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Explore 11 Rick And Morty Tattoo Ideas For Die-Hard Fans

Rick and Morty is one show that has gained a cult following, especially among the youth like you. If you’re a true and proud fan of this American sci-fi comedy series, you might want to show it to the world too.

Are you wondering how you can embrace your love for the show? Well, a tattoo inspired by Rick and Morty might be the best to join the clan of die-hard fans of the show.

What are you waiting for? Whether you admire Rick, the scientist grandfather, the bored grandson Morty, or maybe just inspired by some quotes from the show, here are some of the best tattoo ideas for you.

Best Rick And Morty Tattoos For You

There are so many fun aspects to the Rick and Morty show, which gives us a variety of tattoo designs inspired by the show. Here are some ideas you can consider for your next ink:

1. Rick And Morty Fine Line Tattoo

Rick And Morty Fine Line Tattoo
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As a true fan, you must know that the Rick and Morty world is famous for being intriguing and complex. But you can capture its essence or even the characters with just fine line ink in black.

And for true representation, you can pick your favorite characters in any scenario, either from the show or your imagination. You can create a tattoo with a fine-line application that might appear like a stencil taken straight from the series.

If your tattoo aesthetic is black and minimalist, this tattoo of your favorite scientist and his nephew will be the perfect addition to your body.

2. Traditional American Rick Tattoo Design

Traditional American Rick Tattoo Design
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Another favorite tattoo idea from this show is this hybrid traditional American design that imports the universe of Rick and Morty in the Sailor Jerry style. I know you might think they are satisfyingly irreverent, but the Rick and Morty of the Popeye era might approve.

This traditional American-style tattoo includes the use of bold outlines, a color palette that is bright, and two-dimensional images.

Along with the addition of basic symbols like skulls, roses, or even nautical imagery, the tattoo is perfect for someone who wishes to stand out, just like you and your favorite characters from the show!

3. Rick And Morty Cartoon Tattoo

Rick And Morty Cartoon Tattoo
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Cartoon tattoos are all the rage today, and what could be better for your Rick and Morty-inspired tattoo? I’d say none.

If you’re unfamiliar with cartoon tattoos, it is an established style and a very entertaining genre. Here the use of cartoon style brings out the realism of these characters.

Let’s face it, if you want your favorite cartoon characters to come to life on your skin, you have to get a tattoo that represents the animation of these characters, like on TV. This cartoon style can help you capture the true essence of the show you adore and feature the characters and scenes quite accurately.

4. Modernistic Rick & Morty Design

Modernistic Rick & Morty Design
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Do you relate more to the modern style than the traditional one? If yes, then you can ditch the American tattoo and opt for this new school ink.

I believe this style aptly brings the essence of Rick and Morty, as the new school ink style fits well, both in terms of concept as well as application. It is a bold design with the neon coloring of a simple design of the two characters and can feature some text as a banner.

This unique tattoo design will give you a modern, different, and vibrant style that will turn heads and start conversations!

5. Rick Crossover Tattoos

Rick Crossover Tattoos
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If you’re a true fan of the show, I’m sure you would have imagined its crossover with other of your favorite shows or movies. You can also combine the two to create a new tattoo!

Be it the film trilogy ‘Back to the Future,’ Star Wars, or even a children’s cartoon-like Scooby Doo, you can seamlessly merge another favorite for an aesthetic tattoo.

I personally like this characterization of Raoul Duke, the main character from Fear and Loathing. The tattoo includes a cynical Duke sporting the usual attire of a Hawaiian shirt, white hat, and sunglasses with a cigarette in his mouth.

It is a badass crossover tattoo that will help you reimagine your favorite character Rick in a new style and genre altogether. In my opinion, it is the best way to pay homage to two or more of your favorite characters, shows, or cultures in one tattoo design.

