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14 Badass Viking Tattoos Ideas and Designs for Men

Are you aware of the Vikings? And do you love getting tattooed? Well, if the answer to both the questions is yes, then this is the place for you as we will give you some of the best reasons you should consider getting a Viking tattoo for yourself.

We will also provide you with different interesting Viking tattoo ideas that you can get for yourself and make a style statement of your own. So, let’s have a quick glimpse at what we have in store for you.

Badass Viking Tattoos Ideas and Designs for Men

Now that you know the history behind the Viking Tattoo, let’s see the 14 most badass Viking tattoos Ideas and Designs for men. Some are curious and some are simple, while others are enchanting. Once you have it done on your body, people cannot afford to miss a glance at it.

1. The Helm of Awe Tattoo

The Helm of Awe Tattoo
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You will find a huge variety of Viking tattoo ideas around you, but nothing can beat the popularity of the helm of awe. It is a well-known Viking-inspired tattoo. The tattoo is fascinating to watch. It is also quite rich in symbolism. The helm of awe is a magical stave that the warriors used to wear in order to protect themselves.

The helm of awe provided the Vikings with strength and protection during their ventures. Therefore, the symbol has a close association with victory in the war.

The Vikings mostly wore the symbol between the eyebrows or somewhere that was easily visible. However, you can get yourself inked with this tattoo at any convenient location. You can get it anywhere you want and wear it with pride.

2. The Viking Valknut Tattoo

The Viking Valknut Tattoo
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You will find a lot of Viking tattoos that are associated with different complex symbols and meanings. However, there are numerous simple symbols as well, like the Valknut.

The Valknut symbol has got three different triangles that are interlocked. There are nine points, and each of these points represents the afterlife. The Valknut tattoo is mainly chosen by those who wish to portray that they are not scared to die.

The Valknut can regard mortality as a way to bring about balance in nature. The symbol can also be regarded as a protective symbol to protect the wearer. The Viking tattoo is perfect for those people who prefer a simple tattoo with a minimalistic design. The wrist is the most desirable choice for this tattoo.

3. Vikings Wave of Wyrd Tattoo

Vikings Wave of Wyrd Tattoo
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All the Viking tattoos are interesting and symbolic. The tattoos are quite deep to look at. They are also rich in different interesting meanings. The Wave of Wyrd is a similar tattoo with an interesting past. The symbol of the Wave of Wyrd is a strongly interwoven line that can represent your present, past, and future.

It also tells you how various strings of decisions that you make for yourself can directly impact the way you lead in life. The tattoo reminds us to be more cautious about the present rather than pondering over the past.

The Wave of Wyrd is a very effective tattoo and can mean many different things in life. The Viking tattoo is closely related to our decision-making skills. It also symbolizes a lesson about how we can pave the way for ourselves in the future. The tattoo has a simple and minimalistic design, and you can get it inked in any part of your body.

4. Viking Troll Cross Tattoo

Viking Troll Cross Tattoo
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The Vikings Troll Cross tattoo is a common symbol among the Vikings. The Vikings believed in the existence of elves and trolls during their era, and there have been a lot of tattoos and symbols related to such magical creatures.

The troll cross is one such powerful symbol worn as an amulet to protect the wearer from different kinds of danger. The symbol could also protect the Vikings from creatures like trolls and giants.

The tattoo has a round shape with two end pieces overlapping at the bottom. The troll cross tattoo can be used to put negative energy away from your mind and soul and make you a happier individual. It can provide the wearer with the required peace of mind, strength, and energy. You can also get the tattoo as a symbol to avoid people who might be causing harm to your life.

5. Viking Thor’s Hammer Tattoo

Viking Thor's Hammer Tattoo
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Thor’s hammer is strongly associated with thunder and power. It is also believed to have a resemblance to lighting. It is believed that Thor used these weapons to defeat giants and other evil powers. So, if you want to express strength and courage, you can proudly wear the tattoo. Thor was also regarded as the protector of Asgard, which makes the tattoo very powerful.

The Viking Thor’s Hammer Tattoo is a very popular option for anyone who wishes to believe that he has strength and courage in himself; it also signifies that the wearer wants to protect the world against evil.

