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28 Cute Husky Tattoo Designs on Different Body Parts

Dogs make for great tattoo designs. Whether you want to get one just because you like dogs or you wish to honor your puppy, they sure look adorable no matter what. An adorable one from the lot among many dogs is a husky, which you can include in your tattoo.

Whenever we think of a husky, we remember snowy mountains and gorgeous landscapes. So, why not have that as your tattoo, right? Huskies are intelligent, kind, and sharp creatures, which is why having a husky tattoo on your journey will be more special than your destination, and the knowledge and strength you will possess surely be enough to guide you through the toughest of times.

If you think what kind of design will be great to go for in terms of your tattoo, we have some grand plans lined up for you. Keep reading to explore these designs and take your time to pick the one that best suits your preferences.

Design Ideas For Husky Tattoos

Listed below are some fabulous design ideas for a husky tattoo for you to take your pick from:

1. 3D Husky Tattoo

3D Husky Tattoo
Image source: inkupaw.com

How about making it look like your tattoo is about to come to life? Please give it a realistic feel with a 3D tattoo. Such tattoos look even better when you go for a more extensive design. you can get it on your back ,arm or chest.

2. Bicep Tattoo

Bicep Tattoo
Image source: nextluxury.com

A husky bicep tattoo is bound to look immensely attractive. Choose a long, elaborate design and fill it with intricate details and drawings. You can make it look like the husky is howling or looking up at you with innocent eyes.

3. Minimalistic Tattoo

Minimalistic Tattoo
Image source: pinterest.com

Lovers of simplistic tattoos can go for a minimal design. These tattoos are suitable for areas such as your wrist, ankle, or even the nape of your neck. You can either get a simple design with no sketching or maybe just a silhouette of a husky.

4. Dog with Tongue Out

Dog with Tongue Out
Image source: inkupaw.com

Why not pay tribute to the happy times you had with your husky when they’d play around and stick their tongue out, being exhilarated just in your company? This elaborate tattoo will look great on your arm or even the length of your back.

5. Colorful Tattoo

Colorful Tattoo
Image source: nextluxury.com

Are you a fan of vibrant colors? If yes, then add colors to your tattoo and get all the spotlight on yourself. You can either choose to make the entire tattoo filled with colors or go for colors in specific parts and blocks.

6. Geometric Tattoo

Geometric Tattoo
Image source: pinterest.com

Geometric designs look unique in tattoos, and when the tattoo has a husky, there is enough space for a tattoo artist to create interesting geometrical features. You can show the husky from a side angle with the geometric design looking prominent.

7. Half-and-Half

Image source: pinterest.com

The half-and-half design is a brilliantly stunning and unique one. In this design, you can ask your tattoo artist to include shading on one side of the husky’s face and make geometric designs on the other. If this won’t make your tattoo stand out, we don’t know what will.

8. Husky Wearing a Suit

Husky Wearing a Suit
Image source: nextluxury.com

Why not add a witty and quirky touch to your tattoo? Make the husky wear a suit in your tattoo design. This can either cover your arm or your back. You can get it on your calves as well. Add a little bowtie and make your husky look classy and distinguished.

9. Two Huskies

Two Huskies
Image source: pinterest.com

Here’s something better than one husky: two huskies! You can either make the two dogs placed next to one another, or you could portray them as howling at the moon or perhaps standing in the snow together.

10. Walking Husky

Walking Husky
Image source: nextluxury.com

Are you going for a more prominent design? Get a simple tattoo of a sturdy walking. Given the majestic stature of a husky, even a design as minimalistic as this one will look like a royal one. You could also draw the ground it’s walking on, showing it covered in snow.

11. Husky With Flowers

Husky with Flowers
Image source: pinterest.com

Give a sweet and romantic look to your tattoo by including flowers in it. The husky could either have just one flower, such as a rose, maybe between its teeth, or you can have the husky carry a bouquet. This tattoo could also form a portrait with a floral design surrounding the husky.

12. Multiple Huskies

Multiple Huskies
Image source: pinterest.com

Why have just one husky in your tattoo when you can have multiple huskies? You can draw these over the other in a zig-zag manner on your arm or perhaps show them as walking as a group on your back. This group of huskies can also be drawn on your ankle.

13. Husky With Sunglasses

Husky with Sunglasses
Image source: inkupaw.com

Give a fun and humorous twist to your tattoo by making the husky wear a pair of sunglasses in your tattoo. Just imagine how cute it would look! Perhaps the husky could also be drinking a beverage using a straw from a glass. Sounds fun.

14. Husky With Another Dog

Husky With Another Dog
Image source: inkupaw.com

Huskies are friendly, gentle beings. Add another dog next to your husky to make your tattoo even more adorable. This could be a golden retriever, beagle, or any dog that you prefer.

15. Husky with Bones

Husky with Bones
Image source: inkupaw.com

Bones and dogs make quite a pair, as we all know. This pair can also be shown in your tattoo. Something as simple as two bones kept in a crossed manner in front of the husky’s face or the husky biting the bones would also look adorable.

