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30 Small Alien Abduction Tattoos You’ll Love

Let’s just get this out of the way—aliens are real. Of course they are. Scientists estimate the existence of 100 billion galaxies in our universe. And, take note, that number is a conservative estimate. Believing that we’re alone in this universe is nothing short of silly and frankly…narcissistic. 

And it’s only a matter of time. In fact, scientists say we could come into contact with the extraterrestrial as soon as the year 2040. And when the time comes, it’ll either be us doing the abducting…or them.

If you agree with everything I just said, you might like getting an alien abduction tattoo. A lot of the designs are really clever and are small enough to hide if you’re at work. And although there’s a chance extraterrestrial contact might not even happen in our lifetime, at least you got a sick tattoo out of it. Who knows, our future alien overlords might even see it and approve of your extraterrestrial enthusiasm.

In this article, I’ve compiled 30 of the best small alien abduction tattoos there are on the internet. Each piece’s artist is credited so that you can check out more of their work or choose to message them directly. Towards the end, I’ll also tell you about the freakiest reported alien abductions throughout history, so read until the end!

Small Alien Abduction Tattoos

Black and Grey Alien Abduction Tattoos

alien tattoo

In this calf tattoo, a man is beamed up by a speedy UFO hovering above a glacier-like land mass. The artist uses fine dotwork to create a rich, granular texture, by Danica. (@nickas_serpentarius on Instagram).

alien tattoo

In this piece, the artist uses some heavy dotwork to create tension in the scene, an aesthetic that resembles the granular look of vintage UFO films. The person being abducted here, in contrast to other designs, looks conscious, as if awe-struck by the mysterious flying object, by David Jimenez. (@davidjimeneztattoos on Instagram).

alien tattoo

In this piece, a UFO beams up this person who looks to be glad they’re finally being taken away from Earth. A neon green is used to color in the beam, by Leah Bell. (@leahbellart on Instagram).

Colored Alien Abduction Tattoos

alien tattoo

In this illustrative style tattoo, elements are drawn in a way that can best be described as raw. The scene looks as if it was quickly drawn by a high school senior in the middle of class, which achieves a nostalgic, personal look, by Bones Jones. (@bonesjonestattoo on Instagram).

alien tattoo

In this piece, the artist deliberately robs the other elements (hills, sky, and trees) of any vibrancy in an effort to bring the focus to the bright, rainbow-colored abduction beams being projected by the UFOs, by Jade Holloway. (@jdbtattoo91 on Instagram).

alien tattoo ideas

Rick and Morty fans will recognize these silhouettes in a heartbeat. In this scene, the two goofball adventurers float up towards the Space Cruiser, which is Rick Sanchez’s personal UFO-like flying vehicle. Upon closer inspection, Rick’s flipping us off, by Callum Banks. (@bankstattoo on Instagram).

alien tattoo ideas

For some weird reason, this cactus plant has drawn the curiosity of the aliens in this UFO. The artist makes brilliant use of color isolation to bring all the focus onto the beam. Saturn is seen floating in the background, by Brittany. (@brittanychristinexoxo on Instagram).

alien tattoo ideas

In this piece, the silhouette of a pretty familiar Sasquatch flips off a nearby hoveringUFO as it beams up an unfortunate human, by Jeremy Stewart. (@stewcifer on Instagram).

small alien tattoo

In this forearm piece, a UFO abducts a man in the middle of a relaxing fishing trip. Poor guy hasn’t even caught anything yet, by Katie Cain. (@katiecaintattoos on Instagram).

small alien tattoo

In this piece, the face of a little green man smiles over a scene of a man being abducted. A vivid galaxy theme is seen in the background, by Johanna. (@jopie_lee on Instagram).

small alien tattoo

In this piece is the iconic flying bike scene in the 1982 film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, a film that has definitely not made me cry, by Stephen Monnet. (@monnet_tattoo on Instagram).

alien head tattoo

In this piece, the alien abduction scene occurs like a flashback projected on the back of a skull. A UFO beams up a stickman in a vivid desert scenery, by Juan L. Chavez. (@tattooist_juan_l_chavez on Instagram).

alien head tattoo

This piece takes a different approach to the alien abduction tattoo design. Instead of a suburban or desert area, a person is beamed up in a snowy, mountainous area. The whole scene happens inside a snow globe with the words “I WANT TO BELIEVE” etched at the base, by Mimi Wunsch. (@miwunsch on Instagram).

alien abduction tattoo

In this cool alien abduction tattoo, a man is beamed up in the middle of the night. The artist uses watercolor techniques to imitate the haziness and velvety appearance of a night sky full of stars and writes the words “TAKE ME HOME” in a distinct, alien-like font style, by Serina Malec. (@twiggytattooer on Instagram).

