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18 Cool IGY6 Tattoo With Meaning, Design & Ideas

IGY6 is an abbreviation for ‘I Got Your Six,’ which can also be translated to ‘I Got Your back.’ IGY6 tattoos are used by military veterans who return from service and struggle to reintegrate themselves into society.

However, these tattoos are more popular among folks suffering from PTSD or other mental health issues.

IGY6 is not just a design but is representative of wounded warriors and their struggle for recovery.

With so many tattoo ideas, one could struggle to make the right choice. Here are some of the best IGY6 tattoo ideas with meaning that you should consider for yourself.

1. The Invisible Wound Tattoo

The Invisible Wound Tattoo
Image Source: static.boredpanda

Not all wounds are visible to the world, and that is what this tattoo design has tried to symbolize.

According to the tattoo artist that designed this piece, the use of semicolons represents a person’s mental health struggles. It is also intended to message that suicide is not always worth it.

The solo(s) in this tattoo reminds people who may be struggling with similar mental health issues that they aren’t alone, and there are others that they can lean on.

2. The Two Color IGY6 Tattoo

The Two Color IGY6 Tattoo
Image Source: nextluxury

This tattoo tries to raise awareness for PTSD and support individuals that are going through it. Here the tattoo artist has given a unique twist to the tattoo colors to make the design stand out even more.

The design of the semicolon tattoo, a symbol of Project Semicolon, is usually black and has been drawn in blue here. Half of it, the IGY part, has no colors. The ‘6’ in this tattoo design is still inked in the usual red color.

It is a versatile tattoo design, allowing you to add further elements to the mix without compromising the effectiveness of the message.

You could have a semicolon or a butterfly on the tattoo that refers to your transformation or something else entirely. You are also free to add other elements to the tattoo design, as it is that versatile.

3. The Battlefield Tattoo

The Battlefield Tattoo
Image Source: tattoos.gallery

This IGY6 tattoo is a way one can show support for veterans and their mental health. The battlefield cross inked by the artist is a reminder of those who fought for their country on the battlefield. You can tattoo your arm or leg to show your support to the survivors that are going through PTSD.

One can opt for this tattoo design to show someone in their family who is a vet that they are not alone and someone has their back, just like their company on the battlefield.

4. Bold Traditional IGY6 Tattoo

Bold Traditional IGY6 Tattoo
Image Source: nextluxury

For decades, fighter pilots have been using the phrase “got your six” to show they support their group members. Despite not changing in meaning, this phrase is more popular than ever. Nowadays, more people are getting inked with it to show their support for veterans.

The teal semicolon in this tattoo design tries to raise awareness about PTSD. Mental health awareness against depression, suicide, addictions, and self-injury is symbolized by the semicolon. The Black ‘IGY‘ symbolizes the grief one carries because of losing a loved one due to mental health issues, and the stark red ‘6’ represents the blood red.

5. The Lighthouse Tattoo

The Lighthouse Tattoo
Image Source: outsons

The artist has inked a lighthouse with the words ‘I’ve Got Your Back‘ written. The lighthouse has always symbolized strength, individuality, and death, something which is the inspiration behind this tattoo design. The artist has carefully created a design that is the best combination of a lighthouse and IGY6.

Lighthouses help us navigate storms with their shiny white light. We can also use Lighthouses to tell if it’s day or night in oceans so that even during challenging situations like stormy weather, we know the right way and should continue on our path. As a tattoo element, it refers to the struggle and the hope of someone battling mental health issues.

6. The Liberation IGY6 Tattoo

 The Liberation IGY6 Tattoo
Image Source: outsons

In this tattoo design, the artist commemorates the fallen soldiers and their liberation by inking an IGY6 tattoo on the wrist. These veterans had gone through war and experienced a short time of peace after the end but had to deal with the downfalls of reality.

As one can see, the tattoo design here is pretty clean, which only serves to add to its appeal. It is also highly versatile, allowing one to ink this tattoo design anywhere on their body.

7. The Target Tattoo

The Target Tattoo
Image Source: outsons

IGY6 tattoos demonstrate much more than just solidarity. They also support those who have suffered from mental health issues, are fighting for suicide awareness, and have fought in the military.

In this tattoo, the number 6 is adorned with a scope sign that indicates support for veterans who suffer from mental health issues. These army tattoos let you show your support for fellow soldiers, whether that’s during battle or after the mission.

The scope on number 6 indicates that you have the back of your fellow soldier, whatever the situation, exactly like a sniper covering their company.

8. The Survivor Tattoo

The Survivor Tattoo
Image Source: i.pinimg

This artist here has beautifully inked the IGY6 tattoo. It is incredible and done in such a way that it has remarkable realism.

There are two significant symbols that are easy to make out in this image. The semicolon with a skull integrated into it stands out as one, and the IGY6 written in black & red can also be clearly seen.

When you combine the IGY6 tattoo design with a skull, it’s clear that you care about suicide prevention and supporting family members after they’ve experienced this devastating loss. The death & rebirth symbolism is essential to note as well.

