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6 Best Tattoo Armrest to Buy in 2023

Tattoos have become more commonplace nowadays. One would be hard-pressed to find someone who does not have a tattoo inked or at the very least knows someone. Approximately 40% of the population in the US has at least one tattoo inked on the body. It is an astronomical number, and this has become a global trend that can be seen anywhere. This has increased the demand for professional tattoo artists as well. It has become the norm to find tattoo parlors on every street. One can even hire a tattoo professional online for an ‘at-home‘ service.

But while there are many professional tattoo artists that one can reach out to, one thing distinguishes a good one from the best. That is their ability to provide clients with a comfortable tattooing experience. And a tattoo armrest can certainly help with that.

A tattoo armrest is a simple device that every competent tattoo artist must have at their disposal. Their purpose? To make the client comfortable during the tattooing process.

As the name suggests, the armrest allows the individual getting a tattoo to rest their arm. This is something that is essential for a smooth tattoo process, as being still during the tattooing is highly crucial. Any kind of movement could make the task more challenging for the tattoo artist, impeding their ability to provide a satisfactory result. And that is simply the reason why every tattoo artist must have an armrest.

Autdor Armrest

Our Top Recommendation for Best tattoo armrest!

Autdor Tattoo Armrest is an excellent product on the market made with high-quality leather and heavy-duty iron, this armrest is ergonomically designed to provide comfort to the client. And you can buy it from Amazon at quite an affordable price.

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Best Tattoo Armrests Recommended By Professional Tattoo Artists

Here are some of the best tattoo armrests recommended by professional tattoo artists that you can purchase in 2022.

PetFusion Ultimate Dog BedAutdor Armrest• 360° FULLY ADJUSTABLE
Bedsure Large Orthopedic Foam Dog BedCAKMSMAO Armrest• Four-sided support design
• Stainless steel arm bracket
• Easy to move
Furhaven PetNew Star Armrest• Comfortable to Use
• Foldable and portable
• Soft PU leather
Barkbox Memory Foam Platform Dog BedTOPINCN Professional Armrest• High Quality Cushion Material
• Adjust More Than 180 Degree Angle
• convenient and easier
Barkbox Memory Foam Platform Dog BedBarball Armrest• Multi-angle function
• Comfortable and Durable
• Heavy Duty,
Barkbox Memory Foam Platform Dog BedTatmax International Tattoo Armrest• Adjustable height
• Easy to install and portable
• Folded down

1. Autdor Armrest

Autdor Armrest
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What is the first thing that one considers when they think about purchasing a tattoo armrest? The common factors that one relies upon to make the right choice are the product’s reliability, adjustability, build quality, portability, and finally, how easy it is to clear the accessory. The review of the Autdor Armrest can be summarized just by stating that it checks all the boxes and many more. This naturally makes it one of the finest tattoo accessories that a tattoo artist can have in their arsenal.

Autdor Armrest customer review

Autdor Armrest for tattoo studio artists is an offering by Worldwide Tattoo Supply, another name that does need any kind of introduction. Worldwide Tattoo Supply is famous for its affordable tattoo kits, inks, needles, and other tattoo items. The quality of their offerings is unquestioned, so if you are worried about the Autdor armrest’s quality, there is no need to be concerned.

It is one of the lighter models in the market as well. Weighing around only 9 kg, it is an extremely adjustable offering. The height of this model can be set between 24 inches to 34 inches, making it suitable for any kind of tattoo work. The stitch is durable, perfectly cushioned, and also has an appealing look. You will be remiss if you do not take this product into consideration while looking for an armrest. With its large soft pad and one of the best locking mechanisms, it does deserve its due.

 Autdor Armrest user review

Autdor is a very reputable brand in the tattoo community and does need any kind of introduction to folks that are even remotely related to the tattoo segment. However, as evident by the name, it is a brand that is sorely focused on providing tattoo artists with high-quality solutions for their requirements. And their black ball and socket armrest are along the same line.

The height and the tilt of the Autdor are incredibly adjustable. In fact, one can easily adjust the height of the Autdor offering from 21 inches to 41 inches without observing any kind of performance dip, which is quite an impressive achievement. This allows the tattoo artist and, more importantly, the client to get into a comfortable position quickly and confidently. The PVC leather, which is easy to clean, is used in the product.

Autdor Armrest review

Stabilization of the armrest is one of the most crucial factors in determining the product’s viability. And it can be safely said that the Autdor armrest passes that test with flying colors. A lot of the credit can be put into the two separate wide key tension knobs that easily adjust and lock the setting. This allows for the client to feel comfortable while sitting on the Autdor armrest, something a tattoo artist would be extremely thankful for. Safe to say, it is one of the best products that you can easily find in the market.

