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21 Appealing Anubis Tattoo Design and Ideas

If you are the one who usually gets attracted to some really unique elements, be it accessories, outfits, or tattoos, then you are going to love the creativity of an Anubis? If you enjoy exploring history and cherish age-old symbols, then Anubis is your style. Want to know what Anubis Tattoo is? Let’s quickly check out below.

Anubis Tattoo

Anubis tattoo is usually giant and nothing but a piece of art. If you are someone who is fond of large prints, then this tattoo is best for you. You are going to love the vibes of this tattoo if you enjoy flaunting the bigger tattoos in general. Those who wear this tattoo represent the time and energy that they have. This also represents that the wearer is dominating, and one cannot surpass the wearer at any cost.

1. Egyptian Anubis Tattoo

Egyptian Anubis Tattoo
Image Source: https://www.savedtattoo.com

The history lover who enjoys the Egyptian tattoos that are inspired by history is definitely going to appreciate the Egyptian Anubis tattoo. It really looks unique and attractive on one’s body and shows your love for creativity. Egyptian tattoos generally look really elegant and beautiful. This one is worth flaunting if you have one on your body.

2. Anubis Hand Tattoo

Anubis Hand Tattoo
Image Source: https://outsons.com

For those who are really into fashion and styling, and want a tattoo that looks stylish on the hands, then Anubis can be a must-check piece on your list. It is really elegant and gives real Egyptian vibes. Those who are in love with the black and white ink, which is pretty unique, can go for this hand tattoo. This tattoo is a great blend of love for the Egyptian symbol, but at the same time, represents power. Hence, make you even more confident in life.

3. Anubis Leg Tattoo

Anubis Leg Tattoo
Image Source: https://thestyleup.com

Tattoos on thighs are not that common but definitely becoming a statement these days. When you go for an Anubis as a tattoo design on your thigh, you must know that this tattoo symbolizes your persistence and your overcoming powers. If you are someone with a strong mind and you are confident to show this to the world, then the Anubis design tattoo on your thigh is definitely your thing. For such confident people, Anubis works as the perfect symbol to represent themselves and their personality.

4. Anubis and Horus Tattoo

Anubis and Horus Tattoo
Image Source: https://www.savedtattoo.com

This tattoo is really unique, both in terms of design and the meaning behind it. This tattoo is a representation of how you have been through all the struggle of facing the demons of bad spirits and also how you came out of it through your own ways of spirituality. If you are someone who has really gone through such hardships and a realist one in life, this Horus tattoo is definitely for you. You can read and research more about the meaning of this tattoo and get it engraved as your own symbolization.

5. Anubis Design with a Black Ink

Anubis Design with a Black Ink
Image Source: https://www.savedtattoo.com

This tattoo shows the power as the design itself includes the image of the afterlife god, which means and shows that the wearer is really very powerful as the god that is imprinted. Some people are fond of always standing differently among the crowd, and this tattoo will help you to do that. If you are looking for something really attractive and super catchy, then you are surely going to enjoy this tattoo with black ink. This is one design that looks the best as it is, and hence there is no need to add many colors to the design. It is always recommended to be as basic as possible with this tattoo.

6. Drawing the Anubis Tattoos

Drawing the Anubis Tattoos
Image Source: https://www.drawingskill.com

The eyes of Anubis have a strong meaning and are most commonly engraved with red ink. This pop of red in the eyes gives you a mean-eyes look which shows the dominance you want to achieve with this tattoo. These are the best tattoos for those who feel they are fierce. The tattoos look really scary, and over the top; also, there are very few people who actually prefer this tattoo. So, if you have this kind of taste, then you can definitely get this one on your arms or any other body part.

7. Anubis Tattoo Sleeve

Anubis Tattoo Sleeve
Image Source: https://www.askideas.com

These are not those small and elegant tattoos. Anubis tattoo sleeves are generally done on the forearms and look really interesting and daring. This tattoo is usually preferred by men who work out daily. However, this tattoo is a perfect choice for you if you are also a daredevil. Also, you can simply represent your warrior side with this tattoo; isn’t it cool?

