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18 Best Tattoo Fonts With Lettering Styles

Tattoos have gained some steam in the last couple of decades and have become more socially acceptable.

And why they shouldn’t be?

The options that are available to choose from are simply endless. We can turn anything into a tattoo design, enhancing its appeal.

One of the more popular tattoo designs that has emerged that has risen in popularity in the last few years is using fonts in the tattoo.

One can have their pick for their lettering styles. But if you are new to the world of tattoos, you would be hard-pressed to choose the best tattoo fonts for yourselves.

It is where the following best tattoo font lists will help you massively.

Most Amazing Tattoo Fonts With Lettering Styles

Many types of fonts are used for tattoo designs, making the matter a lot more complicated for an individual. Various fonts have unique attractions and meanings that need understanding before one opts for a design. So, let’s do just that.

1. Blackletter

Image Source: creativemarket

We should begin with the popular Blackletter font, or, more specifically, the Black Valentine gothic font that is part of the family. This beautiful font would pop out of the tattoo design. Also, it can stand out without needing any other tattoo element.

This Black Valentine font is usually applied for name tattoos. As a result, it is handy for parents who want their children’s names engraved on their bodies. Similarly, it is popular among individuals who wish to showcase their affection for their partners.

This tattoo font needs a lot of space because of its bold design. So, while it is a versatile design, you must remember this before getting the tattoo on your body.

2. Colatin

Image Source: designcuts

Colatin is a signature-style font that has risen in popularity in the last few years.

Cursive fonts are certainly some of the most popular when it comes to tattoo styling. And among them, Colatin shines head and shoulder above.

Colatin, as a font, has a natural flow to the lettering. One can feel the ease of movement because of the smooth flow of the typeface. And what is remarkable is that they can be used to ink many things on one’s body.

The versatility of this font certainly makes it even more popular in the tattoo community. It is a signature font, which allows it to be inked anywhere on the body. A Colatin font tattoo on the waist or wrist would be an excellent option for women. The same is true for ankles as well.

3. Gloria

Image Source: creativemarket

Gloria font is a favorite of many, especially in the artistic community. It is a font that genuinely resembles its name. A happy font that shines light and positive feels wherever it is used on the body.

Gloria is a typeface that the sailors heavily use for their tattoo design; in fact, one could state that the typeface is inspired by maritime tattoos and not the other way around.

It is a tattoo font that can stand out on its own when inked on a body. However, we advise you to add other elements to complement the font. Colorful elements with happy vibes would do the trick.

4. Remboland

Image Source: designcuts

One look at the tattoo font and the individual can be excused for mistaking the Remboland font with Blackletter. However, a specific cursive element is added to the mix, which makes the font different. After all, the Blackletter inspires Remboland.

Upon closer inspection, one would find while there are many similarities, there is also an extra sharpness to the font. A lack of elegance and sweetness is such a massive part of the Black Valentine font. It is a typeface that signifies masculinity and strength.

It is undoubtedly a tattoo font designed for the manliest of men. This font will look superb when dark-themed elements complement it.

5. Karmila

Image Source: render.myfonts

It is a font that would be the favorite of anyone looking for a modern and minimalist design in their tattoo. It is pretty evident from the design that the flowy cursive style of this font is its most significant selling point. And it certainly does its job pretty well.

The font gives an impression of easy strokes by an artist to construct this masterpiece. In fact, the first impression one would get about the Karmila script is its resemblance to the signature in personal letters. This font is excellent for inking names on the body.

6. Checkpoint

Image Source: mir-s3-cdn-cf.behance

Checkpoint is another font that has made its mark in the tattoo community. It is understandable, as the elegance combined with the appropriate level of sharpness in the font certainly deserves sufficient praise from the onlookers.

This font uses soft writing, similar to how one writes in a notebook. It is a smooth tattoo font that has nothing complex in the mix and impedes the legibility of the tattoo.

Checkpoint is also one of the most versatile tattoo fonts that one can find on this list. They can be quickly inked on any body part and would have no issue because of other elements that one might add to the future.

7. NOIR Et Blanc

NOIR Et Blanc
Image Source: creativemarket

Yes, that is precisely the name of this tattoo font.

NOIR et Blanc is one of the more elegant tattoo fonts that one can find.

It is a part of the Serif family, which only adds to its credentials. It has an ageless feel, making it popular among tattoo enthusiasts. The beautiful lowercase characters are a unique feature that makes this tattoo font stand out.

8. The Mozart

The Mozart
Image Source: cdn.myfonts

The vintage vibe of the tattoo font deserves a separate mention of its own. This font was inspired by Mozart, who needs no introduction to the artistic world. It is a formal yet playful tattoo font that would be ideal for a professional looking for a tattoo with lettering.

