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8 Lizard Tattoo Designs For Men With Meaning

Deciding on what kind of tattoo to get can often be a tricky process. There are, after all, so many options to go for. You could either go for something pretty and adorable that looks attractive on your body or choose to pick something that holds a strong meaning.

It could be an image, a symbol, some words, or even a name. Getting tattoos of animals and different creatures is not uncommon at all. Some tattoo the pictures of their pets on themselves, whereas others choose animals that have symbolism attached to their meaning. One of these animals that are quite popular as tattoos are lizards.

If you’re someone who notices tattoos, you must have surely seen that lizard tattoos are pretty popular. People get them on different body parts, with different colors, and each species means something different.

It makes total sense since lizards as a breed of reptiles are quite unique. In the olden times, numerous Aboriginal tribes, along with the ancient Moche people of northern Peru, had a lot of reverence towards lizards, which is why they can be found in many pieces of artwork.

Lizard tattoos have layers of meanings attached to them. Are you looking for suggestions and unique ideas to make your tattoo stand out? If so, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will give you plenty of lizard tattoo ideas while discussing their different themes and meanings.

The Symbolism of Lizard Tattoos

The reason so many people all over the world choose to get lizard tattoos is that they contain a lot of depth in terms of meaning and symbolism. As an animal, lizards have been a crucial part of human history since time immemorial.

In Greece and Egypt, the picture of a lizard is associated with fortune and good luck. Knowledge and wisdom are two other wonderful traits associated with a lizard since it falls in the category of smart reptiles. Abundance and great wealth are often connected to lizards as well.

Positive energy often goes hand-in-hand with the imagery of a lizard. The animal has qualities that are both envied and admired by many. Although images and tattoos, in general, mean different things to different people, the tattoo of a lizard is always associated with all things positive. It is a versatile animal with indeed many wonderful traits.

Have you ever stumbled upon pictures of lizards around a house? Did you know that this is done to keep evil energy at bay and act as a talisman? Therefore, as it’s evident, the symbol of a lizard is associated with many wonderful attributes, which is why it comes as a surprise to no one that so many individuals go for lizard tattoos.

With so many abilities and talents to boast about, it is one of those animals many would like to connect their characteristics to. Let’s take a deeper dive into the symbolism of a tattoo with lizards in it.

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Image source: bodyartguru.com

The lizard is a very flexible animal. It can bend itself in a manner such that it can easily sneak into tight spaces or just about anywhere. Flexibility, therefore, is a very big theme of lizard tattoos. This doesn’t just mean physical flexibility but goes beyond that, entailing mental flexibility.

Getting such a tattoo means that you are a flexible person who can modify yourself in any manner according to the situation. It shows that once you set your eyes on a goal, you never waver and smoothly keep crafting your ways to achieve your goals.


Speed is another characteristic of a lizard. Most of the lizard species we know about are extremely quick and agile. If speed and agility are things you value, this sort of tattoo will mean even more to you.

It not only means you are physically fit and quick on your toes but also that your mind is quicker than most people. You are able to make quick decisions while also weighing the pros and cons, giving you the strength to not crumble under pressure.


Lizards have this stunning ability to regrow their limbs. These animals have long tails, as we know, and these tails can often get caught under things such as rocks or other heavy elements. In order to evade being trapped, lizards cut off their own tails so they can swiftly run away. This quality comes in super useful when someone is trying to hunt a lizard.

If a predator attempts to bite the tail of a lizard, the lizard can just let go of the tail and run away. In fact, at times their limbs and tails grow back even stronger than before.

The quality stated above refers to regeneration and just the ability to bounce back stronger than what we were. This is definitely the kind of symbolism we would all want our tattoos to reflect.

Much like the lizard that can grow back its tail and limbs, we as humans have the power to grow stronger and rise no matter how debilitating or testing a situation is. The point is to persevere and keep going regardless of how much life tries to bring us down, learning and evolving in the process and proving ourselves to be much tougher human beings.

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Strong Emotions, Adaptability, and Pragmatic Thoughts

Strong Emotions, Adaptability, and Pragmatic Thoughts
Image source: tattooswin.com

The colors associated with lizards and lizard tattoos carry a lot of significance as well. A brown lizard tattoo stands for something that keeps us grounded, be it our family, friends, home, or even our job.

Blue lizards signify an emotional depth. It teaches us not to keep our emotions buried and instead express them freely and in a healthy way. Red lizards signify strong emotions such as love, desire, passion, temptation, and so on.

Green lizards, which are the most common type of lizards, are representative of the Anahata Chakra, which is the center of the heart. A green lizard tattoo means something that makes us move forward in life, grow, and evolve.

The tattoo of a color-changing lizard or one with many colors signifies an individual’s ability to adapt themselves to different situations and find happiness in it all.


St. Gregory the Great, who was a pope in the sixth century, took great interest in how much time a lizard spent basking in the sun. He connected this with the act of someone seeking enlightenment. Lizards have had a deeper influence of the language and emotions of humans than we realize.

