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9 Amazing Egyptian Tattoos Design and Ideas for Female

In love with the amazing concept of tattoo art? Do you want the tattoo to be completely original? Or do you wish to get yourself tattooed in a seamlessly appealing way? Well, the appropriate answer to all your desires is the Egyptian-themed tattoo. Anything from Egyptian mythology can be really meaningful, unique, and artful. You also get a huge number of options to try because of the vastness of Egyptian culture.

Having an Egyptian tattoo will also reflect your taste in culture and heritage. There are numerous other enchanting reasons too to get an Egyptian-themed tattoo for yourself. Well, first and foremost, all the Egyptian-inspired tattoos look attractive. They have a deep design which can create a very good impression. Next, Egyptian tattoos have a significant meaning, as most tattoo designs are taken from Egyptian mythology.

As you know, Egyptian mythology is quite rich and is loaded with different Gods and Goddesses. Egyptian mythology also involves various godlike creatures, each symbolizing something different. For example, you are looking for something that reflects the keep desires of life and your passion for someone. So what should you do? Well, you can get yourself a tattoo of the Egypt Goddess Isis. If this is not exactly what you desire from your tattoo, there are more options open to you then.

So, let us look at what these Egyptian tattoos are all about and the various Egyptian-inspired tattoo options that you have in hand.

Popular Egyptian Tattoo Ideas for the Female

Now that you have known which areas of your body you can place a tattoo on, just take a look at the popular Egyptian tatto ideas for you.

1. Egyptian Cat Tattoo

Egyptian Cat Tattoo
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Cats were considered important animals during the early Egyptian civilization, and they were worshipped regularly by the Egyptians for years. The cats were also involved in various social and religious practices. Various Egyptian Gods and Goddesses were also said to have cat-like heads. For example, Mut, the mother goddess, is said to be having a cat in her company at all times. Cats were also regularly worshipped because of their protective nature. They were responsible for killing mice, snakes, scorpions, and other creatures. This was considered something holy as this could save people from various illnesses.

The Egyptian cat tattoos are inked in multiple unique and extravagant ways. In the Egyptian civilization, these cats were also heavily adorned with different types of jewelry. You will also find the cat tattoo with other elements, including hieroglyphic symbols, Egyptian motifs, and the rising Sun. These Egyptian tattoos can also widely vary in size, from small finger tattoos to very large back tattoos.

2. Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus
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The Eye of Horus is another largely popular Egyptian symbol. The symbol was considered religious, and it also represented health, well-being, and protection. It could also represent healing. The Eye of Horus is also seen in various Egyptian pyramids, mummies, and tools and today, it is also frequently used in tattoos. The eye symbol is hieroglyphs that are also used as a mathematical symbol by the Egyptians. The Eye of Horus has got a very mysterious look to it.

Females widely use the Eye of Horus because of its small and significant design. You can get yourself inked with The Eye of Horus anywhere you want to, and it will look good. You can get The Eye of Horus on your arms and shoulders. You can also get this small tattoo inked on your ankle, and it is going to make you look really smart and elegant. If you are looking for a larger tattoo option, you can get The Eye of Horus and other Egyptian tattoos. Also, this is going to give you a majestic look.

3. The Ankh Tattoo

The Ankh Tattoo
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The Ankh tattoo is also the key to life in the early Egyptian language. It is another popular hieroglyphic symbol that is used to represent life. It can also mean a flower bouquet or a mirror to the Egyptians. The Ankh became a symbol of life and was said to signify power and happiness. The original symbol of the Ankh is a shape that is similar to the general cross shape that you see around you. However, instead of the upper straight arm of the cross, there is a loop in the shape of a teardrop.

The actual origin of the symbol still remains a mystery to us. However, it was mostly used as a decorative element by the Egyptians during various religious ceremonies. It is also a very popular Egyptian tattoo design and is widely used today. The tattoo is mostly inked in plain black. However, you can get the tattoo in different colors as well. Egyptian tattoos can also vary in size. However, women mostly preferred to have this tattoo in a small size behind their ears. You will also find the tattoo on the neck or a woman’s ankle.

