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20 Badass Tattoos for Guys & Females (Easy, Simple & Small)

Tattoos have been a form of permanent body art that people have been getting for centuries. They can be used to express your identity and personal beliefs. And Badass tattoos are certainly among the trendier tattoo design that one can opt for.

Badass tattoos are tattoos that are considered to be rebellious and sexy.

Badass tattoos can be found on celebrities and everyday people alike. They are more popular among the youth who want something different from what is typically seen in society.

The Rising Popularity of Badass Tattoos

The popularity of badass tattoos has rapidly increased over the past few years. It is primarily due to the trend of having more tattoos, an extension of Millennials’ desire to express them through body art.

Badass easy tattoos have become so popular that it has even made their way into mainstream media. One can easily find shows like Ink Master featuring tattoo artists creating badass tattoos for their clients.

The trend reflects that people are becoming more open-minded about body modification and are not afraid to go against the norm.

Easy & Simple Badass Tattoo for Everyone (With Their Meaning)

Here are some of the best badass tattoo designs you can take inspiration from. While you are free to replicate these designs as they have been inked by their creators, getting something original is always the better option.

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1. Boss Bitch Tattoo

Boss Bitch Tattoo
Image Source: i.pinimg

Boss Bitch Tattoo is a tattoo meant to let the world know that you’re the boss of your life and have no time for BS. It is a tattoo that shows one’s dominance over their life or their bossy nature.

The Boss Bitch Tattoo has become a popular trend on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. Still, it can be seen on other platforms too.

There are many different variations of this design that you can opt for. And one of the designs is the invisible Bad bitch tattoo design. Which, as you might have guessed, is inked with invisible tattoo ink.

2. Medieval Sword Tattoo

Medieval Sword Tattoo
Image Source: i.pinimg

The medieval sword small tattoo is a popular tattoo design. It is often seen on the lower back, the stomach, and the chest.

This design is popular because it has a lot of personal meaning to people who have it tattooed. This design can also be significant for people looking for something to represent their faith or family heritage.

A medieval sword is a versatile symbol that one can find for a tattoo design. Therefore, one can easily find many variations of this design. One among them is the trio of badass swords, as shown in the image.

3. Miniature King’s Crown Tattoo

Miniature King’s Crown Tattoo
Image Source: i.pinimg

The King’s crown is a small tattoo that can be seen on the back of the neck of the male. It is a symbol of masculinity and power.

The King’s crown tattoo has been around for many years, but it was not until recently that it became popular among men. Some men even get this tattoo inked on their foreheads or other parts of their bodies.

It is an attractive design that is not too large or small. The popularity of this design has led to some people going overboard on the size of their King’s crown tattoos. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

4. Sigil Line Tattoos

Sigil Line Tattoos
Image Source: i.pinimg

Sigil lines tattoos are a type of body art used to depict the wearer’s symbol or sigil. They are also known as ‘magical tattoos’ and have been around since ancient times.

In recent years, the popularity of sigils has grown exponentially. There are now so many variations of sigils and their meanings that it is challenging to keep track of them all!

Sigil line tattoos can be designed in various ways, and many different artists can create them. They range from simple designs like a line across your wrist to more complex ones with multiple colors, symbols, and the wearer’s name or initials.

5. Finger Badass Tattoos

Finger Badass Tattoos
Image Source: pinterest.com.mx

Finger tattoos are a popular trend in the tattoo world. They are small, easy to hide, and can be placed on any finger. They are also relatively cheap and quick to get.

Finger tattoos can be used as a form of self-expression and investment to help you get ahead. And while they certainly limit one’s options, there are many finger tattoo designs that one can opt for.

You can easily opt to get your spirit animal inked on your fingers. They would not only look badass but would do a well-enough job of presenting you to the broader world.

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6. Viking Symbols

Viking Symbols
Image Source: outsons

Viking tattoos are a popular choice for many people. These tattoos are usually associated with the Vikings and Norse mythology. The Viking symbols have been used in various art forms, such as painting, sculpture, and jewelry.

Viking tattoos are a popular design that symbolizes strength, nobility, and the warrior lifestyle. Viking tattoos are usually done in black ink on the chest or back because they were meant to be seen by all who saw you.

7. One-Word Tattoos

One-Word Tattoos
Image Source: i.pinimg

One-Word tattoos are perfect for anyone who believes in being concise and likes to keep their tattoo design simple.

Any list of badass tattoo ideas would be incomplete without adding one-word tattoo designs to the mix. And remarkable is that you can choose just about any word for the tattoo design.

You also have the freedom to choose the typography, which can be pretty vital for the one-word tattoo.

8. Dandelion Tattoo for women

Dandelion Tattoo for women
Image Source: thestyleup

The dandelion is a flower that symbolizes hope, renewal, and rebirth. As the dandelion grows to be a plant, it can spread its seeds far and wide.

Dandelion tattoos are popular for women because they are more feminine and delicate than other flowers. They also have a meaning of rebirth in the spring season.

Depending on the person’s preference, dandelion tattoos can be in various colors, such as yellow, white, orange, pink, purple, or green.

9. Sun and Moon Tattoo

Sun and Moon Tattoo
Image Source: sortra

Sun and moon tattoos are primarily found in traditional cultures. They symbolize the cycle of life and death, creation and destruction, fertility, birth, and rebirth.

The sun symbolizes life, vitality, energy, and warmth. The moon is a symbol of spirituality. The sun tattoo will indicate that you are open to new beginnings. In contrast, the moon will suggest that you are open to spiritual things in your life.

