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22 Beautiful Soulmate Matching Couple Tattoos Design and Ideas

If you’re in a strong relationship, you’d agree there’s nothing more meaningful to you than showing solidarity to your partner, your eternal love. You and your partner are soulmates, you’re in love, and your powerful instinct is to stick to each other through thick and thin. Loyalty is paramount to holding your relationship firm. Couple tattoos are a cool way of expressing your love and devotion.

Couple tattoos (or matching tattoos) can be identical tattoos for him and her. They can also be two parts of a single tattoo— one part inked on each partner. And, of course, there are other exciting ideas to intrigue you further. This article is your perfect destination to be inspired by the most popular couple tattoos. These tattoos are currently trending on Instagram and are sure to make you come closer to the couple tattoo decision for you and yours.

Why Couple Tattoos?

To begin with, couple tattoos are the ultimate way of expressing your love for your partner. Instead of exchanging expensive rings or gifts, couples these days are getting tatted instead. Tattoos are the creative, artistic, and permanent way of expressing your devotion towards one another. The best aspect is that you and your partner can personalize the matching tattoos to your tastes. It’s also the cutest way to flaunt your feelings towards one another for the world to see. However, there is a disclaimer you should take note of: you need to be sure of your partner as your only soulmate because once tattooed, you can’t erase the ink.

Here are a few of the most fantastic couple tattoo ideas to enhance your bonding experience with your soulmate.

The Best Couple Tattoos

#1. Matching Heartbeat (Pulse) Tattoos

Matching Heartbeat (Pulse) Tattoos
Source: @sincerelyjewelry via Instagram

The pulse tattoo symbolizes that irregular line that bounces up and down on the heart monitor. When a couple gets it inked, they’ve shown each other how their hearts are interlinked. The bouncing line indicates everything is normal— a flat line indicates the person is no longer. So when he and her both get a heartbeat tattoo, it means life is precious. The wrist is an excellent body placement for this tattoo. Here it always shows and reminds the partners their lives are precious, and their connection is interlined and beautiful. If you love the idea of wrist tattoos, check out some more inspiring ones here.

#2. Compass Couple Tattoos

Compass Couple Tattoos
Source: @olivier_philippe_ink via Instagram

A lot of folks love compass tattoos. They’re quite the rage in the tattoo industry due to the symbolism of these tattoos. First, compass tattoos are a sign of independence and confidence. In other words, the wearer will always get through no matter what comes their way. Second, compass tattoos are associated with safety and protection. Sailors, since ancient times, have relied on the compass to find their way through the most turbulent seas. Soulmates that get matching compass tattoos signify how together they’ll protect one another and follow a mutual path to happiness. As shown above, the matching tattoos don’t have to be 100% matching in the literal sense; the color or size can be more physique-suited or gender-oriented.

#3. His & Her Crowns Tattoos

His & Her Crowns Tattoos
Source: @jjah456 via Instagram

Couples that identify with being powerful can get crown tattoos. These symbols are connected to the monarchy, representing royalty, glory, strength, triumph, etc. It makes sense for couples to get inked with crowns because it proves their intense bondage. It also symbolizes self-control and loyalty towards their relationship. In the above scenario, the placement of the crowns is on the inner wrists— a visible placement. This shows their devotion to the relationship and life together as soulmates. What makes this pair of tattoos even more meaningful and lovable is the quote which together reads, “one love, one life.”

#4. Ocean, Sun, & Tree Couple Tattoos

Ocean, Sun, & Tree Couple Tattoos
Source: @evelizepsantos via Instagram

Island-inspired tattoos are quite popular among couples. One reason is that every couple likes to connect to their favorite holiday— they might’ve honeymooned or traveled there for a romantic, fun time. Sea waves and the sun, etc., represent tranquility, peace, and strength. The meaning of waves and the ocean is typically the soul, emotion, nature, and subconsciousness. Like many matching tattoos, the above becomes a complete picture when the man and woman (the couple) join their tattoos together.

