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32 Cool Henna Tattoo Designs for Men

As time goes by and minds progress, certain traditions become genderless, allowing people of all ages and genders to adapt. One of those elements is henna.

When we see a henna design, it’s impossible not to admire it because of its intricacy, beauty, and complexity. After all, it has a rich culture and history associated with its name.

Did you know that men, too, have been getting henna tattoos done on themselves?

Yes, you heard that right.

Henna is no longer restricted to just women. This is a great go-to option for those who don’t want to get a permanent tattoo just yet.

When it comes to henna tattoos, the possibilities are endless. Are you looking for some eye-catching tattoo designs in henna for men? Let us help you out with it.

Tattoo Designs in Henna for Men

There are numerous henna tattoo designs for you to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the best options:

1. Intricate Design on the Back

Intricate Design on the Back
Image Source: pinterest.

Do you want a henna tattoo design that is both elaborate and sophisticated?

Well, go for this intricate design that you can get tattooed on your back. It has an aristocratic aura about it, especially with the royal elements associated with the country of India.

2. Design Covering the Chest and Biceps

Design Covering the Chest and Biceps
Image Source: cutewallpaper

Tattoos are often associated with mythology, and this beautiful design covering your chest and biceps is no different.

Designs such as these were once used to keep negative energy away, and that’s always a good element to have in your tattoo, right?

3. Arabic Design

Arabic Design
Image Source: pinterest

Want a delicate design that runs throughout your back? We’ve got you covered.

This design, inspired by Arabian culture, has the elements of sharp edges, triangles, and little stars and half-moons, as is common to their culture and traditions.

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4. Swans on the Back

Swans on the Back
Image Source: pinterest

Swans symbolize love and purity, and who wouldn’t want that as a part of their tattoo? Isn’t that right?

This is also a great tattoo to get in honor of your partner’s anniversary or birthday, as it depicts love.

5. Mix of African and Arabian Art

Mix of African and Arabian Art
Image Source: pinterest

How about getting a henna tattoo that is a mix of two cultures and art forms? 

You can go for one with an amalgamation of Arabian and African art. The presence of the moon and moon rays in this design depicts a person’s positive outlook toward the universe.

6. Design on the Upper Frontal Area

Design on the Upper Frontal Area
Image Source: pinterest

Some like their tattoos to cover the frontal area of their bodies, and you can have your henna tattoo do that as well.

Go for a lighter-toned henna tattoo for this one and have it get reflected beautifully in the sunlight.

7. Peacock Design

Peacock Design
Image Source: pinterest

Peacocks are gorgeous birds, are they not? What if your henna tattoo had a peacock design to accentuate its beauty?

You can get one that covers one side of your arm and runs a little down your back.

8. Armor Design

Armor Design
Image Source: pinterest

In the past, men in battle wore heavily decorated armor covering their bodies. You can get a design inspired by that armor.

It can protect your neck and a bit of your chest and let it cover your shoulders if you feel like it.

9. Minimalistic Design

Minimalistic Design
Image Source: pinterest

If this is your first henna tattoo, you might be looking for something simpler, or perhaps you’re just a fan of minimalistic designs.

Let it start from a corner of your shoulders and go halfway down your biceps, creating a simple design of circles and patterns.

10. Design on the Wrist

Design on the Wrist
Image Source: pinterest

Henna tattoos always look elegant on the wrist. You can opt for symmetrical patterns or maybe even go for grand designs with many details and intricate work.

11. Design on the Palms

Design on the Palms
Image Source: pinterest

Henna tattoos are most commonly seen on a person’s palm. The fern-like design on the wrist represents vitality.

In contrast, the design on the palm depicts that every life form in nature is interconnected.

12. Warrior Design

Warrior Design
Image Source: pinterest

Another tremendous masculine design for a henna tattoo resembles the jewelry that warriors adorned in the past after they got home victorious from winning a battle.

It can start from your neck and go down in a triangle-like manner.

13. Royal Art

Royal Art
Image Source: pinterest

Imagine having elements of royalty sprinkled on yourself in the form of a henna tattoo. This design achieves precisely that for the person getting it on themselves.

It is connected to the kind of jewelry worn by an individual who has recently been crowned king.

14. Dragon Design

Dragon Design
Image Source: pinterest

Dragons have been a significant part of mythological tales and fantasy fiction, and the design of a dragon as a henna tattoo will look majestic.

You can either get one on your arm or opt for an elaborate design on your back.

15. Repetitive Patterns

Repetitive Patterns
Image Source: pinterest

Perhaps you’re looking for a henna tattoo that reflects your love for everything simple. In that case, go for geometric and repetitive patterns.

Although these might look minimalistic initially, their beauty keeps growing the more you look at them.

16. Jewelry-Like Design

Jewelry-Like Design
Image Source: pinterest

Yes, this can be achieved through a henna tattoo that looks like a necklace. Or you can have it in the form of chandelier earrings running down your arm.

Quite royal and fancy.