Different types of sun tattoos have been used by various tribes worldwide to represent different meanings. Some tribes believe that a sun tattoo on the right wrist means the wearer is married, while a sun tattoo on the left means they are single.

10. Rose Tattoo

Rose Tattoo
Image Source: i.pinimg

A rose tattoo design is a popular design for women. It is a symbol of love and everlasting beauty.

If you want this tattoo, you should choose the right time and place so that it will have the best meaning for you. The great thing about the rose tattoo is its versatility, as you can get it inked anywhere, and it would still give the same badass vibe.

11. Wings Tattoo for Women

Wings Tattoo for Women
Image Source: tattooeasily

Wings tattoos are a popular type of tattoo for women. They symbolize freedom and independence.

Wings tattoos are becoming more common in the modern world. Along with this, they have also become more popular among women over the years.

The wing tattoo represents the ability of an individual to fly without limits, to spread their wings and take off into the sky whenever they want, without any fear or hesitation.

12. Butterfly Tattoo Design

Butterfly Tattoo Design
Image Source: stylesatlife

A butterfly is a symbol of change, rebirth, and transformation. It can be used for a multitude of purposes – as a symbol of hope, love, and happiness.

Butterflies can also be used as a tattoo design. They are one of the most popular tattoo designs for women. They are intricate and beautiful in every way.

The butterfly design is often associated with femininity and motherhood because they represent the metamorphosis during pregnancy.

They are also highly versatile and can be inked anywhere on the body. You can have a buttery tattoo on your beauty bone or wrist with a similar impact.

13. Middle Finger Tattoo for Women

Middle Finger Tattoo for Women
Image Source: ourmindfullife

The middle finger is a popular badass tattoo for women. The tattoo’s meaning is to show your rebellious side and that you are not afraid of being different.

Middle finger tattoos were popularized by celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, Kylie Jenner, and J-Lo. It is seen as one of the most rebellious and daring designs that can be put on your body.

You can also opt for a pinky finger tattoo if the middle finger tattoo design seems too offensive to you.

14. Lily Flower

Lily Flower
Image Source: stylesatlife.com

The Lily flower is a standard tattoo design that has been inked on many women’s bodies. It is usually done between the breasts, but it can also be done on the upper back, the arm, or the ankle.

The lily flower between the breasts tattoo is a popular trend that has been taking over Instagram and social media. It’s a simple design looks great on any skin tone and is easy to replicate with a tattoo gun.

15. Anchor Tattoo

Anchor Tattoo
Image Source: i.pinimg

Anchor tattoos are popular among men in the US. The tattoo is a symbol of masculinity and strength.

An anchor tattoo is a tattoo that has an anchor or other maritime symbol as its main design. Anchors are often used to represent the male body and are sometimes used by sailors as a reminder of their life on the sea and their journey home.

A man with an anchor tattoo is not necessarily someone who has sailed or been at sea for a significant time. It indicates that he knows what he wants in life, is not afraid to take risks, and is willing to do whatever it takes to reach his goals.

16. Small Wave Tattoo

Small Wave Tattoo
Image Source: pbs.twimg

The small wave tattoo is perfect for men who want to add some color to their skin without feeling like they are going overboard. It is an excellent way for men to show off their personalities and individual style.

This tattoo has countless designs, usually placed on the arm, chest, or back. This trend has been around for quite some time now and continues to grow in popularity as more people get inked with this design.

17. Skull Tattoo On the Neck

Skull Tattoo On the Neck
Image Source: i.pinimg

Men are often seen with tattoos on their bodies, but not many have tattoos on their faces. Men with small skull tattoos often get a lot of attention and can be pretty popular among other men.

Skull is one of the world’s most common and recognizable tattoo designs. This element can represent death, or it can also express a man’s personality. The appropriate shade to the design only adds to the badass nature of the tattoo.

18. Two Axe Tattoo

Two Axe Tattoo
Image Source: tattoogrid.net

The Two Axe tattoo is a popular design used since the medieval period. Axe tattoos are widespread in body art but are also a popular choice for men.

An axe tattoo can be a symbol of power, strength, and masculinity. It can also be used as a tribute to someone who has passed away. The axe is also associated with Norse mythology and with the idea of rebirth.

The rise in popularity of two-axe tattoos is because they look badass. They can also be combined with other designs, such as tribal art or different types of skull designs.

19. Christian Cross Tattoo

Christian Cross Tattoo
Image Source: customtattoodesign.ca

Christian cross tattoos for men are a popular tattoo design that has been around for years. But the designs have evolved, and now, this tattoo has many variations.

Christian cross tattoos for men can be a great way to show your faith or devotion to God. They can also be used as an accessory or alternative to a traditional tattoo.

Christian cross tattoos can be found on men’s arms, wrists, fingers, chest, and back.

20. Patriotic Flag Tattoo

Patriotic Flag Tattoo
Image Source: i.pinimg

Patriotic tattoos have been a popular trend in recent years. Men like to get a tattoo that represents their country or state.

The flag tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos among men. It is an easy way for men to show their patriotism and love for their country.

The flag tattoo designs are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. The design can also change if the person’s skin tone changes or if they want to change their patriotic look for something new. The options are endless.

If one wants, one can add additional elements, such as the national bird or anything that has a patriotic flavor to the tattoo design, and they would get an excellent result.


Tattoos are an extension to the individual wearing them, so one must give appropriate thought before deciding which badass tattoo is right for them.

The above-listed tattoo designs are some of the best simple and easy badass tattoo designs for men and women that one can opt for.

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