8. Colorful Anubis Design Tattoo

Colorful Anubis Design Tattoo
Image Source: https://thestyleup.com

These are not just limited to the black and white ink, but you can also explore colors when you are getting one. The colorful tattoos are loved by those who are creative themselves and love creativity. You can pick any design and ask to add colors, and this can be mostly done with realistic patterns. Only go for the colored ones if you can carry them well because this choice is unique.

9. Anubis Half Sleeve Tattoo

Image Credit: https://www.savedtattoo.com

Anubis is one tattoo that suits people of all gender or age. If you are dramatic and do not shy to show that side of your body with a tattoo, you can go with the large and loud Anubis designs tattoo. It is generally engraved in black and white ink that gives an even more intense look to the tattoo. You will be really excited and will look different if you get it done.

10. Ankle Anubis Tattoo

Ankle Anubis Tattoo
Image Source: https://www.segerios.com

This tattoo looks super sexy on girls. If you want a tattoo that is feminine but also gives you that sexy look, then an Anubis tattoo on the legs is going to look the best on you. You must try out this print if you are a fan of dramatic prints on your body. Those who enjoy the fierce tattoos on the body will be attracted to this design. And as people generally get this one engraved on the ankle, this makes it look even more unique in design. It’s a must-try for you girls.

11. Anubis Tattoo on Wrist

Anubis Tattoo on Wrist
Image Source: https://pbs.twimg.com

This tattoo represents the change that has come in one’s personality. So if you have now become this changed person with whom people cannot mess with, this is one tattoo that will represent you inside out clearly. This tattoo is for those who believe in emotional journeys. Those who feel that it is good to show the world that they have literally risen from their worst phase and this life is no less than a rebirth. This kind of Anubis design also includes the date within it, which might symbolize the importance of a particular date in your life.

12. Anubis with Details

Anubis with Details
Image Source: https://tattoopro.net

Some people love the detailing of each and everything they own, and they prefer to keep things minimalistic. If you are also the one with that low-key approach, then Anubis detailed tattoo is for you, which focuses majorly on the outline designs. You are going to fall in love with this type of Anubis as they are very seamless on hands. Not just this, every little detail of this tattoo is really beautiful.

13. Loud Anubis Ink

Loud Anubis Ink
Image Source: https://www.savedtattoo.com

Not everyone likes simple and elegant tattoos; there are many who love to go all out with the crazy detailing in your tattoo. If you are among the gang who is fond of the crazy bold and loud vibes, then this kind of Anubis is for you. You can simply nail this kind of tattoo as it has all the retro vibes with vibrant colors. There is a lot of character associated with this tattoo, and you are definitely going to enjoy these vibes. It is definitely one ideal tattoo, especially for those who love to attract attention with their different looks.

14. Egyptian Black Ink Tattoos

Egyptian Black Ink Tattoos
Image Source: https://www.savedtattoo.com

These are some smaller but really well-defined kinds of tattoos. If you are someone who loves details, then this is definitely the one for you. These well-defined tattoos are going to give you a minimal yet attractive vibe. The black ink that is used in this tattoo makes it more attractive. These kinds of tattoos generally have some major meaning behind them. Isn’t it really amazing?

15 . Anubis for Forearms

Anubis for Forearms
Image Source: https://wormholetattoosupply.com

People who are actually crazy for tattoos will find it amazing. These are the people who prefer their tattoos to be as big as possible and also those who prefer the mysterious and scary tattoos for themselves. Such tattoos are really terrifying sometimes, but they are definitely on the top when it comes to trends. Those who love to experiment with their tattoos, and prefer getting inked with something unique, then they must go with some forearm tattoos like this one.

16. Anubis on Palm

Anubis on Palm
Image Source: https://i.pinimg.com/originals

This is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea to wear a tattoo on your palm and rock it, but if you are daring enough to do that, this can become your style statement for sure. This tattoo will be showy and will represent the dominant side of your character. This is also a symbol of braveness and boldness which is going to define you inside out really well. If you are among the people who love wearing such tattoos, which are really very visible, and you are allowed to wear them in your profession, then why not? It is your time to show the world that you are different.

