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28 Amazing Raccoon Tattoo Designs And Ideas

Animal tattoos sure look super cute, don’t they? If you want to get a tattoo that appears both striking and adorable, getting an animal on your tattoo is definitely a good idea. For animal lovers, deciding which animal to feature on their tattoo can be quite a tricky task.

If you have a pet, such as a cat or a dog, maybe it’s their faces you want to get tattooed. However, for someone who loves animals in general, it is indeed a difficult decision to make.

Did you know that raccoons are a really popular choice for animal tattoos? Yes, these adorable, intelligent creatures make for wonderful tattoos. Being extremely sharp and smart animals, they are a great element to include in your tattoo design.

If you are thinking of getting a raccoon tattoo and are yet to decide on a design, we are here to help you out. In this article, we will be walking you through some of the most amazing, funny, and unique raccoon tattoo ideas for you to choose from.

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Eclectic Ideas For Raccoon Tattoos

Want to make your raccoon tattoo stand out? Here are some ideas to look into:

1. Raccoon Face on Your Thigh

Raccoon Face on Your Thigh
Image source: pinterest.com

Those of you who want to get a big tattoo can consider getting a raccoon tattooed on your thigh. You can make this a black and gray tattoo with proper shading, or perhaps a bright, colorful one that looks gorgeous on your thigh. Let it cover the length of your thigh, and show it off whenever you want.

2. Colorful Tattoo

Colorful Tattoo
Image source: pinterest.com

While black tattoos definitely look attractive, there is something catchy about colorful tattoos that just grabs everyone’s attention. You can consider drawing the face of a raccoon on your back in the form of blocks and fill the blocks with different, vibrant colors.

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3. Mini Tattoo

Mini Tattoo
Image source: pinterest.com

Minimalistic tattoos look super amazing and cute. If you don’t want a tattoo that is too elaborate, you can consider getting a mini raccoon tattooed on your body. This kind of tattoo will look good on your wrist, ankle, or even the nape of your neck. You can keep it as just the outline of a raccoon to make it more simplistic if that’s what you prefer.

4. Tattoo With Black And Yellow Shades

Tattoo with Black and Yellow Shades
Image source: pinterest.com

Black and yellow hues look extremely attractive and catch the eye of anyone, even from afar. Include these colors in your tattoo if you want the spotlight on you. Maybe you can add yellow elements to your tattoos, such as corn, balloons, buttons, or even petals.

5. Tattoo with Astrological Elements

Tattoo with Astrological Elements
Image source: pinterest.com

Astrological bits such as the sun, moon, and stars always look pretty in tattoos, don’t they? So, why not add them next to a raccoon in your tattoo as well? You can make it look like the raccoon is surrounded by the galaxy, with the moon and stars all around him.

6. Tattoo With Quotes

Tattoo with Quotes
Image source: pinterest.com

Include your favorite quotes with a raccoon in your tattoo. Perhaps this could be a motto you live by, lyrics you love, or something from your favorite book or movie. You can either design it around the raccoon or make it look like the raccoon is saying it, or even put it inside a thought bubble.

7. Raccoon With a Hat

Raccoon with a Hat
Image source: pinterest.com

Think of a raccoon wearing a hat. The image seems really cute, does it not? Well, turn this cute image into the design on your tattoo. It could either be a sophisticated raccoon wearing a hat like a detective or just a cute raccoon walking around wearing a hat under the sun.

8. Raccoon With a Gun

Raccoon with a Gun
Image source: nextluxury.com

Let’s get something tattooed on you that looks both cute and fierce. How about a raccoon holding a gun? Sounds like something totally different, does it not? Get this beautiful design on yourself and see how everyone peppers you with wondrous glances.

9. Racoon with Festive Elements

Racoon with Festive Elements
Image source: pinterest.com

Why not make the raccoon featuring in your tattoo look all festive? Going with a Christmassy feel for such a tattoo makes it look doubly attractive. Have the raccoon wear a Santa hat in your tattoo, being surrounded by my presents while sitting under the Christmas tree. If this isn’t the cutest thing ever, we don’t know what is.

10. Tattoo with Stripes

Tattoo with Stripes
Image source: nextluxury.com

Give a distinct look to your tattoo by adding the element of stripes. It can either be designed with the stripes being in the background and the raccoon on top of it or the raccoon itself having stripes. You can also have the raccoon wear something that has the design of stripes on it.

11. Raccoon With Glasses

Raccoon with Glasses
Image source: nextluxury.com

Think of a raccoon wearing glasses. Isn’t the image just too cute for words? You can convert this image and have it as your tattoo. The raccoon could be wearing glasses while holding a book or perhaps peeking from behind the books with the glasses visible. It could also be an older raccoon with glasses on its nose.

12. Rocket Raccoon From Guardians of the Galaxy

Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy
Image source: pinterest.com

Who doesn’t remember the iconic character of Rocket Raccoon from the franchise movie Guardians of the Galaxy, right? The lovable goof voiced by Bradley Cooper and beloved by all is someone everyone adores.

Get him tattooed on yourself if you’re a fan! The tattoo can be either of just him or perhaps him standing next to Groot, another loved character from the franchise.

13. Racoon on the Back of Your Hand

Racoon on the Back of Your Hand
Image source: pinterest.com/

How about having a raccoon tattoo that almost looks as pretty as a henna tattoo? Yes, it’s indeed possible. You can make it look like the raccoon is looking up while being surrounded by intricate little designs, floral elements, or stars.

