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Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit Machine Review – Buyer’s Guide

Dragonhawk has been in the tattoo industry, creating vibes and trends constantly since its inception in 2001. Today, Dragonhawk is famous for producing some of the best tattoo kits out there. As the name — ‘Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit’ —suggests, this kit is meant to be a complete tattooing solution. In this kit, you get all sorts of relevant tools to ink wonderful tattoos on your own body or your clients. 

Dragonhawk manufactures some of the most incredible tattoo kits by using its deep-rooted inventiveness and experience. Moreover, its reliable power supplies and practical accessories add completeness and widespread appeal to their kits, leading to a fantastic tattooing experience for users’.

Among its various components, this kit comes with two Dragonhawk coil tattoo machines for lining and shading, respectively. We’ve put the kit to the test and considered all the customer reviews doing the rounds on the internet, come up with this review and the buyer’s guide (at the very bottom) to assist you in making the best kit selection for yourself.  

Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit Review

Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit Review

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This exceptional kit is made to cater to starter artists and their demands specifically. It aims to put beginner-level tattoo artists on to a perfect start in their newly discovered tattooing careers. World-famous tattoo artists have tested the kit.

This kit hits the bullseye when it comes to ensuring a newbie tattooist shouldn’t have to shop around for accessories separately, particularly for practice materials. The kit includes everything you’d possibly need to learn the ropes of tattooing safely.

In this review, we will begin with what this kit includes. Then, through a summary of the specifications & features of this kit, we’ll point out what advantages this kit has over other kits. After that, we’ll outline our critical analysis, also pointing out the drawbacks, if any, of this kit. Rounding up, before concluding with our final verdict, we’ll share a buyer’s guide so you can determine how to select the best kit for your needs.

What’s in the Kit?

  • Two Dragonhawk tattoo machines (10-wrap copper coils) for liner and shader
  • Dragonhawk LED digital tattoo power supply with foot pedal and clip cord
  • EO sterilized tattoo needles & tips (20 pcs each)
  • 10 ‘Immortal Inks color’ inks (made in USA)
  • Free instructional CD on “how to tattoo”
  • 1 Pair of gloves
  • 2 grip handles
  • Rubber bands (10 pcs), rubber O-rings (10 pcs), & rubber grommets (10pcs) 
  • Ink cups (10 pcs)
  • Tattoo stencil transfer paper & practice skin

Here’s a summary of the specifications and features of the Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit:

Specifications & Features:

  • The Dragonhawk branded coil machines in this kit are made of durable steel cast metal with pure copper tattoo 10-wrap coils. You’re getting one machine each for liner and shader. Rest assured, you’re getting high-quality products since the machines have been comprehensively tested before packaging. Both these machines are incredibly easy and a joy to use.
  • The robust shading and lining machines both feature fine copper tattoo coils, a durable tattoo machine contact screw, and an innovatively crafted rear binding post-tapped thread. The shading machine (frequency 140 Hz) gives a clear sense of three-dimensional shading. The lining machine (frequency 140 Hz) is compatible with the applicable RL-sized (3RL, 5RL, 7Rl) needles. Overall, the superior composite material, along with the highly-elastic spring, grants the tattooist an anti-fatigue and long-term working experience. 
  • The Immortal Tattoo Inks are made in the USA and safe for human skin. American-made products are known to be of the highest quality standards. You get 10 popular colors to suffice the needs of most tattoo designs. Immortal inks give you a smooth consistency, having an easy flowing, homogenized carrier mixture. The pure pigment content ensures you get a high level of vibrancy. You’ll achieve consistent color and quality each time you tattoo with this ink. On the whole, Immortal Tattoo Inks are a long-lasting and very reliable brand in the tattoo industry.
  • The Dragonhawk power supply partners perfectly with the Dragonhawk complete tattoo kit, just like other Dragonhawk tattoo machines. The power supply has a neat LED display, a foot pedal, and a clip cord to go along. You’ll get fast and precise activation and voltage adjustments (no damage during a short circuit). Dragonhawk power supply lives by its promise and experience of granting the user consistent power output for a reliable and efficient overall experience with the Dragonhawk power box.
  • The EO sterilized tattoo needles are a testament to the safety and convenience the brand consistently focuses on. Tattooing is made easy when there’s no need to spend time sterilizing your newly arrived needles. No wonder there’s so much customer loyalty towards this brand worldwide.
  •  The package dimensions are 9.88 x 6.89 x 4.84 inches and 3 lbs weight.

