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18 RIP Tattoos Idea & Designs to Keep Your Loved One’s Memories Alive

Tattoos have seen a resurgence in popularity in the last few years, and it is not hard to understand why that is the case. Tattoos allow us not only to express ourselves to the broader world but also to pay tribute to someone we have been particularly close to.

Memorial tattoos are an excellent way to honor someone they have lost, someone whose contribution and impact on our life is not something that cannot be expressed just through words.

What Are RIP Tattoos?

RIP tattoos or Memorial tattoos are a way to keep memories alive. They are often used to commemorate a loved one or a significant event.

Memorial tattoos can be used in various ways depending on the individual and their personal feelings. Some people like to get memorial tattoos that have a personal meaning.

The Best RIP Tattoos Ideas & Designs

A RIP tattoo honors the memory of a loved one who has passed away. These tattoos can be placed on the arm, leg, or chest and are often used to remember loved ones. Here are some of the best memorial tattoo designs you can take inspiration from.

1. Rose with Thorns

Rose with Thorns
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Tattoos are a way to express what you want to convey about yourself. Rose with a thorn is a tattoo that symbolizes the pain and struggle of losing someone.

Rose with a thorn memorial tattoo is also known as the “rose of sorrow” or “rose of mourning.” The rose has thorns, which symbolize the struggle and pain of losing someone.

It is a symbol of grief and a reminder never to forget the loved ones who have passed away. One can even add the name and date of the passing with the tattoo design.

2. A Cross With the Name of Their loved One Written on it

A Cross With the Name of Their loved One Written on it
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Cross memorial tattoos are a way to remember your loved ones who have passed away. A cross memorial tattoo typically has the shape of a cross with the names of the deceased person and dates inscribed on it. The design can be small or large, depending on how much space you want to dedicate.

As symbolism, crosses are associated with Christianity, which is why many people choose this symbol for their memorial tattoos. However, there is no specific requirement for the design to be Christian-related.

The tattoo is on the chest or back in the shape of a cross.

3. Angel Wings Memorial Tattoo

Angel Wings Memorial Tattoo
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Angel wings memorial tattoos are a way to remember those who have passed and leave a part of their spirit with us. It symbolizes strength, hope, and peace.

They can be designed in various ways and sizes so that they can be placed on any body part.

 The angel wings tattoo is usually placed on the chest but can also be on the back, neck, or even arm.

Knowing what you want your tattoo to say before getting one is essential. One can also add other elements to the design, such as a Christian cross, as done by the artist here.

4. Yellow Rose Memorial Tattoo

Yellow Rose Memorial Tattoo
Image Source: nextluxury

Roses are among the most commonly used tattoo design elements that one can find worldwide. However, one should keep in mind that different roses have different symbolism.

The Yellow rose memorial tattoo is a symbol of love and remembrance. The person who loves someone who has passed away usually does this type of tattoo. The person who has the yellow rose memorial tattoo will always remember their loved ones and will never forget them.

Yellow rose memorial tattoos are typically placed on the left side of the chest, near the heart. Nevertheless, one can also have it inked anywhere on the body. It can be used to remember someone who has passed away.

5. Heart with Stars Memorial Tattoo

Heart with Stars Memorial Tattoo
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The heart with wings memorial tattoo is a design popularized by the movie “The Fault in Our Stars.” It is a beautiful design that is very popular with folks looking to pay tribute.

It is a memorial tattoo that is made to honor the deceased. The tattoo is a heart with wings, symbolizing the person’s eternal life.

The Heart with Wings memorial tattoo is a symbol of love and hope. It can be placed on the chest, back, arms, and other body parts.

6. Black Flower Memorial Tattoo

Black Flower Memorial Tattoo
Image Source: thestyleup

Black flower memorial tattoos symbolize the loss of a loved one. They are often given by friends and family members to mourn the death of a loved one and to commemorate their life.

The black flower memorial tattoo has been used to symbolize death and mourning in various cultures. The black flower memorial tattoo is a unique way of expressing grief and loss. Still, it can also be seen as a creative expression of hope and healing.

You can add another element, such as a sword, to the tattoo design and make it more appealing to yourself and any viewer. Scripting the name at the helm of the blade is also a nice touch.

7. You Will Never Walk Alone Memorial Tattoo

You Will Never Walk Alone Memorial Tattoo
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You will never walk alone memorial tattoo is a phrase written on the back of the person who wants to remember someone. It reminds you how much you loved someone and will never forget them.

You will never walk away is a phrase that means that even if you move on, you will never forget the person you lost. This memorial tattoo is a way to keep the person close to your heart and remind yourself of their presence.

8. Gravestone Memorial Tattoo

Gravestone Memorial Tattoo
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Increasingly popular in recent years are gravestone tattoos. These tattoos are usually small, but they still carry a lot of meaning and symbolism.

Gravestone tattoos can be seen as an expression of grief, mourning, or remembrance. Tattoos can also be seen as a way to immortalize the memory of deceased loved ones.