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#5. Lock and Key Tattoo

Lock And Key Tattoo
Source: @artistalecia via Instagram

A lock and key tattoo, wherein the lock is tattooed on one partner, and the key on the other, suggests the couple’s interdependence. It also represents their completeness when together. Further, you (each soulmate) can associate this tattoo combination with a secret that you confine in no matter how much pressure exists to spill the beans. The tattoos above are in black and grey, with immaculately inked detailing. These forearm tattoos are sure to grasp onlookers’ attention, so be ready to explain who you’re locked in with for the rest of your life.

#6. Soulmates Initials Tattoos

Soulmates Initials Tattoos
Source: @wildsouldreamer via Instagram

In the above image, the couple has opted to get each other’s name initially tattooed on their wrists. The Stick and Poke tattoo technique is used, which in all probability must’ve taken the talented artist not more than a couple of minutes at best. So, if you’re thinking of a cheap but meaningful couple’s tattoo, this option is a hot favorite. This option is particularly significant for wrist placement because generally, the wrist (due to thin skin and dense nerves centered here) is painful for tattoo. Nevertheless, when the tattoo is so minimalistic, you’ll hardly feel the pain.

#7. Roman Numerals Couple Tattoos

Roman Numerals Couple Tattoos
Source: @cisilhkmt via Instagram

Roman numerals are a hot trend in the world of tattoos. Enthusiasts decide to opt for roman numerals as a method of honoring an important date in their life. Thus, the significance is incredible for the wearer. To cite a few examples, if you’re a couple, the date could be your soulmate’s birthday, your anniversary with them, the day you both met, or even the day the two got engaged. In the above couple tattoos, the soulmates have decided at the bottom of their shins. The emblem style, matching tattoos look super noticeable and catchy here.

#8. “To Infinity and Beyond” Couple Tattoos

To Infinity And Beyond” Couple Tattoos
Source: @sincerelyjewelry via Instagram

The expression “to infinity and beyond” is a lovely idea for couple tattoos. We all know that infinity means “endless” and, therefore, cannot be reached. Thus to say, “To infinity and beyond!” represents the limitless possibilities in our lives. Likewise, this expression translates into the undying or endless love for soulmates. As seen above, the cursive wording makes it quite stylish. The upper outer forearm is an excellent placement because it becomes visible to the world and not the wearers— who don’t need to be told the obvious.

#9. Love You Tattoo

Love You Tattoo
Source: @natascha.ashford via Instagram

This is another fantastic matching tattoo idea for couples. It’s the stylish way of saying “I love You” to one another. The style quotient is piqued up quite a few notches by placing this tattoo on the wedding ring finger. Also, the love symbol has the name initialed instead of reading “I” and “you” preceding and following it, respectively. Doing so adds a personal touch to something already super unique. Not all tattoos must be complex to look great. This particular one is hand-poked; it’s just an outline in black.

#10. Non Matching Couple Tattoos

Non Matching Couple Tattoos
Source: @ailynrhodes via Instagram

Here the couple has decided to get the matching tattoos in not-so-matching style. In other words, the color scheme, theme, and main elements are the same; what’s different is the size and composition of the details. So, one can make out the similarity but won’t be able to say it’s identical. There’s also the date inscribed on one soulmate’s forearm. Furthermore, the green element is a butterfly (feminine touch) on the forearm of the female partner, while the male partner has a green skull (masculine touch).

#11. Reminder Quote Tattoo

Reminder Quote Tattoo
Source: @monicajketchum via Instagram

“Be still” is a quote with a special significance to soulmates. The courier font tattoo looks classy and noticeable on the inside forearms. The quotation signifies the goal of the relationship— to remain still and not deviate or shake up and get destroyed. It also means a balanced, immovable relationship. There’s no better way to express each other’s love more permanently than to get a matching tattoo that holds special meaning to the couple.