The tattoo can be seen on the different body parts of men of all ages. The tattoo has multiple unique styles and variations and can be worn in different ways depending on the exact taste of the wearer.

6. Viking Ouroboros Tattoo

Viking Ouroboros Tattoo
Image Source: https://www.savedtattoo.com

You will find a lot of Viking symbols that can be used to represent the continuity of life, and one such tattoo is the Ouroboros tattoo which can signify the circle of life involving rebirth. This particular Viking tattoo is a significant and striking one and is circular. The circular shape is made of a giant snake eating its tail.

The tattoo has powerful symbolism that can represent life, death, eternity, and rebirth. In addition to its meaning, the design is also really interesting. You can use the tattoo to become a center of attraction anywhere you want.

You can also combine several images and the tattoo to create a powerful story of your own. The design can also be personalized and made unique in various ways.

7. Viking Rune Tattoo

Viking Rune Tattoo
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If you want your tattoo to convey a story and add a special meaning to your life, then the runes tattoo can be the perfect way to do it. The runes are the Viking alphabets that can signify different things and places. You will find 24 runes of Vikings, each of which can mean a specific thing. You can easily create a meaningful tattoo if you combine the runes.

The tattoos are known for their simplicity and their unique style. The sizes can also differ based on what message you want to convey. The runes tattoo can also provide you with a lot of scopes to play around with the tattoo’s placement. If you love finger tattoos, then the Viking rune tattoo can be the one for you. You may also get these tattoos inked along your spine.

8. Viking Axe Tattoo

Viking Axe Tattoo
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The ax was one of the most frequently used weapons by the Vikings. A unique tattoo of the ax can be a perfect way to dive into Viking culture. The tattoo can symbolize bravery, protection, power, and courage.

The ax can have beautiful designs and patterns, making it interesting. Because of the unique shape of the ax, it is wise to choose one such place for your tattoo that will give sufficient space to the artists to make intricate details.

You can get the ax designed on your arms and legs because of the long shape. You will also be able to get creative with your Viking tattoo design and incorporate various other images in it as well. You can also create a tattoo of a Viking warrior grabbing the ax. This is going to make your tattoo all the more meaningful.

9. Viking Skull Tattoo

Viking Skull Tattoo
Image Source:  https://tattoomagz.com

If you are looking for a badass tattoo for yourself, then the Vikings Skull tattoo is for you. The tattoo may appear to be a morbid option for you. However, it can be used to make a really powerful statement and speak about the wearer’s personality. It signifies that the wearer is not afraid to accept the cycle of life.

You can use the tattoo to remind yourself that death is a part of life that cannot be ignored. So, it would help if you lived life well as long as you were alive.

You can also include runes and other symbols inside the skull to give the tattoo a striking appearance, or you may also go for intricate designs around the tattoo to further elaborate the look.

You may also add a tinge of color to the tattoo. This will make the tattoo all the more significant, and you will be the topic of discussion everywhere.

10. Viking Wolf Tattoo

Viking Wolf Tattoo
Image Source:  https://thestyleup.com

The wolf tattoo can represent the bonding between loved ones and loyalty. However, in Norse mythology, there is the existence of a wolf called Fenrir. The wolf is regarded as the son of God, Loki. It is believed that Fenrir is responsible for killing Allfather, Odin. For some reason, people believe this symbol to be a mark of a murderer. However, Fenrir can also signify power and courage. Therefore, he is feared and respected by the Vikings.

The Viking Wolf tattoo can make a fantastic design as well. You may also combine this tattoo with your favorite symbols to create an enhanced effect. The tattoo is also deeply related to Viking culture and can be an eye-catching design for you.

The wolf signifies different existence in history with a completely unique meaning.

 11. Viking Warrior Tattoo

Viking Warrior Tattoo
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The Vikings are remembered as plunderers and barbarians. They are also popular for their fearlessness. A Viking Warrior tattoo can represent your strength and bravery. It can also send a strong message to the world that bravery is above everything else. You can get a realistic Viking Warrior tattoo inked on your body.

You can get the Viking warrior detailed in a beautiful way to create a more intimidating effect. You may also add other symbols, weapons, and runes along with the Viking Warrior tattoo to create a more significant look.

