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20 Attractive Thigh Tattoos For Women

A woman can be even more bold, beautiful, and sexy if she’s got tattoos on the right spots. The thighs are one of those body placements that, when inked, invite extra focus and attention by onlookers. So if you’re a woman ready to highlight your sexy thighs, the thigh tattoos featured in this article will surely inspire you to get one pronto!

It’s no surprise that the thighs aren’t the most traditional choice of all the body placements for a potential tattoo. But that’s precisely the reason these tattoos are trending. Women are going crazy over them as we speak. The reason is the ability of thigh tattoos to accentuate feminine curves, including the legs and entire lower body.

Depending on which style of thigh tattoo you get, the range lets you be subtly seductive to bold, with many excellent options within that spectrum, too. The thighs also provide a lot of versatility. In other words, you can get most types and sizes of tattoos inked there. Thanks to the large surface area to work with there.

That said, there’s another fantastic perk of getting tattooed on the thigh— the relatively higher percentage of fat means less pain during the process. So, getting a thigh tattoo should be pretty convenient if you’re a low pain threshold person. Lastly, covering up this region would be a breeze. Hence, for that all-important job interview, just cover up that dragon or mandala tattoo on your curvy thighs, and the interviewer will never know.

Getting tempted? Without further delay, here are some of the most happening and attractive thigh tattoos for women:

Thigh Tattoos For Women

Do you enjoy the artistic expression of fantastic tattoo designs? If yes, you’d love to get inked with one of these cool thigh tattoos. Thigh tattoos for women come in an extensive range of sizes, styles, shapes, and colors. Of course, the one you choose should reflect your boldness threshold, physique, and beliefs.

This incredible selection will give you knowledge about the meanings behind the most trending designs online. Here you’ll find the best thigh tattoos covering flower, small, simple, side, back, upper thigh, and inner thigh varieties for women.

#1. Large Roses Thigh Tattoo

Large Roses Thigh Tattoo
Source: @joseph_barrios_tattoo via Instagram

Roses represent love, romance, and all things positive. Yet delving deeper into the meaning, the association of “balance” is most appreciated when we think of roses. That meaning is associated with the thorny stem of the rose and the beautiful flower that blooms on top. This signifies the good and bad of life, the positive and negative in everything, the brightness and darkness of life, etc. But for most, the meaning that sticks out plain and simple is— “I love you.” The above design uses the entire outer surface area of the woman’s thigh to depict the large, detailed roses. It looks beautiful.

#2. Skull & Quote Thigh Tattoo

Skull & Quote Thigh Tattoo
Source: @_whitemoth via Instagram

Using both thighs to your benefit is a fantastic idea in the world of tattooing. For example, in the above image, the wearer has the quote “I love you” on one thigh, while the other has a skull-themed design. Skull tattoos generally mean death, and that death doesn’t scare the wearer. So the combined meaning of the two tattoos could be I love you to death, or I can die for you since I love you so much, etc. All in all, these are potent associations—a bold move to get inked in such a style. Yet, what steals the show is the flower embellishment around the skull design.

#3. Thigh Tattoo With Quotation

Thigh Tattoo With Quotation
Source: @rachaeljones_tattoos via Instagram

The above thigh tattoo uses up the entire length of the side thigh surface area— in a minimalistic way. Thus, it doesn’t fill up the whole space nor come close to it. The quote reads, “you cannot become what you want by remaining what you are.” That’s a long quote, and onlookers would have to get close to reading it in one go. But that’s what thigh tattoos are primarily about— being for yourself more than onlookers. It can serve as a reminder or be something that inspires you to be your best each day. Can you think of a quote for your next thigh tattoo?

#4. Tribal Design Thigh Tattoo

Tribal Design Thigh Tattoo
Source: @bozekapoi via Instagram

The above tribal design is associated with Hawaiian tribal tattoo art. Tribal tattoo art has been popular for centuries— dates back to the ancient culture specific to each tribe. Tribal patterns are an excellent choice for women’s thigh tattoos because of the directional flow of the patterns. Mostly, as above, the patterns are inked in bold, black ink. The above design is pretty sexy, as it covers the entire central side thigh area and extends to the hip region. To show off the whole design, you’d have to wear a bikini or a thong. If you’re a regular beach-goer or looking to spruce up your love life with your partner, this tattoo will take you quite far.

