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20 Beautiful Flames Tattoo Designs With Picture

Fire has always been a huge inspiration not just for tattoo artists but for humanity as a whole. The discovery of fire has certainly changed humankind’s trajectory forever. So, is it any wonder that flame tattoo designs are abundant?

An eye-catching flames tattoo is an excellent option for one to consider getting inked on their body. They also have religious and spiritual significance.

And what is ideal is that fire is a universal symbol that goes well with almost everything. One cannot go wrong with this element.

Attractive  Fire and Flame Tattoos with Meanings

While having so many options is always excellent, it could be a bother when it comes to flame tattoos. So, you need to be careful when choosing your flame tattoo.

There are many meanings behind this versatile element. So, make your choice carefully.

If an attractive flame tattoo appeals to you, then make sure to pick the best design before getting your skin inked. Here are some of the best examples of flame tattoos that can serve as your inspiration.

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1. Blue Flame Tattoo

Blue Flame Tattoo
Image source: i.pinimg.com

Blue is a color that symbolizes freedom, sensitivity, and imagination, and its combination with flame creates something that has an otherworldly appeal to it.

Blue flames are often thought of as a spiritual symbol, a symbol of purification. It is a purifier, destroyer, and life – all combined in one.

The blue flame is an attractive tattoo design and would look starkly on one’s skin. It can be quickly inked on almost any part of one’s body and in various sizes as well.

2. Moth And the Flame tattoo

Moth and the Flame tattoo
Image source: i.pinimg.com

Moth and the Flame is one of the most common depictions used to symbolize the attraction between two people, almost a fatal one.

The moth represents an individual who is attracted to someone or something (flame), regardless of the harm it may do to them.

It is a famous symbol of someone being strongly attracted to another, so much so that they do not give care to the world or themselves, for that matter.

Many illustrations inspired by this famous English idiom can be found and would be an excellent option for one to consider.

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3. Twin Flame Tattoo

Twin Flame Tattoo
Image source: soxy.com

The twin flame is a perfect spiritual symbol and would be great for one to consider for their body tattoo.

It refers to the intense soul collection between two individuals who are connected to each other. It is a common tattoo design that newlyweds adopt.

The twin flame also can be used to indicate the deep insecurities that one might feel in themselves and the challenge on the journey to overcoming them. It is a marvelous tattoo design that one cannot go wrong with.

4. Black Flame Tattoo

Black Flame tattoo
Image source: i.pinimg.com

Black flames certainly have a bad reputation, especially among those individuals that do not know much about the symbolism and spiritual elements. Black flame is the symbol of void and power, two unrelated elements, but it certainly does its job.

The common misconception about the Black flame is that it somehow represents Evil and the polar opposite of everything good. That is not the case. It is used to describe the power and someone who sits at the top of the food chain.

5. Flame Sleeve Tattoo

Flame Sleeve Tattoo
Image source: nextluxury.com

Flame tattoos are an excellent example of tattoo designs that can be crafted in many different ways. But one of the most popular options is opting for a flame tattoo design that showcases the magnificence of a lightened flame, and sleeves are a superb location to ink that tattoo design.

A flamed tattoo does not need to be beautified, as they are stunning. It indicates an individual’s passion, strength, and determination to follow their forged path. They can also be incorporated into many other tattoo designs effortlessly.

6. Lighter Tattoo

Lighter Tattoo
Image source: cloudfront.net

Not every flame tattoo has to be a meaningful spiritual design that expresses the individual to the broader world. There are tattoo designs that are just for fun, and the lighter tattoo is undoubtedly one that can be counted among those.

The flame lighter in this tattoo can be styled in many different ways, but one of the most popular variants is one in the shape of red hot chili. It certainly gives a unique twist to the design. This tattoo design can also be incorporated with other elements.

7. Skull Flame Tattoo

Skull Flame Tattoo
Image source: i.pinimg.com

Skull and flames are among the most commonly used tattoo elements. So, naturally, their combination would be the talk of the town.

A skull flame tattoo is an edgier tattoo option for one to consider. The combination of black flame on and around the skill indeed looks menacing.

The skull is used to refer to one’s mortality, whereas a flame is considered a rebirth in many cultures. Their combination looks excellent and has a meaningful spiritual expression; after all, life and death are two sides of the same coin.

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8. Torch Tattoo

Torch Tattoo
Image source: tattooswin.com

Torch is an element that is closely related to the flame and makes for an excellent tattoo design for one to consider.

A lit torch is a symbol of hope, enlightenment, friendship, and peace. It is also a very noticeable symbol due to it being part of the Olympic ceremonies.

A point to note about lit torches is that their placement matters a lot when it comes to expressing their meaning. An upward-lit torch refers to life, whereas a downward-lit torch is the exact opposite – something to conder when creating a tattoo design.

9. Campfire Tattoo

Campfire Tattoo
Image source: i.pinimg.com

A campfire tattoo is undoubtedly a flame tattoo option that one should consider, especially if one remembers a particular camping trip taken with loved ones.

One can also add other elements to the tattoo design, such as a landscape in the background.

The versatility of this tattoo design is so much so that one can turn it into a more cartoonish or a more picture-ish design without any issue.

10. Minimalist Flame Tattoo

Minimalist Flame Tattoo
Image source: inkme.tattoo

A minimalist tattoo is a popular option among folks who like to have a flame tattoo inked on their body but prefer a simple design that both stands out and simultaneously blends in the background.