2. CAKMSMAO Armrest

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One simply cannot start any discussion about tattoo armrests without mentioning one of the most popular brands in the segment – CAKMSMAO. It is an extremely popular brand in the tattoo community, and for a good reason. CAKMSMAO offers some of the finest tattoo products and accessories, including an easy-to-use armrest favorite of many tattoo artists. But that is not the CAKMSMAO has all to offer.

CAKMSMAO Armrest customer review

The armrest has an excellent cross base that allows for stable usage. It weighs only around 2.3 kg, partially due to the iron base, but that certainly influences its ability to assist the tattoo artist. But additionally, the iron base also allows a weight of up to 200kg to be held under the armrest. So, yes, if you are thinking about using this armrest as a leg rest, well, you can certainly do that.

Another additional feature of this armrest is the adjustment capability it possesses. One can easily adjust this accessory’s height through the buttons attached to the device. It allows one to easily raise the stand from 65 cm to 110 cm without compromising the stability factor of the device. The seat of this armrest is also adjustable beyond 180 degrees which is another point in its favor. And if that is not enough to entice a user, then the ease of cleaning of this device would certainly put it head and shoulders over its competitors.

CAKMSMAO Armrest user review

CAKMSMAO is another name in this list that does not need any kind of introduction to folks of the tattoo community. Its tattoo armrest offering is legendary and is one of the most used products in the market. Just go to your nearest tattoo parlor, and they would likely have a CAKMSMAO armrest. And even if that is not the case, they would have nothing but positive to say about the brand.

CAKMSMAO Armrest review

CAKMSMAO has crafted a name as an affordable and reliable brand in the market. And in all fairness, it stays true to the name, especially in the armrest offering. CAKMSMAO armrests are practical for usage and highly comfortable for both the tattoo artist and the individual sitting in the chair. Additionally, its portability, which does not make it unique, as there are several other similar products in the market, adds to the armrest’s appeal.

3. New Star Armrest

New Star Armrest
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New Star is a name that does not have any kind of introduction is the tattoo community, particularly its armrest offering. However, it is a well-respected and renowned brand in the community and has garnered favored reviews over the years, especially its tattoo armrest offering. One of the most important features of New Star is its stability, which makes it easily stand out from the competition.

The New Star armrest is designed to be a flexible and easy-to-use offering. But in addition to that, it is also easily portable, which adds to the appeal of the accessory. Following a simple guide, one can easily install it without much hassle. It is particularly a favorite of tattoo artists looking for an armrest they can take to their clients due to its portable nature. But surprisingly, the extra feature, like the portability, does not compromise the stability in any way whatsoever.

New Star Armrest customer review

The arm is around 72.6 meters in height but can be easily adjusted to 120.5cm. The cushions are also adjustable to 180 degrees which ensures the client feels the comfort and has a seamless experience. However, one should try to avoid the stand from becoming completely extended as it can be a bit wobbly then — a rare drawback of such an excellent accessory. When it comes to design and usability, one would be foolish to say no.

New Star Armrest user review

But if one defining factor could be used to portray this armrest, then it would be its stability factor. The New Star armrest is extremely stable due to its metal legal structure with rubber ends on the bottom. This naturally adds to the appeal of the armrest by making it useful even in a slipping environment. Furthermore, the anti-slip mechanism of the New Star armrest will ensure that one has an anti-slip experience while getting a tattoo.

New Star Armrest review

It is fair to say that the New Star armrest is one of the 5-star products on this list, and you will not go wrong if you opt to buy it in 2022.

4. TOPINCN Professional Armrest

TOPINCN Professional Armrest
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TOPINCN is a name that is renowned for quality and trust in the tattoo community. Its offers are some of the finest products in the market. But while that is certainly enough to tempt any tattoo artist, the affordability of their offerings truly sets them apart. Think of it like Samsung products at Xiaomi prices – this would be an apt comparison of the offerings by TOPINCN professional armrest. But its pocket-friendly nature is not the only feature this might encourage you to invest in it.

 TOPINCN Professional Armrest customer review

This armrest has metal desk legs, which is extremely helpful in ensuring that there is no slipping when using this accessory. The cushion also has pulpy padding, which does a marvelous job in ensuring that the client is perfectly accommodated in their seat. Something that is extremely important for the tattoo process, as no tattoo artist would want their client to feel any kind of discomfort. Any discomfort could hamper the tattoo process, which would prove counterproductive.

