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30 Sensational Sailor Moon Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Looking for an exceptional idea for your next tattoo? What I’m about to recommend is not only inspirational and empowering but also extremely pretty.

She’s a popular anime character who defends the Earth from an array of evil villains. Through her missions, fans witness her maturation from a sentimental middle school girl to an adult upholding supreme responsibility. She’s none other than ‘Sailor Moon,’ also known as ‘Pretty Warrior Sailor Moon’ in Japan.

Today, Sailor Moon is a critically acclaimed pop culture anime icon that inspires tattoo enthusiasts even after 30 plus years of the idea’s inception. As a result, ardent fans are more and more into selecting their next favorite Sailor Moon tattoo. Don’t you want to join the bandwagon?

Sailor Moon not only had a great run through the magazine, it further had a spectacular run as a 1992 Japanese superheroine anime series on television. The anime became so popular; it was a huge hit in the English-speaking world as well. It soon achieved cult status owing to the powerful portrayal of characters, the hilarity, and exceptional artwork.

The television series is about the titular protagonist Sailor Moon (civilian name Usagi Tsukino) and her adventures, produced by Toei animation using Super Sentai motifs. In this article, I’ve shared 30 of the most sensational Sailor Moon tattoo designs and ideas on the internet. The name of the source/artist is mentioned beneath each piece so that you can explore further.

30 Sailor Moon Tattoo

When it comes to the Sailor Moon series as a whole, it’s not just the storyline that has achieved success. Each of the characters within the story has touched the hearts of fans worldwide. A strong testament to this is the sales of merchandise associated with all the characters combined that run into billions of dollars worldwide.

By selecting tattoos below with the symbolism that follows, you’ll appreciate that all the characters are powerful and independent. Each has its own set of unique abilities, making them popular choices among tattoo designs. Don’t forget to scroll through the end of this article for the symbolism. 

#1. Chibiusa & Luna P Tattoo

Chibiusa & Luna P Tattoo
Source: @sanyyyo via Instagram

This forearm tattoo is elegant, colorful, and inked to perfection. I love the contrast of Chibiusa’s pink hair with Luna’s purple look.

#2. Luna Ball Tattoo

Luna Ball Tattoo
Source: @bgbronson via Instagram

This tattoo of Luna as a ball, nestled between flowers, looks apt on her calf space.

#3. BlackLine Sailor MoonTattoo 

BlackLine Sailor MoonTattoo
Source: @sebastian_tattoo via Instagram

The simple, black-and-white linework on the forearm depicts Sailor Moon’s innocent teenage look.

#4. Sailor Moon With Luna Tattoo (Grey & Black)

Sailor Moon With Luna Tattoo (Grey & Black)
Source: @aokunaru via Instagram

Nothing is more adorable than this impeccable artwork of Sailor Moon with the adorable cat Luna. The tattoo looks simple yet sophisticated.

#5. Sailor Jupiter and Jolteon Tattoo

Sailor Jupiter and Jolteon Tattoo
Source: @tsimmstattoos via Instagram

Sailor Jupiter looks at the peak of her action, fighting evil to save the world. I love the color palette of this well-composed design with precision results.

#6. Sailor Moon Brooch Tattoo

Sailor Moon Brooch Tattoo
Source: @marie_sm_tattoos via Instagram

This small design looks pretty on the upper forearm. The colors and attention to detail bring out Sailor Moon’s characteristics.

#7. Sailor Moon Hairdo Tattoo

Sailor Moon Hairdo Tattoo
Source: @hattitattoo via Instagram 

Sailor Moon is famous for her two buns and long hair. This tattoo is entirely about that cute style. Many teenage girls adore her hairstyle; this is for them.

#8. Sailor Mercury Wand Tattoo

Sailor Mercury Wand Tattoo
Source: @missamimizuno via Instagram

She raises her wand and shouts out “Mercury Power, Make-up!” to transform into a Sailor Guardian. Fans of Sailor Mercury would be happy with a design like this.

#9. Moon Stick Tattoo

Moon Stick Tattoo
Source: @sarahofdoucette via Instagram

The artist has done a flawless job at making the Moon Stick look right out of the television series. It looks so vivid and elegant you feel like lifting it off of the skin.

#10. Sailor Pluto Wand Tattoo

Sailor Pluto Wand Tattoo
Source: @lil_tat_mama via Instagram

The Sailor Pluto Wand is inked on the forearm, the perfect place for such a pattern. The choice of colors is subtle, which is characteristic of the magical purpose of the wand.

