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19 Best Bullet Tattoo Designs with Meaning

Tattoos have almost infinite types and categories. There are so many options to choose from that it can be very confusing sometimes, especially if you haven’t yet decided what you wish to get inked on yourself.

Some people go for quotes or song lyrics, some get personal bits tattooed, such as the names of their parents or partners, some get their pets’ faces drawn on them, and some stick to traditional designs that just look pretty.

The sight of pretty patterns as tattoos on someone is definitely not uncommon. These could be flowers, stars, waves, birds, the moon, and so many things. Those are, however, quite the traditional designs that most people go for.

After all, how many times have you come across someone with stars and flowers tattooed on them, right? But perhaps you don’t want to take the road most traveled.

If you want to get a tattoo that is unique and has a deeper meaning than just looking gorgeous, a bullet tattoo is a great option. It has numerous strong metaphors that people normally wouldn’t think of, and they make for both elaborate as well as simple tattoos.

Let’s walk you through the symbolism behind these tattoos and some of the eclectic designs to pick from.

Meaning And Symbolism of Bullet Tattoos

Meaning and Symbolism of Bullet Tattoos
Image source: askideas.com

When you think of a bullet, more often than not, scary thoughts might surround your head. A bullet tattoo, however, goes much beyond that and has multiple positive implications. For the ones who spot it, the meaning is definitely deeper and multilayered.

Listed below are some meanings of bullet tattoos and the symbolism attached to them:

  • Straightforwardness is a major meaning associated with bullets. It means that you’re open, honest, transparent, and you don’t like to mince your words. You get to the point and like to keep it brief, crisp, as well as interesting. A no-nonsense attitude is often linked to such designs.
  • Military services and those in the army are often linked to bullets. If you get this tattoo, it could mean that you’re either in this profession or were in it at some point in your life.
  • Bullets signify strength, bravery, and fearlessness. Getting this tattoo often means having the courage to face any situation, no matter how difficult. It also serves as a reminder of the tough times you have faced in the past so that you stay aware that you can handle anything, even when life gets too rough.
  • Bullets are also a symbol of perseverance. They mean that regardless of how much life tries to bring you down, you always manage to get back up and keep going. It is closely attached to resilience, and who wouldn’t want their tattoo to mean something this strong and wonderful, right?

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Ideas For Wonderful Bullet Tattoo Designs

Here are some design ideas for bullet tattoos for you to take inspiration from:

1. Bite the Bullet

Bite the Bullet
Image source: tylerhalle.com

You may have heard of the phrase, ‘to bite the bullet.’ Right? Well, how about turning that phrase into a tattoo? The design can be one where there’s a bullet inside one’s mouth, making it look as if they’re biting it. This tattoo of a bullet being between one’s teeth is quite a popular one.

2. Bullet Hole Through the Heart

Bullet Hole Through the Heart
Image source: reddit.com

A bullet through the heart almost signifies heartbreak of some kind. This can be done in many ways, whether you choose to draw an animated heart or the actual silhouette of a heart with a bullet going through it.

3. Bullet Armband Tattoo

Bullet Armband Tattoo
Image source: pinterest.com

An armband made of bullets would look quite cool as a tattoo, don’t you think? You can even choose to get bullets of different sizes placed alternatively to give it a unique look. An army of bullets as a tattoo would look good on other body parts as well, such as wrapped around your ankle or perhaps on your back.

4. Bullet with Gun Tattoo

Bullet with Gun Tattoo
Image source: pinterest.com

Envision a tattoo design of two bullets placed next to a gun. This can be quite a huge and elaborate design that you can get on your chest or back. Or you can get a mini version of it on your palm, too.

5. Bullet Inside a Rose

Bullet Inside a Rose
Image source: pinterest.com

We’ve all heard of the band Guns N’ Roses, right? How about we give a little twist to that phrase and get a tattoo of a bullet inside a rose? It will look like quite the contrasting design, for sure. Something soft and beautiful placed next to something so deadly is sure to turn a lot of heads your way.

6. Bullet Inside a Revolver

Bullet Inside a Revolver
Image source: pinterest.com

Think of a revolver where the other slots are empty except one that has a bullet in it. This one makes for a unique tattoo design as well. You can choose to get it on your arm or back or perhaps a smaller version of it on your wrist.

7. Cartoonish Bullet Tattoo

Cartoonish Bullet Tattoo
Image source: pinterest.com

Why not give a cartoonish or animated look to your tattoo? You can include your favorite fictional or cartoon characters next to your tattoo. Show them riding on a bullet, or even have animals in animated form for these kinds of tattoos.

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8. Bullet with Butterfly Wings

Bullet with Butterfly Wings
Image source: pinterest.com

Giving a creative touch to your tattoo, add butterfly wings to it. Placing the bullet in the middle, you could have the wings on either side or even have one of the wings flowing midway. This is surely a more artistic design of a bullet tattoo.

