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20 Guitar Tattoo Ideas to Resonate Your Style with Ink

Music forms an integral part of many of our lives. While some take it on as a profession, others enjoy it as a hobby. For some individuals, however, music means something much deeper. Music stirs and ignites their soul, and they connect to it on a spiritual level. For the ones who worship music, getting a tattoo related to music is quite a natural thought.

Guitar tattoos are quite popular when it comes to tattoos related to musical instruments. After all, a guitar is undoubtedly one of the coolest instruments ever to exist, and just the sound of a guitar is enough to calm someone’s mind and fill a person’s heart with joy.

Whether you’re a musician who has been playing the guitar ever since you were a child or someone who has fallen in love with it recently, getting a guitar tattoo is a fascinating thought for sure.

With various kinds of designs to choose from, it can be pretty tricky to pick a tattoo design that suits your personality the best.

Here, we have come up with an eclectic collection of guitar tattoo ideas that will help you make your decision. So, read on!

Creative Guitar Tattoo Ideas

Here are some innovative and eye-catching guitar tattoo ideas that are sure to impress everyone:

1. Silhouette of a Guitar

Silhouette of a Guitar
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/608830443391320769/

Do you want a tattoo whose outline looks slightly different from traditional tattoos? If yes, you can get the silhouette of a guitar designed for yourself. Not only do such designs look extremely classy, but they also don’t take long to get tattooed, which will help you save a lot of time.

2. Minimalistic Guitar Tattoo

Minimalistic Guitar Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/622411611020956251/

Are you looking for a guitar tattoo design that is minimalistic? Worry not because we have the perfect tattoo idea for you. This dainty little tattoo can be designed on various body parts, such as your ankle, your wrist, the nape of your neck, and right below your collarbone.

3. Geometric Guitar Tattoo

Geometric Guitar Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/15481192458050362/

Remember how geometry seemed quite tough and confusing in school? Well, the good news is that geometry can also be applied on tattoos to make them appear different.

When geometric shapes are added to the design of your guitar tattoo, it gives it a sophisticated look that will make you want to keep clicking selfies with it!

4. Embedded in the Skin

Embedded in the Skin
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/692287773979603392/

When someone has been playing the guitar for ages, it almost becomes a part of their soul. The music flows through their blood and gets ingrained in their veins.

Keeping this emotion in mind, you can go for a design that looks like the guitar is embedded into your skin. This shows how vital the guitar is to you as an instrument.

5. Guitar Tattoo with Roots and Branches

Guitar Tattoo with Roots and Branches
Image Source: stylesatlife.com/articles/best-guitar-tattoo-designs/

Music helps you grow and evolve. It transforms you into a whole new human being and makes you want to work harder and improve yourself as an artist and person.

Guitars can also be compared to trees because they allow artists to branch out and grow into their most beautiful selves. How about getting a tattoo that looks like a tree is growing out of a guitar? It will look beyond amazing, for sure.

6. Guitar Tattoo with Symbols of Musical Notes

Guitar Tattoo with Symbols of Musical Notes
Image Source: stylesatlife.com/articles/best-guitar-tattoo-designs/

Music has so many different elements that are integral to making a song. You can add some musical notes to your guitar tattoo to symbolize just that!

Including musical notes could also be a reminder of the joy and inspiration that music brings to our lives.

7. Person Playing a Guitar

Person Playing a Guitar
Image Source: stylesatlife.com/articles/best-guitar-tattoo-designs/

Maybe you don’t want just a guitar to feature in your tattoo. Perhaps a more personal touch is what you’re looking for, and if that’s the case, then we have a unique tattoo idea for you.

How about adding an image of yourself playing the guitar? Sounds fascinating, right?

8. Close to Nature

Close to Nature
Image Source: stylesatlife.com/articles/best-guitar-tattoo-designs/

Music often helps us become one with nature. It’s also why so many musicians like to play their guitars out in the open. They like the feel of the cool breeze against their skin as they play the beautiful notes.

To show the connection of music with nature, you can include elements of nature in your guitar tattoo.

9. Colorful Guitar Tattoo

Colorful Guitar Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/689121180500792869/

Since music fills our lives with so many colors, why not let your tattoo portray it, too? You can request your tattoo artist add the colors you prefer or create a rainbow of hues in your guitar tattoo.

10. 3D Guitar Tattoo

3D Guitar Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/896920082016180059/

What if you could have a tattoo design that almost makes it look like the guitar is coming alive? Thanks to the popularity of 3D tattoos, this is now a possibility.

With such a design, you will always feel that your guitar is right with you, waiting for you to pull the strings and produce a beautiful tune.

11. Guitar Tattoo with a Quote

Guitar Tattoo with a Quote
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/68742986518/

Guitars transcend the barriers of being just instruments. With time, they teach you life’s lessons. If you want, you can also include some of these life lessons as quotes in your tattoo.

The quote could also be a mantra you strongly believe in and words you always abide by.

12. Guitar Tattoo with Song Lyrics

Guitar Tattoo with Song Lyrics
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/521221356884977584/

The relationship between lyrics and music is immortal and unbreakable. We can barely imagine one without the other. People who play the guitar have millions of favorite songs that have shaped their lives.

So, why not add the lyrics of one of your favorite songs to your tattoo? These can be lyrics you look back on just to feel inspired.

13. Guitar Tattoo with Flowers

Guitar Tattoo with Flowers
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/248472104435030780/

While flowers bloom in spring and become the final version of their stunning selves, a guitar helps a person bloom through the many seasons of life. It aids them in becoming a person they love to see in the mirror.

Much like how flowers are symbols of love and warmth, guitars are symbols of understanding and affection. So, let those flowers grow from the guitar in your tattoo, and let the world see this stunning combination.

