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14 Muslim Tattoo Ideas: Faithful Ink Inspirations and Designs

Religious tattoos are body art’s most pious and soothing forms of self-expressionism. Among all the thriving religions in the world, Islam is the most talked about, religiously inspired cultural practice.

Arabic calligraphy is the most important aspect of Islamic tradition in terms of literature and artistic creation. Hence, most Muslim tattoo designs are mainly inspired by the Arabic scriptures as an ethnic tradition.

From an Orientalist perspective, Muslim tattoos are the most awe-inspiring exotic forms of creation for body art. It has a mystical sense of beautiful calligraphy and design.

Suppose you genuinely want to express your zeal and religious enthusiasm for Islamic or Muslim ideals through tattoos. In that case, you don’t have to surf the internet to find it. This article will provide you with all the information about Muslim tattoo ideas.

Here we’ll discuss some of the best tattoo ideas and poignantly creative designs for all Islamic followers. Our main focus in this article is which places on your body part will make these tattoos look beautiful on you.

Creative Ideas for Muslim Tattoo Designs

Arabic calligraphy is the most widely used tattoo for all believers of the Islamic faith. However, per the Sharia law, Islam doesn’t allow for any tattoo culture, considering it Haram.

But still, there are a lot of believers who feel that tattoo art is important for their sense of individuality and self-expressionism. Tattoos that represent God are a creative inclination; hence should be practiced.

Consulting a professional tattoo artist who understands your religion and belief is also very important. They can help you understand what will look good on you? or Which part of your body will be better suited for the tattoo?

Hence we are going to discuss here some of the best creative tattoo ideas for Muslims all around the world so that they can freely express their faith and belief through tattoos:

1. Arabic Tattoo on the Chest

Arabic Tattoo on the Chest
Image Source: pinterest.com/pin/819795938443255191/

Nothing is more beautiful than a man with a cool and ethnic design of Arabic inscription on his bare chest. It’s just full of real masculine energy and faithful devotion to Allah.

It is highly recommended to get this tattoo on your bare chest with the help of a professional tattoo artist that understands or has mastered the intricate skills of Arabic calligraphy.

2. Symbolic Tattoo on a Wrist

Symbolic Tattoo on a Wrist
Image Source: instagram.com/p/CNH9rzwpnI1/

Muslim tattoos with Arabic inscriptions are full of symbolic meanings and interpretations. Getting a tattoo like this on your wrist looks elegant and minimalistic.

It’s very comfortable to get a tattoo inscribed on your wrist. Ensure your tattoo artist doesn’t overdo it much with a tattoo gun. It is supposed to be small and minimalistic in design. It makes your hands look more beautiful and charming.

3. Triangular Shape Tattoo at the Back of Your Neck

Triangular Shape Tattoo at the Back of Your Neck

Arabic Tattoos on the back of your neck look very positively strong. The Triangular shape looks very stylistic and beautiful.

This Tattoo inscribed in Arabic context means, “God is Enough.” It encourages the philosophical concept of Allah’s divine omnipresence. It inspires a peaceful idea of the Islamic faith and its positive impact worldwide.

Getting it inked on your back neck is highly recommended if you have a tall and muscular body shape.

4. Beloved’s Name on Your Palm Side

Beloved’s Name On your Palm Side
Image Source: pinterest.com/laurasaraceno0861/

Nothing is more soothing and beautiful than inscribing your beloved’s name on the side of your palm and legs. It is a very romantic approach to demonstrate your loving devotion to them.

Love knows no boundary and should be expressed freely. Tattoos written in Arabic text are just too beautiful.

5. Butterfly Design Arabic Tattoo on Your Collarbone

Butterfly Design Arabic Tattoo on Your Collarbone
Image Source: instagram.com/p/CHle6ETlfzO/

The butterfly is the ultimate symbol of emancipation and freedom of one’s self. A Butterfly design on your frontal collarbone with an Arabic context meaning “Love yourself first” looks very attractive and bold for a woman.

Self-acceptance and self-love is the most important step toward freedom. It’s a very hopeful statement for everyone.

6. Heart-Shaped Arabic Tattoo on Your Wrist

Heart-Shaped Arabic Tattoo on Your Wrist
Image Source: instagram.com/p/CgcPUSojy-W/

Arabic calligraphy has a very smooth writing structure. It easily allows tattoo artists to design elaborate sentences in a particular shape. The Heart-Shaped design is the most popular one among all such tattoos.

7. Animalistic Design Arabic Tattoos

Animalistic Design Arabic Tattoos
Image Source: instagram.com/p/CUSqIs7vwzJ/

Depiction of an animal like a Lion or Tiger on your Backside looks highly intriguing. The lion represents strength, victory, royalty, and ferocity.

The depiction of Kings and Queens is central to all Arabic myths and legends described in the religious books.

In Arabic, it simply translates to “Be Brave and Be Strong.” This Tattoo is highly inspiring for every young individual who wants to express themselves freely.

8. Tree-Shaped Arabic Tattoo on Your Back

Tree-Shaped Arabic Tattoo on Your Back
Image Source: .instagram.com/p/Cd-KXx2NE3_/

A Giant tree-shaped tattoo with Arabic calligraphy on your full back Torso will make you stand out the most when you expose it bare. It looks super cool and just damn attractive.

