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18 Classy Roman Numeral Tattoo Ideas for Men

Human life is full of adventures, constant ups and downs, and moments of joy and loss are a significant part of our memories. We want to cherish and remember these moments until the end of our lives.

These moments could be the day your firstborn was born, your wedding date, or even something that holds special meaning to you. And getting a tattoo inked on your body is a perfect way to recognize those special memories.

Many different yet appealing tattoo designs are there that one can go for. But there is something special about the roman numerals tattoo to refer to a critical moment in one’s life.

It may be because they can be easily placed anywhere on the body without much thought. Or it might be their aesthetic looks that make them so appealing. No one can say for sure. But there is one thing that one cannot deny and it is how popular roman numerals tattoo seems to be. This design has captured the people’s imagination and is the go-to tattoo option for folks looking for a unique and inspiring design.

Are you searching for a classy roman numeral design for you to take inspiration from? We have curated a list of popular and classic tattoo designs that you can choose from.

Roman Numeral Tattoo Ideas for Men

We have listed down all the popular Roman Numeral Tattoo Ideas for men so that you don’t have to search for them anywhere. Just scroll down and find the one that could best suit your body.

1. Roman Numeral Date Tattoo Design

Roman Numeral Date Tattoo Design
Image Source: https://tattoogrid.net

How else can we start other than the classic roman numeral date tattoo design? This tattoo design is popular worldwide. Wondering what makes this design popular? Isn’t this a simple tattoo design with roman numerals inked on the wrist?

Exactly, this is precisely what makes this tattoo design so popular. If it is a date that you want to commemorate with a tattoo, why would you mark it with added elements that take the focus away from it?

This straightforward piece does the job and looks great while doing so. And one of the biggest advantages of opting for this design is the various styles that can be easily incorporated without any issue. You can opt for a black and bold, straightforward design or colorful elements; you will not be disappointed with the final result.

2. The Roman Number 3

The Roman Number 3
Image Source: https://www.askideas.com

Another simple but aesthetically pleasing design on the list. If you are in any way familiar with roman numerals, you understand that the larger the number gets, the more complex its representation in the roman numerals becomes.

It is one of the reasons why Roman numerals are so popular, as they are pretty easy to understand and get behind. So, why is the number three on the list? Isn’t it one of the simplest symbols in roman numerals?

The creative potential that the roman numeral 3 has is limitless and can only be tamed by the individual’s imagination. Even in this tattoo design, the artist has placed the roman numeral three just behind the person’s ear. It is a very distinct place for a tattoo design. It is not an in-your-face type of design, but it certainly leaves an impression.

3. Roman Numerals With A Rose

Roman Numerals With A Rose
Image Source: http://lnhtattoostudio.com

What can be better than inking one of the most popular and recognized tattoo designs on your body? Get two popular tattoos inked on your body and have them work in tandem. This is what the roman numerals with a rose tattoo design have accomplished.

Rose is a beautiful flower. But it also has thorns that can be pretty hurtful, perfectly referring to the balance that is life. A lot of good memories with some sad one’s in the mix as well. This is precisely what makes rose the perfect companion to roman numerals.

The tattoo artist has placed a rose as the base with the roman numeral inked on it. The black color of the ink represents death and grief, referring to the loss. Alternatively, one can opt for red ink to express love and passion and have the same effect on the tattoo design. It is genuinely an excellent tattoo design to commemorate a particular date.

4. Roman Numerals With Cross

Roman Numerals With Cross
Image Source: https://tattoosboygirl.com

There are few better tattoo designs for religious persons than roman numerals inked on a cross. As one can see in this tattoo design, the cross is minimalist but not in any way playing second fiddle to the roman numerals.

In a way, both perfectly complement each other, and one just could not take his focus away from both designs. It is an excellent way to showcase how crucial your faith is to the broader world.

The date inscribed with the cross could be any date that holds particular personal emphasis to you. You could easily carve a date when you found your faith or even the birth of your firstborn; the possibilities are simply endless.

5. Roman Numerals With A Twist Of Bird Feather

Roman Numerals With A Twist Of Bird Feather
Image Source: https://www.tattoomenow.com

As you might have already gathered, roman numerals are incredibly versatile and can be easily paired up with several elements. You need to ensure that the other element easily incorporates the roman numeral and does not take the focus away from it. It is crucial as you would not want the focus to be away from the numeral.

