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19 Attractive Snail Tattoo Designs in 2023

Many of us have numerous favorites when it comes to animals. Some like dogs, some prefer kittens, and some also have turtles as their pets. In fact, there are people who love animals so much that they get those animals tattooed on themselves to mean various things.

It is not uncommon to find a pet’s face tattooed on one’s arm. It’s also not unheard of to go for an animal tattoo if the creature’s traits matter to you.

If you’re thinking of getting a tattoo soon and haven’t zeroed in on a particular design yet, we must say that animal tattoos are all the rage these days. And do you know which unique animal makes for a great tattoo?

A snail. Yes, you heard that right. Snail tattoos are not only popular, but they also happen to come with layers and layers of symbolism and meanings.

So, are you wondering now which snail tattoo will look good on you, or perhaps you are confused about the design you wish to go for? Let us help you out. In this article, we will take you through the deep meanings behind snail tattoos while also providing you with multiple design options that you can pick from.

Spiritual Symbolism of Snails

Spiritual Symbolism of Snails
Image source: tattoonow.com

Snails have various levels of symbolism attached to them. Let’s look into what these metaphors or spiritual meanings entail:

Slowing Down

Snails are known as slow creatures. However, this isn’t a bad thing at all, just like how slowing down in life isn’t always a negative thing. If you happen to see snails around you, this could be a sign from the universe. It might mean:

  • Live life at your own pace: We are all always in a hurry and constantly stressed about multiple things. Be it work, home, or social engagements, everyone these days is anxious or exhausted because of something or the other. Take this as a hint to slow down, take a step back, and do things at a speed that suits you.
  • Go outside and enjoy the beauty of nature: We are all so busy living within our four walls, surrounded by our laptops, social media, and many things toxic and stressful. Keep all of that aside and venture outside. Take a walk and breathe in the beauty of greenery and fresh air.
  • Instead of worrying about what lies ahead, focus on today: The future will shape itself just fine, but if you don’t enjoy your present, perhaps it will negatively affect your future, too. So, enjoy each day as it comes.
  • Declutter and clean your home space and workspace: Having an untidy space to live and work in can often be the reason your mental health gets affected. Get rid of all the unnecessary junk and see how good you feel.

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Be Kind

Be kind
Image source: dmarge.com

Snails are peace-loving creatures. They go about their day without bothering anyone. Getting a tattoo with a snail on it can be a wonderful way to promote this message of kindness.

If you find yourself coming across snails quite often, there are some questions you might want to ask yourself. These questions are: whether your loved ones are fine or not, are they all healthy and safe, and whether someone has reached out to you lately for support.

When you meet someone who is in need of love and support, keep the following in mind:

  • Be gentle with them: Not everyone handles things the same way. No matter what route they use to heal themselves, just let them know that you’re there and that you’re not going anywhere.
  • Be patient with them: It is extremely stressful to take yourself out of a dark place, but it is also equally taxing to provide comfort to someone who is going through a tough situation. Remember that it isn’t about you this time, though, and just maintain your patience.
  • Keep your judgment at bay: During difficult moments, we all do or say things that aren’t always conventional. Don’t judge them for it. Instead, try to empathize, be compassionate, and attempt to see where they’re coming from.

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Step Out of Your Cocoon

Step Out of Your Cocoon
Image source: twitter.com

Snails have a way of keeping to themselves and staying safe. Although this is great for snails, constantly staying within our comfort zone isn’t the best thing for humans. Getting a tattoo with a snail as a part of the design could indicate stepping out of your shell and attempting to try new things. This symbolism could mean:

  • Challenge yourself with novel activities: We all want to stick to the same routine, but stepping beyond those boundaries and facing new challenges can bring about many happy incidents and memories to cherish.
  • Experiment with things you haven’t delved into yet: Take that vacation you have been planning for so long, learn a new language, or try out the café that you have had your eyes on for ages.
  • Make a change in your appearance: This could be a haircut or even getting physically fitter.
  • Reach out to people: If you have a habit of retreating into your shell, change that and attempt to widen your social circle.

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Ideas for Snail Tattoo Designs

Listed below are some ideas for snail tattoos that you can take inspiration from when getting your own tattoo:

1. Cartoonish Tattoo

Cartoonish Tattoo
Image source: pinterest.com

Add a funny mix to your tattoo by making it cartoonish. This can either be done by drawing one of your favorite cartoon characters next to a snail or perhaps just animating the snail’s expression to look like it’s laughing or stupefied. Now that would be fun, wouldn’t it?

2. Small Snail Tattoo

Small Snail Tattoo
Image source: pinterest.com

A mini snail tattoo is something you can get on any part of your tattoo. And for those who love the minimalist design, it’s a great choice. You can draw it on your wrist, palm, finger, or even the nape of your neck.

