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11 Expressive Emo Tattoo Ideas For Unique Style And Identity

While many think the emo genre has fizzled out and faded with time, they are mistaken. This group of some most sensitive, emotional, introspective, and creative individuals is still going strong as of the 2020s.

The emo subculture is known for expressing their ideas and thoughts through radical art forms. And they aren’t just limited to music or painting but also include body art, especially tattoos.

Are you planning to get an emo tattoo inked on your body? Looking for some inspiration for dark emo tattoo ideas? Keep reading to find a list of some of the most expressive emo tattoo designs that can help you flaunt your ideas and creative side in style.

11 Emo Tattoos For The Expressive People

Emo tattoos are all the rage today because of the boundless creativity, these designs offer to the practitioners of the subculture. Here are some such imaginative designs.

1. Emo Star Tattoo

Emo Star Tattoo
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What’s something every emo person wants on their body? If you were thinking emo stars, you guessed it right!

A star tattoo is immensely popular, especially in the emo world. They are deeply meaningful and offer you the creative liberty to design them as you want.

You can get a cluster of bold stars inked on you, and you might have seen many girls flaunting it. It includes stars of varying sizes, beginning from your breast and going all the way back to your neck.

The bold tattoo will make a statement and turn heads everywhere. If you want to make it even more aesthetic, you can get the same design inked on the other side of the chest to create a symmetrical look.

If you think the breast and neck are too visible, you can choose a subtle placement like your back or thigh.

Do you want something more whimsical? Go for this hip-to-side star tattoo that has wispy lines between shooting stars and a feminine flower at the top. You can play around with the size of stars and also add colors to these celestial wonders.

2. Rose Tattoo

Rose Tattoo
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Rose tattoos are quite popular among fellow emos because it signifies romance and love. That’s not all; it also relates to wisdom, hope, and the duality of life and death.

Still not sold on the idea? Let me paint you a nice picture – you’re walking down the street, and you spot a person with an emo rose tattoo that is dark and twisted, with thorny vines crawling up their arm.

Well, this badass tattoo will act like a punch in the face, but in the coolest way possible. You can practically feel the emotions pouring out of this edgy and raw image that speaks volumes about the person wearing it.

If you’ve been through some tough times, this tattoo might be the best way to express it. Whatever the story, one thing’s for sure; the rose emo tattoo is a work of art that’ll make people stop and stare.

3. Skull Butterfly Tattoo

Skull Butterfly Tattoo
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A butterfly and skull tattoo might sound like an unusual combination to you, but it’s really not. When the delicate beauty of a butterfly blends with the hardcore emo vibe of a skull, you will get a rebellious twist!

This unique emo tattoo says that you are not afraid to embrace the dark side. The butterfly wings adorned with intricate patterns and some color make it visually appealing.

It is the perfect embodiment of duality and embracing all aspects of life, from the light to the dark. While a skull signifies death or sorrow, a butterfly will contradict it by symbolizing new life and being hopeful for the future.

4. Poem or Song Tattoo

Poem Or Song Tattoo
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Have you ever met an emo person who isn’t obsessed with music, maybe just a song or poem or maybe only a few lines of it? I haven’t, and true, such a fellow is hard to find.

If you’re one of them and have a favorite musical piece, you swear by, why not get it inked on your body?

The lyrics of a song or poem in a tattoo are a great way for you to express yourself. It might also act as a constant reminder for you, and you can look at it whenever you need some motivation or inspiration. So pick one that will be meaningful for you for many years to come!

If you want to make it more interesting, you can add musical notes along with words from your favorite song. In case you don’t want to ink any words, you can simply get a musical note with sheet music across your shoulder or back.

5. Bleeding Heart Tattoo

Bleeding Heart Tattoo
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Heart tattoos are not a new thing, and people have been getting them for many years now. They became quite popular during the early 20th century, and now there are many emo versions of the heart tattoo, with a lot of emo kids around who go crazy about the idea!