16. Husky with the Moon

Husky with the moon
Image source: inkupaw.com

Husky tattoos look doubly impressive when they have astronomical elements included in them. As animals in colder regions, the moon is an element often associated with huskies. Include this element in your tattoo. You can also add some stars and the sun to elevate the beauty of your tattoo.

17. Husky with a Person

Husky with a Person
Image source: nextluxury.com

Why not add a person along with the husky in your tattoo? Wouldn’t that be an adorable design to look at? This person could be your loved one or even a fictional character you feel attached to.

18. Abstract Husky

Abstract Husky
Image source: inkupaw.com

Want to go for a tattoo design that isn’t traditional yet will look catchy? Choose an abstract design. This kind of design allows you to be as creative as you want without having to follow the usual patterns one would see in a tattoo.

19. Person Petting Husky

Person Petting Husky
Image source: inkupaw.com

We all love petting dogs, and if we come across a gorgeous husky, we’d also pet it. Take this emotion and turn it into a tattoo, with the design showing a person lovingly petting a husky. This can be a small tattoo on the nape of your neck or a big one on your back.

20. Curled Up Husky

Curled Up Husky
Image source: inkupaw.com

What’s cuter than a husky curled up enjoying its solitude or one that is peacefully asleep? Want to make everyone in awe of your tattoo? Design a little curled-up husky being fast asleep.

21. Husky Eyes

Husky Eyes
Image source: inkupaw.com

Huskies have gorgeous eyes. Draw those beautiful eyes for your tattoo. You can either color the eyes to make them stand out or draw a silhouette of the eyes, making them look like it’s peeking at you.

22. Husky Silhouette on Hills

Husky Silhouette on Hills
Image source: inkupaw.com

The relationship between huskies and hills is everlasting. Huskies walking in the mountains is a stunning design to look at. Make it more simplistic and sketch the silhouette of a husky walking around the hills.

23. Husky on Thighs

Husky on Thighs
Image source: inkupaw.com

A tattoo with huskies in it would look great on a body part that covers more areas, such as your thighs. Stand out with your gorgeous tattoo by drawing a husky each on your thighs.

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24. Smiling Husky

Smiling Husky
Image source: nextluxury.com

Who wouldn’t melt looking at a husky smile? Why not have this smiling husky melt, everyone, over through your tattoo? Make this an extensive tattoo that could cover your calf or perhaps your arm.

25. Finger Tattoo

Finger Tattoo
Image source: pinterest.com

Finger tattoos look both cute and attractive. You can either have one husky on one of your fingers or make it a dual tattoo design with two huskies on adjacent fingers.

26. Husky Touching Human’s Hand

Husky Touching Human’s Hand
Image source: pinterest.com

Create a thoughtful and emotional design by showing a husky reaching for a human. The husky could be sitting down and lightly touching their human’s hand. It could be a wonderful homage to your friendship with your dog.

27. Husky with a Quote

Husky with a Quote
Image source: inkupaw.com

If there is a quote you love or lyrics to a song that reminds you of your husky, make them a part of your tattoo. It could also be a mantra that you live by. Draw it in a curved fashion over the husky’s head.

28. Husky Paw

Husky Paw
Image source: pinterest.com

Few things are as cute as a dog’s paws. Include these paws in your tattoo. You can also draw the husky’s face lightly over the paws to give a unique look to your tattoo.


Which body would part be best for a husky tattoo?

There are many body parts where you can get a husky tattoo. Depending on how big or small your tattoo is, you can choose to get it on your shoulders, thighs, fingers, palm, wrist, arm, calves, and so on.

How long does it take to get a husky tattoo?

The time it takes to get a husky tattoo depends on the size of the tattoo. It also depends on the type of tattoo. If it has colors involved, what your pain threshold is, and how skilled your tattoo artist is.

Are husky tattoos expensive?

The price of a husky tattoo varies based on the size of your tattoo, how posh the tattoo parlor is, or the charges of the tattoo artist. Tattoos are usually charged per square inch, and the bigger the tattoo, the more expensive it will be.

What is the aftercare process for a tattoo?

The aftercare process for a tattoo involves not exposing it to too much sunlight, keeping the area covered with loose pieces of clothing, ensuring the area doesn’t get sweaty, and staying away from swimming pools. Be sure to clean it and moisturize it well, too.

Will a colorful, husky tattoo look good?

Yes, colorful husky tattoos look super vibrant and attractive.

What are the different kinds of husky tattoos?

Various kinds of husky tattoos exist, such as minimalistic tattoos, 3D tattoos, abstract tattoos, geometric tattoos, realistic tattoos, and lots more.


The symbolism related to huskies is all positive and wonderful. They are gentle, smart, and intuitive animals. Such tattoos represent that you can overcome hardships and that your intuition will never leave your side. These reasons are enough for someone to get a husky design tattooed on themselves. Go through this article to come across some of the best design ideas you can go for.

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