What We Liked 

  • Jam-packed with essential beginner-friendly accessories.
  • As expected, the Dragonhawk line of tattoo kits is impressively affordable.
  • Easy to set up and easy to use.
  • The machines are made of cast iron and superior composite material. You get incredible magnetic and electrical conductivity. These machines are meant for a long period of service.
  • The practice skin is a welcome inclusion. It’s the perfect way to gain enough practice and not make fatal mistakes on actual human skin.
  • The ink is smooth and vibrant, just as advertised.
  • Designed for beginner artists by professional tattoo artists.
  • Needles are already sterilized and ready to use.
  • The instructions throughout the video are easy to understand.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The power supply is excellent for the price, as it’s somewhat solid and consistent. Yet, you’ll need to upgrade to better power supply equipment once you start mastering the art of tattooing. Dragonhawk has a full range of power supply equipment to meet your future requirements. 
  • A carrying case would’ve been great for storage. 

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Critical Analysis – Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit

As a starter kit, this product in its entirety gets our thumbs up for the effectiveness, efficiency, overall value, and quality and performance. The foot pedal is bare-bones but works fine. The power supply is not as powerful as required by serious tattooists. Yet, that’s something you can take care of by progressing to a higher Dragonhawk power supply in the future.

The kit has suitable accessories to get you on an ideal start. Yet, it would have fared better if it had a carrying case, grip bandages, tattoo soap, and ointment, for instance. However, these would’ve added to the costs. Overall, if you’re a complete beginner on a budget, this kit is a perfect choice. If you feel you need something more robust and advanced, read the buyer’s guide in the next section to help you find your perfect kit.

Buyer’s Guide

The Types Of Tattoo Machines To Look For In A Kit

You may end up receiving any of the following types of tattoo machines in a starter kit. Before making the final kit selection, it helps to know the difference between each type of tattoo machine.

Rotary Tattoo Machine:

rotary tattoo machine uses a compact DC motor to get powered up. As suggested by the name ‘rotary,’ the motor rotates cyclically, permitting energy to transfer in a linear needle motion. These types of machines are simpler, lighter, and easier to use than conventional machines outlined below. Rotary tattoo machines are excellent for shading, color packing, lining, and black and grey tattooing. 

Coil Tattoo Machines:

You’ll find dual coil tattoo machines as a common element in a majority of beginner tattoo kits. Though dual coil is the industry standard, it’s not uncommon to come across single or triple coiled machines. In the case of coil tattoo machines, the needle is set in an upward and downward motion through the help of an electromagnetic circuit. Coil tattoo machines are heavier and vibrate more than rotary machines. These types of machines are relatively cheaper than their rotary counterparts.

Pneumatic Tattoo Machines:

These machines are rare in basic tattoo kits. Pneumatic machine powers up with the help of an air compressor to eventually drive the needle. These machines are relatively expensive.

Features To Seek From A Beginner-Level Tattoo Kit

Type of Material:

You should carefully consider the material of the tattoo machines as well as the accessories comprising the kit. It is recommended to go for stainless steel or brass tattoo machines. For the accessories, go for durable plastic construction accessories. An overall durable tattoo kit is a good investment. 

Types & Quantity Of Tattoo Machines In The Kit:

As we all know, the main part of any tattoo kit is the tattoo machine(s) inside. You should inspect how many and what types of tattoo guns are included. Here you’re specifically going for the maximum number of guns for higher versatility and efficiency. Also, the machines should be able to cover both lining and shading requirements. Finally, check to see if they’re durable and long-lasting, so that you can rely on them without needing to invest further.

Ease Of Use:

The kit should be comfortable and easy to use. This includes easy assembly and laid-out instructions through a manual, a CD video tutorial, or appropriate youtube links. The quality of the power supply and the accessories’ quality and quantity are also of important significance. Suppose the kit has a smooth running and consistent power supply with a foot pedal for convenient operation. In that case, your results will be precise and consistent. Similarly, the quality and quantity of the accessories should make it a safe and convenient experience. 

Kit Box/Carry Case:

The kit will have several items. If you don’t organize them and store them together, you’ll end up with lost items. A good kit has a nice carrying box or case where you could keep all the items in one place. It is essential to have a carrying unit that is attractive, strong, and durable, preferably made of stainless steel.

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Final Thoughts 

There are many different and unique tattoos. Kits available. The one you select depends on your requirement. Most of them are beginner-friendly kits, yet quite a few are purely meant for beginners looking to practice the art before progressing to human skin application. Suppose you’re a beginner-level tattoo enthusiast on learning and experimentation mode. In that case, this basic yet comprehensive tattoo kit by Dragonhawk is a worthwhile investment.

You’ll receive a pair of Dragonhawk coil tattoo machines and several useful accessories. The power supply from Dragonhawk comes equipped with a much-needed foot pedal and a practical clip cord. This helps get quick and accurate adjustments in voltage.

Furthermore, you’ll receive EO sterilized needles and disposable tips for utmost convenience and hygiene during the process. The main components of this kit are the two 10-wrap coil tattoo machines. These are crafted with top-quality composite material and feature a high-elastic spring for durability and anti-fatigue usage.

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