3. Modern Tattoo

Modern Tattoo
Image source: nextluxury.com

Why stick to the same designs? Rather, give a modern twist to your tattoo. Add vibrant colors and whimsical designs to it. Perhaps a cowboy hat on a snail or one where the snail is sitting on a rocket. This elaborate design can be done on your arm or even your back.

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4. Colorful Snail Tattoo

Colorful Snail Tattoo
Image source: pinterest.com

Don’t stick to the same black design. Instead, fill your tattoo with lots of stunning colors. Something this striking is sure to catch the attention of everyone, and who wouldn’t want that, right?

5. Snail Skull Tattoo

Snail Skull Tattoo
Image source: pinterest.com

Skulls are always a fun element to add to any tattoo, and the same goes for a snail tattoo. You can place the little snail inside the skull to make it look like the snail is gravitating towards the mouth of the skull. Either way, it’s bound to look striking.

6. Snail Tattoo with Leaves

Snail Tattoo with Leaves
Image source: bodyartguru.com

Nature lovers can try adding leaves to the sides of their tattoos. You can also keep the leaves colored while the rest of the tattoo stays black and white. This design will look great on your calves.

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7. Black and Gray Tattoo

Black and Gray Tattoo
Image source: pinterest.com

If you love your tattoo being black, you can also add a bit of shading and gray hues to it. By mixing black and gray, you add a classy touch to the whole design. Get this tattoo on your back and see how many compliments you gather.

8. Snail and a Ship

Snail and a Ship
Image source: bodyartguru.com

Imagine a little snail floating away on a ship. Doesn’t that sound super cute and almost mystical? Well, how about getting such a design as a tattoo? Your tattoo artist would love to add more magical elements to it as you propose the idea for this design.

9. Mushrooms and Snails

Mushrooms and Snails
Image source: pinterest.com

A snail on a mushroom is another super cute design to go for. Maybe stray away from the traditional route and get this tattoo done on your thigh. We think it will look extremely adorable, don’t you?

10. Snails with Moon and Stars

Snails with Moon and Stars
Image source: tattoodo.com

Let’s get a little astronomical, shall we? Fill your tattoo design with little stars and moons around the snail and make it look super gorgeous. Anyone in the cosmos can opt for this pretty design.

11. Kintsugi Tattoo

Kintsugi Tattoo
Image source: outsons.com

Do you know what Kintsugi is? It’s a Japanese artform of repairing broken pottery using gold, platinum, or silver. Why not include Kintsugi in your tattoo? Make it look like there are broken tracks on the snail, and fill those in with gold elements too, to add a touch of elegant beauty.

12. Snail with a House

Snail with a House
Image source: pinterest.com

Think of a little snail sitting on top of a house, or maybe a snail just sleeping and resting inside a house. A whimsical design such as this one will surely appear beautiful. You can also choose to design a garden around the house.

13. Multiple Snail Tattoos

Multiple Snail Tattoos
Image source: bodyartguru.com

Drawing multiple snails is an experimental design to pick as well. Maybe include four small snails going in a line. This design can be inked perhaps on your shoulders or also on your hips.

14. Snail on a Skateboard

Snail on a Skateboard
Image source: bodyartguru.com

Speaking of witty tattoos, have you thought how adorable it would look if a snail was riding a skateboard? How about transforming that into your tattoo design? Just draw a small skateboard and a snail on top, and you’re good to go.

15. Snail with a Frog on Top

Snail with a Frog on Top
Image source: pinterest.com

Why not include another animal along with a snail in your tattoo? Many choose to go with a frog for this sort of design. Maybe the frog could be sitting on the back of the snail. It will make for an extremely cute look, we think.

16. Tattoo with a Castle

Tattoo with a Castle
Image source: nextluxury.com

Let’s make your tattoo a little more magical, shall we? You can include a castle with your tattoo. A beautiful castle on the back of a snail will look magnificent for sure. Something like this would look good on your calves.

17. Snail and Checkboard

Snail and Checkboard
Image source: bodyartguru.com

Think of a tiny snail wandering about a chessboard. Turn that into a design, and you have an elaborate, unique tattoo that can be drawn on your back or perhaps even on your chest.

18. Snail with a Knife

Snail with a Knife
Image source: bodyartguru.com

How about making your snail tattoo slightly adventurous? Just add a small knife to it, and the job will be done. You can either show the snail holding a little knife or maybe riding on it like a broom.

19. Halloween-themed Tattoo

Halloween-themed Tattoo
Image source: bodyartguru.com

Who doesn’t love celebrating Halloween, right? Why not incorporate this festival in your tattoo? The snail could be disguised as a funny, spooky ghost standing next to a pumpkin and spider webs. Make it colorful for it to look extra marvelous.


Anyone who likes having animals as a part of tattoos could surely get a snail tattoo designed on themselves. Not only does this look incredibly adorable, but there are also numerous elements you could add to it, to give it multiple layers of whimsy.

Snails have eclectic meanings attached to their existence, which is why these tattoos are great to have. Go through this list and see which design catches your fancy.

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