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15 Inspiring Elden Ring Tattoo Ideas For Fans of The Highly Anticipated Game

The Elden Ring video game, developed by FromSoftware Inc., is a premium game that transports the players to an epic fantasy land. If you have ever loved Lord of the Rings or similar fantasies, you will love this game.

Many of the fans of Elden Ring game have chosen to show their love for the game by getting tattoos inspired by various aspects of the game. These tattoos are brilliant because of their intricate patterns and designs. Even if someone is unaware of the game, they will still appreciate your beautiful tattoo.

Elden Ring tattoos can be highly elaborate, and what makes them different is the details that set them apart from other warrior tattoos. Hence, it would be best to have an expert tattoo artist who could bring out all the intricacies.

The tattoos are pretty intricate, and they look stunning in color as well as black and white.

Read on to get some Inspiring Elden Ring Tattoo ideas in the following section!

Why Should You Consider Getting an Elden Ring Tattoo?

Elden Ring is an epic fantasy video game released in 2022, and soon after, it took over the gaming world by storm. The realistic depiction of the fantasy world, full of mythical creatures, courageous warriors, and magical weapons, meant that the game acquired a lot of fans very soon. And many of them popularized the game even further by getting inked according to the various themes of the tattoo.

If you also love the game and want to show what a huge fan you are, consider getting an Elden Ring tattoo. Even if you are not a gamer, the various themes and motifs in the game can be ideas for beautiful works of body art.

These tattoos are suitable for either gender, and you will feel powerful and beautiful about getting inked in any of them. If you are looking for an edgy and beautiful tattoo at the same time, you must consider getting an Elden Ring tattoo.

Some Elden Ring Tattoo Ideas For The Ardent Video Game Lover

The Elden Ring game has several motifs. Here are some tattoo ideas to help you choose from this fantastical universe’s wide range of themes and characters. You can personalize them further according to your preferences. 

1. Traditional Elden Ring Design

Traditional Elden Ring Design
Image Source: pinterest

The traditional Elden Ring design comprises three overlapping rings. They converge at various points to form a triangular pattern. It is completed with a half-moon-like pattern on the top and bottom. It’s the ultimate symbol of the game, and it is excellent for minimalist tattoo lovers. It is also ideal as a first tattoo.

It looks best in black ink, but you may also use navy blue or dark green. You may add some text to the tattoo or add your initials to personalize it.

2. Elden Ring With Runes Tattoo

Elden Ring with Runes Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest

You can take the traditional Elden Ring tattoo one step further with this one. This tattoo has the ring, along with rune-like symbols, below it. It has the trident and the flaming circle resembling the Sun of Sol- another essential aspect of the game.

This tattoo is longitudinal in pattern and is apt for an arm or a leg tattoo. This minimalist pattern will show your love for the game without being too overwhelming. You may also add some color or text to the tattoo.

3. Elder Ring Monster Tattoo

Elder Ring Monster Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest

There are all kinds of fantastical creations in the Elden Ring Universe, and if you want an edgy and somewhat scary tattoo, this one’s for you. It’s quite an elaborate tattoo with the monster holding onto its victim. The toothed head and the clawed fingers are the highlights of this design.

Because of its intricate pattern, the tattoo is apt as a full-sleeve or a full-leg tattoo. Getting any monster tattoo is considered taboo in some cultures, so it is better to research before you get inked with this one.

4. Elden Ring Malenia Tattoo

Elden Ring Malenia Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest

Malenia is an outstanding female warrior in the Elden Ring universe and is one of the most stunning designs you can have. The female warrior is known for her strength and beauty; the tattoo represents all that. The tattoo is intricate, with a winged helmet, ironed armor, and jeweled dagger.

The helmet pulled over the eyes creates an element of mystery, while the red highlight creates the perfect backdrop. It would help if you had a very experienced artist who could do justice to this pattern. This design is excellent for the upper arm and the upper shoulder.

5. Elden Ring Flaming Red Tattoo

Elden Ring Flaming Red Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest

The Elden Ring game is exciting because of the adrenaline rush that sets in while playing it and because it is a visual delight. This flaming red tattoo has the sun in the background with one of the monsters in the foreground. You can include any other character in the tattoo if you want.

The tattoo is a great design as a full or half-sleeve tattoo. However, it would help if you were mindful of the fact that this requires a lot of color to be pumped into the skin. And as a full-color tattoo, this might be quite expensive as well.

6. Elden Ring Melina Sketch Tattoo

Elden Ring Melina Sketch Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest

The Melina is an excellent option for an elaborate sketch tattoo related to the Elden Ring. This courageous and stunning maiden is a great subject for the tattoo. Her sword is one of the major highlights, while other whimsical details add to the beauty of the design.

It’s great as an arm or a leg tattoo, and since the intricate patterns require some space, you can also etch it on the shoulders or back. The sketch tattoo uses predominantly black ink, but you may add some colored highlights.

7. Elden Ring Malenia Colored Tattoo

Elden Ring Malenia Colored Tattoo
Image Source: TattooNow

It’s a colored take on the traditional Malenia tattoo. Malenia is a stunning warrior, and her trademark gold helmet pulled over the eyes makes her all the more mysterious. The great thing about this tattoo is that it exudes such charisma that not just women but even men will find it appropriate.

The tattoo uses bold red strokes because of her flaming red hair; combined with the gold, it will turn heads. The intricate details on the helmet and armor add to its beauty.

