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15 Superb Sunset Tattoo For Men & Women (With Meaning!)

Who does not enjoy spending their evening watching those mesmerizing sunsets? Even folks that do not have much patience would find themselves gazing at sunsets every now and then for an unexplained reason. So, it is no wonder that sunsets are also popular among tattoo enthusiasts as the best design ever.

When searching for popular tattoo designs for men & women, you would find hundreds if not thousands of different sunset tattoos. With so many options, all with different shapes and positioning, it could be challenging for one to choose the very best for them.

You cannot choose just about any sunset tattoo without considering the meaning and symbolism behind it. Luckily, we have made this task much easier for you by compiling a list of some of the best sunset tattoos for both men & women, with meanings, for your consideration.

Superb Sunset Tattoos for Men And Women

Here is the list of the best sunset tattoos for men and women. Take a moment and choose the tattoo design for inspiration that speaks to you.

1. Japanese Sunset Tattoo

Japanese Sunset Tattoo
Image Source: https://i.pinimg.com/

Japan has given so much to the world in terms of art and culture. How could anyone talk about sunsets and not start from the land of the rising sun? Something similar can be experienced in this tattoo design inked by the artist as well. This sunset tattoo is inked using the beautiful Japanese drawing style with many elements added to the mix,  which makes this tattoo design truly unique.

This masterpiece includes various elements such as a bird, a lantern hanging from a native tree with flower-bearing branches, and a setting sun. One must ask themselves how such a small rectangle can contain so many beautiful elements?

It is truly something one must ponder upon. The combination of so many elements in such a beautiful way is the artist’s way of representing life itself and how there is beauty to be found everywhere, one only has to look for it.

2. Beach Sunset Tattoo

Beach Sunset Tattoo
Image Source: https://nextluxury.com/

Beach tattoos are among the most popular tattoo designs you can find on folks. We have not put them at the top of the list because of how common they are. It is very likely that when you have searched for a sunset tattoo on your web, the first result would be something related to a beach tattoo design.

When one envisions a sunset, a beach with a tropical setting comes to mind. So, it is any wonder why it is such a popular tattoo design. This tattoo represents happiness and serenity. It also refers to the new beginnings and one seeking forgiveness for any wrongdoing they have done. It is one of the primary reasons why many tattoo lovers opt for a beach sunset tattoo.

The artist will definitely do a wonderful job when he creates an enthralling tattoo design for the upper arm. There is an otherworldly element to it, with the sun setting dominating the piece. The waves from the water body have also done an excellent job in complementing the design.

3. Minimalist Mountain Sunset Tattoo

Minimalist Mountain Sunset Tattoo
Image Source: https://thestyleup.com/

Not every tattoo design has to be so element rich. For many tattoo lovers, the minimalist tattoo genuinely does the job. And that is precisely what this minimalist sunset tattoo brings to the table.

It is a simple and minimalist tattoo with a mountain range, cutely drawn, and a setting sun that complements the scenery. This tattoo design shows that the sun does not have to be the main focal point as it can do an impressive job as a secondary player. This tattoo symbolizes strength in the individual, especially when losing someone very close to their heart.

But additionally, it also has a relation with reincarnation and describes that a lot more is there in life after death. One can also take this tattoo as a means for someone to start fresh and choose a new undertaking with a firm belief in their character.

4. Not-so Minimalist Mountain Sunset Tattoo

Not-so Minimalist Mountain Sunset Tattoo
Image Source: https://www.inkme.tattoo/

Do not be under the assumption that the minimalist mountain sunset tattoo is the only way one can utilize these elements in a tattoo design. The two most common elements in a tattoo design are the sinking sun and the mountain. So, it makes sense that a lot more combinations are bound to exist.

This not-so-minimalist mountain is one of the many suggestions you will find in the sunset tattoo collection. The sun in this tattoo is uniquely represented. One could not see the full sun, but its presence can be felt in the design.

The mountain makes for a striking figure. The tattoo refers to an individual’s coming to terms with death, either of a loved one or the death of themselves. Facing the end with dignity is an excellent way to describe the motivation of this tattoo design.

5. African Sunset Tattoo

African Sunset Tattoo
Image Source: https://i.pinimg.com/

It is a trendy design, especially among folks that are from the continent of Africa. Yes, Africa is a vast continent, but there is a common assumption about the more than average sunlight the continent experiences yearly.

