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Cheyenne Hawk Pen Review {Reasons to Consider}

Tattooing, at its best form, emerges from both skill and a passion. If you love permanent artwork on your skin, you’d want to make sure it’s done with the best equipment. Similarly, if you’re passionate about making your clients happy with the most vivid-looking tattoos, you would want to use the highest-quality equipment to ink them without a hindrance. Cheyenne makes some of the world’s best tattoo guns you can use to draw perfect art.

Cheyenne is a Berlin, Germany-based tattoo equipment company with the famous motto “Made For Artists.” The thinking behind the innovative Cheyenne Hawk Pen reviewed here is centered around that motto entirely.  

The company was formed in 2006 and today is renowned for developing tattoo products benchmarking the highest medical caliber. They’ve become market leaders in tattoo equipment as they’ve successfully, constantly lived up to their focus of creating products that are safe, hygienic, and precision-oriented. Today, high-end Cheyenne machines and cartridges have reached cult status — an essential part of every professional’s tattoo toolbox! One such product is the Cheyenne Hawk Pen reviewed here. The pen’s classic black variant being an all-time favorite by professional tattoo artists. 

The Cheyenne Hawk Pen is a powerful and dependable tattoo machine. Once they’ve tested the waters with the wonderful Cheyenne Hawk Pen machine, it’s not uncommon for tattooists to go for other Cheyenne tattooing accessories like high-quality tattoo needles, ergonomic tattoo grips, innovative cartridges, and several other useful accessories (power units, cables, adapters, foot switch, etc.) by the brand. All of which are extremely dependable and reliable products.

In this Cheyenne Hawk Pen review, we’ve critically examined the Cheyenne Hawk Pen (Black Color) tattoo machine. From our findings, you’ll learn what distinguishes it as a leading tattoo device, whether it has any drawbacks, and our final take on this incredible product and its performance. 

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Review

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Since its introduction in 2007, the classic HAWK line of Cheyenne tattoo machines was quick to revolutionize the rotary tattoo machine industry. This new Cheyenne HAWK Pen comes in a rich black design. The incredible ergonomic shape of this device has led to its award-winning status. An award granted based on the ultimate freedom of movement users get while administering this tattoo machine to ink their clients during the most trying durations.

The vibration and noise levels are negligible. As a result, the discerning tattooist can effortlessly work for long hours. This is also a matter of utmost convenience to the client since the job is done substantially less time, with minimum pain and optimal safety. Furthermore, the device’s lightweight of 130g and compact 25.4 mm x 123 mm size makes it feel very close to holding a real pen—the ease of using this machine results in highly precise tattoo designs.

Glancing through all the main features and specifications of the Hawk Pen, you’ll learn why Cheyenne is such a trusted brand — known for developing instinctive tattoo equipment. You’ll also discover why this product has durability and reliability written all over it! 

Specifications & Features

  • Operating voltage of 6 to 12.6 V DC.
  • Power input of 4 W (precision DC motor).
  • Stitch frequency of 60-160 Hz.
  • Stroke length 3.5 mm (0.14-inch).
  • Step-less adjustable protrusion depth of 0 to 4.0 mm (0.16-inch).
  • Featured responsive mode to aid the frequency of the reactive hit and stitch. 
  • Significantly lower vibration and noise compared to other products.
  • It’s a suitable rotary tattoo machine for lining, coloring, shading, and dots. 
  • It is customizable with two other Hawk Pen grip variants available in 22 mm (0.87-inch) and 25.4 mm (1-inch) sizes.  
  • Also, customizable with Hawk disposable grips that are available in three different sizes.
  • The inherent rotating jack connection (3.5 mm) guarantees ultimate freedom of movement. 
  • The innovative jack cage leads to optimal plug connection protection.
  • Roll inhibition design ensures the pen doesn’t roll away.
  • Easy to cover, carry, and store.
  • Continuous operation. 

Things We Liked – Reasons To Consider

  • Superior German tattoo machine.
  • Classic black look.
  • Impeccable ergonomic design.
  • Portable & easy to handle.
  • Very low vibration & low noise product.
  • Compatible with other specific Hawk grips.
  • 3.5 mm rotating jack connection for the ultimate freedom of movement.
  • Compatible with other power supply brands.
  • Hawk’s cult status.
  • Excellent for lining and shading.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It’s a premium product, so it’s more expensive than many other tattoo pens.

Critical Analysis

Overall, this is an incredible tattoo machine for lining, shading, coloring, and dots. One of its biggest advantages is its compatibility with other Hawk pen grips, giving the user options for further customizations. The only setback is the steep price. Another issue is the warranty service — deemed a bit time-consuming as per some user reports. The flip side is, you may never need to use it in the first place as the product is of the highest quality standards. However, these are not fatal setbacks to the professional tattoo artist looking for the best equipment for their tattoo parlor. 

The Cheyenne Hawk Pen is a compact tattoo pen machine that is a breeze to handle. The extensive list of features and specifications makes it a desirable tattoo instrument for both beginners and experts. It’s also an incredibly low-maintenance product compared to other machines, especially coil-based tattoo machines and different rotary variants. To round up our analysis, in a nutshell, the Hawk Pen makes the whole tattoo process streamlined, efficient, versatile, and precise, leading to nothing but perfection in results.

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Final Thoughts

Cheyenne — inventor of the first electric motor tattoo machine — is also famed for introducing the first tattoo grip “Click System” in the world. The incredible click system makes it a breeze to make quick adjustments to the tattoo protrusion depth. It’s not hard to see why Cheyenne tattoo pens are a class apart with milestones like that. 

When the Hawk pen machine was born, it was a first of its kind. This pen-style machine ensured the ultimate freedom of movement, hence blurring the boundaries between drawing and tattooing for times to come. Since then, the Hawk Pen’s proprietary, innovative design has won awards and been replicated by rivals.

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