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15 Amazing Warrior Tattoos For Men And Women (2023 Design)

Being a warrior was the highest form of honor in the early days. One could be a soldier or a lone warrior. They fought for their country and their ideals. No matter the reason for their fighting, warriors were held in high esteem across all cultures and all nations.

You can’t go wrong with a warrior tattoo if you want an intricate and meaningful tattoo. These are some of the most complex tattoo designs you will come across. Only the most experienced tattoo artist can do justice to these designs.

One thing you need to remember here is that a warrior tattoo is seldom minimalist. Hence, if you like something small and cute, you will have difficulty finding something similar in this category.

You will find many designs if you want a warrior tattoo. But most importantly, their meaning and beauty make them so special. These tattoos are sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

Why is The Significance of Warrior Tattoos?

Warrior tattoos are significant because of their deep symbolic meaning and what the warrior signifies. A warrior is disciplined, has integrity, is courageous, and remains undaunted until the end.

The great warriors of the past were invincible and lived a life of austerity. The Japanese samurai warriors or the lone ranger of the forests all had their ideals to live by. If you are someone who cherishes these qualities, or you have had to fight adversities, these tattoos can be meaningful for you.

However, it would be best to approach an experienced tattoo artist to get these tattoos because these are some of the most complicated designs you will encounter. These tattoos are perfect for all genders, and anyone can get them.

Some Amazing Warrior Tattoo Ideas For You

Here are some warrior tattoo ideas for you. You can personalize them further with the help of your tattoo artist.

1. Iron Clad Warrior Tattoo

Iron Clad Warrior Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com/nextluxury/

What distinguishes a warrior from a regular person is their attire. This tattoo depicts a warrior carrying his weapons and wearing his iron armor. The details in the armor are what makes this tattoo stand out. There is a halo-like effect around the head that adds a surreal touch.

The warrior is pensive, yet his stance and attire speak of his inner strength. The tattoo is very lifelike and will attract a lot of attention. These tattoos are perfect for a full-sleeve tattoo; you can get them on the arms or thighs.

2. Female Warrior Tattoo

Female Warrior Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Tattoo Ideas

The female warrior is known for her stealth, agility, and sharpness. She is the ultimate symbol of the strong feminine power within everyone. This tattoo depicts a female warrior in action aiming with her bow and arrow. The beauty of the tattoo lies in the sharpness of her eyes.

The warrior is masked and looks like a rebel, fighting for what is right and against the system. This tattoo looks great as a sketch tattoo, and the shading brings out the best features. It works best as a full-sleeve tattoo.

3. Masked Female Warrior Tattoo

Masked Female Warrior Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Spiritus Tattoo

This tattoo only has the face of a masked female warrior who looks straight ahead through her mask. In addition, she also holds her sword right before her face, and her eyes are seen on either side of the ornate sword.

This tattoo is a wonderful example of a sketch 3D tattoo because it is very lifelike. You will need an experienced tattoo artist to bring out the various features through appropriate shading. The other tattoo elements are wisps of cloth around the face for a dreamy look.

4. Warrior Gladiator Tattoo

Warrior Gladiator Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Brian David

One of the most distinguishing features of a warrior’s attire is his headgear. The warriors of the past wore ornate helmets during the war that made them look strong, regal, and invincible and also protected their eyes.

This tattoo depicts a Roman warrior in gladiator armor and feathered headgear. The warrior also has ornate armor lined with fur, depicting his physique. There are details around the tattoo to create a frame and make it stand out.

5. Warrior in Action Tattoo

Warrior in Action Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Outsons

Depicting a warrior in action in a tattoo can be very difficult. Yet, it makes for one of the best tattoo designs. This tattoo shows a warrior fighting with a sword and shield in either hand. The warrior is defending himself successfully, with arrows piercing his shield.

It signifies that you are successfully keeping away all the hardships, hate, and adversities and defending yourself strongly. This tattoo is perfect for the upper shoulders as it needs a significant area to be etched.

6. Warrior Vishnu Tattoo

Warrior Vishnu Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Arjun Singh

According to the Hindu scriptures, Lord Vishnu, or Narayana, is the one who nurtures the planet. And yet, when evil permeates everything around us, or demons rise to steal the peace of humanity, Vishnu becomes a warrior to defend the weak and protect the innocent.

This tattoo depicts Lord Vishnu as a warrior, fighting evil with his flaming chakra and bow and arrow. The peacock feathers symbolic of his most famous form, Krishna, are also depicted in the background, adding softness and some color to the tattoo.

7. Angelic Warrior Tattoo

Angelic Warrior Tattoo
Image Source: Next Luxury

Warriors need not always be of the earth; there are heavenly warriors too. The angelic warrior tattoo is a stunning work of body art. However, the meaning behind the tattoo depicting a warrior with wings and facial feathers isn’t clear. It seems like the warrior is floating.

There is a very rugged look to the tattoo that makes it very edgy despite the angelic appearance. The wings are the main attraction, and they resemble that of a huge eagle. This tattoo looks great in black and white, but you can add white ink to make this even more unique.

8. Warrior in Red Tattoo

Warrior in Red Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Richard Millsap

The gladiator tattoo is like a regular warrior tattoo, except that it has bold highlights in red, which are depicted in various parts of the armor. The ornate headgear also has red trimmings. It’s a great option if you want some color in your tattoo.

The warrior is presented in full battle gear with all his weapons. And yet, there is a great deal of calm and strength in the tattoo. This tattoo works great for the upper arm, but you can also make it more extensive as a full-back tattoo.

