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15 Mind-Blowing Arrow Tattoos And Their Meaning

With arrow tattoos becoming all the rage among youngsters today, one might think it is a relatively newer symbol. However, that’s not true, as arrow tattoos have been prevalent for many centuries.

While Native American tribes adorned their bodies with arrow symbols centuries ago to depict war and hunting, it continues to reflect many powerful and positive meanings. Today both men and women take inspiration from this symbol of courage and resilience and get it etched on their bodies forever.

Are you planning to get an arrow tattoo? Are you looking for unique designs and the hidden meanings associated with them?

I have curated a detailed list of 15 arrow tattoo ideas that I find the most fascinating that might also pique your interest and motivate you to schedule an appointment with your tattoo artist immediately. Dive right in to learn all about arrow tattoos!

Top 15 Arrow Tattoos Ideas For You!

A tattoo is a commitment for years, and you must give a lot of thought to the design you pick. While you may have decided to get an arrow tattoo, you might need inspiration for the design.

Here are a few arrow tattoo designs you can consider:

1. Tiny Arrow Tattoo

Tiny Arrow Tattoo
Image Source: pinimg.com

When people decide to get inked for the first time, they look for something cute and elegant. The tiny designs are also a hit because they have several placement options. You can get them tattooed anywhere behind the ear or neck.

A tiny little arrow ink is not a huge commitment like other detailed designs, and it could be a great starting point for the journey of body art. It will require less time to complete, cost less, and cause less discomfort.

2. Bow And Arrow Tattoo

Bow And Arrow Tattoo
Image Source: pinimg.com

A great arrow tattoo design includes a bow along with an arrow. It is a sleek and attractive design that comes with a deep meaning.

A bow and arrow is a weapon often associated with power and strength. It also symbolizes focusing all your energy on the future and letting go of the past and negativity.

3. Compass And Arrow Tattoo

Compass And Arrow Tattoo
Image Source: pinimg.com

Are you confused between a compass and an arrow tattoo? Rather than choosing one, you can merge both symbols to create an aesthetic tattoo.

The compass and the arrow symbolize direction, and when combined, these two images make a powerful image. It can represent the onset of a new chapter in life or a complete shift in focus.

It is a positive piece that can remind you of everything important to you. Given its symbolic meaning, the design appeals to people who aspire to be true to themselves.

4. Name Within an Arrow Tattoo

Name Within an Arrow Tattoo
Image Source: pinimg.com

Whether you want to honor someone who inspires you or even yourself, a name tattoo is an excellent way. When you add an arrow design to it, it creates a beautiful yet meaningful tattoo design.

While an arrow symbolizes strength and direction, including a name only enhances these meanings.

Pro Tip: When tattooing a name, give it a good thought and then decide, as you wouldn’t want to regret it later.

5. Feather Arrow Tattoo

Feather Arrow Tattoo
Image Source: pinimg.com

The Native American warriors often used a bird’s feather to stabilize their arrow weapons. Since then, the symbols of arrows and feathers have gone well together.

The feather represents wisdom, honor, and strength, while the arrow represents direction and power. A tattoo combining the two strong images has rich symbolic value, representing freedom and independence.

A feather and arrow tattoo is best for someone who values these essential qualities in life.

6. Broken Arrow Tattoo

Broken Arrow Tattoo
Image Source: pinimg.com

A broken arrow doesn’t solve its purpose as a weapon; however, as a tattoo, it has rich symbolic value as it represents the end of any battle. This tattoo can have a positive effect since it implies that the person wearing it has undergone a long struggle and has overcome the problems, become stronger, and focused only on the future.

Like the war’s culmination, a broken arrow tattoo can symbolize peace.

7. Crossed Arrows Tattoo

Crossed Arrows Tattoo
Image Source: pinimg.com

The tattoo has two sleek arrows crossing each other right in the middle. Honoring a friendship or close bond with someone can be a fitting gesture with this tattoo.

Since this is a simple and small design, the crossed arrows design is a popular choice among friends and loved ones who want to get matching inks to celebrate their bond. Besides that, it can also signify protection, and people believe it safeguards them from negative energy and those who wish to cause harm to them.

