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21 Lotus flower Tattoo Designs With Meaning

Lotus flowers are beyond beautiful. In addition, there are religious and spiritual meanings associated with this flower, making it a beautiful symbol inside out. Lotus flower tattoos have been picking up in popularity big time. Their aesthetic beauty and rich symbolism have had fans craving to get the designs inked on their bodies.

These designs have had more women fans than men. But that hasn’t stopped men from incorporating the lotus symbol with other elements.

In this article, you’ll see images of some of the best lotus tattoos designs trending online. Furthermore, the artist/source information beneath each picture will help you explore more of their work. Finally, at the end of the article, you can learn more about the symbolism of this excellent flower variety. And, one last thing, don’t forget to check out the faqs to enlighten you further!

Lotus Flower Tattoos

Without further ado, here are some of the best lotus flower tattoo designs trending online:

#1. Black Linework Lotus Flower Tattoo

Black Linework Lotus Flower Tattoo
Source: @hirky_tattoo via Instagram

The lotus flower is unique for the way its petals open up. In this tattoo, the back looks gorgeous because of the simple yet vibrant, fully-blossomed lotus tattoo. The Hindu “Om” sign — meaning “the original vibration of the universe” or “the primordial sound of creation” — atop perfectly complements the lotus.

#2. Large, Blue Japanese style Lotus Tattoo On Back

Large, Blue Japanese style Lotus Tattoo On Back
Source: @julian_tattooartist via Instagram

In Japan, in line with the Buddhist belief, lotus flowers are considered pure and perfect. The Japanese variety is relatively colorful. You can see above, the large tattoo in shades of blue looks astonishing on the woman’s upper back. Even though it’s a large tattoo, it’s tactfully placed right below the often exposed neckline so that it can easily be covered when desired.

#3. Lotus Flower & Turtle Tattoo

Lotus Flower & Turtle Tattoo
Source: @olympe_ktattoos via Instagram

The lotus flower symbolizes purity, enlightenment, strength, and peace, etc. The turtle symbolizes strength, stability, and protection. Both these elements complement each other, and so this tattoo looks and means well. In addition, the intricacy and technique of the tattoo are worth praising. The artist has created a design that is sure to inspire onlookers.

#4. Watercolor Style Lotus Flower Tattoo on Shoulder

Watercolor Style Lotus Flower Tattoo on Shoulder
Source: @thefoundrytattoo via Instagram

The summery, cool look of the above tattoo is inspiring and fun. It’s a deep purple lotus growing out of murky waters. That’s the beauty and preciousness of this divine flower. The symbolism is magical, and this tattoo depicts the pleasant truth. The placement is perfect, too. The tattoo is on the upper-left back, including part of the neck and shoulder on its path. This tattoo will show when she wears a halter dress or beach wear. It can be hidden during job interviews and formal occasions. The placement is tricky yet an important factor when it comes to larger, denser tattoos. On the whole, this tattoo is awesome if you consider being pure as one of your traits.

#5. Small, Pink Lotus Tattoo

Small, Pink Lotus Tattoo
Source: @naashofficial via Instagram

Generally, lotus flowers grow in one of six colors. These include pink, red, blue, white, purple, and yellow. The tiny shaded pink tattoo next to the wrist looks cute. There’s also a cross atop, which is small but apparent. The cross adds a strong emphasis on Christianity to the lotus. The lotus, as we know, is closely associated with Asian religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. So this tattoo is terrific because it depicts Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity in the same picture.

#6. Lotus Flower Tattoo on Hand

Lotus Flower Tattoo on Hand
Source: @santiagogdon via Instagram

Getting the hand tattooed can be painful. It’s a body part with thin skin and high bone density right below. Of course, the artist has to be experienced and use the best equipment to cut the discomfort. Even so, it could be challenging, especially if your pain threshold is low. Yet, it’s all worth it when you go through the stress to get an outcome such as the above tattoo.

#7. Lotus Flower Tattoo on Neck

Lotus Flower Tattoo on Neck
Source: @tobinked via Instagram

Talking about painful spots to tattoo, the neck is somewhere on top of that list. But again, if you’re bold and want to stand out, you’ll go for it. The lotus stands out vividly on the guy’s neck. It takes multiple sessions to get a tattoo, such as the above, but patience is crucial since it’s a sensitive area.