Minimalist Alien Abduction Tattoos

alien abduction tattoo

If you have particularly long hair, you can also choose to get a tattoo under your hair so it’s easier to hide at work or in a formal setting. This person puts their alien abduction tattoo right behind their ears, where they can easily hide it by letting their hair loose, by Niño Pacot. (@antbite_tattoo on Instagram).

alien tattoo

In this piece, the artist keeps things simplistic. A stickman is seen tightly grasping the top of a pine tree as to not get abducted by the UFO above it, by Jd McGowan. (@tattoojd13 on Instagram).

alien tattoo

Another great place to put your small alien abduction tattoo is beside your ankle. It’ll hurt more than other parts of the body since there’s a significant lack of fat and muscle there, but it’s a great place to get a tattoo on, by Nicholas. (@roy.s_ink on Instagram).

alien tattoo ideas

In this illustrative blackwork piece, a UFO chases after a man in an effort to abduct him. He runs for his life! by Michael logan. (@michaellogan_tattooer on Instagram).

alien tattoo ideas

In this forearm piece, elements are drawn subtly using thin lines and a minimalist approach, by MR.K. (@mr.k_tattoo on Instagram).

Animal Alien Abduction Tattoos

small alien tattoo

In this scene, a cat (that’s probably a bit larger than intended) gets abducted by a mysterious flying saucer. The scene paints it as happening at the back of a suburban household under the dim light of the crescent moon. The artist confines the setting into a wavy diamond shape and colors elements in a way that achieves a vintage, matte look, by Kevin Ray. (@kevinraytattoos on Instagram).

small alien tattoo

In this piece, a cat taking a stroll in the woods gets unexpectedly abducted by a UFO in the middle of the night. The artist uses perspective techniques to help achieve a first-person POV into the scene, by Lenny Wood Floyd. (@lennyresplendent on Instagram).

small alien tattoo

In this upper arm tattoo, the artist makes use of the juxtaposition of two things usually associated with different timelines for a pretty awesome, comical tattoo. A t-rex (associated with the past) gets abducted by a UFO (associated with the future), by Tiaani Riches. (@tiaani.riches_tattoos on Instagram).

alien head tattoo

For some reason, a lot of alien abductions in pop culture don’t happen to humans…but to cows. Sometimes cows get killed unexpectedly under unusual, usually bloodless, circumstances. And some people chalk these events up to alien abduction. In this scene, a happily prancing cow is taken by surprise as a UFO beams him up, by Jason Moore. (@robotdrawslines on Instagram).

alien abduction tattoo

In this illustrative forearm tattoo, an archetypal grey alien (who’s probably not too happy with his job) beams up an unsuspecting cow. The artist uses a style that’s deliberately crude for a raw and personal vibe, by MARS Ink Tattoo Studio. (@marsinktattoo on Instagram).

alien abduction tattoo

In this piece, a UFO beams up an unsuspecting sauropod. The artist uses a worm’s eye perspective and wavy background lines to create a kind of psychedelic tension, by Danica. (@nickas_serpentarius on Instagram).

alien tattoo

In this piece, an archetypal UFO hovers over the woodlands underneath a crescent moon while beaming up an adorable French bulldog, by Janette Rawding. (@innstajan on Instagram).

small alien tattoo

In this neck tattoo, a UFO (that, I swear, does not have enough space) tries to beam up a cow, by Main Street Ink. (@mainstreetink on Instagram).

small alien tattoo

In this piece, two little green men look impatiently upon a bull as they beam it up towards their not so spacious space vehicle. The artist uses a retro style for the UFO, identifiable by the prevalence of curvy and bulky features rather than the sleekness and more techy approach adopted by modern artists, by Nicole May W. (@imacatmeow_tattoos on Instagram).

small alien tattoo

If you’ve got pets of your own, consider personalizing your alien abduction tattoo to include them. In this piece, silhouettes of a cat and dog drift up towards a UFO. Instead of the typical coloring style, the artist uses multicolor dots to imitate the look of RGB noise, which was often used in vintage sci-fi films for things like projectiles and teleportation particles, by Unknown Artist.

small alien tattoo

In this vibrant tattoo, two grey aliens look below with anticipation as a cow is beamed up towards their vehicle, by Timea. (@moonstone.wolf on Instagram).

Freakiest Reported Alien Abductions

Know what the creepiest thing about alien movies is? They’re inspired by real stories. People actually report being abducted by extra-terrestrial beings. A lot of people dismiss them as hoaxes and chalk them up to hallucinations and sleep paralysis events…but are they really? 

