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Aurora Borealis Tattoo Minimalist Simple Designs To Capture The Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis, also known as Northern Lights, can be seen in the Arctic region. Countries like Iceland, Norway, and Finland are some of the countries that get to experience this. However, for others in love with Northern Lights, there are other ways to express their love for this heavenly phenomenon.

One of the ways is to get a minimalist aurora borealis tattoo. These tattoos try to capture the magic of these dancing lights in the skies by using colors and patterns resembling the aurora borealis. However, you need an expert tattoo artist to capture the magic.

An aurora borealis tattoo is best represented by colors, but you can also have them in black and white. They are perfect for all genders, and while you can get large and intricate tattoos, the minimalist ones are equally effective. You can be sure to turn heads with this unique tattoo idea.

Understanding Minimalist Tattoos

Minimalist tattoos are small and less intricate. However, they create an impact nevertheless. Minimalist tattoos are the best if you want something meaningful and close to your heart. While they are body art primarily, minimalist tattoos are more about expressing your love for something special.

Minimalist tattoos are also great for those getting their first tattoos and do not want to experiment with something large and intricate initially.

The aurora borealis works great as a minimalist tattoo because even a small tattoo can have many aspects, thanks to the variations one can see during this celestial phenomenon. You can speak to an experienced tattoo artist to finalize a minimalist northern lights tattoo that expresses your love for the skies.

Aurora Borealis Tattoo Design

While the principal concept of aurora borealis remains the same, you can explore various tattoo ideas within this concept. However, these tattoos are mostly done with colors, with blue and green dominating the palette, as this is mostly seen during the natural phenomenon itself.

Here are some aurora borealis tattoo ideas for you:

1. Aurora Borealis And Pine Trees Tattoo

Aurora Borealis and Pine Trees Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Elizabeth MK

One of the best sights in the Arctic is the pine trees under the northern lights. They are the very symbol of beauty and the most distinctive feature of the Arctic landscape. You can replicate this in your tattoo with the northern lights shining over a line of pine trees, with a rugged relief in the background.

The shape of the tattoo could be anything, and you can choose between plethoras or geometric shapes. You can also add blue water and the galaxy in the sky. This would look great as a colored tattoo.

2. Aurora Borealis Black And White Tattoo

Aurora Borealis Black and White Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Lindsay Robinson

Although northern light tattoos are predominantly seen in colors, you can also get stunning black-and-white minimalist tattoos. The tattoo features icebergs with the northern lights shimmering over it.

The iceberg is also reflected in the Arctic Sea. Since there are no colors to distinguish the features, the tattoo seems more intriguing. However, the sketch tattoo will create the right impact because of the essential elements. This tattoo is great for the back of the hand, below the ears, above the elbow, or the ankles.

3. Surreal Northern Lights Tattoo

Surreal Northern Lights Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com

This minimalist tattoo is more surreal and whimsical in design, making it stand apart. You can also play around with the colors and use unconventional colors like pink and green, also seen in the lights at certain points.

The aurora borealis shines over a line of pine trees, and these two distinguishing features are the only elements in this minimalist tattoo. This tattoo is great for the upper arms, calves, or the nape of the neck.

4. Aurora Borealis And Iceberg Tattoo

Aurora Borealis and Iceberg Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Kickass Things

This minimalist tattoo is one of the most beautiful in this type of design. The main feature of the tattoo is a huge iceberg, on top of which the aurora borealis shimmers in glory. The iceberg is also reflected in the sea beneath.

The best thing about the tattoo is the intricacy of the relief brought out through layering and sketching. Be sure to contact an experienced artist to get inked with this tattoo. The tattoo is minimalist, uses little color, and creates maximum impact.

5. Aurora Borealis Snow Globe Tattoo

Aurora Borealis Snow Globe Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @365 Security Solution

Everyone loves snow globes, and you can combine the northern lights to create a beautiful and minimalist design. The tattoo features all the elements of northern lights and the Arctic, like the mountains, sea, pine trees, galaxy, and the lights shimmering over everything else.

All of it is depicted inside a snow globe. This tattoo is great for the lower arms, legs, or even behind the shoulders. The tattoo is sure to remind you of cozy winters and arctic Christmas.

6. Northern Lights And Mountains Tattoo

Northern Lights and Mountains Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Tattoos BoyGirl

This is a minimalist tattoo, but this simple design creates so much impact. The tattoo has the outline of the Arctic mountains with the northern lights in the backdrop. The pale Arctic Sun can also be seen.

The highlight of the tattoo is the shadows created by the mountain. You can make this tattoo even more interesting by using various shades of color. The tattoo is wonderful for the upper arms and inner wrists.

7. Iceland Aurora Borealis Tattoo

Iceland Aurora Borealis Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Krista Voyles

Iceland is synonymous with the northern lights. Some of the most brilliant sights can be seen in this country, which is why many flock to this country every year. If you belong to Iceland or simply want to show your love for this amazing country and the northern lights that can be seen from here, this tattoo is for you.

The tattoo is shaped like the country of Iceland, filled with mountain relief features and various shapes of the northern lights. Be sure to visit an experienced tattoo artist who can correctly draw Iceland’s shape.

8. Polar Bear And Aurora Borealis Tattoo

Polar Bear and Aurora Borealis Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Ariel Wallace

One of the most important things about the Arctic Circle is that it is home to polar bears. These majestic white animals are like the poster boys of the Arctic! You can create a wonderful minimalist aurora borealis tattoo with the polar bear drinking water from the Arctic Sea.

