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Mexican Tribal Tattoos: A Showcase Of Rich Cultural Heritage

From history enthusiasts to spiritual people, everyone is finding a deep interest in the tribal symbols for adorning their homes and bodies. Mexican tribal tattoos are becoming increasingly popular as they carry both symbolic and spiritual significance.

Do you want to get a new tattoo and wonder if you should opt for a Mexican tribal symbol? It is imperative here to do thorough research to understand the deep meanings behind these tattoos before you decide to get them permanently inked on your body.

Dive right into this article to learn all about the deep meaning and significance of Mexican tribal tattoos.

History of The Mexican Tribal Tattoo

A majority of people believe that tattoos are a relatively modern concept in Mexico, but they are mistaken. Tattoos have been around in Mexican culture since the early 1300s and even before that.

Both the Mexicans and the Aztecs, along with many other Mexican native tribes, considered tattoos ornamental and a method of intimidating their enemies during battle.

The Aztecs lived in Mexico from the 13th century to the 16th century. They gave a lot of importance to religion, and the gods were very important in their culture, and a majority of daily life went into honoring and pleasing the gods.

Tattoos were also an essential part of Aztec culture, and even children got tattooed. The tattoo designs that ancient Aztecs got were basic and not particularly body art.

They had a variety of other reasons, such as:

  • Aztec tribal tattoos were a part of rituals and a way to honor a god.
  • Tattoo designs also helped differentiate between various tribes.
  • These tattoo designs were also a symbol of one’s status and could indicate a warrior’s rank or accomplishments.

Meaning Behind Mexican Tribal Tattoos

During ancient times, many Mexican tribes used tattoos to express their religious views and ritual art, but their tattoos also had a deep spiritual meaning. Due to this, the Aztecs also left behind a vast legacy of beautiful symbols.

Aztecs worshiped many gods, and the tattoos were a way of honoring them. These complex images also highlight the social status of a person in society.

The modern Aztec tattoos come from the motifs of the ancient tribes. They depict religious as well as ritual meanings and honor the important gods, like the god of the sun, war, or the winged serpent.

Aztec Ideas For You to Get Inked

There are numerous Aztec tribal designs that make up for great tattoo designs. Here are some aesthetic unique ideas that you can consider for your next ink:

1. Aztec Calendar

Aztec Calendar
Image Source: i.pinimg.com

The Aztec calendar is a popular symbol, and it includes the sun symbol in the middle. Many people get it inked given the rich symbolic meaning associated with it, like life and eternity.

The symbol highlights eternity as well as the deep connection between a human’s soul and the concept of eternity. It marks the start of a life and its end and also the time in general.

People tend to get the Aztec calendar tattoo on the chest, closer to their hearts, to depict that love is eternal.

2. Feathered Serpent Aztec Tattoo

Feathered Serpent Aztec Tattoo
Image Source: i.pinimg.com

Another respected symbol in Aztec mythology is the feathered serpent. The tribal people believed it to be the protector of the entire world and every living thing.

The feathered serpent is a prominent symbol of courage, protection, and love for people and the world. Since it is a complex symbol that might be hard to tattoo, you need to find a talented and skilled artist that can bring this Aztec tattoo to life.

Your wrist can be a great placement for a serpent tattoo that goes along the wrist. This intricate, bold, and unique design will be turning heads.

What makes this Aztec tattoo stand out is that it is a sleek design, yet you can customize it to suit your personality.

3. Tribal Wolf Tattoo

Tribal Wolf Tattoo
Image Source: i.pinimg.com

Wolves have always been a symbol of loyalty and strength across many centuries and cultures. As a symbol, it holds massive potential in composition and design.

Due to these reasons, a tribal wolf can be a great tattoo choice for any person who wants a reminder of their own courage and resilience in the face of adversity.

4. Sun Tattoo

Sun Tattoo
Image Source: i.pinimg.com

The Aztec sun is a circular symbol that consists of many elements, like a circular disk in the middle, three circles surrounding the disk, and four squares on the sides.

It is a design that became popular in the 90s because of the layered patterns and sleek swirling lines of the Western style and continues to be a top choice among tattoo enthusiasts.

Most men get this symbol tattooed on the chest and arms. This tattoo design can also be small enough to hide while you’re at work.