The first look at the font and any calligraphy student and enthusiast would find an uncanny resemblance to the American handwriting style. It is a font that would need no help standing out on one’s skin, which only adds to its appeal in the tattoo community.

9. Mataö-Elegance

Image Source: fontmirror

It is undoubtedly a font that would make your heart race with its simple yet creative design. You will be forgiven if you do not know where to start looking at the font, as every letter would be a marvelous piece.

This modern vintage font certainly deserves your due consideration.

The letters in the font are spaced equally and leave much room for modification, which only adds to its appeal. However, it should be noted that the letters’ transformation heavily depends on their placement.

10. Fathir

Image Source: i0.wp

No, it is not a food item but a trendy font that would make a fine addition to your tattoo lettering. It is a stylish font with long swashes, adding to its appeal. The way how the letters combine is also unique, resulting in a sophisticated tattoo script.

Fathir is a modern font that should be shown to the broader world. And while one is free to ink this font wherever one wants, placement on the collarbone or the side of the neck is simply the best option one can go for.

11. Rozex

Image Source: d1ly52g9wjvbd2.cloudfront

Rozex is undoubtedly among the top options that one could consider for tattoo fonts. It is a bold decorative gothic font that would make a statement to the broader world. Each letter in this font is a magnificent piece of art with layers that one can’t turn their eyes away from.

The letters in this font are pretty close to each other. The accent and the flourish of each letter in the typeface allow them to make a distinct impression. And when they are used together, their appeal goes up significantly.

12. Ghelisyah

Image Source: designcuts

Ghelisyah is a robust font that would attract the eyeball of everyone in the vicinity. There is a certain edginess to the typeface that distinguishes it from every other in this list. Sure, there is a certain resemblance to the Blackletter, but this font stands out on its own.

This typeface is excellent if one is considering getting a tattoo design inspired by a dark theme. This font’s bold and elongated swashes would do pretty well in such designs. One cannot go wrong with this tattoo font.

13. Madison Street – Graffiti

Madison Street – Graffiti
Image Source: creativemarket

You must have seen a lot of graffiti here and there. It is a font that is usually used for the same purpose. However, now it can do a more personal job for you. It is a loud and unapologetic tattoo font that does not hesitate to put itself out there.

The font’s creative element is also off the charts, proving why it is the most popular option in graffiti design. The letters in the font are not equally distant and, in most cases, stand-alone from each other.

14. Baeside

Image Source; d1ly52g9wjvbd2.cloudfront

Baeside is an extra bold font that complements any daring and dark-themed design.

This font’s calligraphy is unique, with distinctive squashes and edges to the characters. There is also a resemblance to the Blackletter font, especially when one notices the bold section.

Choose this font for your tattoo lettering, and you won’t be disappointed. It is a tattoo font that signifies dominance and superiority over others. The ornate flair that is present in the font only complements that. There is also room for experimentation, depending on the tattoo design.


Image Source: i.pinimg

PEARL is one of the modern vintage fonts and is suitable for individuals looking for a more understated style. It certainly has an old-school flair in the mix. PEARL has a classic vibe to it, which only makes it more popular as a tattoo font.

This font is uniquely suited to make the headline and be a stand-alone element in any tattoo design. Any addition to the mix would only tar the value of this font.

One of the best places to have this tattoo inked would be on the back of the neck, where it would easily stand out. You also would not go wrong with using this tattoo on the wrist.

16. Prime

Image Source: creativemarket

Prime is part of the Sans Serif family and has a bolder appearance than many other members. The font is almost futuristic in appearance, and one would be mistaken only to use it for creative design as they are excellent as tattoo fonts.

The ultra-modern look of this font is clean to look at. The strokes are pretty even, which only complements the space between the two letters in this font. It is a solid typographical font that would do well if you opt for it.

17. Marfelo SVG

Marfelo SVG
Image Source: creativemarket

Marfelo SVG does not look like a tattoo font, but you would be wrong in your assumption. Sure, it is more of an artistic design than a font, but the letters are legible and easily recognizable.

This will be an excellent option if you want a colorful font for your lettering. The letters mimic the paintbrush strokes, making this font stand out.

18. Shawte

Image Source: creativemarket

Finally, we have a minimalist tattoo font which would be great for a quote. The loose and flowy stores of the letters in this font give a relaxed feel to the overall design.

The letters are also pretty thin, making them appear natural on one’s skin.


Choosing a font for a tattoo design is not an easy task. Even the above listed are just some of the many excellent options one could consider. However, before choosing a font, there is one thing you need to do – choose the theme for your tattoo.

Opting for a tattoo font without knowing what you are aiming for will make the matter more challenging. Only after you have decided on the tattoo’s theme can you choose a font.

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