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7 Tips and Methods on How to Cover Up a Tattoo With Makeup

Tattoos have now become so commonplace that one is not even surprised to see a tattoo inked on someone’s body. In fact, one can even argue that it has become rare to find someone who does not or at least used to have a tattoo inked on their body. In fact, according to Statista, a leading portal for market data and analysis, every 4 in 10 citizens in the US have or used to have a tattoo inked on their body. This is a far cry from the measly figure that used to be the case even a couple of decades ago.

The tattoos have certainly seen a resurgence in their popularity, primarily because of how easy it has become for one to get a tattoo. You could easily find a tattoo parlor on every street, at least in the major population centers. In fact, you could search even for an at-home tattoo professional service, and you would find loads of service providers who are ready to help you out.

And when one deeply thinks about it, it is not surprising at all. Tattoos allow one to show what they consider to be most important to them to the wider world. One can go for their character trait or someone they feel close to.

They can even go and get a tattoo of their favorite sports team; the options are simply endless for one to choose from. But another thing that has propelled tattoos to an unbelievable height in popularity it currently enjoys is because of how it is seen nowadays.

The stigma that has been attached to tattoos has gone down significantly, which is one of the reasons why tattoos are now more popular than ever. But that does not mean there are no issues one might have to face because of them, resulting in people searching for ‘how to cover up a tattoo?’ on Google. Luckily there are easy and straightforward ways for one to cover up their tattoo using makeup.

Tips That Work Well When You Want to Cover Your Tattoo

But before we go and tell you about tips and methods that you can use to cover your tattoo, you need to get your hands on the right makeup products for it to work perfectly. So, here are some makeup products that you need to get your hands on.

#1. Full Coverage Foundation

As the name suggests, this product is designed to completely conceal the tattoo from the applied area. If you own a full coverage foundation, you do not need to spend extra money to hide your tattoo. A full-coverage foundation is sufficient to ensure that you can easily hide your tattoo inked on your body.

Full Coverage Foundation
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A full-coverage foundation will serve as the base of your tattoo makeup while ensuring that you need not use much concealer afterward as well. And the best part about full coverage foundation is that they are available in hundreds of shades options. So, whatever your skin color is, you are sure to find a satisfactory solution for your needs with a full coverage foundation.

#2. Full Coverage Concealer

A full-coverage foundation works best in tandem with a full coverage concealer, which is the case in hiding a tattoo. A full-coverage concealer is typically used to hide dark circles, pigmentation, or any other kind of imperfections from the skin on a temporary basis. But obviously, it can be used to hide a tattoo temporarily as well.

Full Coverage Concealer
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A full-coverage concealer can easily conceal your tattoo, at least for a short while, with a single swipe. There are many formulas and products that are available to choose from in the market. Still, it would be best to go for a full coverage concealer with a waterproof formula. This would make the task that much easier, especially if you are someone living in a warm climate.

#3. Color Correcting Crayon

The above two excellent options are great for concealing your tattoo. Still, they also have their limitations, especially when it comes to colored tattoos. Yes, if you did not know, you can also opt for a colorful tattoo using colored ink.

Color Correcting Crayon
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But while they look great and all, they are also quite tricky to hide, mainly if they are inked on the part of your body that is exposed. So, what to do in such a situation? Well, luckily for you, color correcting crayon is something that is of use to you in such circumstances.

A color-correcting crayon goes a long way in hiding your colored ink. Still, you have to be thoughtful in making the correct choice of color-correcting crayon. For example, suppose you have a red-inked tattoo; you need a green color correcting crayon to help you out in such cases. This would also ensure that you do not need to use as much full coverage foundation and full coverage concealer to hide your tattoo.

Waterproof makeup is important, especially if you do not want it to wash in the middle of your appointment. All of those, as mentioned above, worked excellently when used in tandem and in a proper manner. But one should keep in mind that they only apply the finest of them to conceal their tattoo. Not all full coverage foundation, full coverage concealer, and color-correcting crayon are waterproof. So, before you go and buy them, check out whether that is the case or not.

Now while these products are excellent in hiding the tattoo from the viewer’s eye, at least on a temporary basis, you cannot use it without giving them some thought, especially when you can use it. If you have just gotten the tattoo inked on your body, and it is still in the healing phase, then you cannot, in any way, make use of any of the above-listed products. It would be best if you did not even think about applying any foreign substance other than the prescribed after-care products.

Applying a full coverage foundation or any product could lead to tattoo infection, which is not something anybody would want. Typically, a tattoo would take around 2 to 3 weeks to heal completely. Still, it is not set in stone and varies. For example, suppose you have opted for a colored ink tattoo. In that case, the timeline could easily stretch to a couple of months, especially in the case of a red ink tattoo.

So, you can use makeup to hide your tattoo if it has completely healed but not before.

How to Cover Up Your Tattoo? Tips and Methods 

If you are in any way familiar with the makeup products listed above and know how to apply them, then hiding a tattoo temporarily would be a piece of cake for you. But even then, you need to be meticulous concerning the steps and methods you use to hide your tattoo. Here is a step-by-step guide that you can follow to hide your tattoo from the wider world temporarily.

#1. Grab Your Products

Naturally, the very first thing you need to do to get started is to ensure that you have the right products for the task.

Grab Your Products
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While full coverage foundation, full coverage concealer, and color correction crayon are products that can be easily found in a makeup kit, that does not mean they are the right product for you to use. One needs to be extremely careful with their products to hide their tattoo. First, they need to ensure that the products they are going to use are waterproof and not just water-resistant.

This is essential if one wants to make up to last long, even when the tattooed part of their body comes in contact with water. Second, they need to check for the ingredients that are used in these products. This is done to check whether or not you are allergic to any of the ingredients used in the products. After you have done that, you can gather other essential tools like a setting powder, spray, a brush, and a blender, if need be. It is best to gather all these products before you start the tattoo concealing process.