#8. Falling Lotus Petals Tattoo

Falling Lotus Petals Tattoo
Source: @jessicachanner via Instagram

The falling leaves are representative of the cycle of life. Everyone goes through life, death, and rebirth. Even the purest aren’t spared from this natural fact. That said, the lotus is depicted beautifully on the woman’s shoulder and back region. The colors are a subtle shade of pink that doesn’t hit the eyes hard at all. It’s a feminine and sensual placement.

#9. Lotus & Lord Buddha Tattoo

Lotus & Lord Buddha Tattoo
Source: @gloriatattoo via Instagram

Sleeve tattoos can be disastrous if they go wrong or lose their relevance over time. However, a tattoo of Budha and a Lotus is everlasting and spiritual. It’s one of the best decisions one can make in their selection of sleeve tattoo design. There is an incredible level of detail, shading, and juxtaposition of the elements in this tattoo. The artist has achieved all that marvelously. It takes a bold mind and firm conviction to get a full sleeve. For those unsure, it’s a good idea to try on a fake sleeve first to sense the experience.

#10. Lotus Flower Tattoo on Stomach

Lotus Flower Tattoo on Stomach
Source: @edumartinstattoo via Instagram

Fertility is one of the meanings associated with lotuses, especially by the Ancient Egyptian association. The above tattoo will look fantastic while wearing low waist jeans and a short top. The central lotus appears fully bloomed while the others along the line are emergent. In a sense, it looks like a realistic depiction. It’s sure to inspire you to check out more work by this talented artist.

#11. Mini Lotus Flower Tattoo

Mini Lotus Flower Tattoo
Source: @honeybeetattoo_airu via Instagram

The tiny lotus is splendid if you aren’t into tattoos that much. The purpose of this tattoo is to look pretty while meaning pure, peaceful, and at peace. It’s an easy to engrave tattoo, and the inner forearm location is perfect for it. Delicate linework can be done with a stick and poke tools for this hand poke look.

#12. Skull & Lotus Tattoo on Arm

Skull & Lotus Tattoo on Arm
Source: @federica_mirai via Instagram

Folks generally wear a human skull tattoo to show that death doesn’t scare them. The lotus is representative of purity and enlightenment. These two elements are in stark contrast to each other, which means they generally don’t go together. But that’s the irony and spark in this tattoo that makes it super unique and fun. This tattoo is suitable for both men and women.

#13. Lotus Flower Tattoo on Forearm

Lotus Flower Tattoo on Forearm
Source: @mikeas4tattoos via Instagram

The above lotus flower tattoo is unique because of the geometric depiction. First, you can spot the circular, dotted sun in the backdrop, which as a sign is essential to natural habitat. Moreover, the petals are curved triangles, each one identical to the other petals. All that shows the harmony among different elements in nature. Lastly, the stem-like depiction of the water proves its existence as supreme in growing the flower.

#14. Ornamental Lotus Tattoo

Ornamental Lotus Tattoo
Source: @leanneckerr via Instagram

A lot of people get bikini top-line tattoos as their regular beachgoers. The above tattoo is perfect if that’s on your mind. The ornamental border pattern helps highlight the central feature, which is the lotus. The placement is immaculate. The artist has kept symmetry in mind so that the tattoo looks logical.

#15. Elegant Shoulder Lotus Flower Tattoo

Elegant Shoulder Lotus Flower Tattoo
Source: @ermetica_tattoo via Instagram

What looks more elegant than wearing a tattoo-like jewellery? The above tattoo adds a dose of elegance and sexiness.

#16. Entire Chest Lotus Tattoo

Entire Chest Lotus Tattoo
Source: @bearcattattoogallery via Instagram

A tattoo that has multiple colors of the color palette should be inked intelligently to look good. The above chest piece hits bulls-eye in that front. This tattoo seems masculine because it adds multiple elements to the lotus. It’s an abstract tattoo that uses black ink to separate the components.