14. Guitar Tattoo with Angel Wings

Guitar Tattoo with Angel Wings
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/97249673198451223/

Music feels like something heavenly for anyone who has lived with music since the beginning of their lives. It is something that is surreal and to be worshipped. If you’re a musician in any way, we bet you feel closer to God when you look at your guitar.

In order to honor this spirit, add some pretty angel wings to your guitar tattoo and feel the angelic presence around you all the time.

15. Unique Guitar Tattoo

Unique Guitar Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/820851469608102630/

Since music is fluid and constantly encourages artists to be their most authentic selves, you should also let your guitar tattoo reflect this artistic expression and freedom.

For this very purpose, we have chosen this unique tattoo design for you. We assure you that it will make every head turn in your direction and make people notice you.

16. Hands-on Guitar Strings

Hands-on Guitar Strings
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/823947694343783237/

The minute a guitarist touches their guitar strings, it transports them to a whole different universe. It’s as calming and soothing to them as meditation.

If you feel the same way, you can request your tattoo artist draw a design where hands can be seen touching the guitar strings.

17. Face on a Guitar

Face on a Guitar
Image Source: leftyfretz.com/guitar-tattoo-ideas/

Is there a particular person you associate the most with music or your guitar? Perhaps it’s your parents, your friend, your music teacher, or even your partner.

If you have someone who reminds you of your guitar the most and you wish to honor them, you can get their face tattooed in the middle of the guitar strings of your tattoo design.

18. Guitar Tattoo with Rock On Symbol

Guitar Tattoo with Rock On Symbol
Image Source: leftyfretz.com/guitar-tattoo-ideas/

The ‘rock on’ symbol has been a part of the music world for eons now. You can often see musicians do this symbol in the middle of their concerts or shows. This is why you can also get this symbol to be a part of your tattoo design.

19. Guitar Tattoo with a Heart

Guitar Tattoo with a Heart
Image Source: leftyfretz.com/guitar-tattoo-ideas/

One can’t even deny that the heart is inevitably connected to music, regardless of whether you’re a professional musician or not. You could just be someone whose heart swells with joy every time they hear a person playing a guitar.

If you believe your heartbeat speeds up in a positive way at the thought of music, you should certainly include the heart as a symbol in your tattoo.

20. Tattoo of Your Favorite Guitar

Tattoo of Your Favorite Guitar
Image Source: leftyfretz.com/guitar-tattoo-ideas/

Music lovers often have a guitar they consider their favorite. It could be the first ever guitar they bought or even the first guitar they used to play in a concert.

Do you have one such guitar that is extra special to you? If you do, you can get its design to be a part of your tattoo.

Significance of Guitar Tattoos

Significance of Guitar Tattoos

Guitar isn’t just a musical instrument that adds tunes and background music to a song. For some people, it’s a heartfelt emotion.

Let’s take a look at the significance of guitar tattoos and what they symbolize:

1. Artistic Expression

Guitars come in various types, and no matter which type of guitar you play or prefer, it allows you to express yourself as an artist.

Whether you play calm tunes that make others around you smile and dance or songs that ignite feelings of passion, this instrument is the primary symbol of your artistic expression.

If you, too, believe that playing the guitar has allowed you to express yourself to the world without any inhibitions, then you must definitely get a guitar tattoo.

2. Freedom and Rebellion

Not everyone is able to follow the path they choose. This scenario is quite common whenever someone confesses that they wish to make music their profession.

While some give in to their family’s wishes and don’t choose music since there is no other way out, others choose to rebel and raise their voice against any form of hypocrisy.

The minute you decide to rebel and listen to your heart, it sets you free from the shackles of society, and this feeling of freedom can be vividly represented through a guitar tattoo.

3. Passion

It’s almost impossible to listen to the sound of a guitar and not feel a volcano of emotions bubbling within you. While this is true for the ones who listen to music, this emotion gets particularly amplified if you’re a musician yourself.

If you wish to convey your passion through a tattoo, then a guitar tattoo is a great way to do so. It doesn’t just mean passion for music but also your passion for your life, partner, work, and loved ones.

4. Memories

Does listening to the guitar remind you of someone? It may take you back to your school and college days when you would sit with your friends and take turns singing songs. Or it reminds you of someone you once loved and have now lost.

Regardless of the memories it takes you back to, a guitar’s sound can be a powerful reminder of who you were. Due to this strong association with a human being’s memories, a guitar tattoo becomes even more personal and important.


What is the meaning behind guitar tattoos?

Guitar tattoos can mean a lot of things, starting from someone’s passion for music to freedom and creative expression.

I don’t want a guitar tattoo that is too big. Can I get a minimalistic design done?

Yes, you can get a minimalistic design as a guitar tattoo if you’re not a fan of huge ones.

I want a lot of colors in my tattoo. Is that possible?

Yes, colorful guitar tattoos look immensely attractive and can be designed on anyone.

Can I get a guitar tattoo done on my thigh?

If you want a guitar tattoo done on your thigh, you can choose a design accordingly.

Is it possible to include some extra words along with my tattoo?

Yes, including some extra words along with your tattoo is possible. This can be in the form of lyrics or anything else you’d like.

Will it take long to get a guitar tattoo designed on myself?

The time it takes to get a guitar tattoo designed on yourself will depend on how big and intricate your tattoo is.


Having music by your side is like having a peaceful companion who will never leave you, no matter what. If you play the guitar, a sweet way to keep it close to your heart is by getting a guitar tattoo designed on your body.

With the gorgeous options listed above, we hope you will be able to select one that speaks the loudest to your musical soul.

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