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11 Magnificent Ankh Tattoo Designs With Meanings

If you are planning to get a tattoo inked on your body, then first of all, congratulations! While getting a tattoo inked on your body is not a rare event nowadays, it is nonetheless a special occasion. One obviously does not get a tattoo inked on their body every day, regardless of its size or placement. A tattoo is something very personal in nature. One thinks long and hard before deciding on a tattoo that is the right fit for them.

They can go for a tattoo that pays homage to someone they are incredibly close to, or they could try to express something to the wider world.

The options are simply endless for one to choose from, which is why tattoos have gained such massive popularity in recent years. But more importantly, it has also become an accepted part of our community. Gone are the days when someone with a tattoo is considered a hooligan and delinquent to stay away from. Now that is not the case anymore. This has also resulted in tattoo parlors popping up left and right because of their popularity.

But before you go and book your appointment with a tattoo artist, have you thought about the tattoo you are going to get.

It is a common mistake made by many first-time tattoo getters to not think about the tattoo they are going to get beforehand. Now, sure one can get advice from their artist, but it would be wise to have a general idea before booking an appointment.

The Meaning Behind an Ankh Tattoo

While the ankh tattoo mainly denotes Egyptian culture, you should keep in mind that this symbol does not only represent ancient Egypt. In fact, you will easily find the presence of the Ankh symbol in various civilizations throughout human history.

The origin of the Egyptian Ankh symbol is not clearly known. Depending on who you ask, an Ankh symbol can represent the “key of Nile” or ‘Crux Anasta’ which literally translates to “key of life .” It is clearly apparent why that is the case, as the Nile was the key to life for a region surrounded by dessert on every corner. This is the prevalent theory behind the symbolism of an Ankh tattoo. The Nile is easily accepted as the link sustaining life in Egypt for thousands of years.

But one should not assume it to be the definite reasoning and logic behind the symbolism of an Ankh tattoo. Another popular hypothesis is that the top circle of the Ankh represents the female reproductive organs. At the same time, the vertical segment of the Ankh is representative of the male reproductive organs. Together they are the symbol of all life on this earth.

List of Different Ankh Tattoo Designs

Regardless of how one chooses to interpret these symbols and the origin and the meaning behind their origin – the Egyptian Ankh is a symbol of life. The best thing about an Ankh tattoo is the various design options that are available for one to choose from. Yes, there are literally hundreds of different Ankh tattoo variants that one can easily choose from.

It is pretty common for one to get confused with literally hundreds of designs and options that present themselves after a simple Google search. But luckily for you, we have compiled some of the finest that might help you out.

#1. Ankh Tattoo With an Eye of Horus

Ankh Tattoo With an Eye of Horus
Image Credit: https://www.tattoomenow.com/

The very thing people look for while getting a tattoo is uniqueness. No one wants a tattoo that is simply a meaningless design and has been repeated hundreds or thousands of times. And this is where an Ankh tattoo with the Eye of Horus comes in handy. There are several variants of this design, but the basic concept is an Ankh-designed tattoo with the Eye of Horus in the middle of it. The eye of the Horus is inked with gray, while the Ankh is black, giving stark differences between these symbols.

Now, if you want to add some more dramatic feel to the tattoo with the eye of Horus, then you can add shadow to the design. This shadowing will give out an ethereal feel to the tattoo. You can even color the inside of the Ankh with yellow ink, and that is it; you will have an excellent Egyptian Ankh tattoo design to call your own.

There is great symbolism behind these types of tattoos. For example, the Eye of Horus represents power as well as health, whereas the Ankh symbol here is the symbol of rebirth. A genuinely unique tattoo that should obviously be at the top of your consideration if you are looking to get this Egyptian tattoo inked on your body.

#2. Traditional American Ankh

Traditional American Ankh
Image Credit: https://www.wildtattooart.com/

As mentioned previously in the blog, you should not make the mistake of the assumption that an Ankh is a symbol that is solely related to the Egyptians. The Ankh symbol has a vibrant and diverse history across the globe. The traditional American Ankh tattoo is designed by incorporating such elements. A skull faces with a bead in its mouth is the core of this tattoo design.

The tattoo also has old-school-designed lines giving it a distinct impression. There are several different designs of the traditional American Ankh, but the most popular is one that is entirely inked with black ink.

