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13 Traditional Crocodile Tattoo on Finger Idea

Crocodiles are a beast that invites fear into anyone who gazes at them. After all, it is a reptile that can crush them in half in the blink of an eye.

There is no taming this beast, which explains why they are a popular tattoo design.

Crocodile tattoos are certainly more common than many would have expected. A crocodile is a beast that represents power, survival, strength, and even danger.

So, is it a surprise that they are a popular option among men? Crocodiles are‌ a symbol of masculinity.

Crocodiles and alligators are among the creatures that have been heavily used to depict masculinity for years now. And pretty successfully at that. Therefore, it is not a surprise that you are also considering one for yourself.

Traditional Crocodile Tattoo Designs on Fingers

Crocodiles have been used since immemorial as a tattoo representing power, initial thoughts, desires, drive, fury, ferocity, and many other things.

It is also a versatile tattoo element that can be inked on any part of the human body. And finger tattoos are certainly one of the more popular ideas.

Different Crocodile Tattoos on Fingers Ideas

As already mentioned, crocodiles are counted among the most versatile tattoo elements. If you are unsure how to create an inspiring tattoo design, then the following are some of the top crocodile tattoos on your fingers that you can take inspiration from.

1. Crocodile Jaws Tattoo

Crocodile Jaws Tattoo
Image Source: i.pinimg

Undoubtedly, the best place one can start looking for inspiration would be the crocodile on the finger tattoo, or the better way to say it would be the crocodile jaws on a finger tattoo.

Crocodiles are enormous creatures and can reach up to 20 feet. You could never encapsulate all there is to show about the crocodile in just a tattoo. But you can try to emulate the aggressive nature of the water beast by capturing just the head.

The crocodile, with its head open, is a formidable beast, which is precisely what is captured in the tattoo design. Sure, the beast’s skull has a small footprint, only covering the thumb and the first fingers, but there can be no question about its viciousness.

2. Cute Body Tattoo Design of Crocodile

Cute Body Tattoo Design of Crocodile
Image Source: askideas

From ferocious to cute tattoo design, it is indeed a jump. Indeed, most of the crocodile tattoo designs on the internet would be typical of what is expected.

However, ‌the crocodile element can be highly versatile.

The artist of this tattoo design has done an excellent job of turning the ravenous beast into something that can be awed. The crocodile is drawn on the side of one’s fingers, but we can also ink it on the back of one’s palm with no issue.

One mustn’t try to do too much with the crocodile tattoo element, as they would only diminish the value of the design—no need to add any other part to the mix.

3. Crocodile Eye on the Hand

Crocodile Eye on the Hand
Image Source: i.pinimg

When one looks at a crocodile, most of their focus is on its massive body, as those teeth could rip apart anyone in a couple of seconds. However, another thing that makes the crocodile one of the most feared beasts on earth is its eye.

A crocodile might have eyes the same size as humans, but theirs are much more intimidating. It is something the artist has tried to capture in the tattoo design. Most of the tattoo is inked on the individual’s hand, with the eye covering the back of the hand.

This tattoo design is very detailed, not just the eyes. After all, without capturing the correct texture of the body, there would always be something missing.

4. Crocodile Tattoo with Bones

Crocodile Tattoo with Bones
Image Source: i.pinimg

Only capturing the crocodile’s jaws is a concept that has been thoroughly explored in the tattoo community, and it is not hard to understand why that is the case. The crocodile with bones is one of the many examples you will find for your inspiration.

The crocodile is engraved on the back of the palm. The bones resembling that of humans impressed on the fingers. It is a menacing design that also warns anyone who comes across the individual bearing this tattoo.

The crocodile is inked in their natural color–a dark greenish drab. The bones are also outlined with the same coloring. One would be hard-pressed to turn their eyes away from this tattoo.

This tattoo design stands well on its own, so you would be wise not to add any other elements to the mix to make the design unnecessarily complicated. However, small elements such as a date or roman numeral at the top would be well received.

5. Crocodile Wrapped in a Forefinger

Crocodile Wrapped in a Forefinger
Image Source: cdn.shopify

Crocodiles are reptilian creatures, just like snakes, which is the inspiration behind this tattoo design. Even with the small size of the beast, there is no arguing about its fearsome nature. The crocodile is inked around the forefinger of the individual with great detail.

The only drawback, if one could call it that, about this tattoo design is that the reptile could be confused with a snake, especially from a distance. But overall, it is an excellent option that one can consider for tattoo design.

6. Menacing Crocodile Finger Tattoo

Menacing Crocodile Finger Tattoo
Image Source: preview.redd

The best way to showcase the reptile and its formidable characteristic is by getting its whole body inked in your hand–anything less would not do. The artist of the menacing crocodile finger tattoo has tried to do justice to that.

The crocodile is linked from the top of the forefinger, and its body goes down to the wrist. One can observe that the crocodile is in its ready-to-attack mode, just waiting for the prey to loosen its guard.

The tattoo is inked with classic black ink, with shading added to the crocodile’s body to offer more of a lifelike appeal to the creature. Special attention is given to the scales, which certainly adds to the real-life nature of the tattoo.