 A simple and small flame tattoo would do the job magnificently.

It is possible to ink these tattoos anywhere on your body. The possibilities are endless, from behind one’s neck to the wrist.

However, no compromises should be made with the design as it would only downplay its look. Also, try to get this tattoo inked away from other tattoos.

11. Lit Match Tattoo

Lit Match Tattoo
Image source: i.pinimg.com

The inspiration behind this tattoo design is pretty much the same as the lighter tattoo design. However, it is certainly more meaningful.

Depending on how the tattoo is designed, one can look at it as being both a positive and negative expression from the individual.

A lit match represents the victory of light over darkness, of good over Evil, but it can also be construed as sacrificing themselves to overcome the darkness.

Alternatively, it can also be an excellent symbol for one getting over a dark phase in their life.

12. Flame Heart Tattoo

Flame Heart Tattoo
Image source: i.pinimg.com

The heart and the flame, again at risk of repeating, are some of the most popular elements in the tattoo design space. A fusion between the two is naturally expected. And that is undoubtedly the case, with a burning heart a favorite among the tattoo community.

The flame on the heart expresses one’s burning passion and unbroken zeal to achieve their objectives. On the other hand, the flame heart tattoo can also be used to symbolize someone being heartbroken.

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13. Flame Lettering Tattoo

Flame Lettering Tattoo
Image source: nextluxury.com

Flames do not have to be the sole focus of the tattoo design to make their mark. They can easily be added as an effect to a focused tattoo element, such as some lettering on one’s skin. Flame on a bold text is undoubtedly a tattoo design that would catch everyone’s eye.

One needs to be careful how one chooses the color of the tattoo font and the flame. Both tattoo elements must complement each other for this type of tattoo design to work out.

14. Phoenix Flame tattoo

Phoenix Flame tattoo
Image source: i.pinimg.com

Phoenix is a mythical creature that has been part of many cultures for thousands of years now. Who has not heard of the stories of phoenixes rising from ashes? It is a creature of fire and rebirth, which certainly makes it an excellent option to consider a tattoo design.

It is a beautiful bird that can be styled in many different ways due to the many different interpretations of the phoenix that one can find. One of the best designs that one can see for a full-fledged phoenix taking flight, inked with classic black showing its power.

15. Sacred Heart Tattoo

Sacred Heart Tattoo
Image source: dailyhindnews.com

Any devout Christian would immediately understand this tattoo design; after all, sacred hearts are a big part of Christianity. It symbolizes Christ’s love for humanity, even in the face of untold horrors and unimagined suffering from the same people.

It is a symbol of hope, love, compassion, and forgiveness. The heart is the focal point of the design, with appropriate shading, either colored or classic, only adding to its otherworldly appeal.

16. Cartoon Flame Tattoo

Cartoon Flame Tattoo
Image source: inkme.tattoo

It is a fun tattoo design that can be designed in many ways. As already mentioned many times, in fact, that flames are an extremely versatile tattoo element. You can add flames to many things, and one among them is cartoon characters from your favorite kid’s show.

The flame would do a superb job of adding to the cartoon character. On top of it, one can stretch the design in any way they want; the sky is the limit. Embrace the color and unleash your inner designer with a cartoon flame tattoo.

17. Flaming Card

Flaming Card
Image source: askideas.com

Cards on fire – it does make for a lively imagination. That is the inspiration behind this tattoo design as well. Not only is the tattoo design certainly cool, but there are also many options for one to consider.

An individual can easily opt for an Ace, whereas a couple could feel Kings and Queens.

A flaming card is a light-hearted and fun tattoo design that can be inked anywhere on the body without any issues.

18. Firefighter Flame Tattoo

Firefighter Flame Tattoo
Image source: askideas.com

It is an occupational hazard for firefighters to tackle problems that an average individual cannot solve. Firefighter flame tattoo is popular in the tattoo community, especially among firefighters that actually combat and then extinguish the unstoppable fire.

Since they have conquered the fire, one of the most destructive elements in the world, they can ink a firefight flame tattoo on their body. There are also many other designs that are under the same umbrella.

19. A Man on Fire

A Man on Fire
Image source: nextluxury.com

Yes, this is precisely what you thought of when you scrolled through this tattoo design. A person is actually on fire in this tattoo design. It represents his trial by fire and then overcoming the challenge and coming out of it alive.

The tattoo design is an excellent representation of folks that have a character that shines from miles apart. The flame in the tattoo is the challenge one is currently facing or has faced in life. It is crucial that they be designed to complement the overall tattoo look.

20. Musical Notes with Flame

Musical Notes with Flame
Image source: inkedmag.com

It is a tattoo design that is a hit among music lovers and professionals that are involved with the industry. The music note is engulfed by the flame, which does an excellent job of complementing the sole focal element of this tattoo design.

The aggressive appearance of the flame does add more power to the tattoo.

The flame represents the burning passion of the individual in music. It is a tattoo design that is highly versatile and can be inked anywhere on the body without any issue. One can also scale up and down the size of this tattoo however one like.


Flame tattoos are versatile tattoo designs that one can opt for to express themselves. It shows one’s strength, courage, and determination in the face of adversity. If it is something that speaks to you, then a flame tattoo design would be a great option.

However, it would be best that rather than copying the above-listed tattoo design in full, one takes inspiration from them. What is the point of getting a tattoo inked on the body, which might not be that unique?

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