This professional armrest is also extremely adjustable. One can easily adjust the height of this product from 63 cm to 95 cm without seeing kind of performance issues. The seat is also adjustable with the possibility of 180-degree reach.

 TOPINCN Professional Armrest user review

This product is undoubtedly one of the best tattoo armrests on the market, especially if you are a tattoo artist on a budget. And while there is some doubt about the longevity of this product by many professional artists, it does the job pretty well at a fraction of the cost.

5. Barball Armrest

Barball armrest
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While it is possible that this might be the first time you hear the name Barball for tattoo products and accessories, it does not diminish the quality of its offering. On the contrary, Barball has an excellent armrest offering that one can take advantage of. And while it is pretty basic in its design, it does the job competently, which is all that matters to a tattoo artist. And Barball understands that.

What’s the point of spending hundreds of bucks on an armrest that only looks good with unnecessary features? One would want it to do the sole job they are responsible for competently, and that is exactly what the Barbell armrest does. Its simple and pretty basic frame design is wholly constructed with high-quality iron. The cushions are made up of a soft sponge that does a spectacular job of making the client comfortable. The soft sponge, quality leather, and MDF also enable a smooth cleaning experience.

Barball Armrest review

The armrest cushion is adjustable from 0 to 180 degrees, with the pad cover being easily removable as well. Another positive point to add in favor of the Barball armrest. But if you are under the impression that the adjustment feature is only limited to cushion, you are in for a surprise. You can effortlessly adjust the height of the leg stand from 27.6 inches to 40.9 inches, allowing the client to get into a more comfortable position without any trouble.

It is safe to say the Barball armrest is an excellent investment, even though it is pretty basic in design. But it being an easy to assemble product makes a compelling case for this product.

Barball Armrest is another excellent product that should be on the list of top tattoo armrests in 2022. It is an excellent product in the market, offering a tripod stand that can be adjusted to over 180-degree. And while not many have heard of the Barball in the tattoo community, the product by the brand is sure worth a consideration. In simplest terms, it is one of the perfect offerings that you would find in its list, without almost no drawbacks and cons.

Barball Armrest customer review

But you do not have to take our word for it; let’s take a look at some of the features of this product. First, it is a mobile armrest offering, making it a perfect product that allows one to carry it anywhere without any hassle. This product is designed for the tattoo artist to adjust the height of the stands and carve the tattoo comfortably. And if not enticing enough for you, then its extra soft and thick padding allows one to have a comfortable experience.

6. Tatmax International Tattoo Armrest

Tatmax International Tattoo Armrest
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Tatmax International Tattoo armrest is another excellent offering in our long list of top-quality tattoo armrests that you can buy in 2022. It has an extremely adjustable offering that would be advantageous to tattoo artists. It is an extremely easy-to-use product and would ensure that the client is extremely comfortable. The cushion can be easily adjusted to 180 degrees per the convenience, while the height is adjustable between 26 inches to 47 inches, which is roughly around 63 to 95 cm.

The product’s design is in keeping with the portable nature of the Tatmax International Tattoo offering. It is the main highlight of the product. And while, at first glance, the offering would look quite basic, one should not assume its functionality to be limited as well. This armrest’s soft and comfortable sponge pad adds to the comfort factor and is also easily cleaned. This is because the whole armrest is covered with PU leather skin, which aids in the cleaning.

Tatmax International Tattoo Armrest customer review

The armrest is also equipped with a handrail pad with a solid frame that ensures that clients will be 100 percent comfortable putting their arm or leg on this product. The stability of this product is also praiseworthy. Even as it’s max setting, one would not experience any kind of wobble and discomfort. This Tatmax International Tattoo armrest also has strong support and stability, particularly due to durable metal anti-slip desk legs. So, yes, it is safe to say that the Tatmax International Tattoo armrest is one of the best tattoo armrests that one can opt for.

Tatmax International Tattoo Armrest review

The Tatmax International Tattoo armrest is also equipped with metal legs with rubber legs to promote better stability in its offering. This results in a better anti-slip mechanism and ensures a smooth user experience for this product. The ergonomic design of this product is another benefit and a key factor in purchasing this over several of its competitors. And if it is not in use, one can easily fold down the product without any issue.


These are just some of the best offerings available in the market. And while there are many others that we could list here, these are top recommendations by some of the best professional tattoo artists. Every product has its benefits and drawbacks, like its portability factor and, in some cases, lack of it. Only the user can determine the right tattoo armrest suited for their needs. But it is safe to say that no matter which one of the above mentioned you choose, you will be satisfied with the results.

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