6. Minor Character Tattoos

Minor Character Tattoos
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It’s not fair to talk about Rick and Morty’s tattoo ideas and only mention the main characters. If you’re someone who doesn’t want a mainstream tattoo that everyone has and needs something unique, you can consider the minor characters from the series.

From Mr. Meeseeks to Bird Person, from Mr. Poopybutthole to Snowball, the Smiths’ dog, and even Krombopulos Michael, all of them can make great tattoos for the fans!

What makes it an ideal tattoo for Rick and Morty enthusiasts is that only another die-hard fan will only recognize it and understand its value.

7. Psychedelic Rick And Morty Tattoo

Psychedelic Rick And Morty Tattoo
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Another great vibrant tattoo idea is psychedelic Rick and Morty designs that might interest fans of both the show and, well, psychedelics.

This tattoo seamlessly blends swirling and colorful imagery of Rick’s portal gun with the famous sci-fi green color, which pops off the body. If you want to personalize it, you can add colors like high saturation yellow, pink, purple, blue, or orange to create a trippy image.

8. Colorful Rick And Morty Arm Tattoo

Colorful Rick And Morty Arm Tattoo
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A good tattoo design also calls for a good placement, don’t you think? And what better than your arm, which will not only give enough area for the artist to do a detailed piece but also give it enough attention?

You can consider this colorful space theme Rick and Morty tattoo for your arm ink and even create a sleeve by extending the image.

9. Minimastic Rick And Morty Tattoo

Minimastic Rick And Morty Tattoo
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If you’re a big fan of Rick and Morty and minimalism, you can achieve both with this creative tattoo idea. It is one single complete image that includes half face of Rick and half of Morty to create a nice illusion.

Coupled with a few other elements like the stars, dots, a spiral, and a UFO, this whimsical tattoo would be ideal for your arm, shoulder, back, or even chest.

10. Rick And Morty Matching Tattoo Design

Rick And Morty Matching Tattoo Design
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Do you have a friend or family who loves this show equally? Then why not get a matching tattoo with them to commemorate it?

The tricky part here for you will be deciding who gets to take Rick and who will get Morty inked on them. Once you have that settled, you can pick a placement of your choice, and it doesn’t need to be the same for you both.

This will give you a tattoo that not only helps you pay homage to your favorite show and even character but also have a forever bond with someone close to you through this matching tattoo. It can be an inside joke or a way to remember your binge-watching partner!

11. Peace Amond Worlds Tattoo

Peace Amond Worlds Tattoo
Image Source: pbs.twimg

A true fan of Rick and Morty knows the significance of the quote – Peace Among World. It can also make a great tattoo idea, especially if you like text-based inks.

An image of Rick and Morty flipping out with the words written below or on the side will make up a nice and funny tattoo. It is best suited to the fans of the show who are rebellious and like to make a bold statement.


There are many hot, burning questions related to this iconic show and tattoo ideas that commemorates the insane level of fan following among all the tattoo enthusiasts. We have tried to answer some of them. Feel free to ask some more for this FAQ section.

What Does A Tattoo Of Rick Represent?

An ink of the character Rick represents power, protection, courage, authority, and even struggles. If you want a little inspiration or motivation, you can get this tattoo!

What’s The Deeper Meaning Behind Rick And Morty Tattoos?

Like you, not many people realize that the tattoo of Rick And Morty has a deeper symbolic meaning associated with it. It not only represents the relationship between a grandfather and his grandson but also hints about the meaning of life and how the universe is vast when compared to human existence.

Is Morty Evil?

Yes, the show explains that Morty was evil only because he was completely sick of Rick.

Final Thoughts!

From the beginning of the first episode, the show Rick and Morty intrigues and pulls the viewer. The same happened to me, and I’d like to believe you as well.

A tattoo inspired by the characters, dialogues, and scenes of the show is the best way to commemorate your love for one of the best sci-fi shows of our time. Don’t wait and book your tattoo appointment for your Rick and Morty tattoo that will establish you as a true fan of the show!

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