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21 Spectacular Mountains Tattoos Design for Mountain Lovers

With the stigma around the tattoo all but receding to being nonexistent, we see more and more people opting to get a tattoo inked on their body. There would hardly be anyone reading this blog who does not already have a tattoo inked on their body. Or, at the very least, know someone who has tattoos. And this is not geographical, as the popularity of tattoos is on an upward trend around the world. But among all the excellent tattoo designs that one can go for, one stands head and shoulder above the rest, at least in the explorer community. And that design is a mountain tattoo.

Mountain tattoos have become quite popular in the last few years, which is not surprising. A mountain tattoo can represent so many things, and that’s why they are trendy. From the sacredness of mountains depicted in the eastern culture to the exploring vibe, the mountain tattoo gives out the reasons for getting a mountain tattoo are simply endless. But while the reasons are endless, so is the case with mountain tattoo designs. It is pretty common to be confused about the right mountain tattoo design.

Mountains Tattoos Design for Mountain Lovers

We have compiled a list of some of the best mountain tattoos that one can go for. You can easily go through the list and take inspiration for your spectacular mountain tattoo design.

1. Armband Tattoo

Armband Tattoo
Image credit: https://www.pinterest.com/

When one thinks about a mountain tattoo, their first thought goes to something gigantic. It is natural for one to go there as mountains are generally huge. But that does not mean that one can only ink a huge mountain tattoo. One can opt for several smaller mountain tattoos, with an armband tattoo being one of them. Mountains are, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful tattoo designs. But one can take the artistry up a notch by extending the mountain scene around the armband. This design can easily circle your arm with mountain scenery like an armband. And by simply adding light details, you can add another dimension to the armband tattoo.

2. Mt. Fuji Tattoo

Mt. Fuji Tattoo
Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/

There would hardly be anyone who has not heard of the name Mt. Fuji. One can even argue that it has become one of the most recognized symbols of Japan. But even if one ignores the symbolism surrounding Mt. Fuji, it is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful mountains out there. Mt. Fuji looks like an artistically designed mountain with perfect symmetry, making it one of the top tourist destinations for mountain lovers.

And if you are a Japanophile, you can always add a red sun as the rising sun in the Mt. Fuji tattoo design. If you opt for Mt. Fuji tattoo, you simply could not go wrong. The best place to get this tattoo inked? Well, the advantage of this tattoo design is that you can ink it anywhere, be it your arm, wrist, or even the back of your neck.

3. Geometric Mountain Tattoo

Geometric Mountain Tattoo
Image Credit: https://thestyleup.com/

Mountains are essentially triangles, enormous triangles, but triangles, nonetheless. This allows one to experiment quite a bit with the concept. One can experiment with triangles and add abstract and geometric designs for tattoo designs. Even a lack of curve to show the slope of the mountain would not deter one from getting an aesthetically pleasing design. And if that is not enough, one can add several features to this minimalist design.

This is simply one of the most versatile mountain designs that one can go for. The only thing one needs to keep in mind is not to clutter the tattoo design. The simpler the layout is, the better it would look.

4. Nature Scene Tattoo

Nature Scene Tattoo
Image credit: https://www.tattoonow.com/

Mountains are nature’s gift. So, naturally, you will find tattoo designs that will give an ode to this. This tattoo design is perfect for folks who are deeply connected to nature. But you should not think it is as simple as that. The mountain in the tattoo design is your Everest, and you are aiming for it. It could be anything from your goals to the effort you put into achieving them.

It simply could be anything that you feel connected to. And the added scenery to the mountain does an excellent task of adding dimension to this tattoo design. In addition, light shading is done to add an extra layer of dimension to the tattoo design.

5. Contained Tattoo

Contained Tattoo
Image Credit: https://www.glamour.com/

Look at any mountain scenery, and you will find that there is usually no bottom to them. First, they are pretty gigantic, making it almost impossible to capture the whole mountain in one scenery. And second, they are usually obstructed, making it challenging to capture their complete essence in one image. But you can utilize this negative space by adding trees on the mountain’s base.

This would not only create whole scenery but would also make for an excellent contained tattoo. And if you opt for this tattoo on your armband on your ankle, you will not be disappointed with the final result.

6. Softened Tattoo

Softened Tattoo
Image Credit: https://www.healthline.com/

There is just something special about the mountain and a minimalist tattoo design. And that is why this would not be the last minimalist entry we would find on this list. This tattoo design is especially great for folks who are not interested in getting a geometric shape mountain inked on their body. In contrast to the rigid geometric shape of the previous design, this softened tattoo has curved lines with minimal detailing.