14. Raccoon With a Guitar

  Raccoon with a Guitar
Image source: clevescene.com

What if you get a musical raccoon tattooed on yourself? Rockstars are sure to love this idea. Anyone fond of music can give this sweet little twist to their tattoo with a raccoon holding a guitar as if they’re performing at a concert. Maybe you can also add a mic to give it the full aesthetic of a musical show.

15. Raccoon in a Suit

Raccoon in a Suit
Image source: pinterest.com

Sophisticated and elegant raccoons wearing a suit would make for such a hilarious yet unique tattoo, don’t you think? Have a raccoon dressed up in a suit, perhaps dancing or maybe even attending a wedding. If you want a tattoo that will make several heads turn, this is the one to go for.

16. Walking Raccoon

Walking Raccoon
Image source: nextluxury.com

Get a design that shows a raccoon walking along a path. A long tattoo such as this one would be best suited on your arm or even your shoulders. You can add some cartoonish elements to give the appearance of the raccoon sneaking around quietly.

17. Curled Up Raccoon

Curled Up Raccoon
Image source: pacho-tattoo.com

What an adorable sight it is to see a raccoon curled up and being in peace, is it not? You could have this cute image as the design of your tattoo. Give the raccoon a big pair of eyes to enhance the cuteness of your tattoo. This can be both a big tattoo as well as a minimalistic one.

18. Standing Raccoon

Standing Raccoon
Image source: pinterest.com

Want a simple tattoo with a raccoon in it? Just draw a raccoon standing somewhere on your calves or your arms. They could be wearing funny shoes or even prancing about with a funny hat on.

19. Raccoon With Hearts

Raccoon with Hearts
Image source: bodyartguru.com

Make your raccoon look all goofy and romantic by surrounding it with hearts. Even if not multiple hearts, you can perhaps have it holding a heart, with maybe a rose between its teeth. Fans of romances can consider getting this tattoo.

20. Stressed Out Raccoon

Stressed Out Raccoon
Image source: pinterest.com

Do you often have your emotions running high? Perhaps you experience stress for some reason. How about you get something that serves as an antidote to your stress in the form of a tattoo? If you get a tattoo of a raccoon looking stressed or freaked out, it is sure to make you laugh and remind you not to take everything too seriously.

21. Adorable Raccoon

Adorable Raccoon
Image source: bodyartguru.com

Maybe your tattoo can have a raccoon that just oozes out adorableness. How about giving this raccoon big, beautiful eyes and long eyelashes along with full lips? Perhaps it could be wearing a bow on its head as well, looking lovable and innocent.

22. Racoon on a Skateboard

Racoon on a Skateboard
Image source: bodyartguru.com

The raccoon in your tattoo could be a young, cool, and athletic one as well. How can you show this, you ask? Well, just design it on a skateboard and see how the design works like a charm.

23. Raccoon on a Bicycle

Raccoon on a Bicycle
Image source: bodyartguru.com

A raccoon riding a bicycle is a unique image to imagine for sure. Have your tattoo artist design a baby raccoon on a small bicycle for your tattoo that is guaranteed to look superb on you.

24. Raccoon With Flowers

Raccoon with Flowers
Image source: pinterest.com

Do you like flowers or floral designs in your tattoos? If so, you can get them in your tattoo with a raccoon as well. The flowers could be all around the raccoon, or you can also design the raccoon holding a flower or a bouquet of flowers.

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25. Raccoon Eating a Fruit

Raccoon Eating a Fruit
Image source: bodyartguru.com

Have you ever seen a raccoon munching on a fruit? It’s an adorable scene to witness. This scene can be the design of your tattoo. The raccoon could be chewing on a fruit or holding it or be somewhere midway through a bite.

26. Raccoon on a Finger

Raccoon on a Finger
Image source: pinterest.com

Finger tattoos always look attractive and classy. A raccoon tattoo can be drawn on your fingers as well. You can draw it either on just one finger or maybe two raccoons on two fingers side-by-side.

27. Two Raccoons

Two Raccoons
Image source: orichinalarts.com

Do you know what is better than getting one raccoon in your tattoo? Getting two raccoons, of course! You can show these two raccoons holding hands, playing around, or even draw hearts between them.

28. Raccoon with a Balloon

Raccoon with a Balloon
Image source: pinterest.com

Do you want the raccoon in your tattoo to look free-spirited, jolly, and exuberant? You can ask the tattoo artist to design it in a way such that it looks like the raccoon is holding a balloon and happily flying away in the air.


Are raccoon tattoos popular?

Yes, raccoon tattoos aren’t just popular, but they also look really adorable.

How many kinds of raccoon tattoos exist?

You can get a tattoo with a raccoon in it in various forms. The raccoon could be sitting, curled up, standing, walking around, or even holding a guitar. It could have hearts, flowers, and stars around it, too.

How long does it take to get a tattoo with a raccoon in it?

The duration of your tattoo depends on how big the tattoo is, how skilled the tattoo artist is, and your pain threshold.

What do raccoons symbolize?

Raccoons serve as a symbol of sharpness and intelligence, which are both wonderful traits for your tattoo to represent.


Who would think that raccoons could be such an attractive animal to add to a tattoo, right? These animals represent intelligence and smartness that anyone would like to have in their tattoo design. If creative and stunning ideas are what you’re looking for, go through this article to see which raccoon tattoo you’d like to have on yourself.

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