#17. Pink Outline Lotus Tattoo on Ankle

Pink Outline Lotus Tattoo on Ankle
Source: @an.i.tattoo via Instagram

A mini tattoo such as the above is insignificant in size but significant in carrying the message. It’s sure to be noticed because of its size and color. Also, such tattoos are inexpensive and take a few minutes to ink free-handedly. In terms of placement, the ankle is fantastic, but the wrist is equally appealing.

#18. Butterflies & Lotus Tattoo

Butterflies & Lotus Tattoo
Source: @aliceink_tattoos via Instagram

Butterflies generally represent transformation, change, and positivity. That’s close enough to what lotuses represent. The wonderful thing about this image is the colors of the butterflies, making them stand out more than the lotus they’re resting on. This scene is not uncommon, where butterflies often hang around different flowers, including lotuses.

#19. Blue Lotus Tattoo

Blue Lotus Tattoo
Source: @grim.studios via Instagram

A non-typical look isn’t rare in the world of lotus tattoos. However, it can give a dreamy, unique effect if the right colors and contrasting inks are applied. The above tattoo is the right example to explain that.

#20. Butterfly & Lotus Hand Tattoo

Butterfly & Lotus Hand Tattoo
Source: @anais_chabane via Instagram

If you like the henna tattoo look to be more permanent, then you won’t go wrong with this tattoo choice.

#21. Small Lotus Flowers on Rib Tattoo

Small Lotus Flowers on Rib Tattoo
Source: @tt.hanam via Instagram

If you want out-of-the-box thinking applied to your body permanently, then go for this type of intricate, colorful lotus flower tattoo. Can you count the number of lotuses? That would be the common question targeted at you once you show off this tattoo.

Symbolism Of Lotus Tattoos

The symbolism of lotus flower tattoos may be personal and unique to each tattoo wearer. Yet, there are some associations with the flower that no one can or should deny. These lotus flower meanings stem from nature, religion, mythology, and spirituality. Here are the main symbolisms:


The lotus is a powerful symbol in Buddhist culture. As per the culture, this divine flower stands for purity, faithfulness, and spiritual awakening. The “pure” in its meaning has to do with its impressive emergence out of filthy waters and subsequent growth into a clean, beautiful flower. Lotus flowers often grow out of the most polluted bodies of water into beautiful well-blossomed flowers.


The Ancient Egyptians considered lotuses as a symbol of strength and power. They also believed this flower to be a sign of fertility and rebirth. Therefore, it was common to find Egyptian women wearing lotus amulets alongside a picture of the goddess of fertility — Heqet.


One of the several reasons the lotus flower looks beautiful is its petals open up as it emerges from the water. For this reason, these beautiful flowers also symbolize being large-hearted and treating others with compassion.


Ever wondered why Lord Buddha is chiefly sitting on the lotus flower? It’s because he became enlightened after overcoming all the hardships associated with the material world. The Lotus flower, too, emerges from filthy water into a pure, perfect flower.


In Hinduism, the lotus flower symbolizes peace and a peaceful mind. It’s the flower of Brahma — the ultimate creator. As per Hinduism, the lotus flower represents “life begins in water.” In line with that belief, Brahma, too, arises from the blossoming lotus flower.


Q1. Is a lotus flower tattoo girly?

Ans. Flowers generally are preferred by women. However, when you add other elements and make the lotus a complementing feature or highlight, the tattoo can look as masculine as you want it to be. Hence, lotus tattoos are growing in popularity among men as well.

Q2. Does a lotus flower tattoo mean new beginnings?

Ans. The lotus flower is a strong symbol of rebirth. It is a symbol of new beginnings in Buddhism. Hence, the answer is a positive yes.

Q3. Which is the best placement for lotus flower tattoos?

Ans. A lotus tattoo can look good almost anywhere on your body. But going by the consensus, the most typical placements are the arms, back, shoulder, back, and foot.


Lotuses and many other flowers are popular in tattoo culture. If you liked this article and got inspiration from the lotus flower tattoo designs, you’d benefit from reading about chrysanthemum tattoos. Further, if you have “love” on your mind, you’d love to read the article on rose tattoos.

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