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#5. Miniature Tulip Tattoo On Upper Thigh

Miniature Tulip Tattoo On Upper Thigh
Source: @lenni.n.tattoo via Instagram

This tiny tulip is placed right at the top of the thigh, a strategic location for a tattoo because it will not fade quickly inked here. The sun doesn’t shine much here as the privacy (body part wise) level is high. If you’re looking for something extremely feminine, sexy, and personal, go for a tiny tulip at this exact placement. The meaning of a tulip tattoo is passion and perfect love. Tulips are also associated with opportunity, beauty, and fragrance.

#6. Colorful Mandala Thigh Tattoo

Colorful Mandala Thigh Tattoo
Source: @sheila_johnson_tattoo via Instagram

A mandala design, such as the typical design shown above, reflects a literal balance. Therefore, mandala tattoos look best in flat or more expansive areas where symmetry is easy to depict. For example, the thigh has a large surface area, making it perfect for a mandala design tattoo. That said, the most popular placements for mandala tattoos are thighs and forearms for women, and the chest, back, and shoulder for men. A mandala (Sanskrit for circle”) is made of repeated shapes and symbols radiating from the center of the circular shape. The meanings thus include balance, eternity, harmony, life, creation, and perfection.

#7. Girl Tattoo On Thigh

Girl Tattoo On Thigh
Source: @kerrie.emtattoo via Instagram

There’s nothing cooler than tattooing a babe on another babe’s thigh. It makes quite a statement about the personality of the wearer. As seen above, the girl is inked in black and grey shading and is the best outcome you can expect from a realistic tattoo. However, what makes this tattoo super unique is the multiple tattoo techniques used in one piece. Fine dot work, black linework, shading, and tactful use of negative spaces make this piece stand out. Also, it takes an experienced professional to sketch a large tattoo with a sweet, subtle effect and pull an outcome with 100% success as above.

#8. Sun & Moon Thigh Tattoo

Sun & Moon Thigh Tattoo
Source: @yattedbyyana via Instagram

Sun and moon tattoos not only look cute, but they’re also meaningful. There is a range of meanings, closely interconnected, that makes this combo-tattoo suitable for most folks. The meanings include merging the opposites, the duality of human nature, the cycle of life, and lovers. The last of that string of meanings must’ve caught your fancy most—it’s all about the sun and moon design signifying a sexual and spiritual partnership between two people in love. To expand that further, the moon symbolizes the woman in the relationship, while the sun represents the man. All that said, the above tattoo looks perfectly in place on the woman’s frontal thigh. It’s visible while wearing shorts or swimwear.

#9. Circular Band Thigh Tattoo

Circular Band Thigh Tattoo
Source: @onyxinkstudio via Instagram

If you’ve been on discovery mode for a unique tattoo for your thigh, look no further. This piece is a visual treat. It does different things—it gives a lace effect, a netted look, a highly intricate patterned aesthetic, and fully circles the thigh. It also looks like it’s the top border of a stocking. What’s in common among all those explanations is the feminine and sensual appeal. In summary, it’s a genuinely sexy tattoo you can proudly show off.

#10. Puppy Face Thigh Tattoo

Puppy Face Thigh Tattoo
Source: @christineparkerco via Instagram

It’s never a mistake to tattoo your favorite pet. Why wouldn’t you want to remember it forever (permanently, that is!). The above puppy face is super cute. It captures the unique characteristics of your pet, while it’s not exactly a realistic tattoo. This adds a subtle, admirable, and sweet feel to the design— all traits you associate with your heartwarming pet doggy. So it makes sense to get a large piece such as this on the side of your thigh. Why? Well, because the measurable expanse of the thigh is at its widest here.