Even though a sketch tattoo, the dancing lights can be depicted with their curved movements. The only hint of color in this tattoo is the sun that is inked in red. This is one of the prettiest tattoos you can think of, which’s great for the front or back of the shoulders.

9. Whimsical And Shaded Northern Lights Tattoo

Whimsical and Shaded Northern Lights Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com

This minimalist tattoo stands out for its simple design. The tattoo has shades of various colors that depict the aurora borealis. However, although this tattoo looks simple, the highlight of the tattoo is the various shades created by the different colors.

There are tiny stars for added beauty and a row of pine trees at the bottom. The tattoo is great for above the elbows, the inner wrist, or the region above the ankle.

10. Aurora Borealis With Quotes Tattoo

Aurora Borealis with Quotes Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Nichelle Gabbard

This is a unique northern lights tattoo that combines text and color to a stunning effect. The colors swirl and dance in the background, while the highlight of the tattoo can be a quote of your choice.

You can choose your favorite couplets or lines to go with the tattoo. The predominant colors of the tattoo are purple, blue, and green, and there are pine trees and stars for added details. This tattoo is great as a minimalist sleeve tattoo.

11. Polar Bear Paw Tattoo

Polar Bear Paw Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Inktells

The polar bears call the Arctic region their home, and if you want an edgy tattoo with the beauty of the Aurora Borealis, then this is it. The swirling colors of the northern lights and the polar bear silhouette are all depicted within the paw print of the polar bear.

This is a unique idea; you need an expert tattoo artist to accurately replicate the paws. You can also add elements like pine trees and mountains in the background.

12. Round Aurora Borealis Tattoo 

Round Aurora Borealis Tattoo 
Image Source: tattoocares.com

The round northern lights tattoo will seem like you have a tattoo in the shape of a full moon. This tattoo is very pretty, and although minimalist in design, it can create the most stunning effect because of the use of colors. The tattoo is somewhat dark as it resembles the night sky.

The shimmering green creates the perfect highlight. A lone person stands in the middle and depicts admiring the stars. It is one of the prettiest designs you will come across.

13. Teardrop Aurora Borealis Tattoo

Teardrop Aurora Borealis Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Tattoo Ideas

This teardrop tattoo is a perfect shape for a minimalist arm tattoo. The tattoo has multiple layers, with stars above the sea below the mountains reflected in them. The tattoo uses multiple colors, like pink and blue, which adds to its beauty.

An experienced tattoo artist will create the perfect teardrop shape. The clean edges of the tattoo make it stand out, and it is wonderful as a first tattoo idea.

14. Aurora Borealis And Heart Tattoo

Aurora Borealis and Heart Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Jen Marie Jen

The aurora borealis drawn inside a human heart is a very interesting idea. It depicts how closely we are linked to the pulse of the universe. The tattoo is beautiful because of its intricate details, yet its small size keeps it minimalistic.

If the real human heart seems too much, you can also go for a conventional heart shape with the northern lights inked with all the colors. You can get this tattoo on the upper chest, behind the shoulders, or the upper arms.

15. Aurora Borealis Geometric Tattoo

Aurora Borealis Geometric Tattoo
Image Source: Pinterest @Meg Knobel

If you want something pretty yet a little edgy, then this geometric tattoo is just right for you. It has all the elements of the aurora borealis, but it is drawn in geometrical shapes.

This makes the tattoo quite intriguing and sets it apart from the other tattoos in this category. You can also opt for darker colors and go with black and brown. The galaxy and stars look stunning when depicted this way.


You may have some questions regarding an aurora borealis tattoo. Here are some that will help you arrive at a more informed decision:

Q1. Are aurora borealis tattoos expensive?

Ans: If you are getting a colored aurora borealis tattoo, then it can be a little expensive. However, a minimalist tattoo should not cost you a lot. However, an experienced and reputed tattoo artist will only use the best colors.
In addition, any kind of personalization will make it more expensive. Nevertheless, a minimalist northern lights tattoo can cost you around $80 to $100. The cost will rise depending on the intricacies of the pattern.

Q2. How to prepare before getting an aurora borealis tattoo?

Ans: Do not drink at least 48 hours before getting your tattoo, as alcohol can thin your blood and cause you to bleed more during the tattoo. Have a good meal before getting inked to feel strong and fit, increasing your pain threshold.
Shave and clean the body area where you want to get inked, making it easier for your tattoo artist to work with a unique design like northern lights.

Q3. How to care for an aurora borealis tattoo?

Ans: After getting your tattoo, follow the after-care instructions from your tattoo artist. Since northern light tattoos are mostly done in color, keep your tattoo covered to protect it from direct sunlight.
You should also avoid strenuous exercise and wear light clothes to prevent sweating to prevent the tattoo from bleeding color. Keep the tattoo clean and dry unless the scabs have fallen off and your tattoo has healed completely.


You can be sure that everyone will admire your aurora borealis tattoo. This is a unique tattoo idea, so one does not come across it every day. Even if you opt for a minimalist design, it is enough to invoke a lot of interest.

If you love gazing at the stars, have ever seen the northern lights, are intrigued by our universe, or just love everything about the skies and our planet, then this is the perfect tattoo idea for you.

Speak to your tattoo artist if you want to personalize it and add something special to the tattoo, and they will make it happen. You will have the most amazing design with this tattoo.

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