 #2. Prep Your Skin

Makeup is not something one does without any preparation or careful planning, especially for a big occasion. You need to ensure that your skin is ready for the makeup and will show the best result.

Prep Your Skin
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But there are a couple of things that are different from the standard makeup and the tattoo concealing procedure. First, you cannot exfoliate your tattoo or its surrounding area in any way. It is simply a no-go, as it would damage the tattoo or probably could cause complications that you surely would not want.

So, no to exfoliating your tattoo. Second, ensure that the tattoo and its surrounding area are properly cleaned. More specifically, you need to ensure that the tattoo and its surrounding area do not have any oil and are completely clean and dry for the procedure. 

The best way to do that is by using alcohol to do that. Alcohol not only removes the excess sebum but also dries the tattoo and its surrounding area as well. Simply use a cotton pad, dip some alcohol on it and then clean the area, and you are good to go. Just give the area a couple of rubs using the pads, and that’s all you need to do.

#3. Time for Full Coverage Primer

Now full-body primer is not something you would use on a daily basis. It is a makeup product that is often reserved for a special occasion. No one can deny the power of full coverage primer in giving the skin an even tone. But its power truly shines when it comes to concealing a permanently inked tattoo.

Time for Full Coverage Primer
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The use of full coverage primer is an essential part of the tattoo concealment process. Unlike one’s face, the tattoo has colors and dimensions that are not found on one’s skin, at least naturally. 

Therefore, a full-coverage primer serves as the foundation of the cover-up process. Full-body coverage does, when applied, serve as the glue onto which the subsequent layers of the tattoo grab on to.

Once you have applied a full-coverage primer, only then can you apply any other product in your tattoo concealment procedure. A trick here to keep in mind is only to make use of a waterproof full coverage primer as it would ensure that the foundation of the makeup is vital even if the other products are only water-resistant. Be liberal in your application of the full coverage primer. Just make sure to cover the complete tattoo with it.

#4. Use Color-Correcting Crayons

Naturally, once you have given the tattoo something to hold onto, the next thing you need to do is to start the concealment process. And this starts with the use of color-correcting crayons.

Use Color-Correcting Crayons
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A color-correcting crayon needs to be used if one has opted for a colored tattoo, like a red-inked tattoo or something similar. So, if you have opted for a more traditional and classy black ink tattoo, then you can skip to the next step. But for those who have opted for a colored inked tattoo, using a color correcting crayon is vital in ensuring that their concealment work is successful.

One needs to be extremely careful with the color-correcting products one chooses. They cannot simply use a traditional color-correcting crayon and assume that it will work. No, you are aiming to neutralize the colored ink with an orange-based product.

But you still need to keep in mind the color of your tattoo ink before you go for a color correcting crayon. For example, suppose you have a red-inked tattoo, which is quite a popular option, then in such a case, you need a green color correcting crayon that will offset the ink. Also, ensure that your color-correcting crayon is waterproof in nature.

If you do not have a color-correcting crayon, you can use a lip liner for the exact same purpose.

#5. Time to Use Concealer

Once you have adequately applied the color-correcting crayon, then the next thing you need to do is to make use of the full coverage concealer. The purpose of the full coverage concealer is evident from the name. One can even make the point that the full-body concealer is the most important makeup product used to hide a tattoo, and they would not be wrong in their assumption. The full-body concealer does the real work.

Time to Use Concealer
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After applying the color correcting crayon, you need to use a full coverage concealer. Make sure that you apply it in thin, even layers. This is done to ensure that the concealer does not stand out from your skin. Always double or triple-check the application as even a small misstep here could cause catastrophe, possibly forcing you to start the procedure from the very top. If you do not want to do that, constantly check from a distance whether the tone and coverage are correct or not.

#6. Blend It In

Blend It In
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Once you have gone through the whole process of canceling your tattoo, the last thing you need to do is to ensure that the makeup is blended in with your skin. This is crucial. Otherwise, all your efforts up to this point have been for naught. You need to be innovative in regard to how you blend in the tattoo with your skin, especially if it is in an area that is exposed for one to see. For example, suppose you have a back neck tattoo that you are looking to conceal. 

Using makeup to hide it is a good enough start, but you also need to ensure that one does not notice the extra makeup you have utilized on the back of your neck. Here you can either go for a heavy neck ornament or even for top wear that will cover the back of your neck.

Keep in mind the climate of your surroundings, as the warmer climate could cause the makeup to loosen up. Appropriately use the makeup in the surrounding area as well for an even skin tone.

#7. Set Everything Up

The last thing you need to do to ensure success in your tattoo hiding procedure is make use of a setting spray and a setting powder. A setting spray and a setting powder are used to make sure that your makeup stays in perfect condition, and your tattoo remains hidden for an extended period.

Set Everything Up
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Be liberal in your application of setting power and allow your skin and, more importantly, your makeup to completely absorb before you buff the excess out. Finish this procedure by making use of a setting spray over your makeup.

There are many setting spray products available in the market. Only go for the finest and waterproof ones as it will ensure that your makeup remains set and, more importantly, your tattoo remains hidden for up to a day. Now you cannot ask for more than that.

To Sum Up 

Tattoos have become a constant presence in one’s life. But that does not mean that the stigma that has been attached to tattoos has gone away completely. For example, if you are getting interviewed for a position, having an inked tattoo prominently displayed is not usually a good sign. 

But the times are changing, and sooner or later, everyone will be comfortable with an inked tattoo. Until then, you can make use of these above method tattoos concealing tips and methods using readily available makeup products to hide your tattoo from the wider world. Just make sure you only use the finest and waterproof makeup products for the best results.

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