8. Bright Yellow Elden Ring Tattoo

Bright Yellow Elden Ring Tattoo
Image Source: Reddit

The bright yellow Elden Ring tattoo is much like a regular one, except the yellow makes it stand out brighter. This tattoo has a thin black outline, and yellow is used to fill in the borders. The tattoo will undoubtedly attract some attention, but you must remember that yellow pigments can be challenging for the skin to hold.

You have to be extra careful to protect it from the sun’s UV rays. And you may also need regular touch-ups for the pigments to remain bright, or else they may fade out.

9. Ranni The Witch Tattoo

Ranni The Witch Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest

In the Elden Ring universe, Ranni the Witch is feared. Her charisma is enough to stop everyone in their tracks. You can exude the same power and confidence by choosing her for your tattoo.

Her hooded cape is her trademark garment, which makes her instantly recognizable among the other characters in this epic fantasy. There is some confusion about whether she has four arms, but that is a part of her mystery, and you can create her that way if you want.

10. Elden Ring Dark Souls Tattoo

Elden Ring Dark Souls Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest

The Elden Ring universe has several characters, and the dark souls are one of them. They can be pretty sinister, and their mark is also quite scary. You can use the dark theme concept for your tattoo if you want something eye-catching.

This tattoo uses orange and black to create the emblem. You can choose any character to stand below it like a portal. This tattoo works well on the upper arm or the knee because of the shape of the design.

11. Elden Ring Marika Tattoo

Elden Ring Marika Tattoo
Image Source: Reddit

This whimsical Marika tattoo may not be obvious at first, but therein lies its beauty. It’s a minimalist tattoo, and is great for places like the inner wrist, the nape of the neck, the waist, and above the ankles.

You can make this tattoo more beautiful by adding some color to it. Many such symbols and elements can be found in this fantasy, and you can adapt any of them and personalize it.

12. Elden Ring Maliketh Tattoo

Elden Ring Maliketh Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest

Maliketh, the Black Blade, is a fearsome entity in the Elden Ring game, and there is a significant fandom around him. This tattoo is impressive because of its very intricate designs and patterns.

Maliketh is ferocious; if that is what you want to portray through your tattoos, then this is a great option. The tattoo looks splendid in black and white, but you could also have it done in color. The longitudinal pattern makes the tattoo perfect for the upper arm and calves.

13. Ranni The Witch Blue Tattoo

Ranni the Witch Blue Tattoo
Image Source: Reddit

It’s a unique take on the Ranni the Witch tattoo. It’s mostly a sketch tattoo, but the element of fantasy is heightened by the wisps of blue and pink in the tattoo. Ranni does not look scary or intimidating in the tattoo but seems very docile.

Ranni’s Asian features are entirely highlighted, and even if you are looking for an exotic tattoo idea, this is a great design. Other elements like flowers and features add to the details. Female fans mostly prefer this tattoo, but anyone can have it. It’s apt for the upper arm or upper back.

14. Elden Ring Realm of All-Knowing Tattoo

Elden Ring Realm of All-Knowing Tattoo
Image Source: Reddit

The game has several stages; one element in this universe is the Realm of All-Knowing. This tattoo is a beautiful full-back tattoo and can be done in a bold color like red.

This tattoo is almost like a map. It’s an excellent option for those looking for something elaborate but bold and beautiful. This tattoo is apt for both men and women, and you can also use a mix of colors.

15. The Eclipsed Sun of Castle Sol Tattoo

The Eclipsed Sun of Castle Sol Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest

This stunning yet minimalist tattoo uses a recurring element of the Elden Ring fantasy world. The eclipsed sun looks quite different from a regular eclipse, though, and the flaming sun creates a beautiful pattern.

The shadow from the sun makes this tattoo more unique. This tattoo is great as a first tattoo and is excellent for the inner wrists, the middle of the neck, or the abdomen. This tattoo works best with black ink, but you can also use other bold colors.


You may have some questions about tattoos before you decide to get one. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions:

Are Elden Ring tattoos expensive?

Yes, these tattoos can be expensive because they belong to a particular niche. Accurately replicating each character requires immense skill. Your tattoo artist may charge $80 to $100 for a small, minimalist tattoo, but it will be significantly costly for colored tattoos with more expensive themes.

How long does a tattoo take to heal?

A tiny tattoo should heal completely in three to four weeks. But if you have opted for a full-sleeve or full-back tattoo, it can take eight weeks or more to heal. During that time, try not to exert yourself, and unless the scabs have dried and fallen off, keep the tattoo covered and clean.

How to choose an Elden Ring tattoo?

You can choose the tattoo based on your preferences for the various characters and themes of the Elden Ring universe. However, you also need to decide your budget, as colored and intricate tattoos can be quite expensive.

How to care for a tattoo?

It would help to keep your Elden Ring tattoo covered and always clean. Keep them covered when you step into the sun since the UV rays may fade the colors. Do not apply any drugstore ointment unless prescribed by your tattoo artist.
Do not engage in heavy exercises, which may cause the skin to break and bleed. Do not opt for swimming and wear light clothes to avoid sweating unless the tattoo has healed completely.


Elden Ring tattoos are beautiful, and you will love the final effect. The tattoos help bring the fantasy world to life. If you are an Elden Ring gaming fan, you will be able to appreciate the tattoos, as will any other fan of this role-playing fantasy game.

If you love any specific character, getting them tattooed is a unique way of showing your love and support. And if you have yet to try the game, give it a try, and you will become an ardent fan soon enough.

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