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Cognitive Skills

‘Lizard brain,’ for instance, is a coinage used by many scientists and refers to the primitive instincts of human beings. This phrase is in association with better cognitive functions in relation to poetry, art, and design.

It is even connected to a human’s instincts for food, reproduction, and survival. Aggression, gut feeling, and the ability to sense danger are all connected to the phrase, ‘lizard brain’.

Different Types of Lizard Tattoos

A tattoo design in the form of a lizard has multiple variations. You can have them look curled up or as if they are moving about. Different themes of lizard tattoos are possible on the basis of the various kinds of lizards that exist and even beyond. Here are some themes that can you can take inspiration from for your tattoo:

Tribal Tattoos

Many indigenous individuals all over the world have cultural associations with tribal markings. These display one’s regional and cultural identity, while also being a symbol for communicating with the spirits of their ancestors. This is why a tribal lizard tattoo, too, has similar implications. If you are strongly connected to your cultural identity, you can get this kind of tattoo.

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Gecko Tattoos

Gecko Tattoos
Image source: stylesatlife.com

Gecko tattoos are perhaps one of the most popular types of lizard tattoos. Geckos are known for their climbing and adaptability skills while also being famous for their agility. These come in eclectic colorful designs for you to choose from.

Salamander Tattoos

Salamander Tattoos
Image source: pinterest.com

Salamanders have had a long association with not just humanity through the course of history, but also with literature, with salamander being used as a metaphor and symbol in numerous pieces of art. They denote a human’s power to bounce back when things get tough and also serve as a theme for strong passion. 

Chameleon Tattoos

Chameleon Tattoos
Image source: bodyartguru.com

A chameleon lizard tattoo not only looks colorful but has deeper layers of symbolism. These signify a human’s talent to adapt and switch on their survival instincts. This proves that you possess the ability to adapt yourself to whatever situation comes your way.

Iguana Tattoos

Iguana Tattoos
Image source: tattoo-ideas.com

Iguanas appear in several places around the world, making them truly intriguing creatures. They are popular for their playful nature, while also having a connection with traits such as creativity, patience, and understanding.

Ideas For Lizard Tattoos

Listed below are some ideas and designs that would look fantastic as lizard tattoos: 

1. Lizard Tattoo on Hand

Lizard Tattoo on Hand
Image source: pinterest.com

A common tattoo of this kind is usually spotted on one’s hand. You can either get a smaller one on your palm or choose to cover your entire palm with a bigger design. One can choose to get a tattoo where the lizard’s head perhaps starts from the tip of their finger and goes all the way down to their palm.

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2. Lizard Tattoo with a Unique Pattern

Lizard Tattoo with a Unique Pattern
Image source: pinterest.com

Why not get a lizard tattoo with a unique pattern, right? Something that is neither colorful nor completely filled in, but will surely catch the fancy of everyone who looks at it. The most striking feature of this lizard tattoo is the thin lines on the back of the lizard, showing the lizard’s flexibility and slithering movement. It is something you can connect with its symbolism of flexibility that we have discussed above.

3. Tribal Style Lizard Tattoo

Tribal Style Lizard Tattoo
Image source: stylesatlife.com

A tribal-style tattoo of this kind has a lot of cultural significance. You can get this on your hand, arm, foot, or even at the nape of your neck. The pattern of such a tattoo is different from all the rest, making itself unique from the tribal patterns. It gives an antique vibe.

4. Mini Lizard Tattoo

Mini Lizard Tattoo
Image source: bodyartguru.com

If you’re someone who wants to get a minimalist design, go for a tiny or mini lizard tattoo. These look cute and very dainty on anyone who gets it, and this can be designed on any body part given how small they are.

5. Gecko Lizard Tattoo

Gecko Lizard Tattoo
Image source: pinterest.com

Gecko lizards form some of the most popular lizards in this category. These can be drawn in multiple colors and designs. Having numerous eclectic traits attributed to them, people go for gecko tattoos not just because of their unique design, but also because of their layered meanings.

6. 3D Tattoo

3D Tattoo
Image source: theyou.com

Why not get a tattoo that looks almost realistic, right? Get a 3D tattoo filled with unique colors and designs that look super stylish and attractive. It will almost look like the lizard is sitting on your hand.

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7. Pure Black Tattoo

Pure Black Tattoo
Image source: askideas.com

A pure black tattoo is often connected to the theme of a lizard’s ability to regenerate and grow back. A full-on black-colored tattoo is forever a classic. With the black color completely filled in on the body of the lizard, it makes for a stunning design for sure.

8. Full-body Tattoo

Full-body Tattoo
Image source: pinterest.com

If you want a tattoo that creates a statement and gets attention from everyone around you, opt for a full-body lizard tattoo. You can add various colors and designs to such a tattoo.


As we can see from everything discussed above, a lizard as an animal makes for some very interesting and unique tattoos. If you were to choose an animal that would denote intriguing traits, a lizard is a solid one to go for.

Go through the list of wonderful ideas provided for such a tattoo, and take your pick.

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