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10 Trash Polka Tattoo Ideas and Designs

Now, as the summer approaches and the weather becomes scorching, we all wish to wear as little as possible. Showing off our bodies during the summer months is something that we all tend to do. We also love getting ourselves tanned, and what better accessory for a beautifully toned summer body than a trash polka tattoo? 

The trash polka tattoos have become popular among people of almost all ages. Not only is it a beautiful idea, but it can also bring out your rebellious side and make you look smart and sophisticated. 

So, here we will talk to you about the top-rated trash polka tattoo and its different styles and designs.

What is the Trash Polka Tattoo?

What is the Trash Polka Tattoo
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Two famous tattoo artists started the trash polka tattoo in Germany. These tattoos can bring together surrealism, realism, and photorealism. They also incorporate text, calligraphy, and different graphic elements into the design. The primary colors used in these trash polka tattoos are black and red. Although these days, you will find trash polka tattoos in black and blue. This kind of tattoo brings together trash and realism at the same place. 

This tattoo style is way beyond traditional, and people are getting these tattoos on different body parts. It brings about harmony between two aspects that are opposite to one another. You can also use the tattoo to reflect nature, abstract; the past, present, and future all at once. The tattoo represents a wide variety of styles and themes, and if you are a tattoo lover, you will fall in love with this tattoo quite easily.

The Trash Polka Tattoo Trend

The Trash Polka Tattoo Trend
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The trash polka tattoo style is quite a unique one, and that is why it has been in trend for quite a while now. These tattoos can be small or big, but the bigger ones are more popular because of their beautiful color scheme of red and black. They can be easily spotted and set apart from other tattoo types, which is the reason behind their massive popularity. The theme of the tattoo may range from strength to wisdom to love. So, you can get whatever you find is meaningful to you and goes with your personality. The tattoo style is an unusual one, and you can get the tattoo inked on different parts of the body. It would help if you always went for a particular tattoo design that means something to you and speaks about your personality. You can also opt for popular things like floral, nature, and skulls.

What are the Popular Trash Polka Tattoo Designs?

What are the Popular Trash Polka Tattoo Designs
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The trash polka tattoos put together a wide variety of styles. The first part of the trash polka tattoo represents something quite realistic. It can be a portrait of an animal, a person, or an object. This realistic element acts as the anchor of the tattoo, and then, different other elements come in to give a surreal effect. Finally, another most recognizable part is added in red and black lines. This element does not have any particular meaning and sets the tattoo apart from the other tattoos. These tattoos have been in trend for quite a while now, and people are getting them more and more. They can also be made on different parts of the body.

A Few Popular Trash Polka Tattoo Ideas

We have listed some of the best and most popular ideas that people follow as a trend. You can check the stunning designs of polka tattoos below. Let’s have a look: 

#1. Trash Polka Skull

Trash Polka Skull
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The skull symbolizes death and danger, and it is not for lighthearted people. But if you wish to get inked and you want to reflect your bold and dangerous side, then it can be a wise decision to get a trash polka skull tattoo inked on your thighs, chest, or sleeves. It is a dark tattoo idea for the fearless but can give you a bold and confident look. It is a very popular trash polka tattoo worn by many men.

#2. Trash Polka Sleeve Tattoo

Trash polka sleeve tattoo
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The trash polka sleeve tattoos are another popular way of getting a trash polka tattoo on your body. This tattoo style is unique and gorgeous. It is a perfect way of showing your willingness to change your life. The tattoo can be done on your entire arm on a small portion of it. You can also get both full sleeve or half sleeve tattoos for yourself. Some people also experiment with different themes. You can choose your tattoo design depending on your likes and desires.

#3. Trash Polka Lettering

Trash polka lettering
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The tattoo is not going out of fashion anytime soon. Before you start getting yourself inked, you need to choose the right letters for yourself. You can get someone’s name inked on your body. You can also get a message or popular saying inked. It would help if you also were careful about the body part where you wish to get inked. This is a very good way of expressing yourself through a tattoo. These kinds of tattoos are really clear and specific. You can get this tattoo inked on your wrist also.