A bird feather symbolizes freedom, courage, and strength, making for an excellent companion for the roman numeral element. In fact, many people prefer to add bird feathers to the memorial ink. And there is also room for experimentation with the type of bird. An owl is associated with knowledge, whereas an eagle is connected with courage.

6. Roman Numeral Clock Tattoo

Roman Numeral Clock Tattoo
Image Source: http://www.menstattooideas.net

It is not a new connection that would surprise anyone. Clockmakers have been using Roman numerals in their clocks for centuries now. So, you will surely be surprised to see this design on this list. In the Roman numeral tattoo design, you can see that the artist has added several more elements. But the clock and the roman numeral remain the main focal points.

The dark ink used in the design and the highlights give an otherworldly feel to it and only emphasize how crucial this tattoo is to the person wearing them. One can freely use the clock hands for a more personalized design and indicate a time or even a date that is important to them.

7. Roman Numeral With Bird Tattoo

Roman Numeral With Bird Tattoo
Image Source: https://i.pinimg.com

As you might have read earlier, bird tattoos make for a fabulous tattoo design and compliments well with numerals. But unlike the previous tattoo suggestion, where there is only a bird feather present, one can find one or more avian inked with the roman numerals.

The logic behind the design is quite simple. The avian in this design represents individuals with whom the tattoo owner is closely affiliated. It can be their family or closest friends; the sky’s the limit for this design.

There is also an option for choosing their preferred birds in the design. A swallow is an indicator of love, family, and loyalty.

8. Roman Numerals With The Name

Roman Numerals With The Name
Image Source: https://i.pinimg.com

You have got to have seen this one coming. If one can add numerals to the tattoo design and complement it with beautiful and artistic elements, why not names. Names are the simplest way to personalize a tattoo and showcase your devotion and love to the individual.

This way, you can honor your mother, partner, and even children. It is pretty standard for parents to ink the name and the date of the birth of their children on their bodies.

It would be best if you opt for a simple font in this design, as you do not want the tattoo to be overly complicated to understand. Place equal emphasis on both the name and the numeral and preferably use the same color ink for the process.

9. Angel Wing Tattoo

Angel Wing Tattoo
Image Source: https://nextluxury.com

Dates with roman numerals are an excellent way for one to commemorate and honor their loved ones, especially those who have passed away. This way, one could cherish them till the end of their lives. But if you want to add a touch of eternity to the tattoo design, then angel wings are precisely what you need to add to the tattoo design.

The artist has done an excellent job adding the angel wings to the tattoo design without compromising the focal point. The angel wings are outlined and shaded with darker ink to add another dimension to the design. The wings easily stretch the whole arm of the individual, allowing one to ink the date in bold.

10. Birthday Tattoo On The Ribs

Birthday Tattoo On The Ribs
Image Source: https://i.pinimg.com

Another popular tattoo design of roman numerals for men includes inking the individual’s birthday on the body. While there are many days of importance in one’s life, few could come close to their birth date. But that does not mean one can only opt to ink their birthday on their body. No, you can choose the birth date of someone special to you on your body and express your love for them. It is an excellent way to show someone how special they are in your life.

In this tattoo design, the artist has opted for a simple and bold numeral font, with two dots to distinguish between the different elements of the date of birth. It is a simple and elegant on the ribs tattoo design that does not need any other added element to make it more appealing.

11. Chest Tattoo

Chest Tattoo
Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com/

A simple roman numeral chest tattoo would be an elegant option for folks who do not have a chest tattoo. A man’s chest is quite a large area, and if they have a muscular body, this tattoo design would easily pop out. But never assume that this tattoo design is only limited to gym enthusiasts. Not anyone can get their tattoo design. And while it might be painful initially, the result is more than worth it.

In this tattoo design, one will find that the artist has written the words ‘Established‘ in a stylish fashion just above the roman numerals. It represents one’s date of birth. You can experiment with this and add your marriage anniversary or something along the same lines. Just make sure that it is something closely related to you.