4. The Pharaoh Tattoo

The Pharaoh Tattoo
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If you have an idea of ancient history, you must have heard of the word pharaoh. The pharaoh was regarded as the Egyptian King or monarchy. He was also regarded as the ruler of the first Egyptian dynasty. It was considered that the Egyptian pharaoh belonged to an intermediate position between the common people and the deity. Therefore, the pharaoh was regarded as both a deity and a ruler. The duty of the pharaoh was to take control of the entire territory he owned. He also organized various religious ceremonies and enacted laws for the people of Egypt.

The pharaoh is still considered a symbol of power not only in Egypt but also in various parts of the world. So, you can express your inner strength by getting yourself a pharaoh tattoo. You can celebrate ancient Egyptian culture by getting yourself such a tattoo. It is also used to reflect your bold and mysterious personality and speak of your powerful nature. You can get your pharaoh tattoo on your arm or your finger as well.

5. The Anubis Tattoo

The Anubis Tattoo
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The Anubis was a very popular deity of the Egyptians. Anubis was a man who had the head of a jackal. Anubis was called the supreme God of the afterlife, who also played a role during the mummification process. Anubis was also considered a healer because of its close association with life and death. The symbol is often painted in black, which symbolizes life after death and rebirth. So, if you are looking forward to getting a cold and mysterious tattoo, then the Anubis tattoo can be a statement piece for you.

The tattoo can be inked in different colors to reflect your creativity and playful self. So, if you want a closely related tattoo to the Egyptians, then the Anubis design can be quite perfect for you. The tattoo can also be inked multiple different ways. It can be a tattoo with a vast and unique design, or it can be a small and subtle tattoo with many unique symbols and motives surrounding it. This tattoo was initially popular only among men. However, today, even women opt for tattoos to reflect their bold nature.

6. The Cleopatra Tattoo

The Cleopatra Tattoo
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Cleopatra was considered one of the most popular Goddesses of all time. She was a very active Egyptian ruler, and she was considered extremely beautiful, intelligent, and kind. Her love for the people under her rule is what makes her so unique and powerful in her approach. In addition, she is considered one of the most popular feminine characters even today because of her sensuality and energy. So, if you want a tattoo that symbolizes female power, then the Egyptian tattoo can be quite perfect for you.

The tattoo is a perfect tattoo option for women of all ages. It can also reflect beauty and sensuality. The appearance of the tattoo can be less recognizable, but the way it is inked along with other Egyptian symbols and elements make it significant. You will also be able to get a tattoo for yourself in different styles and designs. The tattoo can also reflect your bold personality and your sensual nature.

7. The Pyramid Tattoo

The Pyramid Tattoo
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The Pyramid Tattoo is also one of the oldest and most globally recognized symbols of the ancient Egyptians. The pyramids are surrounded by mysteries that no one knows about. We still do not know how the pyramids were constructed and what they signify, but we know that the Egyptian Pyramids acted as tombs for the pharaohs who enjoyed a glorious afterlife. The Egyptians believed that every human being is entitled to an afterlife where he deserves what he got in the present life. So, if you wish to get yourself an Egyptian tattoo, then the pyramid can be the best option for you.

The beautiful and unique Egyptian tattoo can emphasize the meaning and the imagery of life. However, if you are looking for a unique and simple tattoo for yourself, then the pyramid will work just fine for you. The size of the pyramid will be completely different depending on your preference for a tattoo.

8. The Isis Tattoo

The Isis Tattoo
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Isis is another important female gorgeous female deity. She and her husband Orifice were one of the most popular deities for the Egyptians; and Isis was worshiped across different Mediterranean countries, and Greece had the human throne-like hieroglyph symbol on her head. She also had really beautiful wings and was thought to be a protector and a healer. In addition, she was supposed to have extraordinary magical power.

Isis was also a reflector of feminine power as she was supposed to be the protector of fertility and marriage. So, if you want to celebrate the culture of the Egyptians and you also want to show your strong feminine nature, then you can go for the tattoo of Isis. In addition, you can get it on your chest and your ankle, and you will look stunning.