While you might think that emo heart inks are all pink, gushy, happy, and romantic, that’s not the case. You can always incorporate the darker side of love into it.

Get this classic and traditional heart-shaped tattoo with a dagger stabbed in it and a banner containing a name. For a more dramatic look, you can also indicate that the heart is bleeding or with arrows sticking out.

6. Emo Angel Tattoo

Emo Angel Tattoo
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Another tattoo idea that exudes emo vibes is that of a guardian angel. An angel tattoo symbolizes security or protection because people often believe that each living person has an angel protecting and guiding them through difficult situations.

In this tattoo, the angel looks like a heavenly rebel with badass wings that are torn and tattered to showcase struggle. It depicts strength and resilience and might even help motivate you to keep soaring high.

You can also get the Fallen Angel, aka Lucifer, inked on your body if you want to channel particularly dark, emo vibes.

7. Emo Anime Character Tattoo Design

Emo Anime Character Tattoo Design
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If you consider yourself a big anime fan, there’s no tattoo better suited for you than an anime character.

Be it any series; emo anime characters tend to add a unique flavor to the show that happy characters just can’t replicate. These characters also have elegance and can make for a spectacular and well-detailed tattoo.

You can choose any emo anime character that you love or one that inspires you to showcase your immense love for both anime and the emo culture.

8. Coffin Tattoo

Coffin Tattoo
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Is there anything more emo or dark than a coffin? I guess not. A coffin is a symbol of death, sadness, sorrow, and funerals.

If you don’t want to get only a coffin tattoo, you can add a sad quote that also denotes death, loss, or despair. Not just the emo group, but people who have lost a close friend or family member can also get this ink to mourn their loss.

9. Cassette Tattoo

Cassette Tattoo
Image Source: i.pinimg

A unique yet meaningful emo tattoo design is a cassette. Like any other emo tattoo, it also is a great way to express your feelings while showing your penchant for sad songs.

Whether you’re a musician or maybe a music lover,  this cassette tape tattoo will represent your deep love and passion for music. It can also be suited for people with creative and unconventional thinking.

This vintage cassette tattoo appears to be an original cassette and gives an aesthetic vibe of an era that is long gone. It can also symbolize nostalgia and represent the dawn of musical freedom.

10. Hello Kitty Emo Tattoo

Hello Kitty Emo Tattoo
Image Source: i.pinimg

Hello Kitty has been a favorite character for kids for many years, and it continues to be a choice for many emo adults when it comes to tattoos. If you want to get this well-known cartoon character inked, you can just get the face tattooed on your body.

It is a great symbol of friendship and love and represents the friendly and inviting emo culture.

11. Barbed Wires Tattoo

Barbed Wires Tattoo
Image Source: i.pinimg

Prisoners used barbed wires to count their time to freedom, with every spike representing a year spent in imprisonment. It was a secret tattoo symbol for the world of prison, and they used it to recognize others who had been imprisoned like them.

Although it has origins in the dark criminal world, the barbed wires tattoo is popular among emo groups as well. It symbolizes war, containment, and even death and is often opted by emo people who sway to the dark side.


Do Emo People Have Tattoos?

Yes, tattoos are quite popular among emo people. It gives them a way or outlet to express themselves and their beliefs.

What is a Grunge Style Tattoo?

Grunge tattoos are creative and bold designs that help the person make a statement. They are inspired by counterculture fashion, music, or art.

Is a Goth an Emo?

No, emos and goths are different groups of people. While goths belong to the punk rock subculture, emos are pop punk.

Final Thoughts

Emo tattoos are a go-to option for the youth today, not only because they are aesthetic but also because they can offer you limitless creativity. These designs can let you embrace your identity in a creative way.

From dark designs like a coffin or barbed wires or cute ones like the Hello Kitty character and an angel, you have endless emo tattoo ideas to pick from. You can choose an emo design that inspires you to get inked!

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