12. Bicep Tattoo

Bicep Tattoo
Image Source: https://i.pinimg.com

A man’s bicep is another excellent place where one can ink a roman numerals tattoo on their body. Men who flaunt their muscles can go with this tattoo design. The biceps is such an excellent place for one to ink a tattoo because the muscles can easily enhance the shape of the tattoo.

Additionally, one can also hide their tattoo discreetly. Just wear simple sleeved top-wear, and voila, your tattoo is nowhere to be found.

13. Collar Bone Tattoo

Collar Bone Tattoo
Image Source: https://www.piercingmodels.com

The collar bone is another excellent tattoo space for one to get a roman numeral tattoo design. The reason? The tattoo can both be visible and discreet at the same time. While a tattoo is something that should be shown to the broader world, you do not have to flaunt it to everyone. Only folks intimately familiar with you would be able to see the collar bone tattoo, as it would only be visible when you are topless.

This tattoo design is a favorite among working professionals in the corporate sector, as having a tattoo is generally frowned upon there. This simple, long, and elegant design might cause discomfort, but we can safely say it would be worth it.

14. Roman Numerals Back Tattoo

Roman Numerals Back Tattoo
Image Source: https://www.tattoobytes.com

There is something special about having a back tattoo that would appeal to men. One would hardly say no to getting a back tattoo. And if it is something you are looking for, then Roman numerals on the back might be what you need.

A men’s back is a large canvas that invites beautiful but, more importantly, meaningful tattoo design. And what could be more significant than adding an important date onto your back? While you can easily add various elements to the design like roses, clock, avian, or even angel wings. And since the tattoo is inked on the back, you can easily hide it from the view without any issue.

15. Finger Ring Tattoo

Finger Ring Tattoo
Image Source: https://i.pinimg.com

There is one place you might not have considered for getting a numeral tattoo: your finger. But first, let’s answer an obvious question. Is the tattoo inking on the finger painful? Yes, it would be unbearable for a while. You would likely experience significantly more pain than any previous tattoo. But on the other hand, since the tattoo design is minimal, the process would be over in no time.

Think of this tattoo as more permanent jewelry than a tattoo design. It is an excellent tattoo option for couples if they want to get a matching tattoo to commemorate their anniversary. And your ring finger is certainly the ideal place to get this tattoo inked.

16. Cross With A Wing On The Chest

Cross With A Wing On The Chest
Image Source: https://www.fashionbeans.com

This tattoo design is a fusion of two of the most famous religious elements – the angel wings and the cross. The cross in the design is at the center of the chest, and the wings act as its extension. One significant difference you might have noticed in this tattoo design from the others on this list is the minimal focus on the roman numerals. The roman numerals are present on the cross, but one has to make an effort to see them.

The artist has given special attention to detail on the wings. Every feather is highlighted and shaded to give an impression of movement. It is simply a beautiful tattoo design and worthy of one’s consideration.

17. A Simple Leg Tattoo

A Simple Leg Tattoo
Image Source: https://nextluxury.com

The calf is another excellent place for one to get a permanent tattoo inked on their body. Do not try to be too fancy on the calf. It is a place where you do not want to add a complex tattoo, as not everyone can understand it with a single glance. No, as shown by the artist of this design, opting for a roman numeral would be infinitely better.

A simple and elegant numeral tattoo would offer beautiful results every time.

If you want to add an element to this design, crossing a couple of leaves would do well. The result would look like a throne for the roman numeral, adding to its significance.

18. Tattoo On The Wrist

Tattoo On The Wrist
Image Source: https://www.wristtattoopictures.com

Finally, we have a tattoo on the wrist design for the roman numeral. The wrist is a trendy place for one to get a tattoo design inked. Not only would the tattoo stay in your vision at all times, but it can be easily shown off to the broader world. Isn’t this why one gets a tattoo? It is also a perfect tattoo design option for folks with limited to no experience with tattoos. The inking process would be over quick, but the aftercare would be easy to handle as well, which adds to its appeal.

Bottom Line

The above listed are some of the classiest roman numeral tattoo ideas for men that you can take inspiration from. Roman numerals give elegance to numbers which is something quite challenging. But one can say they have fulfilled the task quite wonderfully. Now, pick your tattoo design and flaunt your physique smartly.

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