#4. Realistic Trash Polka Tattoo

Realistic trash polka tattoo
Source: https://nextluxury.com/mens-style-and-fashion/trash-polka-tattoos-for-men/ 

If you want to get something realistic on any of your body parts, then the realistic trash polka tattoo can be quite ideal for you. Skilled tattoo artists do these tattoos, and they look pretty natural. These tattoos can be a combination of flowers, symbols, music, and a lot more. You can also give your design and get it inked on your body part most beautifully and elegantly. However, you should only get this tattoo designed by an experienced tattoo artist if you want a realistic effect.

#5. Trash Polka Flower Tattoo 

Trash polka flower tattoo
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Using flowers for your tattoo design has been a timeless fashion. It has been used for quite a while now. Most people use different types of colors for creating this tattoo. However, if you are planning to get a trash polka flower tattoo, you can go for the black color. These flowers can add an extra effect to your entire tattoo design. You can include birds, leaves, and branches along with the flower. Interestingly, most people go for poppies, roses, and lilies for the flower tattoos designs

#6. Trash Polka Heart Tattoo 

Trash polka heart tattoo
Source: https://www.entertainmentmesh.com/trash-polka-tattoos/heart-on-chest-trash-polka-tattoo/ 

A fantastic heart tattoo drawn with a fine needle and black ink can be an excellent trash polka tattoo option for you. The heart reflects life and feelings. It can also be used to reflect powerful emotions. You can also use a small pinch of red on your tattoo. It gives a beautiful contrast to your tattoo and makes the heart design look realistic. People also opt for non-traditional characters along with the heart tattoo. And one such character can be the eye of providence.

#7. Trash Polka Bird Tattoo

Trash polka bird tattoo
Source: https://stylesatlife.com/articles/trash-polka-tattoos/ 

If you love freedom, then the trash polka bird tattoo can be quite a good tattoo option for you. It mixes the more traditional animal realism with a feeling of boldness. The wings of the bird reflect freedom and courage. It can also be inked with red to give it a realistic look. You can use a huge variety of characters along with the bird. You may also get a tremendous falcon inked to any of your body parts and reflect your inner courage and strength.

#8. Trash Polka Celebrity Tattoo

Trash polka celebrity tattoo
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Some trash polka tattoo design lovers get pictures of their favorite celebrity inked on their bodies. This trend has been popular for quite a while now. These tattoos are meant for those people who have a special place in their heart for the celebrity. They get those people inked on their bodies whom they idolize daily. These tattoos act as a source of inspiration for the tattoo wearer. It also reflects their love for celebrity tattoos. These tattoos can be quite glamorous and can make you look very stylish.

#9. Trash Polka Music Tattoo

Trash polka music tattoo
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If you are a music lover, then the trash polka music tattoo can be quite appropriate for you. This tattoo can display your inherent love for music and is one of the newest polka trash tattoo designs. All music lovers adore it. If they wish to go beyond may get a few lines of their favorite song inked on the body. You will add different innovations to the tattoo and give yourself a sophisticated look. This will go with your personality well and reflect your ideas and thoughts.

#10. Trash Polka Animal Tattoo

Trash polka animal tattoo
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If you want to show your fearless nature through your tattoo, then the trash polka animal tattoo can be the one for you. This tattoo will allow people to fall in love with your creativity and attitude. You can get different types of animals inked on yourself. A few of the common options include lion, tiger, etc. If you are a pet lover and want to get a miniature of your pet inked on yourself, you can do that as well. You may also add different other elements along with your prominent tattoo.

Where Should You Get Your Trash Polka Tattoo?

Trash polka is a popular tattoo idea for different body parts, including shoulders, arms, and chest. If you plan to go for a large tattoo, then the arm or the back are the best options for you. You will also add a lot of detail to the tattoo, making it look more realistic. If you are planning to get a small tattoo, you have various other options open for you. Here we are with some of the most popular body parts to get your tattoo done.

