideas

Tattoos have quickly become an inseparable part of our society. Not only are they quite amazing to look at, but they also allow one to showcase their personality to the world. In fact, one can opt for any tattoo design, and this is another reason behind the popularity of this trend. There are simply innumerable concepts that one can explore and adapt in their tattoo design. And that is the case with ribs tattoos as well.

Getting a tattoo inked on the ribs is extremely popular, primarily due to the wide options available for one to choose from. Whether one is interested in a minimalist tattoo design or a religious-themed tattoo, a rib tattoo would do a marvelous job. And while getting a tattoo inked on the ribs is usually more painful, it is well worth the pain. Nothing could be better than a rib tattoo for folks who are fans of side tattoos. And with a tattoo parlor being available on almost every street (due to their rising popularity), you can easily get a rib tattoo without any hassle.

Ribs Tattoo Design and Ideas

It is understandable that there are almost too many options for one to navigate through. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of some of the charismatic top ribs tattoo designs to help you out.

1. Black Ink Angel & Demons Rib Tattoos

Black Ink Angel & Demons Rib Tattoos
Image source: https://outsons.com

One of the most popular designs that one can opt for their ribs tattoo is a simple black ink angel and demon tattoo. Mythological symbols are quite popular in the case of rib tattoos, so naturally, this would not be the only entry you would find in this list. Both figures in this tattoo design give great attention to detail, making them easily stand out. The battle between the angel and demon signifies the continuous struggle between good and evil.

2. Medusa Rib Tattoo Design

Medusa Rib tattoo design
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There would hardly be anyone who does not know the tragic story of Medusa. And while Medusa is often depicted as a vengeful entity seeking revenge and turning people into stone, there are many more layers to her. Medusa is a symbol of beauty, mystery, and hunting. A powerful symbol for powerful people, one will not go wrong if they opt for a Medusa-styled tattoo on their ribs. The extra detailing on her snake-like hair adds an otherworldly feel to the tattoo design and an almost life-like feel.

3. Tiger Rib Tattoo Design

Tiger Rib Tattoo Design
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Using animals as a symbol is not a new concept in human culture. And according to some records, it is something that has been observed for thousands of years. In a way, we are revitalizing the age-old tradition by inking tiger tattoos on our bodies, and ribs are no different. A tiger is a symbol of courage, protection, and strength. This fierce creature is a powerful symbol, and one will not go wrong if one opts for it.

While one can go for a classic black inked tattoo to get the finest result, a colorful tattoo design is the best course of action. A multicolor tiger rib tattoo design would capture the beast’s essence and its fierce nature. The shading on the edges would work excellently, giving it a life-like feel.

4. Blackbird Tattoo Design

Blackbird Tattoo Design
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If animals are a traditional tattoo design, so are the avian creatures. These delicate little creatures are popular tattoo designs, especially for rib tattoos. They are small and hence easy to ink on the body. These avians are usually a symbol of freedom and wisdom, so is the case with blackbirds. A blackbird symbolizes courage, wisdom, power, and free will. The classic blank ink used freely in the design does an excellent job of doing justice to real-life avians and their behavior.

5. Rose Tattoo

Rose Tattoo
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There is hardly a tattoo design that is more popular and often used in tattoos than a rose. This is a simple and unarguable fact. It points to the versatility of the rose as a tattoo symbol that almost anyone can use without any issue. And such is the case with rib tattoo designs as well. One can easily get a rose rib tattoo inked on their ribs and would be satisfied with the final result. And while women often choose it for their tattoo inking, it is a unisex symbol.

A complete rose flower on the rib is an excellent way for one to give respect to someone they feel particularly close to. One can dedicate a rose rib tattoo to them without any trouble.

6. An Angel Tattoo Design

An Angel Tattoo Design
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It is really not necessary that a tattoo design should have a meaning. It can simply be an artistically pleasing design that one would like. And this is what you should like about the angel tattoo design. The tattoo is quite extensive in size and would require quite a bit of detail. So, naturally, you can expect to be sitting in the tattoo parlor for a while, but the result would be worth all the pain. The wings on the back of the angel are simply marvelous, with excellent detailing.

7. Script Tattoo

Script Tattoo
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Not every tattoo has to be an artistically pleasing design; one can even opt for a meaningful tattoo to ink on their ribs. Ribs is an excellent place for one to get a small quote tattoo, and you can easily choose a meaningful quote for the purpose. In addition, you are also free to choose a date that means something to you. You can also opt for the lyrics of your favorite song; the options are simply endless. It is the beauty of getting a rib tattoo; one can get anything they want without overthinking it.

8. Japanese Symbol Tattoo

Japanese Symbol Tattoo
Image Source:

Japanese symbols are all the rage nowadays, and it is understandable. They are quite marvelous for one to look at. But they also make a fine tattoo design for rib cages. One can easily get Japanese rib cage symbols carved on their body. In this design, the artist has beautifully inked the side of the body with a tattoo design that, when seen from a distance, looks like graceful calligraphy. It is a masterpiece with the black ink saturated enough to create a contrast against the individual’s skin.

While the tattoo design here is translated to the word ‘dream,’ the beauty of this tattoo design is that one can choose almost anything. One can go for a single alphabet of the Japanese language, or they can go for a phrase of their liking.

