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22 Small Plane Tattoo on Hand with Meaning

Don’t you love it when a particular tattoo has a deep meaning associated with it?

Something that you can look at and feel good about, or something that brings back a world of memories or a rush of gratitude? It’s so endearing when you ask someone what their tattoo means, and they answer with so much enthusiasm and passion.

Several themes evoke such passion in humans, and one of those themes has to be that of travel; when we speak of travel tattoos, we are automatically reminded of plane tattoos. Tattoos with planes in them look both adorable and attractive.

They are connected to wanderlust and memories of trips we will never forget. Nostalgia, hope, accomplishments, and changes in the meanings of such tattoos are profound and endless.

Have you been thinking of getting a plane tattoo on your hand? Are you looking for some good ideas?

Let us help you with some beautiful design ideas while suggesting the meanings shown on tattoos with aircraft and planes.

Meanings of Plane Tattoos

The symbolism of a plane tattoo or planes‌ can mean many things. Some of those meanings are:

1. Love for Adventure

Adventure is the most common and obvious meaning of a plane tattoo. If you have traveled a lot in your life or wish to travel in the future, you can go for this sort of tattoo.

Love for flying is another trait associated with this design category, especially for pilots who fly planes as a part of their daily jobs because of their passion for it. This also holds for those who were in the military and wish to honor that period in their lives.

2. Leaving the Past Behind

A tattoo with an aircraft also signifies leaving the past behind and marching forward towards your future. It is an excellent way to remember your previous struggles and be confident that the future will hold positive things for you to relish. Since aircraft signify traveling from one place to another, your tattoo could mean embracing the change.

3. New Beginnings

Beginnings or change‌ can be scary, but they don’t have to be if you look at them from a new perspective. Get this tattoo if you are about to have a new beginning in your life. This could mean moving to a new city or starting a new job. Let this tattoo remind you that this fresh start will bring lots of joy and good luck into your life.

4. Achievements And Dreams

Planes symbolize not just flying and travel, but also big hopes and dreams. Are you determined and ambitious? Do you see yourself accomplishing big things in the future? If so, then definitely get this tattoo. Have this tattoo be your ray of hope and flame of encouragement to achieve everything your heart desires.

Design Ideas For Small Plane Tattoos

Here are some design ideas for tattoos with small planes in them:

1. Paper Plane Black and White

Paper Plane Black and White
Image source: savedtattoo.com

Black and white tattoos are such classics, aren’t they? You can have not just one, but two black and white tattoos side by side. Perhaps one of them could have slight shading added, whereas the other could be completely shaded.

2. Plane Tattoo on Forearm

Plane Tattoo on Forearm
Image source: savedtattoo.com

Get a plane tattoo on your forearm and fill it with little details. It isn’t necessary for forearm tattoos to be significant. You can also get a dainty one and have it look adorable.

3. Paper Plane Along with Aircraft

Paper Plane Along with Aircraft
Image source: pinterest.com

Why not get two different planes in your tattoo? One could be a cute paper plane, and the other could be a little aircraft. Perhaps the aircraft could have a dotted design or one that is abstract.

4. Multiple Flying Airplanes

Multiple Flying Airplanes
Image source: savedtattoo.com

A tattoo with multiple airplanes looks unique. You can make them all in different sizes. Maybe the central one could be slightly bigger and shaded, while the others could be smaller and completely black.

5. Blue Airplane

Blue Airplane
Image source: pinterest.com

A blue airplane tattoo is more common than you’d imagine. Blue as a color always looks vibrant in tattoos. You can also put little stars next to the airplane to look like it’s flying in a starlit sky.

6. Multicolored Tattoo

Multicolored Tattoo
Image source: savedtattoo.com

If you are a fan of colors, getting a tattoo with multiple colors is a great idea. You can make the entire tattoo colorful or look like the colors are bursting out of the airplane. Add another creative twist to your tattoo and make one half of the plane have a different design, such as an abstract or geometric one.

7. Plane in the Clouds

Plane in the Clouds
Image source: savedtattoo.com

Have you seen how kids draw airplanes? They make them colorful and filled with elements such as clouds, stars, bubbles, and more. Give this beautiful childlike touch to your tattoo, making it look like it’s journeying through the clouds.

8. Rainbow Behind a Plane

Rainbow Behind a Plane
Image source: tattooblend.com

Want your tattoo to have a rainbow feeling to it? Make it look like there is a rainbow emanating from behind the airplane. This would be good if you would like your tattoo to get a second glance from everyone.

9. Tiny Aircraft

Tiny Aircraft
Image source: askideas.com

Lovers of minimalistic tattoos can opt for this design. Such a small design looks elegant and classy on the wrist and wonderfully displays your love for travel.