In this section, I’ll tell you about some of the freakiest reported alien abductions. I’ve also linked to the original stories so you can see and judge for yourself whether these tales are true. 

Let’s begin.

The Bob Rylance Abductions

The stories of Bob Rylance are a topic of much speculation. Like many people who’ve reported being abducted by aliens, Rylance only revealed his experience when under hypnotic regression. 

See, Bob Rylance is an army veteran with over 20 years of experience in the field, but only under hypnosis would he reveal that, during his twenty years in service, he had been abducted by aliens several times.

He claims he has always been sensitive to the paranormal, and that his captors would often speak to him telepathically. Under hypnosis, he would describe in vivid detail memories of himself being placed on a medical bench where he would be subject to different experiments. His captors, he says, would use their technology to cure undiagnosed diseases within his body.

What’s freaky about this is that hypnosis isn’t magic. It’s an actual human condition described as a “state of consent and cooperation”. Someone under hypnosis enters a trance-like state of heightened focus and concentration. Of course, this could only mean one thing. Rylance wasn’t lying.

Travis Walton UFO Incident

22-year old American forestry worker, Travis Walton, had been missing for days. On the way home, he and 6 other men spotted a mysterious red light in the sky. After Travis had been forcefully taken via some sort of tractor beam, the men would eventually come to a conclusion that the mysterious light was an alien ship.

Only after Walton reappeared 5 days later would he describe in horrifying detail his experiences aboard the alien ship. His captors, according to him, were bald humanoids with large eyes, similar to a grey alien or a little green man.

Aboard the ship, he claims to have been interrogated and experimented on by his alien captors. In fact, his experience was so striking that it had been dramatized in the 1993 film Fire in the Sky. 

Betty & Barney Hill

On the way home from a vacation to Niagara Falls, Betty and Barney Hill claimed seeing a bright point of light in the sky in the middle of the night. Betty described the light as a falling star which seemed to move upward. The light, moving erratically, was getting uncomfortably bigger and brighter, so Betty urged Barney to stop the car for closer inspection.

As Betty peered through a pair of binoculars, she observed the object to be an “odd-shaped” craft flashing multicolor lights. Barney reasoned that it was probably a commercial airliner, but as he looked through the binoculars, the unidentified aircraft rapidly descended in his direction.

Realizing that what they were seeing was no ordinary aircraft, they hurried back inside their vehicle and made a run for it. But when they finally arrived home, they were far from relieved. They felt odd, unexplainable sensations and impulses. Their clothes and items were inexplicably damaged, clothes torn and watches forever wrecked…and, for some reason, neither of them could remember a single detail of two entire hours of their ride home…

With the help of a psychiatrist, the couple (like Rylance) were placed in a state of hypnosis, where they would reveal their terrifying tale. They claim that Grey men in black uniforms took them into a massive metallic disc where they entered an “altered state of consciousness” which left their minds dulled. Once inside, the couple were examined and briefly released after their memories were erased.

The story of Betty and Barney Hill was the first ever widely publicized report of an alien abduction in the United States. And they had described their experience so vividly that their story was what essentially defined the alien genre in popular culture. 

Alien Abduction Tattoo FAQs

Why should I get an alien abduction tattoo?

Because they’re fun to get. The designs mostly range from dreamy to funny. If you’re someone with a lighthearted, curious personality, you’ll likely enjoy getting one.

Are alien abduction stories real?

Who knows? A lot of the people who report being abducted by aliens told their stories under hypnosis. Obviously, some of them have to be flat out hoaxes, milking their stories for money, but some of them might actually be telling the truth.

Where should I put my alien abduction tattoo?

Honestly, you can put them anywhere. As you might have seen, the designs in this list are mostly pretty small. If you want them somewhere mostly invisible but stylish, you can put them on your ankle or behind your ear. Otherwise, the forearms and thighs are some of the more popular placements.

Will it hurt?

Yes, it will. All tattoos hurt. It just depends on where you’re getting your tattoo. For an easy way to check whether a tattoo will hurt to get, try pinching the area to gauge the amount of fat and muscle it contains. 

If there’s a lot of it, you’ll have no problem. If it’s a pretty thin or bony area, expect the pain to get more intense. For a comprehensive discussion on which body parts hurt most when getting tattooed, check out this article by Healthline on tattoo pain.


If you’re a fan of all things extra-terrestrial and unknown, a great way to tell people that is by getting an alien abduction tattoo. It’s funny and cool and can also serve as an awesome icebreaker that can lead to very interesting conversations about existentialism and science, so double win!

Did you enjoy these alien abduction tattoo designs or are you looking for more inspiration? Check out the following links to see more designs from talented artists.

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