One could even be forgiven if they think that it is not a mountain tattoo at first glance, but it is, in fact, quite a beautiful mountain tattoo that one can go for. An added benefit of opting for this minimalist design is that it allows one to choose the number of curves, with each curve indicating a mountain range.

7. Space Tattoo

Space Tattoo
Image Credit: https://www.tumgir.com/

If you are a fan of mountains and well invested in space, this Space tattoo is definitely for you. This tattoo is designed by making the mountain the centerpiece with different heavenly bodies circling it. The mountain is prominently displayed as the main attraction making a statement. The heavenly bodies revolve around it, with added details that showcase the axis of the rotation—all in all, a perfect design for folks invested in both mountains and space.

You can even add some stars and satellites in the mix as well to make the tattoo design richer. The best place to ink this design? Since this is a circular design, the best place you can opt for is either on your back or your arm.

8. Playful Tattoo

Playful Tattoo
Image Credit: https://en.pinkoi.com/

Mountains can be playful as well, as seen by this tattoo design. It is a simple tattoo design with only the bare minimum ink used, but no one can say that it does not look cool. It is the perfect design for folks looking to get a small and fun-loving tattoo that showcases their personality and interest to the broader world. The tattoo has a minimal mountain structure, detailing thick shadows, a rising sun in the background, and two lines indicating the ground. Some birds are flying in the sky, giving a wholesome look to the tattoo design.

9. Vibrant Tattoo

Vibrant Tattoo
Image Credit: https://designpress.com/

A mountain does not have to be all black and white; it can also be quite rich in color. And that is precisely the case with this vibrant tattoo as well. Mountains are one of the most versatile designs that one can go for. The reason is that they can be easily incorporated into a number of styles without much effort. Take a look at the design here, and you will see several elements are added to the design. The blue ink indicates skin with some white patches in the mix. The tattoo is enclosed with a circle of roses, giving a beautiful final touch to the fantastic design. One could be forgiven for mistaking this tattoo as a beautiful painting with their first look.

10. Delicate Tattoo

Delicate Tattoo
Image Credit: https://www.web24.news/

As mentioned previously, mountains do not have to be a massive structure as there are several ways for one to ink these beauties. And one of the more popular ways is through delicate tattoos. This design is perfect for folks who are looking for a soft design. If massive size and resolution are not something for you, then this delicate tattoo might be something you can consider. A small and straightforward mountain range is inked on the individual in this tattoo design. The tattoo is given extra touch by appropriate shading, but that’s it. That is all required to make this a beautiful tattoo design.

11. Forest Tattoo

Forest Tattoo
Image Credit: https://www.savedtattoo.com/

This forest tattoo should definitely be considered if being bold is your thing. This tattoo does not hesitate to show itself to the wider world. And unlike several tattoo designs in the list, it is not soft at all. In fact, one could say that this design is quite sharp. In this tattoo design, one will find the forest excellently complimenting the mountain. The mountain here symbolizes one’s goal, target, and resolution. Whereas the forest is the arduous journey that one needs to go through. It is a challenging but ultimately fruitful journey.

12. Dotwork Tattoo

Dotwork Tattoo
Image Credit: https://www.segerios.com/

Unlike several tattoo designs that are focused on the arm and back, this is a mountain tattoo that explicitly targets the foot. So yes, if you are looking to get a mountain tattoo for your foot, then this Dotwork tattoo is definitely for you. Its design is unique in itself, with the dotwork only enhancing the beauty of the design. On a first look, it looks like a hand-drawn painting; such is the artistry that is involved with the tattoo design. And on top of it, this design’s unique orientation makes it a truly spectacular design that would be the envy of many.

13. Mountain and Wave Tattoo

Mountain and Wave Tattoo
Image Credit: https://nextluxury.com/

There can be no doubt regarding the versatility of the mountain in a tattoo design. Now think about this natural wonder with a giant ocean wave. Sounds fascinating, isn’t it? Well, that is precisely the case with this mountain and wave tattoo design. The mountain and the wave are next to each other, with the ocean wave giving the impression that it will swallow the mountain whole.

But, on the other end, the mountain is resolutely standing on its end, facing the coming tsunami without any hesitation. The shading that is done on the mountain and the ocean wave only makes the tattoo design more appealing.