Now you must be thinking that this tattoo obviously has a fierce and dark touch. And yes, you would be right. The skeleton represents death (and evil), whereas the Ankh symbolizes life and rebirth. Both of these symbols give definite meaning to the tattoo.

Suppose you are looking for a tattoo that has a bit of a masculine touch in the mix. In that case, the traditional American Ankh-designed tattoo might be the best option for you to go for. The best place to get this tattoo inked would be on the arm with it covering some part of your bicep as well. But if you want a bigger version of this tattoo, then your back is the ideal place for this design.

#3. Ankh With Scarab

Ankh With Scarab
Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/

Now, this is a tattoo design you might not have heard of or seen before, but it is a popular option for one to go for. In fact, it has steadily gained popularity in the last decade or so, forcing people to think this is an option for their tattoo.

Now, you might be thinking; it might be a new design which is why you have not heard of it before. But that is not the case at all. An Ankh tattoo with scarab is one of the most traditional tattoo designs that one can opt for.

The Ankh in this tattoo design is inked with gray color with a vintage texture. The top of the Ankh, i.e., the loop, has green and yellow linked scarabs. The middle of the Ankh consists of a green pendant. Together they make this one of the fascinating Ankh designs for a tattoo that one can go for.

Just like Ankh, scarabs are also an important symbol in Egyptian culture. Like the Ankh, scarabs also symbolize rebirth. And if you are thinking about getting this tattoo inked on your body, then the best place for it would be your arm.

#4. Modern Ankh With Roses

Modern Ankh With Roses
Image Credit: https://www.wildtattooart.com/

While an Ankh is a traditional and cultural symbol, that does not mean you cannot give it a more modern twist. The purpose behind the modern Ankh with roses tattoo design is precisely what simply makes for a cool tattoo design.

A modern Ankh with roses tattoo design has a traditional American Ankh in its center. The lines of this Ankh are inked with gray and black, giving a deep feel to the tattoo design. And as the name suggests, one can find red roses with green roses tattooed around the American Ankh.

The roses here symbolize hope and life, new and positive beginnings, adding a positive nature to the design. Ankh obviously is the symbol of death and rebirth. Together, both (the roses and the Ankh) create a positive overall vibe.

Modern Ankh with roses is generally considered a tattoo design with a feminine touch, and the best place for one to get it inked is on their arm. Although, if you are thinking about getting a giant modern Ankh with roses tattooed on your back, then you would definitely not go wrong.

#5. Stone Effect Ankh Tattoo

Stone Effect Ankh Tattoo
Image Credit: https://nextluxury.com/

Ankh with the stone effect tattoo is the perfect option for folks looking for a unique tattoo design that’s not only eye-catching but subtle as well. The stone effect Ankh in tattoo covers its bases completely and is the obvious choice for this requirement.

In this tattoo design, a traditional Ankh symbol is created with the help of grey ink. However, the difference here is that it has an added stone effect with it, making it feel like the tattoo is carved on a stone sculpture. So, if you are looking for a cool looking tattoo to ink on your body, then this might be the best option for you to go for.

You can go for other colors like deep green and even bronze in other variants of this tattoo design of Ankh. However, both of them would give an otherworldly impression to anyone who even glances at the tattoo design.

Unlike other Ankh designs on this list, a stone effect tattoo design is a highly versatile option for one to go for. One can get this tattoo design inked on their forearm, on their back, or even on their legs.

#6. Patterned Ankh Tattoo

Patterned Ankh Tattoo
Image Credit: https://nextluxury.com/

Patterned Ankh tattoo is another cool tattoo design that you can go for. This tattoo design consists of an Ankh that has a patterned effect. From top to bottom, the whole Ankh has a patterned design, with the sides being linked with a slightly darker shade to easily distinguish between them.

Patterned Ankh is one of the more creative tattoo designs that one can go for. The design leaves a whole lot of room for one to tinker as per their liking. If you want to add colored ink inside or even on the outer side of the Ankh, then you are free to do so. One thing you can be sure of is no matter what you choose to do, the patterned tattoo of Ankh will surely complement your style. It is that versatile.

Also, it is incredibly versatile in its placement. But while you can ink this tattoo anywhere on your body, then the best place would be your forearm.