#11. Moon Prism Tattoo (Pink & Blue)

Moon Prism Tattoo (Pink & Blue)
Source: @txttoo via Instagram

The transformation into a superheroine is happening in this tattoo. Sailor Moon takes over her alter ego as she sparkles with beauty.

#12. Moon Prism Tattoo (Red & Pink)

Moon Prism Tattoo (Red & Pink)
Source: @txttoo via Instagram

Each time Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon, we get to witness a beautiful new dress, magic, and lots of gorgeous weaponry. 

#13. Moon Prism Tattoo (Green & Pink)

Moon Prism Tattoo (Green & Pink)
Source: @txttoo via Instagram

Here Usagi is transforming into Sailor Moon. The colors and electrifying energy make this a gorgeous tattoo for the arm.

#14. Crisis Moon Compact Tattoo

Crisis Moon Compact Tattoo
Source: @illustday via Instagram

The Crisis Moon Compact is a stunning item that came second in line in the series to aid Usagi’s transformation. This particular tattoo looks perfect on the hand.

#15. Adorable Sailor Moon & Luna Tattoo (Black & Grey)

Adorable Sailor Moon & Luna Tattoo (Black & Grey)
Source: @electricdani via Instagram

With her eyes shut, Sailor Moon is hugging adorable Luna. The artist has captured the emotion with incredible depth and simplicity. The linework and solid inking are done perfectly in this tattoo.

#16. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask Romance Tattoo

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask Romance Tattoo
Source: @jptronwalker via Instagram

Romance and scenes of Sailor Moon with her love interests are commonplace in the series. Not meant for children to see, but teen fans adore these tattoos. This is a super cute tattoo of Sailor Moon with her handsome love interest, Tuxedo Mask. It looks ideal inked above the elbow. 

#17. Sailor Venus Tattoo

Sailor Venus Tattoo
Source: @tsimmstattoos via Instagram

This is a beautiful, colorful tattoo of Sailor Venus with hearts scattered around her.  

#18. Sailor Jupiter Tattoo

Sailor Jupiter Tattoo
Source: @amandabrookstattoo via Instagram

She’s a beauty with that green cape, roses, and beautiful green eyes. Sailor Jupiter has a cult following, just like the series as a whole.

#19. Wicked Lady Tattoo

Wicked Lady Tattoo
Source: @lil_tat_mama via Instagram

Sailor Moon’s daughter has grown up and now fights more fiercely in her evil form. She looks stunning with her signature pink buns and tails. This is a masterpiece by the tattoo artist who knows how to play with colors and space.

#20. Chibiusa Firing a Shot Tattoo 

Chibiusa Firing a Shot Tattoo
Source: @robcuello.tattoo via Instagram

Isn’t this super cute? Chibiusa is firing a shot. Her beginnings as a superhero in the making. The tattoo is subtle yet fierce.

#21. Sailor Moon & Hearts Tattoo

Sailor Moon & Hearts Tattoo
Source: @marta_atzeni_tattoo via Instagram

This is yet another classic look of Sailor Moon, tattooed to perfection in black linework and grey shading.

#22. Sailor Moon Ribbon Tattoo

Sailor Moon Ribbon Tattoo
Source: @mclonetattoos via Instagram

The bow or ribbon on Sailor Moon’s hair signifies her appreciation of Sailor Venus’s fighting spirit. This elegant ribbon tattoo looks amazing on the back.

#23. Sailor Moon & Chibiusa Tattoo

Sailor Moon & Chibiusa Tattoo
Source: @nikii_neko_tattoo via Instagram

Mother and child. Sailor Moon’s affection for her child Chibiusa is portrayed through this tattoo. The resemblance of the duo is captured perfectly by the artist.

#24. Usagi (a.k.a. Sailor Moon) Brooch

Usagi (a.k.a. Sailor Moon) Brooch
Source: @alexstrangler via Instagram

Once again, the brooch design looks quite elegant. It’s so girlish, elegant, and I love the sparkle effect in the backdrop. Only a seasoned tattoo artist can achieve such breadth of detail.

#25. Crescent Moon Wand (Moon Stick) & Rose Tattoo

Crescent Moon Wand (Moon Stick) & Rose Tattoo
Source: @secondskintac via Instagram

This realistic design of the Crescent Moon Wand looks incredibly unique because of the large purple rose contrasted in the background. A perfect example of how to take care of the shoulder space elegantly.