#1. Arm

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Arm tattoos are quite popular among people of all genders. It is one of the best places to get a trash polka tattoo done. You can get it inked in the area from your shoulder to the wrist and also on the upper arm sleeve. Moreover, adding details is easy when you get it done on your arms. Depending on your desires, you can show or hide your tattoos. 

#2. Wrist

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The wrist is also a popular option for getting a trash polka tattoo done. It is the best place to express your inner strength and feelings. There are several designs that you can try on your wrist. It can either be a minimalistic one or a very large one. You may also experiment with colors. For example, you can add a pinch of red and black to your wrist and make yourself look glamorous.

#3. Leg

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If you want to give your tattoo an utterly amazing look, then you can get it on your legs. It can be a very good place to show off your tattoos. There are also a lot of designs that can be tattooed on your leg to give yourself a sophisticated look. You can go for medium to large to small intricate tattoos. So, get your favorite trash polka tattoo on your leg today itself and make yourself look smart and stylish. You will also get the opportunity to hide your tattoo whenever needed.

#4. Foot

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The foot is another popular place to get your trash polka tattoo done. It is one of the perfect places to exhibit your tattoo. However, you should go for one such design that is not very painful as you have got a lot of nerves on your foot, and if you go for an elaborate design, it may hurt you a lot. Small and integrated tattoos with minute details work best for your foot.

#5. Shoulder

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It goes without thinking that the shoulders are the best places where you can get a tattoo done. Most people opt for nature-based tattoos for their shoulders. You can get other tattoos on your shoulder and give yourself a stylish look. You also get a lot of space to get your tattoo inked on the shoulders. You can also choose to go for something based on nature with plants, letters, and animals. This is going to give you a bold appearance. You can also go for extensive tattoos on your shoulder.

#6. Ribs

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The rib tattoos can be quite stylish and sexy. They describe that the tattoo wearer underwent a lot of pain to get the tattoo. This tattoo speaks about pain, strength, and suffering. The tattoo can also express your inner thoughts and ideas. However, a popular tattoo artist should do such a tattoo only. Otherwise, you may have to bear a lot of pain.

#7. Back

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Though it is very tough to get a tattoo on the back, and the procedure can be quite painful, many people opt for a back tattoo. The back is the perfect place to opt for a massive tattoo. You can try different themes like realistic animals, sceneries, and floral designs. You can also try experimenting with colors and get tattoos in different colors on your back.

#8. Chest

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Not everyone can get a tattoo inked on their chest but whoever gets it done has to go through a lot of pain. The tattoo themes that are inked on the chest are glamorous. But, they can attract a lot of emotions. These tattoos also evoke strong feelings. So, go for themes that are personal to you, like motivation, name, love.

Things to Consider Before Getting Your Trash Polka Tattoo

There are multiple things you require to consider before you get your trash polka tattoo. First, you need to realize that the trash polka tattoo is not exactly meant for small designs. However, it is impossible to have a trash polka tattoo inked in a small, intricate form. The most common tattoos are large and massive, with many details. So, you need to choose one such part of the body that will easily accommodate the tattoo you wish to go for. Another important thing that you need to know is that harmony and composition are the two key elements of a trash polka tattoo. So, you should choose one such theme for yourself that reflects the true idea of this tattoo.

It is always better to photograph the body part where you want your tattoo inked and list your thoughts and ideas. You can then visit your tattoo Artist and work with him accordingly. It would help if you remembered that designing a proper trash polka tattoo is a delicate and complex process. All tattoo artists might not be comfortable working on such a design. So, it would help if you found an experienced tattoo artist who will get the tattoo done in the best possible way.


Hopefully, we could explain to you what the trash polka tattoo is all about and why it is a really good idea to get one such tattoo inked in your body. All these tattoo designs and styles will help you choose the perfect tattoo for yourself. You can also develop something unique and innovative and tattoo it on your body part. For further details on the trash polka tattoo, you may connect with us and we will provide you with the required information on the best way to get the tattoo.

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