5. Aztec Band Tattoo

Aztec Band Tattoo
Image Source: i.pinimg.com

Bands are a common and versatile tattoo idea that you can get in various styles, including Aztec tribal designs. These intricate designs require precision and perfection to bring out a visually appealing design.

This tribal tattoo band can be placed on your arms or even legs. The simple bands depict tribal cultures and are a variant of Aztec tribal tattoos.

6. Aztec Dragon Tattoo

Aztec Dragon Tattoo
Image Source: i.pinimg.com

Those who want to cover their full-back with body art can opt for this Aztec dragon design. It is a great way to flaunt the back muscles and enhance them with a creative design with ink and body art.

In Aztec culture, dragons symbolized Quetzacoatl and its strength and power. It continues to be a bold, stylish, and wild Aztec tattoo that also suits modern-day men.

You can wear this Aztec tattoo on your chest or back, in black color, to make the design stand out.

7. Bird Tribal Tattoo on Legs

Bird Tribal Tattoo on Legs
Image Source: stylecraze.com

For the ones looking for a bold and quirky tattoo idea, this bird tattoo might interest you. The Aztec bird tattoo placed on your leg will make a unique choice and ensure you stand out in a crowd.

It is a simple, elegant, and sleek tattoo design that has a rich heritage associated with it and has an artistic touch while also having a modern touch. While it can be an amazing leg tattoo, you can also get it as a shoulder tattoo.

8. Aztec Pyramid Tattoo

Aztec Pyramid Tattoo
Image Source: i.pinimg.com

Aztec Pyramid is an excellent design that is also vibrant and enigmatic. If you wish to get an ink that reflects your fierce and adventurous side and showcases Mexican culture, you can consider this design.

9. Mexican Aztec Princess Tattoo

Mexican Aztec Princess Tattoo
Image Source: ink-match.com

It is a great tattoo idea for the ones who want a more feminine Mexican Aztec tattoo to flaunt their delicate side. It includes a princess, which is both stylish and trendy and can interest someone who loves ancient beliefs and stories.

You might think that it is only suited for women, but both genders can get this image inked. Since it is an intricate and detailed design, arms and shoulders can be great places to get it.

10. Aztec Warrior Skull Tattoo

Aztec Warrior Skull Tattoo
Image Source: i.pinimg.com

The ones who believe in mixing up styles to create a visually appealing design will like this warrior skull tattoo. This design merges the Old School style with Neo-Traditional, which creates a tattoo with so much depth and character.

It is a unique tattoo with clean lines and silky smooth shading, which makes it a winner. You can place it on your calf to flaunt it when you step out.

11. Tribal Warrior Tattoo on Arm

Tribal Warrior Tattoo on Arm
Image Source: i.pinimg.com

Nothing says courage and bravery like a tribal warrior tattoo placed perfectly on your body. The design has a portrait of a warrior facing inwards and towards the heart and smooth shading that creates a black and gray design with no solid lines.

With beautiful shading, unique design, and correct placement, this Aztec warrior tattoo can be a great tattoo idea.

12. Aztec Inspired Geometric Sleeve Tattoo

Aztec Inspired Geometric Sleeve Tattoo
Image Source: i.pinimg.com

This combination of geometry and Aztec design makes for a unique sleeve tattoo idea. It has subtle hints of a geometric tattoo and rough textured shading that gives the tattoo a rustic feel.

What is The Mexicans Symbol For Strength?

The Mexicans used a few symbols for strength, and the first one was an eagle. The eagle was a symbol of Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital, and the large bird also symbolized warriors.

Jaguar is another major symbol of bravery and strength in the Aztec culture because of the skills and fierceness of the animal.


Q1. Are there many Traditional Mexican Tattoos?

Ans: Yes, there are numerous Mayan and Aztec symbols that you may choose from if you want a traditional Mexican tattoo.

Q2. Did Aztec Indians have Tattoos?

Ans: The ancient Aztec people were the first people to wear Aztec symbols as tattoos to honor their gods.

Q3. Which is the Most Popular Aztec God Tattoo?

Ans: Quetzalcóatl is the feathered serpent Aztec god, and it is also a popular tattoo choice among young people today.


While you might have come across numerous tattoos with bold lines and intriguing designs, you might not have realized that they were deeply meaningful Mexican tribal tattoos. These tattoos come with a rich cultural and spiritual meaning and also make up aesthetic body art designs.

Now that you know all about Mexican Aztec tribal tattoos, including their history, significance, and various designs, you are ready to get it inked!

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