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13 Best Vines Tattoo Designs for Women

It might surprise many, but tattoos are not a new concept. Written records suggest the use of tattoos back to the Greek and Roman empires around 300 BCE. And while the purpose has changed dramatically, the idea remains pretty similar.

Tattoos allow one to express themselves better to the broader world.

One can pay homage to someone dear and near to their heart or express their love and devotion to someone or something; the possibilities are endless. And one such possibility is a vines tattoo.

Vines Tattoo Designs for Women

Vines are one of the more popular tattoo elements, especially among women.

Not only are they an attractive and eye-catching versatile element, but they are also a symbol of fertility, love, friendship, femininity, and more.

So, is it any surprise that they rank among the top choices for women’s tattoos?

Beautiful Vines Tattoo for Women With Meaning

The versatility of this tattoo element is simply unmatched, which is one of the many reasons one would find thousands of vines tattoos in the online sphere.

However, this has also made it difficult for one to find the best tattoo design that is suited to them.

This is where the following list of tattoo designs will help you out. Go through them, take inspiration, or copy them to a single dot; it is totally up to you.

1. Sparkling Flower Vine Design

Sparkling Flower Vine Design
Image Source: flickr

If there were ever a tattoo design that adds bold and beautiful elements to the mix, this sparkling flower vine design would certainly be at the top of such a list.

It is a lovely tattoo that is striking in its look and makes a statement pretty quickly.

The tattoo Is inked perfectly to accentuate the woman’s figure. The sides of the ribs design that the artist has gone for does its job pretty well.

The other elements in the tattoo design, such as butterflies and flowers inked with vibrant colors, play a crucial role in leveling the tattoo.

2. Classic Rose Vine Tattoo

Classic Rose Vine Tattoo
Image Source: nextluxury

How can one talk about the tattoo and not discuss the most widely used tattoo element in human history–the rose flower?

The combination of vines and the classically inked rose tattoo offers many opportunities to develop an exceptional idea. One of them is presented by the artist here.

Roses symbolize love, beauty, and almost every positive feeling that comes with them. However, the classically black ink tattoo can represent the duality of human life—a balance between good and evil and even life and death.

The tattoo artist of this design has done a great job of expressing the duality, with the vines connecting different roses. This simple yet effective rose tattoo design has said what might take many words for one to express.

3. Vines With Butterflies on the Back

Vines With Butterflies on the Back
Image Source: pinterest

This tattoo design might speak more to individuals that are more freedom seekers and have no issue adjusting as the situation demands it. The flexibility of the self is one of the core concepts behind this tattoo design.

The vines are spread beautifully across the woman’s back. Sure, they are confined to the upper portion, but one can easily extend them across the back without any issue. The butterflies are inked just above the vines.

One can even add dragonflies here instead of butterflies. However, that design is more prevalent among men than women and represents strength and luck.

The tattoo with the butterfly is a more woman-specific tattoo, focusing on spirituality, life, and, more importantly, the freedom of the self.

4. Beautiful Rose Vine Tattoo Design

Beautiful Rose Vine Tattoo Design
Image Source: pinterest

The fusion between the rose and the vine elements is undoubtedly a hit in the tattoo community. It is not hard to understand why such is the case.

Not only both of these elements are incredibly versatile, but they are also beautiful in their looks and complement each other well.

The vine is widely used to symbolize true love, friendship, loyalty, and more, making it an excellent companion when used with a rose.

This tattoo is an ideal design for individuals that wants to express both of these elements’ positive messages to the whole world.

The best place to get this tattoo inked, as one can see from the artist’s design, is on the upper back, as it would allow one to give enough room for both the rose and the tattoo to shine.

The spacious location has also encouraged detailing in the leaves as well.

5. A Burning Tattoo

A Burning Tattoo
Image Source: tattooideas

Not every vine tattoo has to be a serene design to express the thoughts and feelings of the bearer of the whole world.

And the proof of that is the burning vine tattoo that leaves a sparkly look for one to see. It would be challenging for one to remove their eyes from this flaming inferno.

The vine is undoubtedly a part of the tattoo design. Still, it would not be unfair to say that it has been mostly relegated to a secondary character, as is often the case with almost every tattoo element when a fire is involved in the mix.

Just like a real fire, this element dominates everything.

The burning vine in this tattoo symbolizes life after death, a popular concept in many religions and cultures.

The burning vine can also represent the final victory over an enemy; this is undoubtedly an aggressive tattoo design, but it would work well if you opt for it.

6. Vines and Words Tattoo

Vines and Words Tattoo
Image Source: dailyhindnews

It is undoubtedly a tattoo design that will surely attract the eyeballs of everyone in the vicinity. The tattoo concept is pretty simple for everyone to understand; the artist has done an excellent job adding a meaningful quote and using the vines as a cover.

The vines in the swirling design are sure to give an ancient and medieval vibe to the quote, which only adds to its appeal. The script choice in this tattoo design is highly critical as the one you need to choose a design that complements the theme, just like the tattoo artist.