9. The Hieroglyphs Tattoo

The Hieroglyphs Tattoo
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The hieroglyphs tattoo is used to depict ancient Egyptian pictorial writing. These characters were found on Egyptian tombs, pyramids, and monuments to represent the different objects that the Egyptians used daily. The hieroglyphs are composed of different types of unique features and lettering that are used to have actual phonetic values. The characters used in the hieroglyphic script have always been enchanting.

So, the best way to capture the mystery of Egyptian civilization is to get yourself a hieroglyphic tattoo that will make you look stylish and unique. This tattoo can easily be worn by women of all ages on their unique body parts, and there is going to be something different about your looks that will make you the topic of discussion everywhere. You may also bring about various modifications to your hieroglyphs tattoo as well, and it is going to elevate your looks to a great extent, and you can proudly adorn your tattoo.

Where do You Mostly Get This Type of Tattoo?

Where do You Mostly Get This Type of Tattoo
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The most popular placement of Egyptian tattoos for females is on the shoulder and the neck. This is mostly because the Egyptian-themed tattoos are vast, requiring an entire canvas to be inked properly. You will see that there are a lot of small tattoos as well that are placed on the feet and the shoulder. These are mostly the female versions of Egyptian tattoos. You can also get yourself a beautiful small Egyptian tattoo behind your ear. Or you may also prefer to go for hieroglyphic signs on your fingers. It will give off a very mysterious look and is also quite appropriate for beginners who are just about to get inked for the first time. Some popular tattoo placement ideas for the females have been listed below:

1. Finger or Hand Placement

Egyptian tattoos that would look the best on your finger or hand would be the small tattoos featuring the hieroglyphs. This can also include small meaningful motifs like the Eye of Horus. Some people even decide to get a small pharaoh tattoo on their finger. Most males and females adorn finger tattoos. However, you will most likely see the females wearing such small tattoos.

2. Chest Placement

These days, women opt for tattoos in their chest area. This place is mainly reserved for the vast tattoos often featuring multiple symbols. For example, you can get symbols of the pharaoh, pyramid, or the Egyptian cat on your chest. You also have many options to try on as the tattoo artist will be given a huge space to try their skills on. You can go for a simple design for your Egyptian tattoo too.

3. Back Placement

The back will also allow you to experiment a lot with the design and size of the tattoo. For the back, people mostly opt for the vast design of the Isis with her wings wide open. You can also get tattoos of other popular Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.

4. Inner Arm Placement

If you are looking for a beautiful tattoo design that everyone can see at their first glance, then you can go for the inner arm tattoo placement. There are many people as well who go for Cleopatra while other people also go for the Eye of Horus. You will get a lot of tattoo options for your inner arm.

5. Forearm Placement

 If you wish to go for a breathtaking Egyptian tattoo design, the forearm is the place for you. Everyone is going to notice your tattoo. It is also quite an appropriate place for a tattoo design as the skin is quite smooth there, and the tattoo will also look beautiful.

What are Egyptian Tattoos All About?

Egyptian tattoos mostly present power, love, and mystery. They speak of the time when the Egyptian pharaohs ruled the lands, and the Gods and Goddesses were treated with respect and devotion. It was a completely different era, but it had left its mark on the upcoming generations. Egyptian tattoos are extremely popular among people even today. Such tattoos are especially fascinating because they blend the mystery and adventure of ancient times with the practicality and power of recent times.

As you learn more about the Egyptian tattoos, you will see that there are so many imageries and symbols associated with the Egyptians, each of which signifies something in particular. The tattoos also reflect how the Egyptians lived their lives during the early civilization.


And this was all that you have to know about Egyptian tattoos. For more exciting Egyptian tattoo ideas, you must keep visiting us, and we will keep coming back to you with more interesting tattoo ideas; we assure you that we will not disappoint you with the outcome. However, you must not also forget the fact that simply getting yourself tattooed is not enough. You will also have to be careful about the way you take care of your tattoo. Only then will your experience of getting inked be an amazing one.

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