7. Colorful Crocodile

Colorful Crocodile
Image Source: ml52d5htkadg.i.optimole

Not every tattoo has to be inked with classic black ink, as the colorful crocodile on the fingers is a design that makes the case. The crocodile is inked with a dark greenish dab, the standard color of adult crocodiles, but you can also go with other colors.

It is a minimalistic tattoo design, with only a crocodile inked on the forefinger. Still, even that can be adjusted to any other finger or even the thumb of the individual. It is a tattoo design that is suitable for everyone.

The only thing you should keep in mind while opting for this tattoo is making sure that you do not have any other tattoos that can take the focus away from this design.

8. Wrapped Crocodile Design

Wrapped crocodile design
Image Source: i.pinimg

You can take inspiration from the wrapped crocodile design if you want a tattoo design that would strike fear into anyone who even glances at it.

In this tattoo, the crocodile is inked to encircle the individual’s hand with its body. The crocodile’s strength is pretty evident just from the looks of it. It does resemble a predator that has captured its prey and would not let it leave under no circumstances.

The crocodile is inked in its natural color not to diminish the fear factor that this creature possesses. The face of the crocodile is carved between the thumb and forefinger, with the eye showing a triumphant expression of catching its prey.

9. A Tiny Crocodile on Hand

A Tiny Crocodile on Hand
Image Source: cdntattoofilter

While most crocodile finger tattoo designs are focused on the forefinger and the thumb, that does not mean you cannot find inspiration for the middle finger. And this small crocodile design aims to do just that.

The crocodile is inked on the side of the hand to be a tattoo design that can be hidden whenever one wants. It emphasizes the trait of crocodiles to stay hidden when stalking prey and show themselves when they are sure of the kill.

This tattoo is especially helpful for individuals that do not like to flaunt their tattoos to the broader world and want to hide them at their convenience. And while it can be uncomfortable for one to get a tattoo inked at such a unique location, the result is undoubtedly worth it.

One thing you must remember while opting for this tattoo design is to keep it as minimalist as possible. Color would only hinder your ability to hide the tattoo, so adding extra elements or filling the crocodile with color makes no sense.

10. Feminine Crocodile Finger Tattoo

Image Source; pinteres

Masculinity is indeed something that is often depicted using crocodiles (and alligators), but there is certainly room for a feminine crocodile finger tattoo. It is illustrated excellently by the artist of this tattoo design.

The crocodile in this tattoo is to be inked on the side of the thumb of the individual. Even though this design shows a female crocodile, the beast’s fearsome nature is unaffected.

The female crocodile is narrower, smaller, and has flatter vents than its male counterparts. Although they are smaller than male crocodiles, they are still dangerous.

11. Minimalist Crocodile With Sun

Minimalist Crocodile With Sun
Image Source: i.pinimg

Another crocodile finger tattoo that you can consider is the minimalist crocodile that encircles the sun. In this tattoo design, the crocodile is inked with classic black ink and is engraved in a way that surrounds the sun.

Both the crocodile (even if it is miniature) and the sun symbolizes power and does an excellent job of conveying the strength of the individual to the broader world.

Even the sun inked in this tattoo design has a minimalistic appeal, which only complements the overall look of this design. One is also free to design the sun however they want, with the only condition that it stays at the center.

Special attention has been given to the crocodile’s scales. Detailing and shading by the tattoo artist has only added to the beauty of this crocodile finger tattoo.

12. Crocodile With a Skull Tattoo

Crocodile With a Skull Tattoo
Image Source: i.styleoholic

A crocodile with a skull is a tattoo design you must consider if you are looking for an intimidating tattoo design. The crocodile is in its element in this tattoo and ready to pounce and devour its prey.

It would be wise not to mess with a crocodile in such a situation lest one want to attract its attention.

The crocodile is inked between the thumb and the forefinger, with most of the body engraved onto the space. The skulls can be inked on the hand around the crocodile’s body, but the best option would be to ink them on the top of the thumb and forefinger.

One can increase the number of skulls depending on the crocodile’s size. But only do that if the crocodile’s body covers the whole back of the hand.

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13. Crocodile and Tortoise

Crocodile and Tortoise
Image Source; larskrutak

Who has not heard of the famous bedtime story, the hungry crocodile and the wise tortoise? That is the inspiration behind this tattoo design.

Both crocodiles and tortoises occupy the same water body but have entirely different characteristics. A crocodile is a fast, fierce, and apex predator, ready to pounce on its prey. The tortoise is slow, wise, and has a protective scale.

There is also a difference in how they are represented in tattoos. A crocodile is a hunter that symbolizes power and strength. The tortoise‌ symbolizes wisdom, peace, and patience. The combination of both is an excellent way one can describe themselves.

Both the crocodile and tortoise are minimalist in their design, as with most finger tattoos. It would be best to ink both creatures on different fingers, though.

However, you will not go wrong if you try to design them in conflict with each other. What better way can one explain the complexity of human nature?


Crocodile is undoubtedly an exciting tattoo element. Not only can we can ink it in many ways, but its versatility allows one to have a lot of room for experimentation.

However, one should remember that crocodiles are apex creatures, and any additions that would take their focus away would be counterproductive.

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