9. Bullet with a Skull

Bullet with a Skull
Image source: pinterest.com

Fill your tattoo with drama, intrigue, and mystique with a skull element. You could design the tattoo so that it looks like the bullet is placed inside the skull’s mouth. This sort of elaborate tattoo looks really good on someone’s back or perhaps on the chest.

10. 3D Bullet Tattoo

3D Bullet Tattoo
Image source: pinterest.com

Why not make your tattoo look realistic and almost like you can bring the design to life? Achieve this through a 3D tattoo. Such tattoos look super cool and give birth to a lot of mystery and awe around it.

11. Bullet Necklace

Bullet Necklace
Image source: bodyartguru.com

Get a necklace tattoo, but with a twist. What’s the twist, you ask? Make it a necklace created with bullets. Show it off every time you wear a piece of clothing that makes your neck or décolletage visible. You can get this in black and gray or even add colors to it.

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12. Minimalistic Bullet Tattoo

Minimalistic Bullet Tattoo
Image source: pinterest.com

Lovers of minimalism and all things simplistic can opt for a minimalistic tattoo with just one bullet in the design. Get this on a finger or your wrist or the nape of your neck. You can also add some shading to it to make it look more attractive.

13. Launching Bullet Tattoo

Launching Bullet Tattoo
Image source: nextluxury.com

The launching bullet tattoo is a classic for sure. Get the design done in a manner that the effect looks like a bullet getting launched. A big tattoo such as this one will look perfect on your arm.

14. Bullet on Finger Tattoo

Bullet on Finger Tattoo
Image source: pinterest.com

Finger tattoos have been the rage for quite a long time, and they call for small, minimalistic, understated designs. This is why the design of a bullet will look perfect on your fingers. You can either have just one bullet on your finger or a bullet each on every finger as well.

15. Bullet Wound

Bullet Wound
Image source: pinterest.com

To add a little twist to your tattoo design, don’t get just a bullet tattoo, but rather a bullet wound. While some get just one of these, others choose to have multiple of them, and often on their chest. Fans of spooky tattoos will love this one.

16. Bullet with Quote

Bullet with Quote
Image source: askideas.com

Make your tattoo go beyond just a drawing or design. Add some creative words to it as well. These words could perhaps be a quote you really like, a motto you live by, or the lyrics of your favorite song.

17. Dual Bullets

Dual Bullets
Image source: pinterest.com

Two is better than one in most cases, and the same goes for this tattoo. You can have two bullets being fired at the same time or just placed next to one another. Want to do something different? Draw one bullet on one finger and another on the adjacent finger so that it looks like a long bullet when the fingers are kept close.

18. Colorful Bullet

Colorful Bullet
Image source: blazepress.com

Add some vibrant and stunning colors to your tattoo. People don’t often expect bullet tattoos to be colorful, but why take the traditional route, right? Go for something different and fill colors in your tattoo.

19. Tattoo on a Shaved Head

Tattoo on a Shaved Head
Image source: blazepress.com

If you have a shaved head, you can get the spotlight on yourself by spotting a tattoo on your shaved head. Sounds quite quirky, doesn’t it? Just go for it and see how many compliments you get.


How many kinds of bullet tattoos are there?

There are different kinds of bullet tattoos. You can get one depending on your preference, such as a ‘bite the bullet’ kind, a traditional tattoo, one with colors, one with quotes, or even a minimalistic design.

How much does a bullet tattoo cost?

The cost of your tattoo depends on how elaborate your design is. The pricing of a tattoo varies from one tattoo parlor to another.

How long does it take to get a tattoo with a bullet design?

The time it takes to get any tattoo done depends on how big the tattoo is and the different kinds of elements in it. Something that is elaborate is bound to take longer. At times tattoos take 30 minutes, and at times they even take five hours.

How to take care of a tattoo after getting it done?

Once you get a tattoo done, there are a couple of things you can do to keep it safe. These include not exposing it to sunlight, avoiding swimming till the tattoo heals, not wearing too-fitted clothes, and properly applying the necessary ointment and moisturizer.

What to remember before getting a tattoo?

Before getting a tattoo, make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes so that the area you’re getting tattooed is easily accessible. Don’t drink alcohol or take medications before the tattoo procedure; shave the area you want to get tattooed and get proper sleep before you go to get inked.

What is the meaning of a bullet tattoo?

A tattoo with a bullet or bullets in it could mean many things, such as bravery, fearlessness, straightforwardness, or that you belong or once belonged to the military services.


We all want to get a tattoo that is unique, memorable, and makes heads turn. A tattoo with bullet designs in it is the answer if you’re looking for a tattoo with these characteristics.

With so many options to choose from, it can get tricky to take your pick. Go through the designs mentioned in the article and see which of these eclectic options best suits your likes and preferences.

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