9. The Reaper Shark Tattoo

The Reaper Shark Tattoo
Image Source: outsons

Now, the IGY6 tattoo designs have been there for a long time and have already become one of the more popular tattoo designs in history. There are also light take versions of them, too, like this design.

On the shark’s tail, we can see IGY6 inked, meaning that the cat has its back covered. You can adjust the colors on this tattoo to your liking and make them bolder for a more significant effect by getting it inked on a larger surface.

You should consider getting this tattoo inked on the chest or back since these are the areas best suited for tattoos.

10. IGY6 22 Tattoo

IGY6 22 Tattoo
Image Source: nextluxury

The IGY6 here is fused with the number 22, which has a special significance to veterans that are suffering from PTSD from their time in the service. The 22 that is added to this tattoo also works as a reminder that we need to be active in our community for change to happen.

The 22 is a reminder of how we as a society have collectively failed in our effort to help those who have given their lives protecting us and how we need to do everything in our power to reduce that number to zero at the earliest.

The American flag added to the tattoo design only emphasizes this fact. However, you can also add another element, such as the name of someone whom you have lost due to PTSD and mental health issues, to the design.

11. Military IGY6 Tattoo

Military IGY6 Tattoo
Image Source: nextluxury

A tattoo of the IGY6 flag and/or logo can help support veterans from all military branches struggling with PTSD, depression, or anxiety. It shows support for anyone that is going through mental health issues. It also serves as a show of loyalty to fellow soldiers.

To make the tattoo design more personalized, one can consider adding the symbol of the regiment that the veteran belongs to. The insignia with the ‘I Got Your 6’ would go a long way in honoring their service and reminding them that they are not alone.

12. Skull and IGY6 Tattoo

Skull and IGY6 tattoo
Image Source: nextluxury

The use of the IGY6 tattoo to convey a message about suicide is becoming more prevalent as society has become increasingly preoccupied with it. A skull symbolizes death but also the opportunity for a new beginning. And this tattoo also has that double meaning.

The Skull is a very popular symbol, and its presence can be found in many cultures around the world. It is often represented as a symbol of new life, which is also the inspiration here.

13. IGY6 Dog Tag Tattoo

IGY6 Dog Tag Tattoo
Image Source: i.pinimg

This IGY6 tattoo is an opportunity for people to show support for veterans and their service, which is often overlooked. It features an image of a military dog tag, which can be created in different colors and designs.

This tattoo design can also be seen as a way to show respect and support for military veterans who have dedicated their lives to protecting us. Now it is time for us to have their backs just like they have done so during their service over the years.

14. IGY6 Finger Tattoo

 IGY6 Finger Tattoo
Image Source: tattoochronic

IGY6 tattoos symbolize camaraderie and turn into a memento for military personnel and first responders. And while they are many versatile tattoo designs, the IGY6 Finger tattoo is worth your consideration.

The fingers are among the most popular placement spot for a tattoo, including the IGY6 tattoo designs. This finger tattoo is an excellent way for one to show their support for veterans.

15. IGY6 Wrist Tattoo

IGY6 Wrist Tattoo
Image Source: nextluxury

The Wrist IGY6 tattoo is a popular option for many. They are great for people who prefer noticeable, easy-to-see tattoos. This design can also be visible on their skin while at work or in public, making it a flexible & relatable tattoo.

Additionally, the wrist is often thought of as a symbol of one’s strength and determination in the face of adversity. Because wrists are already structurally solid, it is a good place for this tattoo with its heavy meaning to find a home.

16. IGY6 Neck Tattoo

IGY6 Neck Tattoo
Image Source: inkedmag

A neck tattoo is a great way to keep one’s personal beliefs hidden from the public. It can be placed in a stylish location and will still show off your support for others, thanks to it being so small.

A neck tattoo is an ideal choice for people who are going through a tough time, as it is seen as a symbol of vulnerability. It makes them a perfect location for an IGY6 tattoo.

17. IGY6 Firefighter Tattoo

IGY6 Firefighter Tattoo
Image Source: nextluxury

The IGY6 Firefighter tattoo is a symbol that shows support for firefighters. It is often visible markings in support of firefighters who are usually required to help others in need. This tattoo can be worn by folks who want to show solidarity and support for the brave firefighters.

18. Not all Who Wander Are Lost Tattoo

Not all Who Wander Are Lost Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest

The meaning of the tattoo is something that is still up for debate. It can be interpreted as a reminder of the importance of not giving up or as a sign that you are different from others. This tattoo is also a symbol of the journey of one’s life.

The meaning behind this tattoo is up to interpretation. The words are just a reminder that we should always be open to new experiences and that wandering can lead us to places where we might find our true selves.


IGY6 is a tattoo design that has been popularized with the assistance of the Semicolon project.

Depression and PTSD are often thought of as invisible illnesses, as they are challenging to recognize. Those with long-term experiences often do not get the help they need and deserve. These tattoo designs are a way one can express solidarity and support.

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