#7. Phoenix and Ankh Design

Phoenix and Ankh Design
Image Credit: https://parryz.com/

Just like the Ankh symbol, you can find the mention of the phoenix in several cultures and mythology books. This mythological bird is an excellent and popular design option for folks looking for a tattoo design. But what if you add a phoenix tattoo with an Ankh? Well, the answer would be something that will blow your mind.

And judging by how hugely popular the phoenix and Ankh tattoo design is, one would not go wrong with this type of tattoo design option.

#8. Ankh With a Key

Ankh With a Key
Image Credit: https://www.tattoomenow.com/

This is a modern tattoo design of Ankh with a key that one can go for. In this tattoo design, a keyring is hooked on the top part of the Ankh, i.e., the loop of the Ankh. The Ankh is inked in black, whereas the key has a subtle shade, giving it a distinct and more modern look.

This Ankh tattoo with a key design portrays that the soul is eternal, and the Ankh is the key to the mystery, i.e., life and death. Ankh is a powerful symbol in this tattoo design, indicating that there is no start or end to one’s life.

#9. A Simple Ankh Design

A Simple Ankh Design
Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/

Now, if, because of the above-listed examples, you think that an Ankh tattoo is a complicated design, with layers and layers that go into it, then that is not the case. You can even get a simple design of this tattoo on your wrist if that is what you want. However, an Ankh is a powerful symbol that is sufficient on its own. And you do have to go for a heavy tattoo design if that is not according to your tastes.

A simple Ankh design is, as the name suggests, a small Ankh that is inked on your body. Since it is a simple design, it is also a versatile option. You can quickly get it inked on your wrist or even your neck. With this minimalist and classy tattoo design like this, you simply could not go wrong.

#10. Sparkling Ankh Design

Sparkling Ankh Design
Image Credit: https://www.inkme.tattoo/

And lastly, we have the sparkling one. Suppose you are looking for a tattoo design that will encompass your shoulder and give you an exclusive look that will easily make you stand out in the crowd. In that case, a sparkling tattoo design is exactly what you need.

This is a powerful tattoo inspired by the Egyptian God Khepri, a mighty being in Egyptian mythology. This tattoo will completely cover your shoulder and even a portion of your chest. It is a powerful symbol for folks who want to establish their dominance wherever they walk into.

#11. Other Designs

Other Designs
Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/

As you might have guessed already, Ankh is a unique but versatile symbol that goes well with anything without any trouble. Moreover, you can add different geometrical shapes with the Ankh at the center of such designs. One simply has a lot of options to go for.

Do You Have Interest in Egyptian Mythology? 

Suppose you are interested in Egyptian mythology and are looking to get a tattoo based on that. In that case, there are a couple of hundred options that you can go for. But while there are several great tattoo options that you go for based on Egyptian culture, the Ankh tattoo has a special place of its own.

There is simply no argument that can be made against an Ankh being the most popular symbol of Egyptian culture. Ankh was essentially a symbol of the Pharaoh, the ruler of all Egypt, but has developed in different meanings and contexts over time.

Placement of Ankh Tattoo

In the time of the Pharos, this tattoo was a symbol carved on the Pharaoh’s chest. Luckily you are not forced to do the same in the case of getting an Ankh-designed tattoo today. You are free to ink the Ankh tattoo anywhere you want tattoo to your body, though some spaces are more popular than others.

The best place for one to get an Egyptian tattoo inked on their body is on their arms. Now, naturally, it would depend on the size and type of the Ankh tattoo you are getting, but it is widely accepted that inking this tattoo on your arm is a safe choice. If you are planning to get a larger-sized one, you would probably be better served with a chest tattoo or even one over your rib cage.

In the case of a small one, getting it on the wrist, behind your ear, or even on the back of your neck might be the best place to ink it.


Ankh is an extremely elegant symbol that is also very easy to craft and mold according to one’s preference. And on top of it all, an Ankh also has a powerful meaning, correlating to both life and death – something we all are bound by. So, if you are looking to get this type of tattoo inked on your body, you cannot go wrong by taking inspiration from the above-listed examples.

Getting your skin tattooed is indeed the most exciting task, especially when you have found something interesting, just like an ankh tattoo design. No matter what you choose according to your style, you will surely feel the connection with its powerful meaning. So, if you are planning to get an ankh tattoo, find a design wisely and reach out to a trusted tattooist right away.

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