14. Maximalist Tattoo

Maximalist Tattoo
Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/

Not a fan of the minimalist mountain design, or minimalist tattoo design in general? If that is the case, you can opt for a maximalist tattoo to ink on your body. In this tattoo design, one can see that the artist has not hesitated in adding as many elements as possible to the mountain tattoo design. That is precisely the purpose of the maximalist tattoo design. The only thing one needs to keep in mind is that the mountain should be the focal point in your tattoo design. And while you can add as many elements as possible to this design, you also need to ensure that it does not overwhelm the tattoo design. A tattoo design where too much is going in will simply not look good.

15. Realist Tattoo

Realist Tattoo
Image Credit: https://kickassthings.com/

Who says the tattoo design has to be only inspired by a mountain range? One can easily ink a real-life mountain range on their body as well. The same is the case with this mountain tattoo design as well. One will find that the tattoo artist has not tried to embellish the beauty of the mountain by corrupting it with unnecessary changes. Just by simply adding some shading to the tattoo design, one can enhance the beauty of this tattoo design by manifold.

16. Vivid Tattoo

vivid tattoo
Image Credit: https://mobile.twitter.com/

Another vibrant tattoo design. This mountain tattoo design has a mix of everything in the mix, from the colorful depiction of the ink to the including geometrical shapes, giving the mountain tattoo a stunning look. There is just so much going in this tattoo that one would take at least a couple of seconds to take it all. From the beautiful mountain to the waterfall and don’t forget the sun with birds roaming the sky, this is simply a masterpiece that one can ink on their body.

17. Matching Tattoo

Matching Tattoo
Image Credit: https://www.byrdie.com/

A mountain tattoo is not only an individualistic design. If one wants to get a matching tattoo with their partner, then the mountain tattoo serves that purpose as well. A matching mountain tattoo is indicative of the strong relationship between the individuals in a relationship. The mountain in the tattoo design indicated consistency, reliability, and eternity, all excellent traits in a relationship. One must keep in mind that both individuals get their tattoo inked in the same place and opt for a minimalist design. This will only enhance the overall result of the matching tattoo.

18. Climbing Tattoo

Climbing Tattoo
Image Credit: https://nextluxury.com/

If you are looking for someone unique in your mountain tattoo design, then this is your cup of tea. While the mountain is still at the center of the mountain tattoo design, it is not the focal point. Instead, the focal point is the struggle one has to go through to climb their mountain. The mountain here is the individual’s goal, with the individual’s climb indicating their hard work to reach their goal. If you love mountain climbing, then this climbing mountain tattoo might be something worth your consideration.

19. Lotus Flower Tattoo

Lotus Flower Tattoo
Image Credit: https://shilpaahuja.com/

Another masterpiece in the mountain tattoo design – Lotus flower tattoo design. Lotus Flower tattoo design is the perfect result when combining two highly versatile and powerful symbols into one. And while it looks spectacular, it also has two focal points. Yes, the mountain range is not the only focal point in the tattoo design. And one can even say that the mountain is actually highlighting the lotus in the tattoo design, not the other way around. Mountains, as mentioned before, go well with almost everything.

The reason is that they have a tremendous amount of negative space, allowing the tattoo design to have more than one focal point. The key to this beautiful tattoo design is both elements are working in tandem and are not trying to overpower each other. One needs to keep in mind here is not trying to do much with the tattoo design. The simple and elegant is the reason why both mountain and the lotus are successfully complementing each other. If one adds too much to the mix, either one of them will overpower the other, ruining this delicate balance that we have in the design.

20. Adventure Tattoo

Adventure Tattoo
Image Credit: https://www.amazon.in/

Are you someone who loves to travel and get into all sorts of adventures? Well, if that is the case, then this Adventure Tattoo is definitely designed for you. It is simple but straightforward. That is why it is such a popular hit among wanders and adventurers. It is one of the only designs in this list with bold text. But the text Adventure states the purpose prominently. And with a beautiful mountain on the top, it simply looks marvelous. The aircraft, on end, also indicates the exploring nature of the individual.

21. Colorful Tattoo

Colorful Tattoo
Image Credit: https://nextluxury.com/

Mountain tattoos do not have to be a master craft with hundreds of elements building a story. Some mountain tattoo designs are simply to be cherished, and that is precisely the case with this colorful mountain tattoo. But while it is a simple and colorful design, that does not mean it would not stand out. It definitely would. And the best part is that you can experiment with this design to your heart’s content. You can easily go for a number of color options, especially the lighter ones. The sky is the limit here.


Mountains do not just signify hardships, but they also symbolize strength and courage. If you are a mountain lover and want to get your skin inked, then you can choose any mountain tattoo design mentioned above and take pride in being a mountain leopard.

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