Although, inscribing this design with tattoo ink is very complicated. It requires a lot of precision and minute detailing to be inscribed upon your body. The tree structure outline has to be perfect and elaborate enough to be stained properly.

It would help if you got in touch with a very professional and skillful tattoo artist who can do this for you. It might take a long time, but you must remember that the key to great art is patience! Stillness is also an important aspect of this tattooing process.

9. Cedar Arabic Tattoo on Your Arms

Cedar Arabic Tattoo on Your Arms

As we all know, a cedar tree’s most obvious symbolic meaning is ‘protection.’ In Arabic, a cedar tree protects you from evil, darkness, and wrongdoings. It is the ultimate representation of Hope and wisdom.

Getting this tattoo inscribed on your arm would look cute and awe-inspiring and look really fab on you.

It’s always advisable to get a professional tattoo artist who is Arabic or Persian to get this tattoo done.

10. Arabic Calligraphy Shoulder Tattoos

Arabic Calligraphy Shoulder Tattoos
Image Source: instagram.com/p/CdGblIFNE4H/

Let’s be frank. Shoulder tattoos are just too damn cute and beautiful. A small Arabic-style minimalistic design tattoo on your left shoulder will look fab.

You can easily flaunt your shoulder tattoo whenever you want to.

11. Crowning Arabic Design Tattoos

Crowning Arabic Design Tattoos
Image Source: .instagram.com/p/B97Xr4FHxf6/

Tattoos depicting crowns are very popular everywhere in the world. Crowns are highly decorative, and depicting them in a tattoo would look beautiful.

Arabic text surrounding the crown structure will look too fab on your shoulders. Arabic text on a crown mainly translates to the Islamic ideal concept of “Amin,” which means- devotion, honesty, straightforwardness, and worth of belief.

12. Gazelle Arabic Tattoo on Your Thighs

Gazelle Arabic Tattoo on your Thighs
Image Source: instagram.com/p/CbXCI-dg93B/

Gazelle is a small Antelope with curved horns and a fawn-colored coat. It is an almost deer-like creature that is mostly prevalent in Arabic and Persian literature.

Gazelle usually symbolizes feminine beauty and elegance. Many lyric poems in Arabic literature are attributed to a Gazelle’s ephemeral nature.

Renowned Islamic Caliph Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan penned a beautiful poem dedicated to his beloved Layla. A graceful gazelle believed to have inspired him.

O likeness of Layla, never fear!
For I am your friend today, O wild deer!
Then I say, after freeing her from her fetters,
You are free for the sake of Layla forever!
(Verse 92: 1-21 Surah)

13. Arabic Alliterations of Karma Tattoos

Arabic Alliterations of Karma Tattoos
Image Source: instagram.com/p/CaCcjkvjssc/

If you are a staunch believer of Karma in the Muslim faith, this tattoo design is specifically for you.

In the Arabic context, it translates to “Do Good, and Good will Come to You.” It reinstates the idea of doing continuous good work irrespective of the outcome.

According to the Islamic belief system, Karma emphasizes an eternal reward for being on the right path and doing nice deeds in the eyes of Allah. It is a very strong statement through tattoo art.

14. Floral Arabic Tattoos on Collarbone

Floral Arabic Tattoos on Collarbone
Image Source: instagram.com/p/CbkXVfhvnFz/

Floral tattoo designs are mostly feminine, which is all about creating beautiful flower arrangements conveying pure emotions.

Floral design tattoo with Arabic script written over it is just fantabulous to look at. However, inscribing this tattoo on your collarbone might look simple, but it’s not. Using a tattoo gun on a collarbone can be tricky.

The Arabic context here literally translates to “Everything is Temporary.” If you believe in the temporal existence of everything in this world, this tattoo is definitely for you.


How popular are Muslim Tattoos?

Muslim Tattoos with Arabic Fonts and symbolism are very popular and much in demand in the tattooing community. They look visually exotic.

Can Muslims get tattoos on their body?

If those who aren’t aware, Tattoos are considered ‘Haraam’ (Forbidden) in Islam. 
According to Islamic Theologists, the ritual Wudu (the purification of the Soul) cannot be completed if you have any inked marks on your body.

Being a Muslim, can I be a Professional Tattoo Artist?

Although in Islam, Tattooing yourself is a forbidden practice. But you can become a professional tattoo artist if you don’t get yourself inked.

Which Celebrities have Muslim or Arabic Tattoos on their body?

Muslim Tattoos with Arabic Fonts are very popular among high-profile Hollywood Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Selena Gomez, and Rihanna. They all have these exotic Muslim tattoos.


Muslim tattoo ideas can encapsulate faith, culture, and spirituality. Whether it’s through Arabic calligraphy, Persian symbols, or Turkish architectural motifs, these tattoos provide a unique and beautiful way to express devotion to Islam.

When considering a Muslim-inspired tattoo, it’s essential to approach the process with respect, understanding, and a deep appreciation for Islam’s rich heritage and teachings.

We sincerely hope you found this article to be useful in your search of finding inspiration and design ideas for Muslim tattoos. Wishing you all the best on your tattooing journey.

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