One thing that should be noted about this tattoo design is that the vines are not just covering the script but stretching to the palms, giving the tattoo continuity.

7. Ivy Vine Tattoo on The Legs

Ivy Vine Tattoo on the Legs
Image Source: pinterest.

While it is true that vines can be inked anywhere on the body, this is a tattoo design that would excel if you inked it on the legs.

The ivy vines are known for their continuous growth and tendency to survive in every situation. Inking this element on the legs would provide sufficient room for the tattoo to shine.

The Ivy vines are simple in design, with minimal addition to the element. The detailing on the leaves is also minimal, with enough shading to make the element stand out.

The result is something that certainly looks appealing and would be a solid choice to go for.

8. Lovely Vine Tattoo on The Arm

Lovely Vine Tattoo on The Arm
Image Source: pinterest

It is a tattoo design that would look marvelous on your hands and do a superb job of expressing yourself to the broader world.

A simple vine tattoo, inked with the classic black color and a beautiful butterfly in the mix, symbolizes a woman’s fertility.

It is a robust tattoo design with a lot of symbolism that might be hard for one to decipher from the first look.

But even if one ignores the tattoo symbolism, the design is beautiful. It even has a symmetrical appeal when that is not the case.

9. Vine On The Moon Tattoo Design

Vine On The Moon Tattoo Design
Image Source: pinterest

It is certainly an interesting combination that would force one to rethink everything about tattoo designs. But it only shows how versatile the vines are and can be inked with an element they do not share much.

The vines in this tattoo design are hanging through the moon as if it is a tree. There are also three stars that are near the moon, only adding the charm of the tattoo design. However, they can be easily removed or increased in number as required.

The tattoo is inked with classic black ink, and the appropriate shading is done on all elements to give an otherworldly look to the tattoo design.

10. Vine Tattoo On The Back

Vine Tattoo On The Back
Image Source: i.pinimg

If you are bold and want to opt for a tattoo design that goes the extra mile, you must consider this vine tattoo on the back for your inspiration.

In this tattoo design, one can see the beauty of the vines and how they can be used in many ways without any issues. Many elements are in the mix, including a heart, a bull, a sunflower, and many more, each depicting a different meaning.

 But the most critical aspect of the tattoo design is the vine, which does an excellent job linking all of them.

This tattoo is a piece of art, and its placement is also intriguing as it allows one to be discreet with their tattoo design whenever they want.

10. Eternity Vine Tattoo Design

Eternity Vine Tattoo Design
Image Source: herway

While excellent with other elements, Vines can also be used as a standalone tattoo element in a design without any issues. If, because of the previous designs listed here, you are under the impression that vines only work when used with other elements, then you must look at this design.

The tattoo has one single element, only one, and that is the vine being drawn in a straight line. One can also see its resemblance to a magic wand from the Harry Potter series.

The tattoo gives any viewer a never-ending feel, hence the name eternity vine tattoo design.

The tattoo is wholly inked with blank ink, with simply no room for any changes to the tattoo design. The final result is here for everyone to see.

11. Ring Finger Vine Tattoo

Ring Finger Vine Tattoo
Image Source: ourmindfullife

The vine tattoo is also a tattoo design a couple can use to showcase their love and devotion to their partners and lay claim to them. The vines resemble an engagement ring, expressing one’s commitment to their partner.

It is a tattoo design that is especially popular among couples as the ring is created with vines, a symbol of pure love. The placement on the ring finger adds a special meaning to it.

The Romans believed that the ring finger has a straight line to the heart, and the tattoo certainly takes advantage of such a belief.

12. Vine Tattoo With a Blue Rose

Vine Tattoo With a Blue Rose
Image Source: za.pinterest.com

Who does not love a little bit of blue rose added to the mix? Well, now you can quickly get a blue rose with complementing vine elements engraved on your body and be the star attraction wherever you go.

The blue rose symbolizes the imagination, fantasy, and mystery of something that is an impossible dream to achieve. It is undoubtedly a tattoo design for individuals that do not lack any creativity and determination.

The beautiful blue color ink, with appropriate shading, does make a mark wherever it is inked. However, one should note that this tattoo design needs a lot of space to shine its truth.

13. A Finger Vine Tattoo

A Finger Vine Tattoo
Image Source: i.pinimg

A finger vine tattoo is a simple and sweet design that one must consider if they are planning to get a vine tattoo on the beauty.

The tattoo is inked on the individual’s forefinger, and it looks appealing to many individuals looking for a more straightforward tattoo design.

The tattoo is a simple vine with appropriate detailing and shading to the leaves. And while there are many elements that one can add, sometimes simple and sweet is the way to go.


One can consider many options when planning for a vines tattoo. But what is crucial is that one has a clear idea in mind, as so many options could easily confound. It would help if you took advantage of our above-listed best vines tattoo designs for women.

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