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16 Suicidal Awareness Tattoo Ideas And Designs In 2023

People often resort to creative endeavors to make themselves feel better when things become tough and challenging. With life becoming fast-paced and people’s mental health taking a hit, tattooing is one form of art that is helping people heal and empower themselves.

Getting inked not only helps people regain control over their bodies and lives but may also act as a personal reminder of their strengths and help them persevere. There are also many symbols that have become synonymous with some mental health disorders or conditions.

Do you wish to know what they are? Or are you planning to get a tattoo to raise awareness about mental health issues and suicidal thoughts? Wondering what you should get inked? Dive right in to find a list of tattoo ideas that will help you raise awareness about suicide and mental health.

Top 16 Tattoo Ideas For Suicide Awareness Tattoo Designs

When you’re struggling with suicidal thoughts, often, you just need a small reminder that you can fight them and go on. A creative and meaningful tattoo can be a great thing to etch on your body permanently and remind you daily about your inner power.

Here are some fascinating yet impactful suicide awareness tattoo designs:

1. Semicolon

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The semicolon is the most common tattoo symbol among mental health fighters and survivors. It is a symbol that represents the solidarity between the ones who continue to live despite their struggle with some mental illness and the ones who’ve lost their dear ones to suicide.

When it comes to grammar, a semicolon is a punctuation used between two sentences that are closely related to creating a little space without breaking them. Moreover, it also highlights that when given a choice to end or continue, the author here chooses the latter.

In the context of mental health, the semicolon symbol stands against self-harm and suicide. It represents a person who suffers from depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts and their victory over the inner battles.

Semicolons have gained the reputation of a traditional yet popular mental health tattoo, as they signify that it’s not the end and that the story is still continuing.

2. Be Still

Be Still
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In the middle of never-ending work deadlines and societal obligations, people often keep hurrying from one thing to another, leaving no time for themselves or what they love.

This mindful and simple tattoo highlights the need to take a moment to pause and recollect yourself whenever you start spinning out. The best placement for this unique tattoo is on the wrist, with each glance, it will serve as a much-needed reminder to just take a breath and pause.

Like every other tiny tattoo, the ‘Be Still’ one is also minimalistic but comes packed with a lot of meaning and can be very impactful for people struggling with suicidal thoughts.

3. Anchor Symbol

Anchor Symbol
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An anchor is a popular symbol of strength and steadiness, which can prove to be comforting for people during times of pain or grief. It reminds people that they can find inner strength and even peace when life is spinning out of control.

The function of an anchor is to hold a vessel in its place; owing to that, the most commonly used meaning of this symbol is stability and power. People often get anchors tattooed on their bodies to signify that they’ve reached stability in life, or they’re searching for an anchor that will hold them tight during rough times.

Not only that, but an anchor also represents someone with strong willpower when faced with discrimination or abuse. The anchor symbol shows that the person getting it inked has a strong mentality that will protect them from abuse.

4. Butterfly

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A tattoo-like butterfly is a symbol of transformation and natural growth. If you think it’s because of the transformation of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly, you’ve guessed it right!

Butterflies start their life as tiny caterpillars and then develop into vibrantly colorful insects that can fly. It indicates that people also have the power to change or evolve into something better and more significant.

A caterpillar’s transformation into a beautiful butterfly also serves as a metaphor for overcoming the obstacles and hardships of life. A vibrant butterfly tattoo incorporating bright colors will showcase your power, resilience, and strength.

5. Wave & Water Tattoo

Wave & Water Tattoo 
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Waves or even water is a common tattoo idea among people who are struggling with mental health issues. A wave is a symbolic representation of life and how it’s constantly changing. It signifies that the key here is to find acceptance and peace in constant change.

Moreover, who hasn’t felt the calmness of watching waves ebb and flow? While you cannot always head to a beach, you can still get a wave tattoo to bring you a sense of peace and tranquility.

The wave is also a symbol of the immense power of the ocean and the calm water that is present beneath it.

6. Sunflower

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The sunflower is a radiant flower with a yellow hue and is a bright and nice reminder of joy. It indicates hope even on dark, dreary, and gloomy days.

The sunflower can symbolize many things, but most importantly, it represents happiness, loyalty, and vitality. Sunflowers’ bright petals and their ability to always face the sun bring hope, positivity, and optimism during dark times.

7. Rainbow

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A magnificent rainbow tends to show up after rain when the water droplets in the air and sunlight meet. This natural phenomenon makes the rainbow a symbol of fresh starts, hope, and even faith.

Many people believe that a rainbow is a beautiful and vibrant symbol of hope that indicates – anyone can have a bright and better future even after battling the storms of a dark past. It also highlights that life can be challenging at times, but you will experience different stages or emotions, like the many colors of a rainbow.

If you want a tattoo that is not only deeply meaningful but also visually appealing, this rainbow tattoo is ideal for you.

8. Dove

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The dove bird symbolizes hope, freedom, peace, love, and even joy. All of these make it the perfect tattoo design for someone who needs strength and faith during dark times.

Getting a dove tattoo can give you hope to start your life afresh or find peace with things changing. Dove designs can also portray purity and independence.

Moreover, many people who have lost family or friends also get the dove inked in their remembrance.

9. Infinity Symbol

Infinity Symbol
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An infinity symbol is an immensely popular tattoo, conveying multiple deep meanings. The most common interpretation of the mathematical infinity symbol is an ever-lasting love for someone who died because of suicide.