12. Viking Raven Tattoo

Viking Raven Tattoo
Image Source: https://thestyleup.com

Raven is a mysterious and dark bird that is also quite intelligent. It is said that they even had the power to see the future in Norse mythology. It is also said that the raven kept an eye over Midgard and provided him with the desired information. The bird can be a beautiful and inspiring tattoo option for you.

You may also combine the raven with other symbols, including the image of a Viking warrior and the helm of awe. The tattoo can signify pain, and therefore, it can also be drawn over a battlefield to signify freedom. There are multiple ways to incorporate the Viking raven in your tattoo art.

13. Viking Sword Tattoo

Viking Sword Tattoo
Image Source: https://www.subtletattoos.com

The Vikings were known for their extraordinary skills on the battlefield, and they chose the sword as their most powerful weapon to acquire a victory over their enemies. The sword can be a symbol that can signify bloodlust and bravery. Although the ax was the most frequently used weapon by the Vikings, the sword was also commonly used.

The blades of the sword were really beautiful and represented beautiful craftsmanship. You can use the tattoo as a symbol of courage, protection, and strength.

The tattoo artist will be able to incorporate the sword in your body art in multiple different ways. For example, you can get a Viking warrior holding a sword inked on your body. You can also add multiple runes to it to add a unique message.

14. Viking Ship Tattoo

Viking Ship Tattoo
Image Source: www.pinterest.com 

The Vikings were said to have a lot of ships using which they conquered new lands and raised expensive things. These ships were an impressive invention of the Vikings. They were really efficient and fast and were also very well made. The prow of the ship was carved with the head of an animal. This animal was often the dragon. Other animals were also frequently used in its place.

The Viking ship is closely associated with new beginnings in life. So, if you are an adventurous person who likes to travel a lot, then the Viking ship is a good option for you. It can also represent the thirst to achieve more in life and the willingness to take up a lot of risks on your road toward success. You can get the ship inked in different body parts.

Who Were the Vikings?

If you are aware of the world’s medieval history, then you must have already heard about the Vikings. The Vikings were closely associated with raiders and plunderers, but they were more than that. The Vikings were complex human beings.

They were farmers and skilled sailors who believed in their destiny. They also had a strong faith in the balance of the universe. They were also great travelers, and they loved traveling across various corners of the earth.

The Vikings had various other curious aspects, which made them interesting. The habits and lifestyles of the Vikings have led to the development of multiple literary works and films. Although we do not have any strong historical evidence to prove the existence of Vikings, they are widely accepted in history. They are associated with strength, fearlessness, and extreme courage.

The Viking’s Tattoos

The Vikings are also being tattooed on men these days. The Vikings tattoos are mostly preferred by men who wish to honor their courage and bravery. It also speaks a lot about the sacrifices made by the human race in general. Getting a Viking tattoo can also be a unique way to honor the heritage and culture of the Vikings. Some people get these tattoos to celebrate the values of life.

As you know, tattoos are a really beautiful and unique way to establish a significant meaning. It can also be a way to express your inner feelings and create a personal identification for yourself. Tattoos can also be a way to express your power and instill fear in other people, and Viking tattoos can fulfill all these objectives of getting tattooed.

You may use the tattoos to honor the warriors and the plunderers of the Medieval world.

If you choose to go for this Viking tattoo, you will have many options available in hand. You can go for a large and detailed tattoo with several images. The images together will tell a story from the life of the Vikings. You can also go for unique symbols and letterings associated with the Vikings.

A great choice for getting this tattoo would be the chest, back, shoulder and arms. These body areas will provide a huge canvas for tattoo artists to express their ideas and creativity.

How Did the Viking Tattoos Come into Existence?

Those who have read about the Vikings in history must be aware that the early Vikings covered their entire bodies with tattoos. They had tattoos on their fingertips and other minute body parts as well.

The Viking tattoos mostly consisted of ancient symbols of various patterns and designs. There were green symbols of the tree as well. Nobody can confirm whether the symbols mean anything or not. Still, it is strongly believed that the symbols and tattoo ideas were taken from Norse mythology and the ancient designs found on artifacts, artworks, and walls of caves.

Final Thoughts

And these are some of the popular Viking tattoos that you can consider getting for yourself, especially if you are an adventurous person. To know more about these tattoo designs, you should keep in touch with us, and we will come up with new and interesting ideas for you.

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