9. Chinese Warrior Female Tattoo

Chinese Warrior Female Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Saved Tattoo

Just like the Japanese Samurai warriors, the Chinese warriors, too, have many legends attributed to them. If Mulan inspired you as a kid, then you know how brave the Chinese warriors were. This tattoo depicts a female Chinese warrior. The tattoo is divided into two segments.

The upper part of the tattoo depicts the face, while the lower half depicts the warrior in full gear. The hint of red stroke in the background makes the tattoo bold. You can also opt for only one-half of the tattoo if you want. It works great as a full-sleeve or a full-leg tattoo. The intricacies of the Chinese armor make this tattoo more intricate.

10. Warrior With Arrows Tattoo

Warrior with Arrows Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Next Luxury

The warrior with arrows and shields shows that he has overcome all hardships and is moving ahead in life by battling all odds. This wonderful tattoo is intricate, detailed, and has a deeper meaning. The tattoo depicts a warrior leaving behind a trail of shields pierced with arrows and emerging victorious from amidst them.

The tattoo has a beautiful design, as it can start from the chest or the middle of the back and trail toward the shoulders. Again, you will need an experienced tattoo artist to etch this tattoo.

11. Warrior Skull Tattoo

Warrior Skull Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Outsons

The skull is one of the most recurring motifs in tattoos. This tattoo depicts a skull in battle gear. It’s for you if you want something edgy and trendy yet has the meaning of warrior tattoos.

The intricacy of the feathered headgear makes this tattoo more special.

It shows that the warrior continues to be so even after death. The tattoo is medium, so you can get it for any body part, like the waist, the middle of the back, or even your skull if you decide to adorn your bald head.

12. Warrior Text Tattoo

Warrior Text Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Spiritus Tattoo

If you want a minimalist warrior tattoo, you can opt for this one. This simple tattoo depicts an arrow with the word warrior written above it. You can also add any other text you want or even a quote from your favorite poem about overcoming hardships in life.

This minimalist tattoo is great for the inner wrist, the nape of the neck, or the ankles. You can add some variations in the design of the arrow.

13. Warrior With Cherry Blossoms Tattoo

Warrior with Cherry Blossoms Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Diana Aguiar

It’s one of the most beautiful warrior tattoos you will ever have. The tattoo depicts a Japanese samurai warrior under a bough of cherry blossoms and a pagoda in the background.

This tattoo has deep meaning, showing that even as one stays strong and fights to overcome the hardships of life, one can still have strong spiritual ties and be one with nature. The lovely pink from the cherry blossoms makes this a stunning work of art and adds softness and beauty. It’s also a very intricate tattoo and can be expensive to execute. If you identify with all these, this tattoo is for you.

14. Modern Warrior Tattoo

Modern Warrior Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Tattoo Ideas

If you want a modern tattoo with a warrior theme, this tattoo is for you. This tattoo is dark and edgy and has a sinister look. The tattoo depicts the face of a warrior depicting some very strong emotions.

This tattoo uses a lot of black ink, and the warrior is almost completely clad in iron. The eyes are flashing, and the fists depict power and strength. If you can pull this tattoo off, it will surely turn heads.

15. Warrior Weapon Tattoo

Warrior Weapon Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Noah Cabob

If you want a more relaxed tattoo but still want the warrior theme, this tattoo is for you. It depicts the warrior’s sword and has some dreamy details around it. This tattoo is great for the forearm.

You can get this tattoo in black and white, but you may also have some color. The tattoo is edgy yet not very elaborate and is perfect for everyone. The middle of the sword is the perfect place to place some texts, which could be a motto you stand by.


If you want a warrior tattoo, you may have some questions. These are some of the most common ones answered for you.

Q1. Are warrior tattoos expensive?

Ans: Warrior tattoos can be expensive compared to other tattoos because they are much more elaborate and intricate. Many details go into these tattoos; if you add color, they will become much more expensive. A full-sleeve warrior tattoo can cost you about $150 to $200 or even more, depending on the level of detailing.

Q2. Are warrior tattoos painful?

Ans: The technique used for a warrior tattoo is the same as any other tattoo, and the degree of pain will also be the same. However, because of the intricacy involved and the level of detailing, you will have to stay under the needle for much longer than a smaller tattoo. 
Since you have to endure the pain for quite a while, it’s best to prepare yourself physically for it.

Q3. How to prepare for a warrior tattoo?

Ans: Be sure not to drink alcohol at least 48 hours before getting inked. Alcohol thins the blood, and since warrior tattoos are so intricate, the chances of bleeding increase if you drink alcohol. It could make it difficult for the tattoo artist to work and can ruin your tattoo. Stay hydrated and moisturize the skin as well.

Q4. How much time does a warrior tattoo take to heal?

Ans: Since these tattoos are intricate and elaborate, healing could take some time. You should wait at least eight weeks before engaging in any strenuous activity that may cause the skin to break or sweat. 
Unless the scabs have fallen away completely, try to wear loose clothing and stay away from direct sunlight.


Warriors are men of honor and courage, and both male and female warriors have made their mark in history. This tattoo will make you feel more confident, and you will always have the warrior spirit within you.

You can research the various warriors from different cultures and understand their ideals before you decide to get inked. Speak to your tattoo artist; they will do it if you have any personal motifs to incorporate. It’s great body art, and you will love this elaborate tattoo when you are done.

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