#12. King and Queen Finger Tattoos

King And Queen Finger Tattoos
Source: @camsansom123 via Instagram

Only a Queen deserves a King and vice versa. But that said, what does this signify? Well, in a nutshell, these tattoos mean the couple in question is stronger together, committed together, and the couple possesses the strength and courage to live through tough times together. Finally, this tattoo reflects the gratitude the king and queen have towards each other. All said and done, wouldn’t you feel elated and on top of the word every time you are reminded you’re like a royal head of state? That feeling in itself is uprising and encouraging. It gives couples the confidence to achieve their dreams together. The tattoo looks astonishing inked on the side of the finger. The card-style matching king and queen tattoos are truly unique any way you look at them.

#13. Phrase Completion Tattoos for Couples

Phrase Completion Tattoos For Couples
Source: @emmajesessicabirgitta via Instagram

Couples may get matching tattoos for the sake of fun. They don’t have to think too deeply about the idea of the tattoo; it could be something as simple as two parts to a phrase. In the above example, “oh no!” is the short, two-word phrase to catch attention. It’s fun, funny, and memorable. Think of seeing a couple sitting together, one having the ink “oh” and the other with “no.” Wouldn’t that surprise and amaze you. It’s a unique yet loving way of getting tatted together.

#14. Couple’s Quote Tattoo

Couple’s Quote Tattoo
Source: @petitetattoo via Instagram

Here’s another matching tattoo idea that’s fun, memorable, and highly romantic. It reads, “I love you more.” And is inked on either partner’s bicep. They’re so much in love that they’re competing to express who loves the other more. The only noticeable difference between his and her tattoos is the direction of the arrows. On the male, the tattooed arrow is facing the direction of his armpit. On the female, it’s the opposite of that. Overall, this is a super fun tattoo that looks like it’s in the handwriting of the partners themselves.

#15. Globe in a Pyramid Couple Tattoos

Globe In A Pyramid Couple Tattoos
Source: @zealandtattoo via Instagram

The pyramid is a sign of unity and determination. The globe tattoo, on the other hand, represents adventure. So when we’re discussing couple tattoos, a globe tattoo inside a pyramid could symbolize the unified and determined couple that takes on all life’s experiences together. The tribute to mother earth and the thirst for travel and adventure have made earth (globe) tattoos immeasurably popular in recent times. This tattoo looks impressive when inked on the broadest part of the inside forearm. The inside forearm is one of the best placements for geometric tattoos of any theme.

#16. Significant Date Tattoo

Significant Date Tattoo
Source: @fvckinashman via Instagram

By now, it should be apparent to you that date tattoos are among the most famous couple tattoos. The reasons need not be repeated or amplified further. Yet, in the above specific scenario, another one has been declared “winner.” Further impressive about this matching date tattoo for couples is that the date isn’t in the exact body location on the two soulmates. Instead, the man has gotten it inked on the outside of his fingers, while the woman has it on her sexy, narrow wrist.

#17. Nautical Star Couple Tattoos

Nautical Star Couple Tattoos
Source: @bettie_emerald via Instagram

A nautical star tattoo not only looks fantastic but is also meaningful.

It hails from the four-pointed star found in the center of a compass— representing the four directions. The nautical star is distinguished by its raised look, dark and light contrasting color scheme, and unique dimensions. Furthermore, incredible detail and depth are highlighted by the use of white color.

#18. Name Tattoos for Couple/Soulmates

Name Tattoos For Couple Soulmates
Source: @fionas.momvibes via Instagram

Name tattoos are another incredible idea for matching soulmate tattoos. The name of your soulmate can be at the exact body placement or nearby. For example, in the above scenario, the male has his soulmate’s name tattooed along his forearm side, while the female has her partner’s name tattooed on her upper inside forearm. Cursive handwriting style of name writing is the most popular option in this category of couple tattoos. It gives the natural and personal effect of your loving partner.