17. Giant Shoulder Tattoo

Giant Shoulder Tattoo
Image Source: https://tattoosboygirl.com

A shoulder tattoo looks really sexy if the print is chosen right. Shoulder tattoos are generally giant and look amazing. They suit everyone who likes some colors in their tattoos. This is indeed the one that helps you make a style statement. It also has a lot of meanings and it represents the wearer on different levels. This is a symbol that you are now trying to enjoy new things in life, and your personality is definitely evolving.

18. Cartoon Anubis Tattoo

Cartoon Anubis Tattoo
Image Source: https://www.savedtattoo.com

How about some cute little tattoos with the cartoon characters? We know this is crazy, but there are a lot of people who love this form of art. This kind of Anubis design tattoo represents the people who are a kid at heart and are super playful. This tattoo is definitely special, and not everyone is going to like it. But again, for some people, such tattoos are bliss. If you are from them, then there are a lot of such designs available online, and you must get inked with at least one of those.

19. Dramatic Black Sleeves Anubis

Dramatic Black Sleeves Anubis
Image Source: https://www.savedtattoo.com

Shoulder tattoos really attract a lot of people, and they are full of drama. If you are also among those people who enjoy the dramatic sleeves and that too inked in black, then this is the tattoo for you. This tattoo is going to add a lot of drama to your life as you are definitely going to look really different from the people around you. Such tattoos take a longer time to get done, and hence, you must set your schedule accordingly.

20. Anubis on Chest

Anubis on Chest
Image Source: https://thestyleup.com

If you really have a masculine chest and you want to flaunt it, the best way is to go for a dramatic tattoo on the chest, this is definitely a popular trend among the boys, and a lot of them are getting it done. This tattoo represents the powerful character of the wearer and how dramatic the individual is. No matter what, you are definitely going to feel super empowered, especially when you have an Anubis inked on your chest. So, if you are daring enough, you must get one done.

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21. Anubis on the Back

Anubis on the Back
Image Source: https://www.savedtattoo.com/

A simple, small, and elegant Anubis on the back is going to amp up your look for sure. This is really popular among girls nowadays, and many of them are actually getting the tattoo done on their back and flaunting it amazingly. You must try this one if you are fond of getting some elegant and unique tattoos.

What Does the Anubis Tattoo Represent?

Talking about the history behind this tattoo, we have to open a page of Egyptian mythology according to which Anubis used to be a symbol of the underworld and death. Hence, having an Anubis tattoo represents your continuous struggle to fight the bad energy around you and the evil spirits there. Also, this tattoo is sometimes taken as a symbol of power or protection for themselves, and this is why you will find a lot of people wearing it nowadays.

Can you Get One for Yourself, But How?

Yes, why not. A tattoo is a very personal thing, and generally, people get a tattoo when they have the meaning behind what they want to engrave on their body. If you are someone who loves Egyptian culture and its mythology, then Anubis Tattoo is something that is going to excite you. The concept of the Anubis as a tattoo is all about the big, bold symbols and large characters that are dominating, and these tattoos are really meaningful and have a lot of hidden and unknown things behind them. If you are someone who cherishes tattoos with meaning, then you are going to love this kind of tattoo. Also, for those who enjoy the concept of high power, this tattoo is your vibe for sure.

Where Can you Get Anubis Tattoo Done?

Generally, it is observed that people get the Anubis tattoo done on their forearms or maybe on their arms. These tattoos are minimalistic yet amazing. You can always experiment with the positioning of this tattoo and enjoy your vibes. Be it your neck area or your chest, you can rock this tattoo on any part of your body if you wear it comfortably. Always choose what works the best for you and play with the tattoo accordingly.

Price to Get a Full-size Anubis Tattoo?

Anubis can be big or small in size, and that depends on your choice. Since the smaller one doesn’t consume much time, you will have to pay somewhere around $100 for this smaller Anubis tattoo. However, for a full-sized one, the price is expected to be somewhere around $300, and this is how it goes.


These are the best Anubis tattoo design ideas that you can choose according to your preferred area. Make sure to connect with a professional tattooist and enhance the look of your body in an instant.

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