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11 Unique And Gorgeous Aquarius Tattoos With Meanings

Discover the fascinating world of Aquarius, the 11th zodiac sign in astrology, representing the Age of Aquarius. Aquarians, born between January 20th and February 18th, are renowned for their humanitarian spirit and intellectual prowess. Despite misconceptions of aloofness, Aquarians are deeply rooted in friendship and community, constantly striving to make a positive impact on the world.

Unveiling various symbols associated with this air sign, such as the water bearer, water glyphs, and even the lightning bolt, Aquarius offers abundant tattoo inspirations for those seeking to honor their sun sign. If you’re considering a new tattoo that embodies the essence of Aquarius, continue reading for some fantastic ideas to ignite your imagination

Mind-Blowing Tattoo Designs For Aquarians

There are numerous designs that an Aquarius can opt from, which can make it more challenging to pick just one. Here are some tattoo ideas that are fun, elegant, and bring out the uniqueness of an Aquarian.

1. Aquarius Water Bearer Tattoo

Aquarius Water Bearer Tattoo
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The most popular symbol associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius is a water bearer. The image shows water pouring out of a chalice.

Here water is a metaphor for the emotions of other people around them and their ability to carry these feelings and not be influenced by them. To reach an understanding, an Aquarius person carries the emotions to the end, making them the water bearer.

It makes for an interesting and mysterious tattoo that one can position anywhere and customize the design to their liking.

2. Aquarius Goddess Tattoo

Aquarius Goddess Tattoo
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Although people often associate Aquarius with a water bearer, it is often presented as a Greek goddess. It could be because the mighty goddess Athena represents the people born under this sun sign.

A tattoo of the goddess Athena is a sign of divinization. When you decide to get this majestic image, you show your respect for the Aquarius zodiac sign and that you’re worthy of being born under this sign.

3. Aquarius Constellation Tattoo

Aquarius Constellation Tattoo
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Another meaningful yet aesthetic Aquarius tattoo is the constellation of this astrological sign. The Aquarius constellation consists of a distinct pattern of shiny stars in the sky. It makes a sleek tattoo design ideal for people who like celestial designs.

A constellation tattoo can feature alone, or you may combine other Aquarian images, like the glyph or the water-bearer. The design can go well on any part of your body, but it is commonly placed on the forearm, wrist, and forearm.

This constellation tattoo also symbolizes the prominent traits of an Aquarius, like independence, progress, and innovation. It serves as a reminder to the person to embrace individuality and find their path in life.

4. Aquarius Glyph Tattoo

Aquarius Glyph Tattoo
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A simple Aquarius tattoo is this zodiac sign’s glyph symbol, consisting of two zig-zag parallel lines. Moreover, the Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol for water is also two wavy lines.

The two waves represent air or wind blowing the water away, describing the dissemination of wisdom and knowledge. These identical wavy lines also express the desire to share information with others and seek equality in everything.

If you like simple things, the Aquarius glyph tattoo could be ideal. This tattoo’s minimalistic and sharp lines give it a stylish finish, an excellent option for someone getting their first tattoo.

You can also opt for a watercolor tattoo instead of the conventional black design. Since it doesn’t occupy too much space, you could do it on your fingers or wrist.

5. Aquarius With a Heart Tattoo

Aquarius With a Heart Tattoo
Image Source: ourmindfullife.com

If you’re a woman looking for a more feminine design, you can opt for the Aquarius heart tattoo. It includes the word Aquarius written in a cursive font across a red heart, and one can add flowers or other elements on either side to further elevate the design.

Adding multiple colors to this design can make it more visually appealing. While it is more popular among women, some men also get variations of this tattoo design.

6. Geometric Aquarius Tattoo

Geometric Aquarius Tattoo
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A geometric Aquarius tattoo is an excellent idea if you’re into simple and sleek designs. The geometric pattern can include various elements of Aquarius, like the constellation, water bearer, and even the glyph.

This vertical mix of many Aquarius elements would look best on the biceps, limbs, or the back of your neck.

7. Aquarius Tribal Tattoo

Aquarius Tribal Tattoo
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If you plan to get an extensive pattern as a tattoo, this tribal design might interest you. It represents strength by depicting water as a strong force of nature.

The tattoo can empower you and also help you demonstrate your power beautifully. You can get this tattoo in blue and black ink to make the design more realistic.

8. Minimalistic Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Minimalistic Lightning Bolt Tattoo
Image Source: tattoofilter.com

Although it is somewhat unconventional, many people associate the lightning bolt symbol with an Aquarius. Some even believe that the glyph of Aquarius represents two lightning bolts.

A lightning bolt symbolizes an enlightening spark descending from the heavens above that transforms darkness into light. An Aquarius offers an unbounded and enlightened perspective of life to humanity, which can transcend all the limitations of this material world.

You can get a small lightning bolt tattoo to honor that Aquarian spark in you and even go for bold colors to make it stand out.

9. Aquarius Planet Tattoo

Aquarius Planet Tattoo
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Also called the ‘Awakener,’ the ruling planet of Aquarius is Uranus. You can either get an ink of the planet Uranus itself or opt for the glyph of this celestial body.

The Uranus glyph includes a cross of matter above the circle of spirit and semi-circles on both sides, representing receptivity. It is a unique and complex glyph that symbolizes receptivity and perceptions experienced by people as “flashes.”

Both designs make for interesting tattoo choices that are conversation starters and will make you stand out.

10. Aquarius Birth Flower Tattoo

Aquarius Birth Flower Tattoo
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Aquarians might have a shy demeanor, and they can be quiet. But they’re also energetic and eccentric around the people they trust. Owing to this nature, the flower associated with this zodiac sign is the strong yet delicate flower orchid.

The exquisite shape of this flower aligns with Aquarius’ eccentric personality and makes for a great tattoo idea.

11. Aquarius Mandala Tattoo

Aquarius Mandala Tattoo
Image Source: bkktattoostudio13.com

Another great way to showcase this sun sign is the Aquarius mandala tattoo. The beautiful and intricate tattoo design can also feature any Aquarius symbol incorporated elegantly into the mandala pattern, like the water-bearer or glyph.

A typical mandala design includes geometric shapes or symbols that emerge from a single central point to create a hypnotic and mesmerizing effect. Getting a mandala tattoo can emphasize an Aquarian’s connection to unity, balance, and harmony.

Moreover, an Aquarius mandala tattoo is a creative way to express your individuality. It reminds you of the unique traits and qualities of your zodiac sign.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might have some questions if you wish to get an Aquarius tattoo. The most common questions associated with Aquarius tattoos are:

Q1. Are Aquarius Tattoos Painful?

Ans: The technique and equipment used for Aquarius tattoos are the same as any other, so your pain will also be similar. However, if your design is more intricate, you may have to sit longer and ensure more pain.

Q2. What Is The Best Aquarius Male Tattoo?

Ans: You can get the Aquarius water bearer symbol or a tribal design that exudes masculinity.

Q3. What Is The Aquarius Constellation Tattoo?

Ans: An Aquarius constellation tattoo comes from the constellation between the Capricorn and Pisces constellations. The name of this constellation means water bearer or cupbearer in Latin.


Aquarians are famous for their uniqueness, which makes them stand out from the other eleven zodiac signs. They have a sense of individuality that reflects in everything they do, including their choice of tattoos.

While others may get the symbol or planet of their zodiac sign, an Aquarian will want more. If you want a creative way to embrace your zodiac sign, you can opt for any of the tattoo designs listed above.

From a tiny glyph design to an intricate and detailed geometric design, your Aquarius tattoo will help you show everyone that you are a proud Aquarius!

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