9. Modern Abstract Tattoo Design

A Modern Abstract Tattoo Design
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If religious symbolism and calligraphy are not your things, you can opt for an abstract modern tattoo design. The easiest way to define the design is the fusion between street art and body art. It is a perfect design for artistic folks that want to get something that resembles their interests and personality. Opting for colorful ink is the correct way for one to emulate the artist’s vision. The beautiful addition of the Roman numerals at the end of the design complements the overall tattoo design.

10. Tribal Body Art

Tribal body art
Image Source:

Tattoos have a long, rich history observed by various tribes around the globe. While tattoos have been seen as a way for one to express themselves in modern times, it is not the case for tribal tattoos. In tribes, tattoos are used to depict the class of the individual, whether the person is the chief of the clan or the warrior responsible for protecting the tribe.

The latter has captured the imagination of individuals around the world. And now, one can easily find several tribal body art for them to choose from. The tribal body art has the finesse that needs to be perfectly executed. The clean and precise segments, easily distinguishable from the others, are evenly spaced out. Furthermore, the black ink used for the body art creates a perfect contrast between the tattoo and the body skin.

 11. Neo-Traditional Rib Tattoo Designs

Neo-Traditional Rib Tattoo Designs
Image Source:

Have you ever wondered what a stormtrooper would like in a tribal hat? Well, why wonder when you can easily have the resulting design inked on your body. The artist of this neo-traditional rib tattoo design has tried to fuse two distinct and unrelated concepts with each other. And it is good to say that the result is a vision to observe.

The stormtrooper in this tattoo design is wearing a native Indian headdress that is done in an old-school style. And rather than the final result looking a bit out of place, the vivid color and black outlines make it a fantastic-looking design. The gray outlining on the edges of the artwork also adds to the appeal of this neo-traditional rib tattoo design.

12. Powerful Eagle

Powerful Eagle
Image Source:

Eagles have a strong presence in human history, particularly in our scriptures. Eagles were particularly revered in ancient civilizations, and even in some countries nowadays, the eagle has a special value. A powerful eagle can also be a powerful symbol for tattoo design. An eagle in an attacking pose and all its glory is a tattoo design sure worth your consideration.

The artist has opted for an eagle that looks ready to clasp in this tattoo design. The placement of the eagle on the rib is absolutely perfect as well. The aesthetic beauty of the eagle and its symbolism as a powerful hunter with fierce freedom and pride convey one’s message loud and clear.

13 . Pelican Tattoo Design

A Pelican Tattoo Design
Image Source:

A pelican might not be the very thing that would come to one’s mind when they think about a rib tattoo design, and no one would blame them. But regardless of how long it would take for one to think about pelican as a tattoo design, they are nonetheless an excellent option that one can go for.

A pelican is a beautiful avian that would look marvelous on one’s skin. The various colors that will be used to create an elegant creature would create a masterpiece that one would find hard to pry their eyes away from. A pelican is a symbol of self-sacrifice, of being charitable. And while it may not be the most popular choice, it more than makes up for it with its artistic value.

 14. Wolf Rib Cage Tattoo

A Wolf Rib Cage Tattoo
Image Source:

A wolf is one of the most popular animals used for tattoo purposes, and it is understandable. They are fierce, protective of their pack, and deadly. Perhaps, this is why they are always at the top of the food chain. This makes them an excellent choice for folks looking to get a bold and uncompromising rib tattoo that speaks to their personality.

Suppose you are an individual that resonates with this apex predator. In that case, getting a wolf rib cage tattoo inked on your body is a smart decision that you can make. You can opt for a full-body wolf or a fierce wolf face in a pose to claw one’s heart out. Regardless of which one you opt for, you would not go wrong.

15. Graceful Eagle Tattoo

 Graceful Eagle Tattoo
Image Source:

An eagle does not have to be in an attack pose for maximum effect. They are also graceful creatures, which has inspired the artist to create this minimalist tattoo design. The negative space is used magnificently in this tattoo design and creates an illusion for the viewer. An eagle is a powerful spirit animal that has divine meaning behind it.

In many cultures, the eagle is often associated with a top-tier god and is their companion. It is at the top of the food chain and soars higher than any other avian. But in addition to all this, an eagle is also a symbol of renewed life. It is an excellent tattoo design for a rib cage that one could opt for.

16. Unfinished Rib Tattoo Ideas

Unfinished Rib Tattoo Ideas
Image Source:

A common misconception made about tattoos is that they are complete pieces. Once the individual has gotten up from their chair, the work is complete. No one likes an unfinished tattoo design. And while that is something that is certainly true for body tattoos, that is not the case if one opts for unfinished rib tattoos.

A unique feature of a rib cage tattoo is that one can get a tattoo design that might not look finished to others at first glance. And this is completely normal, as it will add a charm to the design. One can also for an actual unfinished rib tattoo design that they can modify later by adding more suitable components. In the case of such tattoo designs, it is advised that one opts for black or gray-colored tattoo ink as they would easily complement the detailed body art.


These are just some of the more popular variants of rib tattoo designs that one can go for. And while getting a tattoo inked on the ribs might be excruciating to some, the result more than makes up for it. Thus, pick any design and get your skin inked now!

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