#26. Sailor Mars Tattoo

Sailor Mars Tattoo
Source: @robcuello.tattoo via Instagram

Sailors Mars (a.k.a. Rie Hino) is level-headed, and we can see that clearly by the way this tattoo is depicted. The use of pink shades has blended well with the skin. This tattoo looks subtle, authentic, and fresh on the side of the lower leg.

#27. Little Kitty in a Luna Bonnet Tattoo

Little Kitty in a Luna Bonnet Tattoo
Source: @nikki_neko_tattoo via Instagram  

Aww, little kitty in a Luna bonnet. She gets cuter each time you peek at her. The tattoo here brings out her joy and love. I love the heart and sparkles that add to the warmth of the composition.

#28. Usagi & Mamoru Love Tattoo

Usagi & Mamoru Love Tattoo
Source: @evilcko via Instagram

I found this tattoo one of the most romantic depictions of Usagi with Mamoru. This is what every teen can relate to growing up.

#29. Sailor Neptune Tattoo

Sailor Neptune Tattoo
Source: @michelabottin via Instagram

Sailor Neptune’s turquoise hair and matching attire give this tattoo a very distinguished look. It’s the unconventional superheroes that get noticed in the crowds.

#30. Sailor Venus Close-up Tattoo

Sailor Venus Close-up Tattoo
Source: @hollyrose.vtco via Instagram

Finally, this is the golden girl, Sailor Venus. According to the latest tattoo trends, this shiny anime look is loved by her fans.

Sailor Moon Symbolism

Sailor Moon Symbolism

The above anime tattoos aren’t just tattoos; they carry incredible symbolism as well. Here’s why each character shown above is so popular that it has fans lining up at tattoo studios.

#1. Sailor Moon 

As mentioned in the intro, Sailor Moon is a superheroine. Yet, she’s also an average teenager with a pretty normal human life when she’s not out fighting evil in the battlegrounds. She faces all the basic struggles typical teenage girls go through. She struggles to keep up with classes, pass her exams with decent grades, and keep up with fashion, for instance.

As a result, all teenage girls can relate to her. The characterization of Usagi Tsukino (a.k.a. Sailor Moon) is the epitome of ‘shojo,’ which is a Japanese concept for girlishness. According to the idea, she is free to pursue all her passions, with an undying spirituality that aids in overcoming obstacles along the way. 

#2. Chibiusa

Chibiusa (civilian identity of Sailor Chibi Moon) is the daughter of Sailor Moon. She is among the main characters of the series. Being a small child hailing from the 30th century, she seeks the Sailor Soldiers’ help by traveling to the past.

A few years later, upon her return, she gets trained herself and becomes known as Sailor Chibi Moon, translated to be Sailor Mini Moon. Chibi is a small girl with distinct natural pink hair. During the progression of the series, her other forms include ‘Princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity and ‘Balck Lady.’ As an adult, she becomes a villain, wherein her name is ‘Wicked Lady.’ Her powers are significant as she destroys enemies in tandem with Sailor Moon. Her distinct hair, cute looks, and superpowers make her character a great Sailor Moon tattoo design choice inspired by the series.

#3. Luna 

The adorable Luna is the enchanted black cat that Usagi first meets. Luna tells Usagi that she’s destined to fight all forces of evil to save the world. Usagi can transform into Sailor Moon ever since Luna hands her the magical brooch. Luna also informs Usagi that she should protect the Silver Crystal by leading the Sailor Soldiers and becoming a warrior with immense power.

The unsurpassable cuteness of Luna makes her look a popular tattoo choice. Often, we see incredible tattoo designs having Sailor Moon and Luna or Chibiusa and Luna together.

#4. Sailor Jupiter 

In the series, civilian Kino Makoto transforms into Sailor Jupiter. The green-gowned lady embodies the greatest strength among all the guardians. She’s the princess of the planet Jupiter, known by her famous catchphrase, “I’ll make you feel so much regret; it’ll leave you numb!”

Her superhuman strength and unique powers connected to electricity and plants make her character popular outside the series as well. Besides being capable of manipulating lightning and Earth, today, she’s also known for her spin-off series and CD single. It’s no wonder tattoos featuring her are so much in demand!

#5. Sailor Mercury

‘Ami Mizuno’ is ‘Sailor Mercury,’ a brutally intelligent soldier. She was the first Sailor to be recruited by Sailor Moon. Besides her superpower of being intelligent, she’s also known for her abilities in connection to water and ice. This teenage Japanese schoolgirl that protects the solar system from evil through her supernatural skills also has a strong fanbase.