8. Arrow And a Heart Tattoo

Arrow And a Heart Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com

A cupid’s bow has been a popular symbol and is still as prevalent among youngsters. The heart and arrow tattoo is a great way for people to honor the one they love.

This intricate design is often associated with desire and passion. It’s preferred by people who want something to celebrate love. You can get it to show your affection for a special someone without getting their name tattooed.

9. Infinity Arrow Tattoo

Infinity Arrow Tattoo
Image Source: pinimg.com

Infinity is a common symbol used to depict the concept of being infinite or unlimited in time. This mathematical sign is also popular as a tattoo expressing everlasting feelings and eternity.

The infinity symbol takes on a new meaning when combined with an arrow. It becomes a strong, incredibly positive symbol and serves as a reminder that whatever issues one faces, or any struggles they’re going through are temporary and will not last forever.

10 Geometric Arrow Tattoo

Geometric Arrow Tattoo
Image Source: pinimg.com

A sleek, clean, and minimalist arrow tattoo is the geometric one. The ones looking for a slightly different yet elegant arrow tattoo opt for a geometric design focusing on lines and shapes to create a visually interesting design that represents balance, symmetry, and harmony.

11. Watercolor Arrow Tattoo

Watercolor Arrow Tattoo
Image Source: pinimg.com

Most people want to play safe with traditional and classic black tattoos. But a few experimental and adventurous people get a watercolor arrow tattoo to make a bold statement.

The watercolor technique uses bright and bold colors perfectly blended to seem like the artist has painted them on a clean canvas. An arrow symbol in watercolor can be a great way to embody the strength of the symbol while also letting your individuality reflect through the colors.

12. Semicolon Arrow Tattoo

Semicolon Arrow Tattoo
Image Source: pinimg.com

If someone has struggled in the past or they are still navigating through their problems, a semicolon tattoo might seem ideal. It symbolizes that the struggle of life doesn’t last forever, and one must focus on the future.

The symbol shows solidarity and strength against mental health issues and suicide. If you’ve overcome great hardships in life and want to remind yourself of the direction you wish to continue, an arrow and semicolon tattoo will certainly interest you.

The best placement for this unique tattoo is somewhere you get to see it daily and gain inspiration.

13. Three Arrow Tattoo

Three Arrow Tattoo
Image Source: pinimg.com

A three-arrow symbol stands for friendship and is something you can get with your friends to commemorate your bond. It represents the love and strength of your bond, making it the best way to honor the people you care immensely about.

Although it includes three straight arrows, you can get creative and personalize it by adding names or just initials to make it unique for your bond.

14. Sagittarius Arrow Tattoo

Sagittarius Arrow Tattoo
Image Source: ourmindfullife.com

One of the 12 zodiac signs, Sagittarius, is for people born between November 23 and December 21. The Sagittarius constellation depicts a centaur archer and places importance on the symbols of bow and arrow.

If your birth sign is Sagittarius, you can get the arrow inked as a symbol of fortune and good luck while also paying tribute to the zodiac sign.

15. Warrior Arrow Tattoo

Warrior Arrow Tattoo
Image Source: pinimg.com

In Native American culture, the arrow symbol serves numerous purposes. Adopted by warriors, it symbolizes strength.

A person who values these essential qualities can get an arrow tattoo with the word ‘warrior’ included in it as a tattoo.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What Is The Symbolic Meaning Of Arrow Tattoos?

Ans: An arrow tattoo represents not the struggles of life but the triumph over them. Since it is a tool or a weapon, it can also denote power, strength, and bravery.

Q2. What Does A Downward Arrow Tattoo Mean?

Ans: An arrow pointing downward could symbolize peace in Native Indian culture.

Q3. Why Do People Get Three-Arrow Head Tattoos?

Ans: A three-arrow head tattoo, or the lucky few tattoos, represents three 21st chromosomes in people with Down Syndrome. The design focuses on moving upwards as well as forward.


While arrows are simple and elegant, they are steeped in rich symbolic meanings and cultural importance. They are best suited for people who want a minimalistic design that conveys the values of power, strength, and, most importantly, direction.

When choosing an arrow tattoo, what matters the most is that your design must resonate with your beliefs and empower you when you look at it!

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