Although these tattoos are small, they can be significant and personal to the wearer because they represent someone important in their life. One can easily engrave the name of the deceased on the gravestone.

9. Praying Hands With Rosary

Praying Hands With Rosary
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It is a pretty popular memorial tattoo design, especially for individuals that want to honor the deceased who had been a religious person. It is a tattoo design that has been around for centuries.

The rosary is a string of beads used in Catholic and Eastern Christian prayer. It consists of five decades, each made up of ten beads. The rosary helps its users remember the Ten Commandments, Our Father, and Hail Mary.

A praying hand with a rosary tattoo is a type of memorial tattoo found on some people’s hands, wrists, or forearms. It is usually done in black ink and features the hand with a rosary.

10. Roman Numeral Memorial Tattoo

Roman Numeral Memorial Tattoo
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Roman numerals are the most common way to write numbers in English. It is also the standard way to designate dates and years.

Roman numerals memorial tattoo is a type of memorial tattoo that incorporates text in roman numerals. The text can be about the person who died, their life, or their story.

The popularity of this type of memorial tattoo has increased significantly over the past decade, and it is becoming one of the most popular types for people who have lost someone close to them.

11. Anchor Memorial Tattoo

Anchor Memorial Tattoo
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The anchor memorial tattoo is a popular design found on the left forearm. It is said to represent the last place that somebody touched someone before they died.

An anchor memorial tattoo can be seen as a way to hold on to a loved one and remember their life after passing. This type of tattoo often has a meaning behind it. It can be personalized depending on the person’s wishes or beliefs.

They can be on your wrist, arm, ankle, or chest.

12. Hummingbird Memorial Tattoo

Hummingbird Memorial Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest

The hummingbird tattoo is a symbol of love and everlasting memories. Also, it is a perfect tattoo for anyone who wants to remember a loved one in a special way.

The hummingbird tattoo is commonly associated with the remembrance of loved ones. It can be seen as a symbol of love and a reminder that you have come so far and will make it through anything.

This tattoo is also a reminder of how fragile life can be, just like a hummingbird; beautiful but fragile.

13. Heartbeat Memorial Tattoo

Heartbeat Memorial Tattoo
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Heartbeat Memorial Tattoo is a tattoo that will record the time and date of your loved one’s death. It is a way to keep memories alive and honor their lives.

These tattoos can be done in either black, brown, or grey ink, and the heartbeat is usually on the wrist. One can easily add the deceased individual’s name on the top of the tattoo design.

14. Dragonfly Memorial Tattoo

Dragonfly Memorial Tattoo
Image Source: tattoosboygirl

A dragonfly memorial tattoo is a way to commemorate a loved one who has passed away. It is a symbolic way of paying tribute to the deceased and showing their love for them.

The dragonfly symbolizes transformation and rebirth in many cultures, which is why it represents one’s journey through life.

Dragonfly memorial tattoos are often done in black ink, but sometimes in other colors too. They are usually done on the left arm or the back of the neck, with some going as far as on their thighs or calves.

15. Butterfly Memorial Tattoo

Butterfly Memorial Tattoo
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Butterflies are a symbol of loss, change, transformation, and rebirth. They are also the favorite tattoo of many people.

Many people get butterfly tattoos to celebrate a significant event in their life or mark a transition period. It is a tattoo design that has been around for centuries.

The butterfly design typically consists of two wings with a heart in between them. The wings represent freedom from the pain that comes with death, while the heart represents love and hope for those left behind.

16. In Loving Memory Tattoo

In Loving Memory Tattoo
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In Loving Memory, a tattoo is designed with the name of the person who died and the date of death.

The idea for this memorial tattoo was born out of a need for remembrance. It is usually done by people who have lost someone close to them due to death. They want a reminder that they are still here and not forgotten.

17. Pet Memorial Tattoo

Pet Memorial Tattoo
Image Source: buzzfeed

Who does not love their pet? Their loss can be pretty hard for one to take. A memorial pet tattoo could help one pay tribute to their companion.

A pet memorial tattoo is a way to remember your pet. It is a permanent way to commemorate your pet’s life and show how much you love them. And what is remarkable is that one can quickly get a portrait of their pet inked on their body.

18. A Memorial Tree Tattoo

A memorial Tree Tattoo
Image Source: stayglam

A memorial tree tattoo is a way for one to honor the deceased by having a tattoo of a tree on their body. The idea is that the tree will grow and become beautiful as the person lives on in their memory.

A memorial tree tattoo is a way to remember a loved one who has passed away. It is also a way to show love and appreciation for their life.

The most popular places for people to get tree memorial tattoos are on their wrists, ankles, or the inside of their backs.


A memorial tattoo is a permanent way of remembering someone you have lost. It can symbolize love, friendship, or even a way to say thank you. And the above-listed options are some ways one can do just that.

You can take inspiration from the above ideas or copy them altogether. It is entirely up to you.

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