#19. Shamrock Tattoos for Couples

Shamrock Tattoos For Couples
Source: @bobanaboka via Instagram

The shamrock is a famous three-leafed clover. It is renowned for bringing luck. However, when there are four leaves, the significance is immense luck and fortune— associated closely with Irish culture and the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Thus, it makes sense for both individuals and couples to get shamrock tattoos.

#20. Soulmate Lettering Couple Tattoos

Soulmate Lettering Couple Tattoos
Source: @erikamellerartxo via Instagram

This matching tattoo idea is like a puzzle. A puzzle that gets solved when both soulmates get together and join their hands. The significance of the aforementioned is vital to serious couples. It represents their togetherness, combined strength, and their undying love for one another. The fingers are tattooed with a letter each, with a font that’s bold and stylish.

#21. Favorite Animal Couple Tattoos

Favorite Animal Couple Tattoos
Source: @rachelizabeth.___ via Instagram

If you are in a relationship, it’s likely the two of you have a lot in common. One of those common things could be a liking for the same animal, object, or thing. In the above image, the lesbian soulmates are tattooed with their favorite animal— the elephant. The technique used is hand-poked tattooing, and the location is beside the breast— on the rib side. It’s a sexy, perky, and beautiful choice for soulmates looking for a tattoo option to express their love and loyalty.

#22. Lion & Lioness Couple Tattoos

Lion & Lioness Couple Tattoos
Source: @daniellalo via Instagram

Finally, last but not least is the roaring success of this lion/lioness tattoo for couples. There are numerous positive connotations associated with this animal. You may think of it as the king and queen tattoos mentioned earlier to put things in perspective. Lion and lioness tattoos express the bravery of the wearer. In this case, the wearers are the brave soulmates who have committed themselves to each other for life. Furthermore, while men get a lion tattoo to express their masculinity and leadership, women get them to honor their motherhood and family-oriented nature.


Q1. What do matching tattoos symbolize?

Ans. Tattoos are a permanent technique of body art. They are based on personal and bold decisions. Couples that opt for matching tattoos have to be dead sure they know what they’re getting into. Moreover, they think of it as a symbolic and significant decision in their lives. The specific meaning of matching tattoos depends on the tattoo design, but generally, the symbolism falls within the realms: their shared milestones, for example, the years they’ve spent together; their children together; loved ones they’ve lost; or any other significant experiences they’ve had together as a couple.

Q2. Why do many couples like to get matching tattoos?

Ans. The most apparent reasoning is that a couple can enhance or reinforce their bonding experience by getting matching tattoos. This starts when you and your partner look through the design options and finally decide on a matching tattoo together. A matching couple tattoo is an incredible way of making it bold and clear to the world how much they love each other.

Q3. What are some excellent matching tattoo ideas for couples?

Ans. The design ideas in this article should give you a fair idea of the most trending matching tattoos for couples these days. Nevertheless, as a recap, some fantastic couple tattoos are each other’s name or initial, quotes expressing your love and devotion to each other, sun and moon, tribal, identical design, mutual favorite animal or object, lock, and key, etc.

Q4.Should my soulmate and I get matching couple tattoos?

Ans. Before considering a matching couples tattoo, you and your significant other should consider the following points:
1. The purpose of couple tattoos isn’t to resolve a troubled partnership with your partner or soulmate.
2. The tattoo you choose should remain meaningful to you and your soulmate even if you end up breaking up one day; there’s nothing more disappointing than a permanent tattoo you’ll regret one day.
3. If you consider your soulmate a big part of your life, then going for a couples tattoo is worthy of being a big part of your life, so you should go for it.


As you discovered above, couple tattoos are the best way to cement each soulmate’s love for their partner. It shouldn’t matter what others think. Getting ink should be the natural next step in your relationship. As a couple, no one knows what’s best for you than the couple themselves. There’s no other permanent way to express your love and loyalty than you and your partner getting inked with a matching tattoo. Great ideas include couple name tattoos, couple ring tattoos, and romantic quotes.

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