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Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit Professional 4 Machine Set Review

The best professional tattoo kit should possess all the essential supplies a beginner artist needs. This one is professional and exceptional, for being developed by professional tattoo artists themselves. The Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit includes two coil tattoo machines and two rotary machines. These include the Hildbrandt .44 Coil Liner, the .38 Caliber Coil Shader, the Witcher Rotary liner, and the Weaver Rotary shader. There’s the ‘Afterlife’ dual machine power supply to boast about to add to the appeal.

Furthermore, a complete host of tattoo kit accessories are featured, along with an attractive carrying case. Is this kit worth your time and investment? We’ve put the kit through a test and concluded with the detailed Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit review below.

Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit Review

Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit Review

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This professionally formulated tattoo kit by Hildbrandt is a “professional training system” that arrives at your doorstep very well packaged. According to customer reviews, the kit has the right hardware and software to teach you the basics and beyond, making the product well worth your money.

The kit is robust, practical, and comprehensive. It’s the perfect companion for your crucial training period en route to a professional career as a tattoo artist. To ensure a smooth growth path towards attaining professionalism, you’re given exclusive access to the ‘Teach Me to Tattoo’ website, which has an extensive collection of online guides and video tutorials. Additionally, you receive exclusive access to their online forum of like-minded tattoo enthusiasts — including professional tattoo artists — on the learning path. The kit also includes a comprehensive textbook titled “Basic Fundamental of Modern Tattoos” and a Hildbrandt Training DVD. In addition to the teaching materials, you also get the necessary hardware to learn the art of tattooing.

Here’s a summary of the specifications and features of the Hilbrandt Professional Tattoo Kit


  • The two coil tattoo machines in the hildbrandt tattoo kit are the Hildbrandt .44 Coil Liner and the .38 Caliber Coil Shader.
  • The .44 Coil Liner has a 10 wrap compact coil design with short liner springs in its semi-cutback compact frame. This machine is designed to be efficient at banging in lines and packing in color. 
  • The .38 Caliber Coil Shader has eight wrap coils, a wide-angled frame, and wide shader springs. This machine is designed for efficient and comfortable coloring and shading, which has to be administered gently.
  • The two rotary tattoo machines in the Hildbrandt tattoo kit are the Witcher Rotary 4.5 Watt JEX0 motor and the Weaver Rotary 4.5 watt JEX0 motor. Both of these are made of zinc composite metal casing.
  • The Witcher rotary tattoo machine features a 4.5 watt JEX0 motor with an up to 10,000RPM output. That’s enough horsepower to push large-sized needle configurations. It also features a 3.5 mm stroke, which is efficient at banging in lines and packing in color. The needle bar clamp design enables this tattoo machine to function without using clunky rubber bands. The featured low-tension dampening spring helps the needle go into the skin quickly without causing discomfort.
  • The Weaver rotary tattoo machine features the same 4.5 watt JEX0 motor and dampening spring and bar needle clamp design as The Witcher. This machine is powerful enough to push big magnum configurations and shaders. The stroke, in this case, is 3.0 mm, which is perfect for efficient shading and BG work. 
  • This kit features the ‘Afterlife’ dual machine power supply with accessories (RCA conversion kit, iron foot pedal, & clip cords). The digital display gives you the duty cycle readout, timing of the undergoing session, six different memory settings for liner and shader, the output range, and the continuous run option. 


This kit has plenty of features to prove its credibility as a reliable tattoo kit. When it comes to learning and practicing tattooing, few other kits are as complete and efficient. The features below can be summed up to indicate users will have a rewarding and fun experience with the Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit.

  • Professional Packaging

When you receive the kit, you’ll be delighted by the impeccable blister packaging style. You’ll also note the consumables are sterilized with indicator strips. Obtaining a new, tamper-proof kit is an excellent beginning for starters and experts alike! 

  • Easy To Learn & Operate The Kit

As mentioned at the beginning of the review, one of the most significant advantages of this tattoo kit is the guidance that comes along with it. You get straightforward learning access through the DVD, comprehensive textbook, and online learning tool. Hence, you’re trained from scratch to professionalism, together with mentoring through the official online forum — that brings artists of all levels together in a single interactive platform. Furthermore, there are plenty of accessories included in the kit for practicing till you’re more confident.

  • Excellent Power Supply

The power supply doesn’t get any better than in this kit. With an average working voltage range of 3.8 to 5.5 V, you’re dealing with a sturdy and high-performance supply for your tattoo machines. Its digital display, convenient toggle switch, and fine-tuning capability lead to efficient and uninterrupted tattoo results. There’s also the advantage of two separate ports for shading and lining, respectively.

  • Praiseworthy Coil Machines

Both the coil machines have a sturdy, aesthetically appealing frame with professional performance. The working of the machines is smooth and low on noise compared to competitor coil tattoo machine brands.

  • Bang For One’s Buck (& Durable)

This kit is truly worth every penny. That’s because of the high-quality items that are included. This includes all four tattoo machines, the amazing power supply, the extensive range of accessories, and the excellent learning support materials and access.

The accessories not mentioned so far, yet included in the kit, includes the following:

  • Other included accessories: carrying case, 7 primary ‘Radiant Colors tattoo’ inks (½ oz each), disposable tube grips that are pre-sterilized, tubes made of stainless steel, tattoo transfer paper, tattoo practice skin, Hildbrandt brand tattoo needles, 1 pack each of O rings & grommets, spanner, brush set for cleaning tubes, ink cups & ink cup holder, rubber bands, razors (disposable), pen (skin scribe), squeezable ink bottle.     

Things We Liked 

  • Great packaging.
  • 4 different tattoo guns for meeting the requirements of all types of tattoo designs.
  • Impressive power supply with touch screen and various readouts.
  • Instructional DVD for easy setup.
  • Interactive online forum access with other artists, including experts.
  • The comprehensive textbook to train you on “Tattoo Basics.”
  • You’ll get everything needed for good practice — like practice skin, inks, etc.
  • Value for money, considering the high-quality of the items in the kit.
  • The machines are relatively noise-free.
  • Great kit for beginners.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • You don’t receive any professional inks. Only practice ink is included.
  • The included design tubes could’ve been more modern.

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Final Thoughts

A professional tattoo kit like the Hildbrandt kit reviewed here is the ideal way to kick start your journey as a tattoo artist. This kit hits all the checkboxes to be considered as a complete, trustworthy, and versatile kit for guiding beginners. If you’re an apprentice or a professional tattoo artist, you could benefit from this kit as well. Primarily because the tattoo machines and power supply are of very high quality and perform incredibly well. 

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