Like Sailor Jupiter, this character, too, is hugely popular. Having a CD single and a spin-off show to her credit. Lots of teens identify with her fictional characterization. Wherein she’s intelligent and perceived with either amazement or jealousy by her classmates. I love the choice of tattoos doing the rounds on the internet depicting Sailor Mercury in vibrant colors.

#6. Sailor Venus

Sailor Moon’s fourth selected Sailor, Aino Minako (a.k.a. Sailor Venus), has a strong association with everything golden, including love, beauty, and light. In the earliest episode, she’s recommended to wear a red bow on her hair. Since then, she’s been seen adorning her hair with it on every single occasion. Bow tattoos with Sailor Moon imply Sailor Moon’s recognition of the great work by Sailor Venus.

#7. Sailor Neptune

Sailor Neptune (a.k.a. Michiru Kaioh) appears to be in love with Sailor Uranus. Besides her supernatural powers to fight evil, she’s also talented, dedicated, wealthy, and beautiful. And, she’s known for her flashes of anger. Her unique abilities and power over the sea come from a magic mirror.

Furthermore, Sailor Neptune tattoos are pretty popular for their universal appeal, unbound by gender or sexual orientation differences. It’s noteworthy to mention; she’s the perfect symbolism of grace and elegance. She’s also the most mysterious among Sailor Moon’s soldiers.

#8. Sailor Mars

Sailor Mars (a.k.a. Rei Hino) is a soldier in command just below Sailor Venus. She’s the level-headed soldier who, at the same time, is at the forefront when it comes to being the first one to jump into a fight. Sailor Mars puts her life at risk for Sailor Moon time and time again.

Another interesting fact is that she’s the only Sailor Senshi who wears high heels without a strap or any other support form. She wasn’t the most romantic of the soldiers, but you would want to tattoo her on your body if you identify with her heels, smart looks, and fighting spirit.

#9. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask Romance

There’s no hiding the fact that the two characters Sailor Moon And Tuxedo Mask (a.k.a. Mamoru Chiba), were deeply in love. Tuxedo Mask is a charming and heroic individual, although he is evil in 16 of the episodes. Their love scene tattoos are adorable and majorly in demand.  

#10. Usagi and Mamoru Love

In the anime, Usagi is a magical girl, and the focus remains on that. However, the two teens, Usagi and Mamoru, are in an intense romantic relationship in the manga. Tattoos depicting this relationship look adorable.

#11. Moon Prism

When Usagi Tsukino’s transformation into the superheroine Sailor Moon happens, she revamps herself into beautiful, sparkling costumes, adorning attractive weapons. During the process, you witness an array of vibrant, flashy colors that spread the faith and positive energy all around. Tattoo designs depicting this transformation of gorgeous Usagi are trendy. 

#12. Moon Stick

Sailor Moon used the Moon Stick (a.k.a. Crescent Moon Wand) to perform Moon Healing Escalation. The Stick, used as an attack item, has a crystal material crescent moon on the top. The rest of it is made of pink material. All in all, the Moon Stick makes for an astounding tattoo design if you’re a Sailor Moon fan.

#13. Sailor Pluto Wand (the Garnet Rod)

Sailor Pluto (a.k.a Setsuna Meioh) uses her transformation wand called Garnet Rod to stop time in Sailor Moon Crystal. The Garnet Rod is a gigantic key designed with a Garnet Orb and a heart on the top.

The significance of the Garnet Rod is that it symbolizes Sailor Pluto’s stewardship over the Door of Space-Time. Overall, it makes for a really pretty tattoo design.

#14. Crisis Moon Compact

Originally, Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon using the Transformation Brooch. Later, the second item she could use for turning into Super Sailor Moon was the Crisis Moon Compact. This item was given to her by Pegasus as an upgrade to the first item.

This time, the activation phrase was “Moon Crisis, Make up” instead of “Moon Prism Power, Make Up.” In terms of tattoo designs, this one looks out of this world on the hand or any other visible area of your body that you want to place a small, compact tattoo on.


Whether you’re a die-hard Sailor Moon fan or recently fallen in love with these adorable, colorful, and seemingly energetic bunch of characters and symbols, you would’ve loved the 30 Sailor Moon tattoo designs I just shared. The styles and techniques used by the artists combined with their equipment resulted in such flawless art. 

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