#11. Floral Band Tattoo On Thigh

Floral Band Tattoo On Thigh
Source: @muk.tatouage via Instagram

The tattoo showed above fully circles the thigh. This means there will be varying degrees of pain during the tattoo session. The back and inner sides of the thighs are more painful to tattoo than the outer side and the front. The reason is thinner skin and more nerve endings in the painful regions. Further, this tattoo looks very elegant, sexy, and subtle. The outline technique sheds hours to minutes in terms of total tattooing time. The cost of outline tattoos is relatively less due to the lesser time taken to ink them.

#12. Ornamental Lotus Tattoo On Thigh

Ornamental Lotus Tattoo On Thigh
Source: @mr.jones.tattoo via Instagram

Lotus flowers are aesthetic wonders. This flower has great spiritual significance and is associated with purity, strength, enlightenment, and peace. If you’re considering a lotus flower tattoo, you’ll have to pick from an array of shapes, sizes, and styles. The above lotus tattoo is not a standalone lotus; it’s got an ornamental appeal that adds to the appeal. The not-so-heavy tattoo is inked in classic black ink in outline style bang on the front side of the lady’s thigh. The best part is, she doesn’t have to show it to the world 24×7, just when she wants— when she’s wearing skimpy clothes.

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#13. Leafy Thigh Tattoos

Leafy Thigh Tattoos
Source: @ouchieink via Instagram

These plants tattooed in the above manner can make women look and feel incredibly good. They highlight the hip curves, which makes this a top-notch design for the feminine, sensual look. This tattoo is primarily for you and your partner to gaze at. Or, you could exhibit it proudly at the beach or pool. It’s a superior pick among pair-style tattoos many love to have. By the way, the leaves represent “life.” So, you have umpteen reasons to go with this choice.

#14. Colorful, Animated Bird Tattoo

Colorful, Animated Bird Tattoo
Source: @josievincent_tattoo via Instagram

Tattoos that depict a scene in animated style are pretty, subtle, positive, and plain ole fantastic to view. The above image shows one such tattoo; it’s a garden scene wherein a pretty bird rests on a floral stem. This girly, elegant tattoo is the perfect pick for young women into nature and soothing pastel shades. Anyone that glances at this tattoo would naturally get transported to dreamland, wherein they’ll imagine the chirping of birds, the scents of flowers, and the breeze of fresh air, all in their head.

#15. Elephant Head Floral Tattoo On Thigh

Elephant Head Floral Tattoo On Thigh
Source: @whitnevhavok via Instagram

If you love extensive detailing in your tattoos, this giant thigh piece is to die for. It makes use of the entire thigh side and employs an artistic grey shading technique to bring out a decorative elephant head placed along the whole side of one of your thighs. Because of their ability to form solid social bonds, elephants are popular considerations for tattoos. Elephants are also known for their giant measurements, which is why this piece is ideal for your giant body part— the thighs.

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#16. Burgers, Fries, etc. Thigh Tattoo

Burgers, Fries etc. Thigh Tattoo
Source: @lucybluetattoo via Instagram

This next design isn’t for every woman. It’s only for those that LOVE food more than anything else. Otherwise, this selection of design can prove more counterproductive than anything else. That said, it’s an interesting tattoo. It makes one of the boldest statements. Otherwise, why else would you get your favorite junk food permanently inked all over your thighs? Right?

#17. Crowned Tiger & Roses Thigh Tattoo

Crowned Tiger & Roses Thigh Tattoo
Source: @dahong_muse via Instagram

This tattoo has royalty written all over it. But, it also works as a storehouse of love, strength, and leadership. After all, you’ve got a crown, roses, and a tiger all in one tattoo. It’s the kind of stuff you can’t go wrong with having as a permanent feature on your body. I love how the artist has contrasted the striking red roses with the greyish backdrop of the other main elements. You don’t have to have super strong (big) thighs for this multi-element tattoo. The head of the tiger is not that substantial, so it suits narrow thighs, too.

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#18. Butterfly & Heart Thigh Tattoo

Butterfly & Heart Thigh Tattoo
Source: @chey_inks via Instagram

Whether you’re covering up an existing thigh tattoo or simply inking a fresh new one for the first time there, this tattoo will win hearts wherever you show it off. It’s a heavy tattoo that’ll require the artist multiple sessions. Various techniques are at play, including solid coloring work, shading, white highlights, and careful juxtapositioning of a few elements (butterfly, flowers, ornaments, and heart). The butterfly is associated with transformation and freedom, while the heart means “love.” Finally, the flowers and leaves mean nature, beauty, and life. Therefore, if you’re looking for a consolidated meaning along the lines of “living life freely and to the fullest,” then this composition should be a high ranker among your list of choices.