People get it inked as a reminder that this person who has passed on will always be in their thoughts and cherished with love. It takes inspiration from ancient Hindu mythology, highlighting that a soul doesn’t die and the ones we lose tend to always come back to us in other life forms.

10. Miles to go Tattoo

Miles To Go Tattoo
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Do you want a delicate and feminine script tattoo? Go for this ‘Miles To Go’ ink.

This aesthetic text tattoo acknowledges what you have gone through, like the moments of struggle and pain, and what is coming for you. It’s an excellent way to honor the journey of life by deciding to focus on the future and refusing to be stuck in the same old place.

11. Lotus Flower Tattoo

Lotus Flower Tattoo
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In Eastern religions and cultures, the lotus flower symbolizes enlightenment and rebirth. It is a popular tattoo idea among mental health survivors.

A lotus grows into a beautiful and delicate flower after being born into muddy water. It represents how these flowers rise from adversity and act as a reminder to people that they’re also capable of blooming bright and overcoming all these obstacles.

12. Catholic Rosary

Catholic Rosary 
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A Rosary is a prayer bead string that Catholics consider sacred. They believe that the faithful hold of the beads while reciting prayers can help them receive blessings, grace, and good fortune.

Getting a Rosary tattoo on the wrist or even around your neck can represent faith in the divine purpose during challenging times. It also gives you a sense of the protective powers of Jesus and Mary.

13. Warrion Moon Phase Tattoo

Warrion Moon Phase Tattoo
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Many cultures and traditions consider the moon to be a beacon of light that guides brave warriors during the night. It keeps them far from danger and leads them to the righteous road.

A moon tattoo showing its various phases highlights changes and that even when one doesn’t feel complete, one can still be beautiful. With warrior written under the moon’s phases, this tattoo can empower a person to fight negative thoughts and emerge a winner.

14. Unalome Symbol

Unalome Symbol
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The Unalome is a simple Buddhist and Hindu symbol with a lot of spiritual meaning. It highlights that there are challenges or curves in life that only give you a better understanding of being human.

Besides that, this symbol also portrays that suffering in life is inevitable; however, it is also not a permanent part of life and will pass. It is a great tattoo idea and can be best placed on the wrist or ankle.

15. Still Here Quote

Still Here Quote
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Another great quote that you can get inked is ‘Still Here.’ It is a delicate tattoo on the wrist that acts as an honor badge for people who have fought and survived mental health issues.

You can also add a semicolon symbol to it to make it even more meaningful and impactful.

16. Small Beating Heart Tattoo

Small Beating Heart Tattoo
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Look no further if you want a minimalistic tattoo that showcases resilience and hope. This tiny design features a heart and a heartbeat line to represent life and can also remind one to fight and stay alive.

How To Choose The Right Tattoo For Mental Health Awareness?

When choosing a tattoo, there are many things to consider, as it is a decision that will impact you for a long time. But here are some super helpful tips to make sure you figure out the best suicide awareness and mental health tattoo:

1. Find Your Reason

Before deciding on a tattoo design, ask yourself why you want to get inked.

Do you want to commemorate a dear one who died by suicide, or maybe you just want to support someone around you who’s struggling? You can also just want to remind yourself that you are stronger than you think.

Once you can find the answer to this question, you will be able to decide on the design much more easily.

2. Decide The Placement

Decide The Placement

The next thing on your checklist must be deciding where exactly you want the tattoo to be on your body. People often get mental health tattoos on the neck, wrist, or even foot as they can remind you of the meaning whenever you look at them.

You must also consider the size and the message the design conveys.

When you get a tattoo regarding mental health issues that are easily visible, there are bound to be questions about it. Are you comfortable answering them? If not, you should place the tattoo at a spot on your body that usually stays hidden.

3. Finalize The Design

You can scour the many uplifting symbols and images or resonate with mental health survivors and choose one that speaks to you. There’s a detailed list above to help you out here!

4. Find an Artist You Trust

Find An Artist You Trust

Lastly, you need to find a tattoo artist who is reputable, experienced, and also understanding. You must find someone who has some experience or knowledge of suicide or mental health disorders and has done such tattoos before.

It will help you feel more comfortable, confident, and safe while getting inked and ensure you don’t have a bad tattoo experience and regret it later.

5. Pro Tip: Don’t Rush Into it

A tattoo is something that will stay on your body till the end. It is something you will see every day, and it might also be visible to others.

You must take your sweet time to decide whether you want a tattoo and then choose the right mental health tattoo design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which Tattoo Represents Suicide Prevention?

Ans: A tattoo of a semicolon stands for suicide prevention and mental health awareness.

Q2. What Are Tattoos For Anxiety?

Ans: People struggling with anxiety tend to get spiritual tattoos like a lotus, tree of life, Buddha, mandala, and hamsa.

Q3. Do Wrist Tattoos Hurt?

Ans: Getting a tattoo on any body part will hurt, but people say it hurts a little more on the wrist.


Tattoos, or even other forms of body art, have allowed people to express themselves. While many use tattoos to represent what they love, for some, it acts as a form of motivation or upliftment.

The same holds for tattoo designs for suicide prevention or mental health awareness. If you are a fighter and want to get inked to celebrate your spirit or commemorate someone you lost, you can pick a design from the list of meaningful options and fix your appointment.

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