10. Geometric Tattoo

Geometric Tattoo
Image source: tattoobloq.com

Geometric designs have been the rage for tattoos for quite a while now. Anyone who doesn’t want to take the traditional route for their tattoo can add various geometric shapes to it to look unique.

11. Realistic Tattoo

Realistic Tattoo
Image source: nextluxury.com

3D tattoos, or realistic tattoos, look super cool. So, why not add this element of realism to your plane tattoo? You can have a paper plane look like it’s about to come alive on your arm, with little birds or alphabets behind it.

12. Tattoo with Quote

Tattoo with Quote
Image source: pinterest.com

Quotes about travel are lovely and plenty. Give another wanderlust element to your tattoo by adding a quote along with the plane.

13. Aircraft Silhouette

Aircraft Silhouette
Image source: subtletattoos.com

This is another design for those who prefer simplistic tattoos over elaborate ones. Just draw an aircraft or paper plane silhouette on your hand and have it look super adorable.

14. Camera And an Airplane

Camera and an Airplane
Image source: savedtattoo.com

Wherever there is travel, there are photographs. Turn this sentiment into a tattoo by adding a camera to your tattoo design. Maybe the plane and the camera could be connected by a bit of heart.

15. Finger Tattoo

Finger Tattoo
Image source: savedtattoo.com

Finger tattoos are cute ones you can show off all the time, and planes serve as the perfect design for such kinds of tattoos. You can either get just one of these or perhaps multiple on different fingers.

16. Dual Planes

Dual Planes
Image source: savedtattoo.com

You can have more than one plane in your tattoo design. A good design would be to have them both side by side but heading in different directions. Maybe one of them could be black while the other can be silhouetted.

17. Plane with a Heart

Plane with a Heart
Image source: savedtattoo.com

Give a twist to your tattoo. Instead of having just an airplane, you can include the airplane in a heart. Draw a big and have the plane be a part of it.

18. Flowers And Planes

Flowers and Planes
Image source: nextluxury.com

Many people like to have flowery designs in their tattoos. You can add some to your tattoo design as well. Maybe surround the aircraft with your favorite flowers or perhaps a bouquet to give it a fresh, garden-like feel.

19. Plane Around a Globe

Plane Around a Globe
Image source: nextluxury.com

Include a globe to add a better and cuter travel-loving feature to your tattoo. The design could be such that the plane could revolve around the globe, signifying your desire to travel the world.

20. Plane With a Picture

Plane with a Picture
Image source: nextluxury.com

Is there a specific place you love or want to travel to? Well, you can draw the landscape of that city in your tattoo. Include the landscape over the plane’s design and color it to make it pop.

21. World Map And a Plane

World Map and a Plane
Image source: nextluxury.com

Picture a beautiful silhouette of a world map and a plane hovering around it. Sounds gorgeous. Turn this design into a design for your tattoo and have it look stunning on your arm.

22. Tattoo Sleeve with Planes

Tattoo Sleeve with Planes
Image source: nextluxury.com

Anyone who wants an elaborate tattoo and hopes to have small planes inserted into it can go for a tattoo sleeve with tiny aircraft flying in or around the major design. If this doesn’t catch the attention of everyone, we don’t know what will.

FAQ’s For Small Plane Tattoo

Will a plane tattoo look good on my hand?

Yes, a plane tattoo would look good on any body part, especially on someone’s hand, when designed well.

How much will a plane tattoo cost?

The cost of your tattoo would depend on its size. Tattoo artists and tattoo parlors usually charge on a square inch basis. You can call them up beforehand to learn about their payment policies.

How long does it take to get a tattoo with a plane in it?

The time it takes to get a tattoo depends on its size and how skilled the tattoo artist is at their job. It could also depend on your pain threshold and how much you can tolerate getting tattooed at a time.

Will a small tattoo take long to heal?

No, smaller tattoos don’t take too long to heal. When given proper care, they can recover relatively quickly and efficiently.

Will it hurt to get a small tattoo on my hand?

Whether a tattoo will hurt varies from person to person. However, tattoos in the hand region rarely hurt a lot.

What is the symbolism of tattoos with planes or aircraft?

A tattoo with an aircraft or plane in it could mean you’re ready for change. It could also mean hope or the wish to accomplish big things.


As you can tell by now, a tattoo with a plane is indeed adored by people worldwide. Whether you love traveling or not, such a design would look great on anyone’s hand, mainly because there are so many more elements you can add. So, take a look at the ideas mentioned in this article and take your pick for your next tattoo.

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