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#19. Peony Flower Inner Thigh Tattoo

Peony Flower Inner Thigh Tattoo
Source: @k_ink_tattoo via Instagram

Let us start with the pain. Yes, the inner thigh is painful to ink. But the outcome is well worth the pain and money, as seen above. Secondly, the peony is an excellent flower choice— if you’ve fixed your mind on a flower tattoo. Why? Because the peony has for ages been considered the floral symbol of China. The flower has large, elegant, broad-spreading petals, and it symbolizes wealth and honor. The pink peony looks ideally placed on the inner thigh adjacent to the knee in the above image. It’s a standalone peony with a shiny finish.

#20. Grey Flower Garden Thigh Tattoo

Grey Flower Garden Thigh Tattoo
Source: @nye_inks via Instagram

Floral pieces in grey shading help the design look a lot subtler. It also looks soothing and sexy, especially when the inking is on the thigh front. Grey shading is the traditional way of tattooing, so if you’re looking to minimize the risk of the outcome, go for this technique for your bold, extensive selections. Remember, this style for this pattern may not work in grey shading if your skin color is lighter or darker. In that case, your artist may have to experiment by changing the hue of the pigment or adding colors to the design.


Q1. Are thigh tattoos painful?

Ans. All tattoos carry some degree of pain during the needling process. But thigh tattoos are among the least painful to get. Further, if you’re looking for a thigh tattoo with minimal discomfort, you can select the placement to be your front and outer thighs. These two spots are among the least painful to get inked due to the ample fat and muscle and a low number of nerves. On the other hand, there’s more pain associated with tattoos on the back of the thigh— where the skin is thinner. Yet, the inside of the thigh (where the skin is most delicate and nerves are in abundance) ranks top on the pain chart among thigh areas to get tattooed. Also, both the back and the inner side of the thigh are least often touched, which makes these placements extra sensitive.

Q2. Should I get a thigh tattoo?

Ans. Women love getting thigh tattoos for several reasons. All of which makes a lot of sense! Let’s start with how sexy thigh tattoos can make your lower body and you look. They bring instant focus to your beautiful legs. Another sensible reason is the relative comfort associated with getting your outside or front side of the thigh tattooed. As explained earlier, these are the least painful placements to tattoo. So, a lot of women straight away opt for a tattoo there. Also, women love getting big, intricate designs, but unlike men, they can’t show them off on their chests or biceps, so their thighs are their launchpad. Finally, and this one makes the most sense to most of us— a thigh tattoo, no matter how big or small, can easily be hidden by clothing. Need there be more reasons!

Q3. Can I wear tight pants over my new thigh tattoo?

Ans. As a rule of thumb, every tattoo, no matter the location, takes about three weeks to fully heal. So, it’s best not to wear any form of pants, including jeans, that give you a snug fit. Loose-fitted trousers or shorts are recommended during the crucial healing phase. Loose clothing ensures there’s no rubbing, irritation, or infection at the tattooed area. Remember, rubbing a healing tattoo causes the scabs to peel off; as a result, the skin and the tattoo design both can get damaged.

Q4. Will my thigh tattoo stretch over time?

Ans. Your thigh tattoo won’t stretch by itself. The elastic skin of the thighs requires quite a pull for it to stretch. Therefore, it will only stretch when you experience considerable weight or muscle gain in the thigh region. So, you’ll have nothing to worry about even after gaining muscle at the gym.


I know how perplexing selecting the best design for your next permanent body art can be. The thigh tattoos designs above give the whole picture. Once you know your thighs are your subsequent tattoo body placement, considering the above list ensures you’ve seen the entire gamut of design ideas. I’m sure the designs must’ve inspired you to get one there sooner than later. The name/source of the talented artists is given beneath each image to let you discover more work by each artist.

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