Most of it is due to the location of the continent. Nonetheless, it is still an excellent way for one to pay tribute to the place they come from and remember their roots. It also represents one finding hope when there is nothing to be found.

Another set of folks among whom this tattoo design is trendy is tourists who have been to this beautiful continent and want to remember the great time they had. The tattoo design is a simple scenery reminiscent of a safari ride. It is an image that will surely remain with you till the end of your lives.

And what is remarkable is that you can customize it in any way you want. You can even add more animals to the design without compromising its everlasting beauty. It is truly a magnificent tattoo design.

6. Dolphin With the Sunset Tattoo

Dolphin With the Sunset Tattoo
Image Source: https://i.pinimg.com/

Mountains and landscape are not the only elements you can add to a sunset tattoo design. Dolphins also make for an interesting element that one can add to their sunset tattoo. They are a creature of intelligence, virtue, and happiness. So, naturally, they make for an excellent combination with a sunset tattoo.

Inking a dolphin in its natural habitat, in the ocean, is the best way one can get a unique and attractive tattoo design. And as one can in the design, the artist has done his best to do just the same. Inking the dolphin in the sea with the beach in the background is undoubtedly the right way to go.

One look at the design, and you could not help yourself but get a smile on your face. It is especially true if you have been lucky enough to experience something similar in your life. It is a happy tattoo design, which is precisely what it represents – happiness.

It gives a sense of joy, of living free in the world and doing what you desire without restriction. This is something everyone wants in their life and a goal we all strive forward every day.

7. Palm Tree With a Sunset Tattoo

Palm Tree With a Sunset Tattoo
Image Source: https://i.pinimg.com/

It is one of the most famous images that you have ever seen. Palm trees on the beach along with a scenic view of a sunset in the background, make the design more fantastic. So, why don’t you go with this design while getting your body inked?

It is a marvelous tattoo design that you can go for. This tattoo design interprets the ideal balance of life – of working hard and then taking a rest when needed. Finding balance in life is crucial, and that is what this tattoo design is trying to indicate.

Palm trees alone symbolize dexterity and slowing down after working too hard to achieve your goals. With the combination of the sunset, they add an element of rebirth to the mix and indicate to the wider world that you believe in reincarnation. That one’s story is not over simply because they have passed away. More to life is there, even after death. You do not have to be religious and believe in any god to opt for this tattoo design.

8. Minimalist Palm Tree With a Sunset Tattoo

Minimalist Palm Tree with a Sunset Tattoo
Image Source: https://nextluxury.com/

You had to have seen this one from a mile away; with such a popular tattoo design, you should not have expected anything else. The minimalist palm tree with a sunset tattoo is a highly versatile tattoo design that can be inked on any part of the body. While it uses a couple of different colored tattoo inks, especially to distinguish the other elements present in the tattoo design, no one can call it anything but a minimalist masterpiece.

Now, just like the previous palm tree with the sunset tattoo, you do not have to believe in a religion or a god to have faith in reincarnation. The tattoo is perfect for folks who consider themselves to be old souls. These folks not only believe in reincarnation but even feel as though they have experienced the rebirth themselves.

The tattoo is inked excellently, with complete focus given to all three elements. The palm tree, the ocean waves, and the sun setting on the horizon are equally important in the tattoo design and complement each other magnificently. The color choices for the ink are also spot on. A classic black ink for the palm trees, an appropriate reddish-orange for the sun, and finally the ocean blue for obviously the water body.

9. Sunset with Elephants Tattoo

Sunset with Elephants Tattoo
Image Source: https://i.pinimg.com/

Elephants are strong and majestic creatures that one could never get enough of. They are even by themselves a great tattoo design for one to have, especially for folks that want a tattoo that represents their physical, mental, and emotional strength.

An elephant, as one can imagine, successfully checks all the tick boxes. It is also an excellent tattoo design for truth-seeker folks who understand the importance of honesty in their life, not just with others but with themselves as well.

Elephants also are renowned for their care for the young ones. They guide them along their path, so adding their element with sunset, which also represents guidance, is simply a match made in heaven.

The only thing that one needs to be kept in mind while designing this tattoo is that the fusion between the elephant and the sunset is not over the top. The elephant is still the focal point, with the sunset playing an excellent supporting role. Just keep this in mind while designing your idea, and you will have an extraordinary tattoo on your hands.