17. Floral Art

Floral Art
Image Source: pinterest

Floral designs are a hit all year round. Having floral elements in your henna tattoo adds to your beauty.

You can add flowers and leaves on your wrist and palms or use circular floral art on the biceps or forearm.

18. Design on the Fingers

Design on the Fingers
Image Source: pinterest

Tattoos on the fingers look wonderfully delicate. You can get the same using henna, giving it a unique and striking look.

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19. Tattoo Covering an Entire Arm

Tattoo Covering an Entire Arm
Image Source: pinterest

Have you seen those tattoos that cover an entire arm? Maybe you don’t want to get inked but still want such a design on your arm.

You can get a henna artist to draw a detailed design covering your arm if that’s your wish.

20. Dual Tone Design

Dual Tone Design
Image Source: pinterest

Henna can be found in different colors. While some take on darker hues, such as black or deep red, others leave a brown shade.

Why not have two different kinds of henna shades on yourself, then? One can be in a circular pattern, while the other can be more intricate.

21. Persian Era Art

Persian Era Art
Image Source: pinterest

Persian art is stunning, and when you use henna, you can incorporate that art into your henna tattoo.

Such designs will look beautiful on your palm or the back of your hand, starting from your finger and down to your wrist.

22. Tattoo on the Ankle

Tattoo on the Ankle
Image Source: pinterest

Many men like wearing jewelry, and if you like anklets, you can get a henna tattoo design that looks like a pretty anklet.

Let it cover a bit or a lot of your ankle region that you can show off whenever you want.

23. Close to Nature Design

Close to Nature Design
Image Source: pinterest

Do you consider yourself to be one with nature? If that’s true, you can include nature elements in your tattoo.

Perhaps draw a beautiful tree on your hand, depicting life and the importance of staying grounded.

24. Scorpion-Themed

Image Source: pinterest

Maybe your zodiac is Scorpio, or perhaps Scorpions are creatures you relate to. You can choose to incorporate your zodiac into your henna tattoo.

Get multiple scorpions on your arm, with the sizes varying from large to small.

25. Bridal-Themed

Image Source: pinterest

Have you ever seen how beautiful bridal henna looks? Would you like a replica of it yourself?

You can get it done! Whether on your palms or something that covers half your hand, bridal designs with elements from the Mughal era are sure to make heads turn.

26. Dragon Spitting Fire

Dragon Spitting Fire
Image Source: pinterest

We saw a henna tattoo with a dragon in it. How about something more dramatic and elaborate, such as a dragon spitting fire?

It will be quite the eye-catching design, don’t you think?

27. Natural Elements

Natural Elements
Image Source: pinterest

Staying close to the theme of nature, you can get an eclectic henna design that covers half of your palms.

Add elements of the sun, rivers, forests, mountains, and stars to give it a deeper meaning.

28. Combination of Cultures

Combination of Cultures
Image Source: pinterest

How about a henna tattoo that pays tribute to different cultures? Mix in designs inspired by Indian art, the Mughal era, and so on, and let them adorn your hands.

 Sounds quite fabulous, does it not?

29. Symmetrical Design

Symmetrical Design
Image Source: pinterest

So many of us love symmetry. There’s something so calming and peaceful about it. Did you know that symmetrical designs are quite the hit regarding henna? Yes, it’s true indeed. You can go for such designs while getting your henna tattoo.

30. On the Toes

On the Toes
Image Source: pinterest

How about getting a henna design just on your toes? This is the perfect option for someone who prefers simple designs that aren’t too visible all the time.

You can also fill in your toenails with the beautiful color of henna.

31. Adorning a Necklace

Adorning a Necklace
Image Source: pinterest

You must have seen those layered, bejeweled necklaces that are gorgeous, right? Would you want something like that without having to wear such heavy jewelry?

Well, just get such a design tattooed on yourself instead.

32. Tribal Tattoo

Tribal Tattoo
Image Source: pinterest

Tribal tattoos are trendy and look good. It’s not just the traditional tattoos that allow for tribal designs because you can get them using henna, too.

A less complex design will look great on the back of your neck or arm.


How long does a henna tattoo stay?

Henna tattoos last anywhere between one week to two weeks.

Where did henna tattoos originate from?

Henna can be linked to many cultures. Over the years, it has been used in India, Pakistan, Africa, Egypt, and the Middle East, among other places.

Is it painful to get a tattoo design with henna for men?

It is not at all painful to get a henna design tattooed on yourself is not at all painful.

How long does it take to get a henna tattoo?

The duration of getting a henna tattoo done on yourself depends on how elaborate or complex the design is.

Why should you get a henna tattoo?

A: Henna tattoos are great for many reasons. They’re affordable, painless, super pretty, and they have a whole world of history and culture attached to themselves.


The benefits of getting a henna tattoo are numerous. They’re easy on your pocket, allow for a more temporary tattoo option, are eclectic in their designs, and are painless.

So, the next time you search for a pretty design for a henna tattoo, just look up this list and take your pick.

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