10. Urban Sunset Tattoo

Urban Sunset Tattoo
Image Source: https: //d1kq2dqeox7x40.cloudfront.net/

While there could be hundreds of drawbacks to one leading an urban life, one thing that no one could complain about is the magnificent sunset city landscape. There is something mystical about them that could not be properly explained in words.

No matter how often you look at the same scenery, you would never be bored of it and could not take your eyes off it. So, if such is its enthralling nature, why not get inked on your body?

That is precisely what the tattoo artist has done in this urban sunset tattoo design. The perfect capture of city life and the sunset allows one to imprint this captivating scenery on their body forever.

You can exactly feel the energy of the city in the tattoo design. It is an excellent tattoo design for folks who want to channel the same energy in their personal and professional life.

11. Road Scape Sunset Tattoo

Road Scape Sunset Tattoo
Image Source: https://i.pinimg.com/

Along the lines of the urban sunset tattoo, one can also consider the road scape sunset tattoo for their design. The tattoo has a seemingly endless road, with the sun setting on the horizon. There is no need for a vehicle or any transport show one’s journey, as is pretty evident from the design. This tattoo, in essence, is an excellent representation of life itself—an endless journey with no clear beginning or end.

The road is the path that everyone must take to fulfill their goals, which is represented by the setting sun. Yes, the sunset is on the horizon in the end, but no one knows the distance one must cover to get anywhere close to it.

It just keeps on going, and it is upon the individual how they can make the most of it. It might seem like an unrewarding journey, but you never know when you will be going to make progress. And anyway, it is the journey that matters, not the destination.

12. Sunset Tattoo With Sunflower

Sunset Tattoo With Sunflower
Image source: https://i.pinimg.com/

There are many flowers that one can go for to combine with the sunset tattoo design. But one can safely say that opting for a sunflower would be a great choice. The sunflower is a beautiful element representing everything good found in nature; the same can be said about the sunset as well, making them an excellent combination for a tattoo design.

As one can assume, it is a happy tattoo design for folks that wants to radiate joy to the broader world. It is a tattoo design for folks with cheerful personalities. Individuals looking to add more to their life can also get this tattoo inked on their bodies.

13. Hibiscus Flower Tattoo With Sunset

Hibiscus Flower Tattoo With Sunset
Image source: https://i.pinimg.com/

This might come as a surprise, but it is not the sunflower that is most widely used with a sunset tattoo – it is the Hibiscus flower. The only reason is because of what they represent. Hibiscus is a tropical plant, naturally making it an excellent companion for a sunset tattoo. A tropical plant in a warm sunset scenery, nothing could be more natural than that.

This tattoo combination is especially popular among women. Hibiscus flowers represent not only prestige and success. But they are also used to refer to beauty and feminity, making them an excellent tattoo element for women. Their combination with sunset indicates the wearer’s truthfulness and dexterity which will lead them to have great success in the future.

14. A Simple Minimalist Sunset Tattoo

A Simple Minimalist Sunset Tattoo
Image source: http://cdn.shopify.com/

Not every tattoo has to be flashy and groundbreaking with hundreds of different meanings, naturally making them an excellent conversation starter at parties. Even a simple sunset tattoo would be good enough to show your personality to the broader world. This minimalist tattoo presents the connection with the concept of reincarnation and is quite closely related to Buddhism.

Another meaning of this tattoo design is an individual strength – not just physical but mental and emotional strength as well. This tattoo indicates that the wearer is someone who is not only strong but is capable of enduring pain as well.

15. Watercolor Sun Tattoo

Watercolor Sun Tattoo
Image source: https://i.pinimg.com/

A sweet, fun tattoo that is also a popular colorful option. This tattoo is inked on one’s arm with the tattoo inks giving it a smudgy and oil painting look. The design’s watercolor styling makes this tattoo unique, with the sun rays being the only thing covered in the classic black ink. The tattoo has a cartoonish feel, which is what makes it unique from the other listings here.

It is a highly versatile tattoo, popular among fun people who are just getting a tattoo for the first time. The colorful tattoo does indicate the wearer’s creative style and perchance to try something unique.


If you are someone, who wants to get your skin inked, a sunset tattoo could be a great choice for you. Now, pick any design that you find amazing from the above-listed ones and get a superb sunset tattoo inked on your skin.

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